10 Cyber Security Facts – WMNews Ep. 4

10 Cyber Security Facts - WMNews Ep. 4

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With recent high-profile and widespread computer viruses making headlines it’s become obvious that the future is now welcome to watchmojo.com n’t we’re counting down ten crucial facts you should know about cyber security number ten what is cyber security the term cyber security was coined in 1988 as a

Result of one of the first ever registered online viruses the Morris worm the worm caused many of the 60,000 computers connected to the Internet at the time to slow down to the point that they were unusable my personal speculation is that this is somebody who

Is trying to to warn people to say it can happen to you more recently cyber security has come to signify a form of protection from attacks designed to paralyze websites financial networks and other computer systems by flooding them with data from outside computers number nine how has the landscape changed cyber

Attacks have become much more sophisticated and much more dangerous over the years today several organizations have proven that the cyber community is not safe private information is not private and anything can be leaked online if you’re not careful created in 2006 WikiLeaks is a website that publishes secret information news leaks and classified

Documents for public consumption the website has been involved in numerous high profile investigations as thousands of secret government and corporate documents have been made available to the masses we would like the rest of media to to take up our gauntlet do everything that we can do and therefore

You wouldn’t be necessary number 8 what is the cloud cloud storage is essentially where digital data is stored on a server and typically owned by a hosting company by storing your data this way it’s easily accessible anywhere anytime you may have heard about iCloud which is a cloud storage and cloud

Computing system from Apple Inc on August 31 2014 iCloud was hacked and over 200 private celebrity photos were posted to the imageboard 4chan according to Apple the leak nicknamed celeb gate and the fappening was quote a very targeted attack on usernames passwords and security questions a practice that has

Become all too common on the Internet number seven who’s doing the hacking hello citizens of the Rio Grande Valley I come to you again on an urgent note as technological advances increase so does the number of enemies in the cyber arena from white hat hackers looking to highlight the weakness of a computer

System two lone hackers trying to steal personal photos or information to use as blackmail two experienced criminals devoted to stealing banking info two teams of hackers looking to protest hackers come in every shape and size a major player today is anonymous an international network of hacktivists who attack government religious and

Corporate websites using their wide-ranging technological expertise to fight for what they believe is the greater good working as online vigilantes hacker groups like anonymous and LulzSec work in the shadows of the Internet though undoubtedly influential they’re still widely criticized the corrupt fear us be honest to support us

The heroic join us number six what are some famous targets citizens corporations and even large government agencies are not safe from the machinations of cyber criminals as early as 1995 the citibank network was hacked by Russian Vladimir Levin and millions of dollars were taken famously in 2011 the website of technology security

Company HBGary federal was hacked exposing over 71,000 confidential emails another example of the power some hackers wield was the shutdown of the CIA’s main website On June 15 2011 by the group LulzSec coming on the heels of the group’s high-profile attack on the Sony Pictures site in 2013

Hackers involved in the biggest cyber fraud case in American history were charged after they targeted the Nast back as well as companies like visa JCPenney JetBlue and more costing them more than 300 million dollars number five what does cybercrime look like cybersecurity infringement scan be split into two classifications crimes that

Target computer networks and those that use computer networks to advance other ends we’ll be focusing on the first category which includes computer viruses denial of service attacks a favorite of hackers and malware like Trojan horses worms bugs and more these attacks can work in two ways either they require the

User to mistakenly run an infected program or as in the case of a worm the virus spreads itself and only needs a network to infect other computers the good news is that antivirus and anti-malware software is available for your computer with the goal of protecting your operating system by

Stopping unwanted operations number four who’s protecting my rights in the United States and around the world governments are gearing up to tackle the next threat to global security cyber attacks in some cases governmental e mandated programs have been created to support key infrastructure sectors by providing money and resources on a global scale

International treaties dealing with cybercrime are being considered like 2001’s Convention on cybercrime cyber attacks have plunged entire cities into darkness furthermore on January 1st 2013 the European Union established the European cybercrime Center a hub that will support Member States in investigating and responding to cyber crime number three how secure is my

Online information there are many steps you can take daily to secure your privacy personal information and essentially your digital footprint to start make sure the websites you frequent are reputable especially when banking and be mindful of questionable emails or requests for personal information in terms of passwords make

Them long strong and unique and wherever possible enable a 2-step verification process to keep yourself even safer always check a Wi-Fi network before you connect to ensure it’s secure and finally avoid sharing compromising information and pictures as these things can easily be shared with anyone in your

Network number two what are the current concerns with more and more people and devices connected to the Internet than ever before the opportunity for hacking and cybercrime is growing exponentially a recent concern facing computer users is the software bug known as shell shock or bash door some specialists are

Worried it will pose an even bigger threat than the security bug heartbleed which had previously been labeled catastrophic unlike heartbleed shell shock can not only spy on computers it can also take complete control of them exploiting an existing vulnerability in Mac and Linux based computers with potentially hundreds of millions of

Devices at security risk many major software companies have patched the bug worst thing that could happen is that some we would write code that would automatically go and scan the internet and would infect all of these computers number one what is the future of cyber security combating cyber crime

Will require a cohesive formalized international movement whereby law enforcement agents can go beyond cyberspace to prosecute those engaged in illegal cyber activity criminals techniques are constantly changing but their goals remain steadfast they wish to either malevolently destroy or to use hacking as a means of protesting the status quo as new cybercrime issues

Arise and old ones persist the need for a global system of laws to prevent and police these infractions will soon become a requirement only then will cybercrime become a thing of the past did these facts surprise you to vote for which news story is covered next head over to watchmojo.com slash suggest

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