$10 vs $1000 RC Car Battle! *BUDGET CHALLENGE*

$10 vs $1000 RC Car Battle! *BUDGET CHALLENGE*


This is a cute 10 rc car this is the 250 rc car and this is a 1 000 rc car we’re going to be putting these cars through a series of challenges to see which one racks up the most points each challenge you can win some money

But you only get to keep that money if you win the final challenge which is the last man standing demolition derby to determine who gets the best rc car we’re gonna be launching an rc car off of this ramp and then whoever catches it gets the best car you guys ready

Ready ready go oh no i got it chris gets it we’re gonna launch it again and see who gets the second best rc car go oh yeah ryan you get the wimpy car sorry bud who said it was wimpy it’s probably going to pass all the challenges we got to move on to

Challenges to find out the first challenge is a drag race whoever makes it to the cones down yonder first is the on your winner get set go somehow the electric car won actually that makes sense it makes a lot of sense guys electric is the best i was close

Behind him though chris’s car is super fast but it’s heavier so it takes a little bit longer to accelerate check it out ryan you’re really gonna need to step it up in these next challenges if you’re gonna win dude what are you talking about baby blue’s doing great this is

A winner right here that is the face of a winner this is the face of a winner since ryan you were last place you win one dollar chris you win 10 and i win 20 let’s move on to the next challenge we are now at the top of dangie mountain

And the next challenge is going to be an off-road race to see who can make it to the bottom of the mountain first so let’s see who gets the dub start your engines on your marks get set dude that was insane it was so bad

That was bad that was bad come on baby blue let’s go let’s go come on rc car i’m gonna win i think i’m gonna win i can’t my ryan beat me come on chris and jeff don’t stand a chance dude i totally won this i totally won this whoa

Record time baby blue wins first place let’s go ryan what took you so long you talked about i got here in a flash here for like 30 minutes all right so jeff won that last one chris got second place and i got third i love winning my car

Flipped and then i had to yeah that just put me way behind for this next test we are going to be taking the rc cars off this ramp hope whoever can do the best trick gets the point okay ryan you are up first we’re rooting for you prepare to be amazed Nope oh it’s kind of struggling to even make it up the ramp all right well it looks like he can’t even make it up the ramp so go throw up what do you score that johnny i’m gonna give it a uh three for effort you really

Tried little boy blue did all right jeff send it prepare to be amazed here we go johnny what would you score that uh i’m gonna go with it seven out of ten because uh it got really high but it didn’t stick the landing as you can see

It’s guts are kind of falling out how do you feel about your car’s performance so far so it’s really loud all talk so far in these challenges and this one i think it might catch far off the ramp so we’ll see what happens sweet alright here we go good luck

Got some good air on that one what do you rate it you didn’t stick the landing either but i think you got a little higher than jeff’s so i’m gonna go with a eight out of ten on that one and the guts aren’t falling out so heck yeah good job

All right so up next is the loop johnny and i built this butte now let’s see if baby blue can do it i already know the answer to that of course he can come on let’s go that was so cool little dude you did it what i’m sorry but your car is

Absolutely disappointing me today i think it’s a 10 out of 10. let’s see how the cars go hey how’s it going little car what the heck yes all right old reliable’s up watch this first try baby what did i tell ya what did i tell you order to keep up with jeff

I gotta get this first try yeah good luck with that oh i do really hope to see this go around well let’s see if we can flip this big chunk of metal Guys you broke the suspension well it looks like the loop bested my car once again your boy gets another 20 i think ryan did better than i did because his isn’t broken by the loop that’s true that is very true ryan we’re going to give you second place oh

Really dude little blue gets second place all right dang this thing is just too hard to control oh it clicked back in oh we’re good we’re on to the final challenge before the demolition derby we’re gonna see which cars can drive on water so as usual little blue is

First ryan good luck thanks bud come on little blue you got it now it did you’re almost in the water there we go oh my gosh it floats it’s going in it’s not like you’re driving on the water heck yeah it is whoa that’s crazy look at that thing going

Battery’s way out but it’s floating it’s an electric car in water would you think what would happen but it’s still floating and it’s yeah yeah that’s pretty good let’s move on to the next cars and see who wins it is now my turn let’s see if i can

Make it across this section of water ready you got this jeff i think this car has a good chance let’s go no it was driving by i see it wait um something’s wrong oh something’s wrong something’s very wrong i got water in my ear so if the car doesn’t work for the

Demolition derby that means that he will be disqualified so we’ll have to see if it works once it dries off looks like it’s my turn so there’s a pretty big chance that this car is going to water lock if it goes into the water so i need to

Keep this thing out of the water as best i can chris you need to hit the water as fast as possible and very slight angle so i don’t go out into the deep ocean good luck i’m nervous i’m coming i’m slowly coming get the car dude

Please work oh the air filter is full of water okay so it’s not waterlogged that’s good none of our cars drove on the water they did for a little bit it’s disappointing very disappointing well we’re gonna have to see if this starts at home for the demolition derby otherwise that means i’m disqualified

So somehow ryan the little car that could won this challenge you get twenty dollars uh i’d say that you’re probably last place in this one i’d say that’s fair mine stopped working and uh mine kind of went a little farther than yours so i don’t know we’ll see so uh if my car

Still works i can compete in the demolition baby but we’ll just have to see when we get there if ryan’s the only car that works that means he wins the whole challenge no way really yeah all right so let’s take the cars home and find out what happens next

Let’s go okay so we’re now back at the house and we’re going to try and start the vehicles for a demolition derby start your engines again all right ryan okay ryan’s still in all right jeff you try yours okay dude this is not working i have nothing i think i think my car’s

Out jeffrey is disqualified so let’s see if mine works all right servos working hopefully the engine works yeah it looks like mine’s uh not looking too good so i think ryan is the winner all right baby believe the 10 car won this competition i believe it i’ve been rooting for this

Thing the whole time you guys have been knocking it i’m honestly impressed with how many points he scored i think jeff scored the most points out of overall nice job on that jeff but ryan is the overall winner we hope you enjoyed this video and we’ll see you next time

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