1g 2g 3g 4g 5g technology | Mobile Computing | Lec- 5 | by Bhanupriya

1g 2g 3g 4g 5g technology | Mobile Computing | Lec- 5 | by Bhanupriya

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Students welcome back coming to the next topic in the subject mobile computing was review of generations of mobile services so in the Abbey of mobile services what are the generations what is the starting generation and and now what type of generation we are using in the mobile services ok so actually in

1877 the crashing Bell Alexa means Alexander Graham Bell invented a telephone that we know that ok so that is only for the voice we are just able to communicate from through voice by using that landline telephones ok but this generations of mobile service will starts with the technology 1g first

Generation technology in the view of mobile services the mobile services it’s just you can operate at whatever at any time at whatever the place your okay so it is a movable you can move from one place to another place you can operate that mobile services you can use that mobile services

So in the view of mobile services what is the first starting generation let’s see first technology is of 1g technology there is a first generation it is a first generation of wireless mobile communication where analog signals were used to transmit the data so in the first generation technology okay so we

Are using we are user they analog signals not the digital signals the first for mobile wireless mobile communication mobile means a wireless okay so in the first generation of wireless mobile communication we will use the analog signals user to transmit the data it was introduced in u.s. in

Early 1980s okay the first generation technology was introduced in the early 1980s in u.s. and designed exclusively for voice communication so the first generation the 1g technology will support only voice communication ok other than that you can’t you can’t send the messages you can’t have you the pictures not at all so in

The 1g technology in the mobile services it is used only for the voiced communication then what is the difference between the Graham Bell whatever the invented telephone at telephone is also used for voice communication and the mobile service the first generation technology is also used for the voice communication the only

Difference between that telephone and the mobile service is the mobile services is a wireless mobile communication whereas a telephone is a wired communication the wire has to be connected and you can’t move that telephone from one place to than the place but you can carry the mobile you

Can carry the mobile so that is the only difference between the telephone and the mobile and the first 1g technology the first generation technology uses exclusively for voice communication so this will be look like this it has a mobile phone like this and there should be an antenna which is used to convey

Signals okay for the signal purposes there is an antenna will be connected to this mobile the characteristics of first generation technologies the speed is up to 2.4 kilobits per second only 2.4 kilobits per second it is a poor voice quality large phones with limited battery life

The phones are very big in size ok so they are not portable means it is very big in size and the battery life is also a limited a small battery life will be there and no data security is there this is a first generation technology of mobile services now like coming to the

Next generation that is a 2g so I hope you know that 2g technology it is a second generation of mobile telephone which is use with the digital signals first time whereas in 1g we used only the analog signals we used analog signals and whereas in a 2g second

Generation of mobile telephone users the digital sea for the first time it was launched in Finland in 1991 it was done in 1991 and used GSM technology ok the second generation mobile services use the GSM technology and it uses the digital signals and launched in Finland in 1991

So remember these points the GSM technology was introduced in the 2g technology second generation technology so the mobile phones is like this previously the mobile phone the Nokia mobile phones or look like this they don’t have antennae like this only the screen will be there and here the

Signals will be appeared and then dialing for numbers that’s it ok the characteristics of the second generation technologies the data speed is up to 64 kilobits per second so previously in the one 1g technology are having only two point five kilo bits per second whereas in second generation it is increased to

64 kilobits per second the data speed the text and multimedia messages is possible so whereas in 1g technology only it is used for the voice communication but in the 2g technology you can able to type the textures and the multimedia messages also you can send a data transfer can be either text

Or multimedia messages and the better quality than 1g okay when GPRS technology was introduced it enables the web browsing email services and fast upload or download speeds so already 2g technology is having the GSM technology even though the GSM technology after the GSM they added the GPRS technology also

GPRS technology if the deep GPRS technology was introduced then this is going to enable the web browsing you are able to browse the mails and you can open the mails and you can upload a download will becomes the speed when whenever the GPRS technology was introduced okay so the 2g

Along with GPRS technology is a 2.5 generation you call it as a 2.5 generation technology a 2g technology is advanced by adding the GPRS technology which is enabled the web browsing and the email services and the uploads and the downloads fast that type of technology called has a 2.5 generation

Technology ok now coming to the next generation in the mobile service that is a 3G technology the third generation mobile telephone begins with the start of the new millennium and offer the major advantages so the 3G technology is offering the major advantages when compared to the 2g the characteristics

The data speed is from 144 kilo bits per second to 2 megabits per second ok whereas in the 2g it is having only 64 kilobits per second but here it is increase it between 144 to 2 megabits per second high-speed web browsing running web applications like video conferencing multimedia email everything

Will be started when we are using the 3G technology a video conference is added advantages to this 3G technology fast and easy transfer of audio and video files and your 3d gaming is also supporting in the 3G 3 3rd generation technology showing but even though it is

Having all the features and it is offering the major advantages it is having some drawbacks so because of those drawbacks where they are introduced later ster advanced it to the 3G what are the drawbacks iam here the expensive mobile phones hi infrastructure cost like licensing fees mobile towers trained persons required

For infrastructure setup everything will be required for 3G technology ok the whatever the mobile phones that you wanted to purchase and that should support the 3 d cech 3G technology means the mobile phones are expensive infrastructure is coastal why it is Inc infrastructure is cost of infrastructure is high because of licensing whatever

Your want to be installed ok a licensing fees should be there and the mobile towers has to be introduced in each and every place so that the 3G technology can be available to the people okay so without the towers you can’t get the three signals if the mobile towers are

Present in each and every area you will receive the 3G signals train person required for infrastructure Center okay so now let’s come into the next generation that is a 4G technology the fourth generation technology keeping up the trend of a new mobile generation every decade it was introduced in every

Decade okay so it was introduced in 2011 what are the characteristics of this fourth generation technology the speed is increased from hundred megabits per second to one gigabits per second I think everyone nowadays using the 4G technology only mobile web access will be there high-definition mobile TV will

Be you can connect to that cloud computing facility will be provided in the fortune fourth-generation technology IP telephony will be there the basic term used to describe the 4G is we call it as a magic and simple words we call the fourth generation technology as a magic and means mobile multimedia a

Means anytime anywhere G means global mobility support I integrated wireless solution C customized personal services okay so that’s why this fourth generation technology is having all these features that’s why we call it as a magic okay so nowadays everyone is using these fourth generation technology and fifth generation technology is also introduced

Okay but not very much at present we are not using that the fifth generation was started from late 2010 only okay we already they are already started the fifth generation technology it is a complete wireless communication with almost no limitations with almost no limitation it is highly supported to wwww that is a

Arlis worldwide well it is going to support wireless worldwide then means the fourth-generation technology is supportable to this not only the world wide web it’s a wireless worldwide web the fifth generation technology benefits or high speed high capacity providing large broadcasting of data in gigabits per second multimedia newspapers watch

TV programs with HD quality’s faster data transmission large phone memory clarity in audio or video so all the high-end features will be provided in the fifth generation technology okay so it’s a complete wireless communication with almost no limitations it supports an interactive multimedia voice streaming videos and other the fifth

Generation is more effective and more attractive there’s more effective and more attractive it is going to give tough competition to computers and laptops but it will be available in the market at 2020 an affordable cost with more reality than previous Mobile’s actually now it is available but it is

Having a more expensive so they are trying to make a effort able cost with more reality than the previous models and they will mostly they will release in the market in 2020 hope so ok so these are the different generations of the mobile services 1g 2g

3G 4G so we are using in the 4G and next generation will be the Phi Z 5th generation technology thank you

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