20 Great Games on Steam for board gamers

20 Great Games on Steam for board gamers

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Brought to you by boardgame Atlas comm the fastest-growing boardgame community in the world kyoto koto and welcome to 20 great steam games for board gamers now the reason I’m making this video is there’s plenty of great games you can play that feel like board games on Steam now nothing really

Ever takes the place our face-to-face playing with people but as we all know that’s not possible all the time sometimes you just want to play a board game but there’s no one that you can sit down and play it with and your options are so low board gaming or playing a

Game on your computer now this video will only cover games that are available on the steam platform and it does not cover mobile phone apps or apps on the tablet and the reason for that is doing them on the PC it made a lot easier for

Me to do video capture so I can actually show you the games if I’m doing this the phone apps I can’t actually show you the games without using someone else’s footage now there’s probably a very easy way I could get around that but I’m not the most technically capable person so

Bear with me as we explore 20 great games that you can find on Steam if you’re a board game so let’s count down the list number 20 is twice struggle which many of you will know is one of my all-time favorite games the reason I’m not going to this game in too much

Detail is I’m planning a full-length playthrough of this in the near future and you’ll be able to check out the game fully then the needless to say this is an exceptionally good app and a fantastic adaption of the board game so you ever have wanted to try to I light

Struggle do check it out number 19 is tabletop simulator and tabletop sim is one of the best ways to be able to play a whole bunch of board games on your computer there are some problems of tabletop simulator it’s a little counterintuitive and a little clunky and

Some games do take it off a lot of setup if we have a look at this version of the alien legendary deck building game you can see all the decks there but to assemble a game you’ve got to manually pull them all together and compile them

And that is a bit of effort there are some games like this version of Star Wars rebellion where the people have designed the mod have added an an element of automation but still tabletop simulator isn’t immediately intuitive thankfully there’s some good people out there who’ve written some damn fine

Guides and in the pen comment for this video I’m gonna give you linked to one its bimanual pancake and was posted on reddit boardgames a day before our record of this video and is used with permission and it’s a fantastic guide called the tabletop simulator a guide for self isolators so

If you do want to give a tabletop simulator of go i really recommend going to that link reading through there and following the instructions they’ll cover in a lot more detail than i can in the short video and paired with tabletop simulator which is a very similar app that offers quite similar functionality

I’ve got very little experience of table topia but I know there’s a lot of people out there who think this is one of the best places to play board games online and if anyone’s got a great guide for using table topia posted in the comments below and I’ll add it to the pinned

Comment number 17 is on e room now on e room is a card game where you have a limited deck of cards that you draw through and you’re trying to unlock these doors whether that’s by creating a set of three colors in a row or using the keys to unlock them unfortunately as

You play through the game bad cards happen and you have to make some decisions about whether you’re going to discard your hand whether you get to use one of your precious keys to remove the bad card or whether you get a burn five cards from your deck

Now I’m not the biggest fan of all the room I find it a little bit random and a little bit frustrating but I know a lot of people who pass the time with this game and it’s very much like solitaire or patience as we call it in New Zealand

One of those games we just set up the cards play through and it’s a little bit mindless and it’s a little bit of a time killer the wonderful thing about only room is the cool game is free to play and you can pay for some of the

Expansions but you can just go out download on a run and plan number 16 this game would probably be higher if it was finished and that’s gloom Haven now this game is still an early development and it’s got a lot of content still to come but if you are jonesing to play

Gloom Haven there’s enough there to keep you entertained right now not all the classes are there not all the unlocks but you can do these short campaigns and it still has that core gloom Haven gameplay of deciding which cars to play which to burn how to manage your risks

And all the wonderful hand management and risk management that goes into that game and if you do buy the early access game we’ll keep getting developed for you so you will see new content coming new classes unlocking and of course when it does get published the full campaign

Mode will be unlocked so I probably put this one way higher if it was done but if you are hanging out for some gloom Haven this is probably your best option right now a speaking of dungeon crawlers this is super dungeon explore now this is a dungeon crawler that’s both cute

And very tactical the characters in the game are super chibi and the dialogue is very dinky and a little bit juvenile at times and yes I did name my Dewar squat oh but the core gameplay is the usual dungeon crawler fear that people love the classes are all quite specialized

You can give them upgrades through the campaign and mostly you’re just moving around your little bobbleheads and blowing stuff up now I only have a half way through the campaign of this because it actually gets really challenging so if you do like super dungeon explore or you just like dungeon crawlers and want

To play one the game’s pretty affordable and it has quite a high difficulty curve and the dialogue is so cheesy number 14 is one deck dungeon one deck dungeon was based on the premise of a dungeon crawler game based off one deck of cards one deck of multi-use cards and this is

An incredibly faithful adaption of the board game there are different character classes you can play as and as you go through the dungeon you come across multiple doors and within each door there’s an encounter it could be a trap or it could be a monster that you have

To fight and the whole game is based around deciding whether you want to take on that risk or whether you want to take on a new challenge and in managing dice to get the outcomes that you need there’s also a lot of skills upgrades and powers you can use in this game to

Manipulate the dice rolls until finally at the bottom of the dungeon you come across a boss fight and to make it in these boss fights you’re gonna have to have a lot of Dyess a lot of skills and use those abilities to cover up the numbers shown on the challenge in order

To not take the ax fixer and exposed so this example this dragon would do a lot of damage to us and if we didn’t cover up these results but by manipulating the dice rolls and adding the right dice in the right area we can mitigate as much of that damage

As possible and try to overcome the challenge now this one can be a little bit frustrating because the dice can hate you but there’s a lot of classes a lot of different dungeons and it’s quite replayable definitely worth giving a go if you’re a fan of dice based games

Number 13 is flashpoint fire rescue now this is a cooperative game that is a fire fighting game and each of your fire fighters has different skills and abilities and each one of them takes an action and as you move around the fire will react it will expand so you’ve got

To keep the fire under control but you’ve also got to find and rescue people from the building so it’s this constant back-and-forth battle between you and the fire and a lot of the actions in this game are really logical doors hold back fires until they’re destroyed fire spread faster when

There’s more fire around and flame ups can happen quite dramatically and quite quickly one of the cool things about the PC version is it comes with a hell of a lot more Maps and you get in the actual game so on the base game you only get

Two maps it’s a double sided board and this one there’s about a dozen so anyway this is a really good game if you’re a fan of that pandemic style cooperative team play sort of game number 12 is star realms the dick building game that I reviewed some time ago now this is a

Really simple straightforward deck building game and the interface is really easy to use so sour realms you’re buying cards you’re adding them to your deck but there’s also set collection between the four different factions so it’s a game you can play against the AI or against online opponents it’s got a

Really short play time on the computer which takes care of all the shuffling and dealing of new cards and it’s just a really smoothly done PC version of the game one of the problems is they will nickel-and-dime you for the extra content so the core game is free but all

Of the extras cost money still a really solid adaption and heck of a lot of fun to kill some time with next up we have small world or small world – as it’s known there this has an online play mode that you can join people who play online

Games with comes with a bunch of expansions as well that you can get to have extra races and ability but it also has a mode where you play against the AI and the interface is really simple and straightforward this is small world it’s a area control game with variable

Player powers where after a while you will need to send your race into decline in order to pick a new race that comes in and sweeps over with the old ones have thinned the AI is pretty goodness game and does tend to score quite well

So it’s actually not a bad one if you just want to play solo I don’t think I really like about the small world PC game is that it’s really quick you can play through a game in next to no time and you’re not waiting around for the AI

To make long lengthy decisions it’s really rapid and yet still challenging so a lot of fun in this one next up is race for the galaxy which also has an online mode you can play or you can play against the AI you can play against a single AI opponent or you can play

Against a bunch of them and this is a really solid adaption of race for the galaxy as an app the controls are all intuitive the AI is not the smartest even the hard a AI isn’t that great but with three of them what are them all eventually luck into challenging you the

Interface is really easy to use and the game’s all quite intuitive and it plays again very very quickly so you can take as much time as you want to make your decisions when playing against the AI but you’re not waiting around for them to get done a really solid apps for the

Game and you can also pick up the expansions as well and add those in as you see fit number nine is Raiders of the North Sea and this is one of the nicer looking board game adaptions I’ve seen because it captures the art and feeling of Raiders of the North Sea

Really well well not just being the board game on the board all the art and styling is there but it’s got a couple of little quirks that I really like and one of the main ones is when you take a raid action your longboat actually rides out there and starts blowing stuff up

And it’s something like quite satisfying about that so I went the extra mile to go yeah let’s not just make this a version of the board game mix make this the PC game version of the board game and all of a good Raiders game players there the place one worker take one

Worker mechanic building up to do raids in order to get victory points and the AI is really good in this game I my first two games against them and squeaked by in my third and it’s been consistently difficult to dominate the AI especially on hard so yeah this is I

Think one of the better-looking board game adaptions that takes all the core gameplay of the board game makes it immediately recognizable but acknowledges that it’s on a PC and there’s some things you can do on a PC to make the game easier to look at and

More fun to play number eight isn’t a board game it is but it isn’t there is no analog version of Tharsis if fastest is a dice placement game very similar to Elder Sign where there are calamitous events happening each round that you have to as a team solve in order to make

It to Mars so your Explorer ships on the way to Mars and a disaster happens several the crew killed and things are catching fire and exploding all over the show each of the different locations has different abilities you can use in the room so and there are various risks when

You take each challenge in this case if you’re a one threes or fives you’ll take an injury there’s also research you can do to get special upgrades and powers food you have to manage events you have to manage and each of the characters has their own unique strengths and weakness

And you have to survive a number of turns in order to get to Mars and then finally get into the escape pod also the game includes cannibalism but a little bit of a spoiler you can’t get the best result if you commit cannibalism anyway fastest is a really good dice

Manipulation game it’s a lot of fun it’s an incredibly challenging and if you have play an elder sign a lot of this will be really intuitive to you I’d really like them to make a physical board game of this at some point I think it would be legitimately fun as a group

Number seven is Lords of Waterdeep which has an online mode you can play against people with as well as an AI opponent plus the two expansions that you can include or not include if you want I’ve included under mountain in this game if you haven’t played Lords of Waterdeep

It’s a worker placement game where there are a bunch of unique places on the board and more and more emerge as you build buildings throughout the game and the goal is to collect numbers of cubes in order to complete missions which give you bonuses of more cubes more resources or more money and

There’s a lot of intrigue cards and other little variable things you can do in the game there is a lot of replayability in Lords of Waterdeep and this app is really well done the AI is not bad but it does have a tendency to ignore its own special abilities and

Just play whatever quest they want so you normally will beat them if you focus on your goals a bit stronger than they do but if you’re looking for a good worker placement game that has a really good board game adaption on Steam you can’t really go past Lords of Waterdeep it’s really solid

Everything from the board game is here it’s intuitive and looks and feels like the board game and if you haven’t played Lords of Waterdeep you can just pick this up and play it’s a pretty straightforward game and there won’t be too many things that will surprise an experienced board gamer you have workers

You place them in a space it shows you what you get you’re trying to complete goals all pretty straightforward but still a hell of a lot of fun I’ve spent way too much time playing Lords of Waterdeep number six is possibly the best game if you want to play a lot

Online and that is a Blood Bowl there are so many Blood Bowl leagues out there and there’s usually one you can join online and if not you can’t host your own blood bolli and invite your friends if they have the game so as you saw there there are thousands of leagues

Available at this time now of course finding a good one in there that’s another story and if you haven’t played Blood Bowl before it’s a pretty unforgiving game but it is also kind of cool there are a bunch of different teams each of them has their own strengths of weaknesses some of them

Are even really bad like this is a game where not all teams are equal and that’s by design so something like the Goblin or halfling teams they’re just not up to snuff especially the ogre team compared to say the orcs or the chaos teams and the game players a faithful adaption of

The board game your two teams going head-to-head in a sixteen turn game of fantasy football the goal is to score as many touchdowns as possible whilst murdering as many of your opponents as you can the game also features a lot of silly commentary he’s going to sleep maybe we will see

Him on the picture late as well as some fun animations but at its core it’s a genuine and true adaption of the board game with all the strengths and weaknesses of their board game so if you really hated Blood Bowl the PC version isn’t going to save the

Game for you oh and playing against the AI can be fun to kill some time but the AI is notoriously done and the AI and Blood Bowl is one of the worst at board game if it wasn’t for the online play I wouldn’t recommend this anywhere near

As highly as I do the five is that board game app I’ve played the most and that’s terraforming Mars I have played hundreds of damn games of this thing but I mostly play the solo mode and the reason for that was when it came out the multiplayer mode was a bit terrible just

A little bit terrible it dropped people all the time I understand a lot of that’s fixed now but I’ve gone to the habit of primarily playing the solo mode so you can play online you can play with friends you can play against AI opponents or you can

Just do the straight solo mode which is terraforming Mars in 14 turns and that’s kind of my happy place is the solo mode 14 turn terraforming game and the reason for that is this is my evening unwind game this is what I do when it’s about I

Live in a clock at night and I just want to pack my brain and unwind before I go to bed I’ll play a game maybe two of terraforming Mars and that’s how you get up to 400 plays or more you play a game every night and as much as I love this

Game it does have some weaknesses there isn’t an undo button so once you’ve made a decision even if it’s a bad decision you’re stuck with it and the second one is it only has the core game there are no expansions here the developer who was making the game went out of business and

Someone else had to take it over so development on this game hasn’t been as strong as it could be but I love terraforming Mars I love the game I love to be able to play it solo and from my limited experience of the online mode recently it seems to be working a lot

Better number four is through the ages and this is a game I hate playing in person I absolutely refuse to play through the ages again on the tabletop it just takes way too long for what it is the gap however is absolutely fantastic all of the fiddly bookkeeping

That drags down through the ages in person with people moving their little cubes around taking forever it’s all gone and through the ages and not only that three dangers has challenge modes it has different ways of playing it has online play it has play against AI opponents that are quite good especially

The hard AIS and especially on levels where they give them advantages you have to be pretty damn good or through the ages to beat all of the challenges in this game and it also is a really good tutorial so even if you haven’t played through the ages before you can pick up

What is one of the more complex games out there and learn it via the PC version factors probably easier to learn it here than it is in person so yeah if you are jonesing for some heavy euro gameplay you need some flatter get through the ages the app it’s really

Good and remember I don’t like playing this game in person but I really like playing the app number three is the PC version of the very first game I really got into and that was back in 1987 and it’s Battletech Battletech was my first board gaming love and looking back it’s

Kind of bizarre that a 10 year old was able to figure out this rather complex game not only that teach it to other kids and finally we have a battle tech game now on the PC that is genuinely good and genuinely fun to play you can customise mix your heart’s desire once

You’ve unlocked them and once you’ve got the parts and stuff you need so you start off scrapping with small mix but you build up to big more powerful ones but they’re not always the most useful so some missions you’ll need speed and other missions you’ll just need brute

Force and in this scenario I’ve gone for brute force against a much weaker opponent so I’m striding around with my Atlas and awesome just leveling things there’s a lot of game here there’s a good campaign and then there’s an open mode where you just expand your mercenary company and keep doing missions

You can easily sink 100 or more hours on Battletech if you get into it but the Cabot for that is you have to be into the sort of hex based combat that Battletech represents and you have to buy into the idea of obtaining Salvage to get better mix to go out and do

Different flights because at its core 90% of this game is meh’ Cormac fights and if you don’t enjoy that there’s no months of the game after that I really do enjoy that so as a consequence I’ve played 160 hours of this so if you’re looking for a great game to fill

A lot of hours and you like miniature war games definitely check out battle tech number 2 everything I said about through the ages being a better version of a board game I don’t like playing a person also applies the Sentinels of the multiverse but more so sentinels

Is a bear of a game in person there’s so much to keep track of so many tokens so many powers so many bits of timing that it can just get overwhelming especially some of the latest up and especially oblivion mode sentinels of the multiverse the PC game does all of that

Bookkeeping for you and reduces sentinels down to its essence which is really specialized superhero dicks for each player they have their own strengths and weaknesses using those strengths and weaknesses to combine into a team to fight against the unique villain in a unique location and how you

Mix and match all of those things there are so many heroes so many villains and so many environments that you can tweak and change if you have all the expansions for this so yeah if you’ve got lots of time to burn you want a game

That’s got a lot of challenge and a lot of variety you can do a hell of a lot worse than the Sentinels of the multiverse PC game there really is a lot of content here and last and certainly not least we come to slay the spire this

Is a game with no analog comparison but what it is is a dick builder and it’s a really clever dick builder deck building dungeon-crawler after each fight you can add a card to your deck and get upgrades so as you progress through the spire your deck evolves the

Combinations within it evolve and it’s really compelling after each fight you’re like oh cool I’ve got a new toy to play with who’s next you open up a treasure chest and you hit a relic you’re like cool that’s awesome that makes me even better who’s next and you

Keep moving up the spire of increasingly difficult fights and the boss fights are especially tough and this game is merciless as well and we’ll present you challenge after challenge after challenge and there’s four unique classes and they’re not just slightly different powers they had completely different play styles the one I’m using

In my examples is the defect and they’re all about creating these orbs above them that you can discharge for various bonuses the other classes don’t have those orbs at all they have completely different mechanics and while this isn’t a PC adaption of an existing board game

If you like dick building if you enjoy card manipulation if you like the Magic the Gathering any of those sort of card based games or even engine builders there’ll be something you’ll like within slay the spire and for me this game represents taking the lessons of board

Game design and applying them to an environment where you’re not limited by physical apparatus because the variety of cards you can get is massive but the combat is more complex than would be manageable in a board game it has that extra depth you can only get when the

Computer is doing a bunch of calculations for you unless you want to spend hours and hours and hours playing and a game of slay the spire from the ground to the spire can take you over an hour so if you are looking for something to kill a lot of hours worth and you’re

Like deck building or you like lcg’s and CCGs absolutely check out slender spire well that’s my list of 20 board games on Steam that I think are pretty damn good these are not the only board games on Steam I’ve played I’ve played a heck of

A lot more but these are the 20 I thought were worth mentioning are there any I missed that you think are really great do you have any experiences with these games that you disagree with me about if you do let me know in the comments and a reminder

There will be a link to the tabletop simulator advice in the pinned comment below and if you enjoy this video support us on patreon hit the notification button and check out our website

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