$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER – CGC Comic and Statue Collection Tour!

$200,000 COMIC BOOK ROOM MAKEOVER - CGC Comic and Statue Collection Tour!

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Hey guys it’s dt as you can see we are back in the comic book room if you guys are joining us for the first time and you haven’t seen this room yet this was a wine cellar but since i don’t drink wine we don’t need all these racks here this

Is where i’ve been storing all my comic books and yeah it’s a little bit messy we’ve got lego sets up here more boxes posters over here just not the prettiest site so i think it’s time for a little renovation i’m gonna be building some cabinets to put these boxes in

Hopefully it’ll be sturdy enough to support some statues up here uh and we’ll get this thing organized as well so the first step is clearing this place out so i can do proper measurements i think i’ll put some slabs up here i don’t want to take everything apart

Just because i know when we move i have to put it all back so here’s a look at the before and stay tuned for the after okay guys i got it all cleared out [Applause] you can hear the echo in here restored to how it first was when we moved in but

This room is pretty cool it does have its own little climate control so i can keep everything in here nice and cool it’s very dark when the lights are out that’s what you need when you store comic books time to take this stuff apart we’re going to be moving these things out of

Here bottles of liquid and high-end collectibles don’t really mix so we had to move all my comic books out here temporarily there’s just some stuff in boxes over here and the rest of the stuff is in the studio it’s the piled up on top of each other

We’re down here in the wine cellar and as you can see i’ve been busy we’ve got some really sturdy wood but uh yeah a little diy project got going on there All right guys welcome to the new and improved comic book room uh let me give you a little tour so here we have the wall of fame but we’ve got a bunch of slabs here up on the wall over here we’ve got a bunch of statues on the shelf

Here we’ve got where i keep all my raw comic books then over here we’ve got some more graded comics in a box so i like to keep all my raw comic books in these drawer boxes so these drawer boxes are very similar to the standard short

And long boxes with the lift off tops that you’ve probably seen but the main difference is you can reach in and pull them out like a drawer we’ve got everything in here with dividers so the books aren’t flopping around all over the place and if you want to take

The whole thing out for closer inspection you can easily do that but once you’re all done you just shove it back in there like a drawer and you’re good to go if you have your books in a standard box uh you can stack them up like this

However in order to get to the ones down on the bottom you have to remove the ones above it and this way with the drawer boxes everything can just stay in one place and you just pull them out as you need so i custom made this cabinet right here

So all these drawer boxes would fit perfectly we’ve got five going across three down times two so i can fit a lot of raw ungraded comic books here a lot of these are from my childhood so we’ve got some old punisher war journal we got more punisher punish punisher punisher

Still need to do some organizing some alphabetizing but for the most part uh i got everything in one place if you saw earlier in the video i kind of had things all over the place so things are looking a little bit more organized now i also built this thing

Super heavy duty to support some of these big guys right here the one up here is pretty sturdy as well but not nearly as sturdy as this guy an event of an earthquake this is probably the safest place to be another thing with the drawer boxes is

These are kind of a medium length so you can fit more than a short box but a little less than a long box but i think they’re a perfect depth especially for these statues up here i think i made this shelf about 30 inches deep if drawer boxes aren’t your thing here

Is another great option these are plastic comic book boxes from bcw i really like these boxes they are super sturdy you can also stack them up on top of each other and they kind of lock in with these little grooves they come in different sizes we’ve got the big ones for the graded

Comic books and then we’ve got some smaller ones for the raw books they have little latches on top to secure the lid and they just open up like this and there you go fit in there nicely and if you can’t fill the whole box you can insert these black dividers

Let’s see what we got in this one we got some mac cross amazing spider-man looks like we got some modern ones in here as well i need to sort through this stuff so this box pretty much has it all it’s got some old stuff it’s got some silver age stuff

It’s got some cop rage and it’s also got some really recent things here we go first miles morales first appearance of captain marvel oh look at this we got a golden age in here too guys very popular bronze book you guys might have seen that before got a couple of those oh

Then we got some giant size x-men number one another one another one and what’s this last one oh look at that so i kind of just opened up a box and then started putting comics up here no particular order this row right here doesn’t actually stay in the house i

Keep those in an off-site vault it’s always kind of a good idea to spread things out don’t keep all your eggs in one basket as they say but i’ve got all these books here at the house right now because i am doing a series of videos

But as soon as i’m done a lot of these expensive books are going back in the box and heading back to the vault and i’ll replace those with some of the other ones that i showed in that box ideally if you want to preserve your comic books you don’t want to really

Have them on display especially if there’s light around luckily this room is pretty dark 99 of the time it’s in a wine cellar there aren’t any windows there aren’t any doors to the outside so this room really never sees any sunlight the only light it sees are from those lights up there

Like i said this was a wine cellar it is temperature regulated uh if i actually plugged it in i guess so up here we’ve got more of the modern books kind of hard to see with the light glare up here so we’ve got gi joe first appearance of cable

First appearance of x-23 first appearance of gambit first appearance of the red hulk then we’ve got this new wolverine number one i just thought these covers were pretty cool i think they’re variant covers limited edition i got the wolverine and then i got that spider-man to kind

Of go along with it then over here we’ve got venom number three first appearance of null this is a variant cover and i got this one because i’m getting a statue that looks just like that here is the original cover of that issue here’s the first appearance of spider gwen

Here is first appearance of predator in a comic book here is wolverine versus the hulk in hulk 340. very iconic cover art by todd mcfarlane then we have a long shot number one this is one that i picked up off the shelf in the 80s

I needed one more comic to send to cgc and i just pulled this one out and got 9.8 then uh we’ve got infinity gauntlet thought i get one of those graded i have like 30 copies of that comic book immortal hulk that one just came out a few years ago

Then over here we’ve got um amazing spider-man 361 first appearance of this guy carnage and then over here you guys might have seen that one before that’s spider-man number one and i have about 200 copies of those millions of copies that they made thought i’d get one graded

And it came back as a 9.8 then down here we’ve got the first appearance of vision then we’ve got this awesome captain america annual number eight cover with wolverine versus cap this one is double signed by john beatty and mike zek here is the first appearance of the tick

Then we have todd mcfarlane spawn number one i have quite a few issues of that as well decided to get one of those graded 9.8 over here we’ve got the first appearance of deadpool new mutants 98 here is transformers number one you guys have probably seen that one if you watch my statue

Reviews on evantube hd lots of first appearances in there then we have another one from my childhood thunder cats number one this one was sitting in a long box without a bag or a board i was like man it still looks pretty good let me get it graded

Came back 9.6 then we have masters of the universe that one came back as a 9.4 this was a similar story as the thundercats it was just sitting in a long box so it just goes to show you even if you don’t have your comic books bagged and boarded

If they’re just sitting in a box for 30 years they could still be in good condition here is the origin of the alien symbiote here is the punisher number one from the limited series another mike zech cover this is one of my favorite covers growing up big punisher fan

I had a big poster of that in my room then moving on we have a not so popular cover uh this one is the avengers annual number 10. it is the first appearance of rogue very nice key book however it’s kind of overlooked because of this magazine style cover i actually picked

Up about 20 copies of this in a dollar bin uh got one of them graded came back 9.6 moving on over here we’ve got the first appearance of ghost rider marvel spotlight number five we’ve got the wolverine limited series from 1982 first appearance of morbius and then we’ll finish off the row

With the fantastic four issues 49 and 50. this is the first appearance of galactus and then we conclude the cosmic story with this nice silver surfer cover then we’ll move down to this row we’ve got some pretty iconic books here fantastic four number one we’ve got x-men number one

Avengers number one signed by stan lee we’ve got the first appearance of thor also signed by stan lee and a few other folks we’ve got amazing fantasy 15 first appearance of spider-man also signed by stan lee spider-man number one signed by stan lee hulk number one not signed by stan lee

And we’ve got another first appearance of wolverine saw a couple of those earlier we’ve got first appearance of groot first appearance of ant-man first appearance of dr doom first appearance of iron man and we’ve got the first silver age captain america first black panther first doctor octopus

And we’ve got an amazing spider-man with uh dr doom appearance and the first appearance of the lizard first appearance of sandman first appearance of the vulture first appearance of the kingpin we’ve got the origin of the incredible hulk when uh tales to astonish change back over to the incredible hulk

Then we’ve got captain america 100 where tales of suspense turned into captain america we’ve got submariner number one iron man number one uh first appearance of juggernaut first appearance of dr strange first appearance of moon knight first appearance of the punisher and we’ve got ghost rider number one

Here is that first appearance of silver surfer first appearance of thanos then we got daredevil number one finally on the bottom row we’ve got the eternals number one she-hulk number one this marvel number one uh the first appearance of spider woman we’ve got the first cameo appearance of wolverine uh we’ve got the

Third appearance of wolverine first appearance of the phoenix first appearance of rocket raccoon first appearance of the new x-men team in the x-men title right after giant ties x-men number one we’ve got spider-woman number one first appearance of saber tooth first appearance of beta ray bill ghost rider number one

And then over here we’ve got the first appearance of poison ivy yes a dc comic made it to the wall one i really love these silverage keys i wish i could keep them out here to display but it just makes me too nervous so that’s why i have

These guys right here these big posters they kind of remind me that i have these so in case you guys were wondering how these comic books were mounted up here i’m using this vinyl j channel they didn’t actually sell this at my local home depot i know some home

Depots around the country have them but not around here so i actually have to find a specialty siding store that sold this in order to put these up here you don’t have to slide them down from the side lift up on the book and then

Pull it out and in order to put it back we just put the top in first and then put the bottom down and it’s not going anywhere all right so i’ll quickly show you guys some of this other stuff that i have in here so up here on the

Top we’ve got the sideshow spiderman kamiket the xm dr octopus we’ve got the xm venom we’ve got a custom green goblin we’ve got the xm mysterio and we’ve got the sideshow rhino next to that we’ve got the curse of the spawn awesome base right there and then look who snuck in here

The flash the flash is here along with captain marvel and we’ve got that little plastic spider-man that i got up there then i’ve kind of got my cosmic big boys over here with thanos and lady death from xm studios and we’ve got the xm star lord and

Rocket and groot in the corner there we’ve got galactus and the micro silver surfer from sideshow and then sneaking into the comic book room we’ve got a couple of uh mandalorians we’ve got boba fett from xm studios and then we’ve got this cool custom mando and grow boot but that’s the extent of

My star wars collection i do have the life size grogu back there and then this little guy in the pram actually comes with this one then we got my action comics number one 9.8 you know cheap book xm studios red hulk this one is crazy got a review up on dt’s geek show

But love that one got the war breaker of brimstone from sideshow then over here we’ve got my favorite hulk which is the hulk transformation we’ve got bruce banner down here going nuts love it then to finish off the statues in this room i’ve got the legendary beast xm studios captain america

This one is a one-third scale he is big he’s too big to fit on the shelf but excellent museum captain america and for any of you guys that are wondering yes everything in this room is insured it is also very well secured we actually have a separate security alarm

Just on the door of this room i’ve got camera set up so i can check in and see what’s going on in this room any time of the day anywhere in the world motion detection all of that all right so i did set up some led lighting in this room it wasn’t

Quite as bright as i would have hoped but it does add a little bit of mood lighting we can change the colors up a little bit so it kind of adds a little flare but you still need these lights to illuminate these statues i’ve got some more room up there for

Some more statues but in the meantime i just used it to store some empty boxes and some of these leftover pots that i have these are either duplicates or pops that i haven’t found a place for yet and to finish it off i’ve got this little acrylic table in here

And this is where i can pull books out and set them on this table punch out some labels on this label maker tape some bags but there you have it guys that was my wine cellar to comic book room makeover let me know what you guys think in the comments down below

I think it definitely looks a lot better than it did i always dreamt of having my own little comic book store and for me this is kind of the next best thing and if you have a vision be determined and make it a reality make sure to check out my other channel

Dt’s geek show for more comic books statues and other pop culture related content thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys next time

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