2023 Cybersecurity Full roadmap: How to get started as a beginner?

2023 Cybersecurity Full roadmap: How to get started as a beginner?

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Best time to get started in cyber security was definitely last year but have no fear 2022 is also an amazing year to get started in cyber security and in this video i’m going to go over the main things that you need to know to get started in your cyber security

Career in 2022 and hopefully by the end of the video you’re going to have a good idea of where to start what you should be looking at and also resources that can help you figure out which niche that you would like to go to if you’re wondering why you should do cyber

Security or why you should listen to me well i work in cyber security currently and i have around eight years of experience and also cyber security jobs are one of the fastest growing career fields and also cyber security demands really high salaries i do have a video that goes

More into cyber security salaries that you can check out here please like comment and subscribe as this channel is all about helping you explore the vast land of cyber security and i.t so the first step that you’re going to want to do in your cyber security career is

You’re going to want to make a decision you really just need a i can i will i do i dare attitude you are going to get a job in cyber security it all starts with your mind if your mind is right i have a hundred percent faith that you can land

A job in i.t security the latin root of the word decision actually means to cut off which means you cut off all of the other infinite possibilities and probabilities that you could possibly go after and this there’s actually a freedom in only doing one thing sometimes you just have to cut off those

Options and just choose one and single focus on that one thing for a certain amount of time if you’re ever going to get anywhere so making a decision making sure your mind is right is extremely important before you start anything make sure this is exactly what you want to do

Make sure you’re not wishy-washy about it like i want to start a career in cyber security but this i want to do it but i don’t think i have technical ability i guarantee you you can learn all of that do it now say i will get a job in cyber security the

Next part of this is you’re going to want to make a plan and the best way that i have found is smart goals so smart stand specific measurable actionable relevant and time based and now i’m not going to get deep into that you can do a google search on smart

Goals but this is very effective on creating a plan so watch the rest of the video and then look up smart goals and then create a plan that you are going to follow in 2022 so that’s gonna include one month goals two months goals three months goals but it’s also going to

Include what you’re going to do each day to achieve those one month goals i have a video on how to get better at cyber security right here but it goes more into depth on what your daily decisions and how important those are to get a job it’s also about building discipline if

You’re going to the self education route discipline is needed so once you have made that decision and you don’t know anything about cyber security or information technology or maybe you want to go to the software development route then you’re really going to want to learn the basics of information

Technology and that is because it’s extremely difficult to understand say different types of attacks that happen if you don’t know the basics of i.t so if you don’t know the basics of i.t such as what network traffic is you’re gonna have an incredibly hard time understanding what a denial of service

Ddos attack is like you won’t be able to comprehend these really abstract concepts without a base knowledge of i.t if you want to go to software development or you want to do exploit development or something of that sort you’re still going to need to know the

Basics of it you’re going to want a really good basis of networking a great place to start with networking would be the comptia network plus or the ccna both of these are very good i do have a video that goes more into depth about entry-level i.t certificates and these

Actually are extremely helpful in terms of structuring what you’re learning another really good one is you’re going to want to know operating systems the main two being linux and windows these are extremely common and learning the basics of these will be very valuable would be maybe the comptia a plus so

Knowing the basics of cloud would be extremely helpful and very valuable as cloud jobs are really in demand so some resources that i recommend are the google it support certification it will teach you the basics of it i think for a lot of colleges they also accept it as

An actual credit so it can save you money i do have the link below and i have actually been through the course and i do have some reviews here but it’s an extremely good certificate and people actually have gotten a job from the google i.t support certificate also

There’s the comptia a plus and net plus professor messer is really good and he has a lot of good free material also udemy has some really good a plus net plus online courses that you can take once you have a good basis of i.t then and only then can you move on to

Learning the basics of cyber security and the basics of cyber security some things that you could possibly learn are things such as what’s the difference between a risk a threat and a vulnerability what’s risk management what threat modeling what’s incident management what is a phishing attack and

Things of that sort and the best way in my opinion and what i did when i was starting out my career was the comptia security plus i’m not sponsored by comptia i really do think that it’s a really good base knowledge to take and there are tons of online cyber security

Courses i also have a video up here that goes into more depth on different studying strategies and different tools to pass the security plus that i find helpful and also just how to study in general and how to learn cyber security because reading the book is completely

Almost pointless it’s good to get like to scope the subject but not good for really learning the material so i would go check out that video once you have the basics of it down in your cyber security journey and you have the cyber security basics down then and only then

You’re going to want to pick a niche that you want to get into there are so many so people when they think cyber security they just think penetration tester or ethical hacker all of that sort but cyber security is humongous and i honestly believe that there is a cyber

Security job for everyone i do have a video here of an introduction to cyber security careers that also gives you resources and goes into different types of jobs basically if you don’t want to watch that video you could work for the government or the private sector really good cyber security job framework for

The government is the nice framework and for the private sector i found a really good website cyber sn i believe i’ll put it right here include cyber security sales offensive team defensive team incident response cyber security salaries and all of that fun stuff so i would like explore different types of

Careers and because you’re only doing this after you have your base knowledge you can understand more of what’s going on and be able to play around with different types of courses to figure out what you like best maybe you like compliance and auditing maybe you like pen testing maybe you

Want to do exploit development maybe you want to do malware analysis maybe you just want to work at a sock and respond to incidences there are so many different things that you could do there are tons of online training my favorite one right now once you pick a cyber

Security niche would be i am e training i am not sponsored by them but i’m going through one of their courses it’s very good so maybe check them out definitely worth it now once you have the it basics and you have a rough idea of what type

Of job you want because you scoped out the different cyber security niches now you’re going to want to qualify yourself i do have a video that goes more into qualifying yourself for a cyber security career but basically there are five main ways our number one serendipity plus networking and that’s basically the more

You network the more opportunities that will just magically just come across your way because the more you put yourself out there the more chance and luck has to work in your favor and a lot of people do get jobs by networking because getting past the resume hr

Battle can be very difficult the next way is you could go to college you could get a bachelor’s degree and i personally went to wgu for my master’s degree i have a review on that it was actually like my first video i love wgu not sponsored i genuinely think they’re a

Great school go check that out there’s tons of different affordable schools you don’t need to go a hundred thousand dollars in debt there’s tons of really good low cost really good options also you get industry standard certificates with wgu so that is also an option and people there’s like a big debate whether

Or not cyber security degrees are worth it degrees are worth it as of 2022 maybe in 10 years the landscape will change it gets you past hr and it also does package the information so you can complete it so if you have difficulty completing something maybe a degree can

Be used the next one is you could just do self education there’s tons of cyber security training some common ones are pluralsight i’ve used pluralsight ine training udemy tcm academy has really good defensive courses coursera i personally love coursera they have really good cyber security courses well you don’t need certificates or degrees

You just need that one person to hire you and people love people who love learning and they really feel like they will do well in a a position so you could probably beat out people with experience if you have that eagerness and drive and they can see that you’re

Working really hard i have a video that goes more into home labs if you want to check that out another option is you could join the military and i know this is not for everybody but the military can be like pretty good i mean i was in

The military and i learned a lot about i.t it’s a great place to network so maybe you join the national guard it can be a pretty good experience yeah so i would maybe check that out talk to someone and while you’re doing this you’re going to want to gain some type

Of experience so you can do labs home labs and put that on your resume and do your own projects and your own work i do have a video that goes into 10 different ways to gain experience in cyber security without a job you could also do an internship a cyber security

Internship i see tons of these like popping up if you’re a veteran they’ll want to get you a job and also your military mindset works extremely well in cyber security when doing this though make sure your resume is on point i do have a free resume template below and i

Will be going into more depth resume there’s a technique to it right so you have to make sure that you write your resume if it’s a private resume for the applicant tracking system so you get past that that gate and then you also have to write it for hr hiring manager

And also the team that will be hiring you so you’re writing your resume for four different people so you really have to make sure your resume is keyworded properly for all four of those people do have that template below so check that out but i can’t but make sure

The resume is good because you can get weeded out and no one will ever see your hard work i’ve seen so many people with terrible resumes and once they change their resume they landed a job i can’t stress this enough you’re like selling yourself short if you don’t make your

Resume absolute perfection because not only will you not get the job but also if your resume doesn’t reflect your actual skills they’ll start you off at a lower level and this will just save you so much time and frustration make sure your resume is extremely good next one

Is once you have this and you have a really good resume reach out to recruiters recruiters want to get you a job they will get you interviews and the more interviews you get the more comfortable you’re going to get and the same questions might come up so you may

Fail your first technical interviews but i guarantee you those questions might come up if you’re replying to the same role over and over talk to recruiter and they can also give you feedback on the job market and it’s always going to depend of course where you’re at so talk

To recruiters after you do all of this i honestly 100 believe that if you put in the time and effort you can definitely get a cyber security career in 2022. always keep that i can i will i dare i do type of mindset and in 2022 you can

Change your life please comment like and subscribe and i do have that resume template below if you want to check that out

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