23 books to read in 2023 ๐Ÿ“–๐ŸŽง fantasy, sci-fi, romance, literary fiction, more…

23 books to read in 2023 ๐Ÿ“–๐ŸŽง  fantasy, sci-fi, romance, literary fiction, more...

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Year it’s time to talk about the 23 books I would love to read in 2023. I’ve already been through this but I absolutely love end of year videos I love seeing what people want to read in the incoming year anticipated releases what people are planning to read from

Their shelves and in particular whenever people do these videos of like 23 books to read in 2023 I love seeing what people are going to pull what they want to read and I myself personally love making these types of videos so I have as you can see behind me pulled out 23

Books from my bookshelf that are unread that I was either planning on reading this year and I didn’t get around to them or that I purchased recently but I really want to read soon and we’re gonna try and read them next year am I only successful with these list videos and

Not necessarily I did do a 22 books to read in 2022 and it went pretty bad I will also say I was very unrealistic with that list so I’m hoping that this time around I’ve been realistic enough I’ve chosen a little bit of everything from middle grade to y a to adult books

Ranging from all different genres from fantasy contemporary literary fiction so I think it’s a pretty solid list it’s pretty diverse just in terms of the Thematic statements that each of them explore so I think it’s going to be a good one and let’s get right into it so

The very first thing we’re going to talk about is not necessarily the very first book I’m going to be reading in 2023 however I went even as far as putting this as one of my book club picks for patreon for next year and that is orange the complete collection volume 1. now in

This one we follow our main character nacho as she receives a letter from her future self claiming that a new student kakaru in her timeline will soon arrive to school and she needs to help him at all costs before something terrible happens and I think the whole aspect of

Receiving a letter from your future self and attempting to fix a terrible fate that has occurred in the future or near future I think I find that super interesting and I know there are themes of mental health and depression in here and so I think in a manga form it’s not

Only super easy to read but sometimes it just hits very heart so I am quite excited to read this and see what the Rave is about because I feel like people absolutely love orange and at this point it’s kind of become like a manga classic next up I actually have a middle grade

And that is front desk by Kelly Yang now I’m super excited to read this again another book that I’ve been meaning to read for a really long time and I keep putting it off this is a contemporary middle grade and we follow our main character Mia and her parents who are

Immigrants as they clean and tend to a motel and what the owner of the motel does not know is that Mia’s parents actually hide immigrants and they provide a shelter for them and the last thing they would want the owner to find out is that they’re doing this because

It’s very much against the rules against the law and so I know I run the potential of crying with this one I’ve heard really wholesome things and I feel like everybody I know that has read either this book or the entire Series has absolute gorgeous things to say

About this now this is a bit of a longer series to start next year however I’m not too concerned just because even if it’s a still publishing series The Books are quite short and that is the wayward children series slash every heart a doorway by seanan McGuire particularly

The first book which is the one I own have yet to read and I love Shannon McGuire’s writing I absolutely fell in love with middle game as you guys know one of my favorite books of all time and it’s not only is shishana McGuire she is also Mira Grant so into the drowning

Deep is also seanan McGuire which I absolutely adored as well and so if those two were any indication of her writing prowess I think this one is also going to be super good it’s fantasy and I love that it’s this short honestly because sometimes fantasy can be quite overwhelming and if there’s anything

Seanan McGuire does really really well is explore incredibly human themes in a very Whimsical setting and she raises up so many questions about what it means to be human and I think I’m going to experience that with this too well maybe I don’t know I don’t know what this is

Going to bring my way but I know there’s like magic doors and kids disappearing and reappearing and changing and attempting to save the world and so that’s kind of all I know super vague details about being being honest but I’m super excited and a book I’ve been

Putting off for too long if you ask me that I definitely want to read in 2023 and honestly I forgot how good why a contemporaries can be and after reading better than the movies by Lynn painter I want to kick it back up and start reading them again because I own quite a

Few that are still in red on my shelves and that is Fat Chance Charlie Vega but we basically follow our main character tagli Vega who is a fat girl she is a big girl and she would love to have a good relationship with her body however

She does not a lot of that seems to be induced by her mom who has a lot of opinions about what she should be doing with her body what she should be eating etc etc and so she is on this journey of self-discovery and trying to find a

Balance within herself and it all gets even more convoluted according to the synopsis when she starts casually dating and seeing one of her classmates but then she finds out that this classmate asked out her best friend first and then she starts questioning the entire reason

As to why she was asked out second is that because of the way she looks is it because of who she is and she is here to show everybody exactly who she is exactly what she stands for and that she should never come second to anybody especially not when it comes to the

Realm of looks see for this next one I feel like I’ve got no excuses now and all the pressure because not only do I now own the first book but now I own the entire Trilogy because I decided to buy the fair loot Edition this is not the

Fair loot Edition but it is still the first book in the series and that is the Gilded wolves by Roshan ushakshi now I have attempted to read six of crows one too many times oh six is one too many times for me indeed I have dnf’d that

Book way too many times and listen I really do want to experience a series that’s got heists any group of unlikely people banding together for this ultimate purpose and it being set in a fantasy setting it sounds very exciting however I’ve just realized at this point

That six of crows is just not for me and the Gilded wolves is sort of similar albeit very different there’s also an elite order of Babel which sounds very very good the last Babble I read was by RF Quang and it was good so I think anything that mentions Babel now I am

Intrigued by so that’s in the synopsis Severin will call upon a band of unlikely experts an engineer with a debt to pay a historian banished from his home a dancer with a Sinister passed and it’s set in Paris sounds very cool if you ask gummy I also have sweet bean

Paste on my list for next year I have to say that very slowly because it’s a mouthful but I love the tagline it says a Charming tale of friendship love and loneliness in contemporary Japan you guys know that I love even though it sounds like so sad I like reading books

That deal with loneliness not only does it make me cope with my loneliness in various different ways but it’s also just a reassuring thing to know that even if it seems like you’re on your own with this particular subject matter the reality is that a lot of people are

Experiencing this at the same time and so sometimes books like these are helpful and so we follow our main character santaro who has a criminal record and just about everything in his life has kind of gone wrong and his friends his days making durayaki which is a pancake filled with sweet bean

Paste and he thinks that that’s all his life is going to be from now on up until he meets an elderly woman who very quickly strikes up a very good friendship with him up until they realize that there are some dark secrets in her past that may just come back to

Haunt them and I don’t know what that’s going to be but I definitely want to find out guess who has another middle grade on her Lou it’s me I’ve got witchlings by Claribel Ortega I have been waiting to read this ever since I received this I have not done so yet I

Have put this in many a readathon tbrs and I just don’t get around to it first of all the cover let’s just appreciate this it’s really beautiful but also the premise in this world we’ve got witchlings which are obviously witches and once a witch link turns 12 years old

They have to go through a ceremony to deem exactly which house they’re going to be placed into however our main character hoping to be put in the same house as her best friend ends up being put as a spare which is a witchling known to have lesser powers and the only

Way to get out of the situation is to go through an impossible task which she propositions because she’s like I have to do this because I don’t want to be a spare except that if she fails she will become a toad it looks so cute this was

One of my most anticipated releases when did this come out this come out this year or last year I can’t even remember anymore is this 2021 or 2022 oh yeah okay about this year so I’m not doing that bad that is only a monster by Vanessa let in a follower main character

Who has to move to London to live with her mother’s family except that she goes there she finds out like they’re all monsters and that the guy she is canoodling with or like falling in love with or dating whatever the situation is is a hunter and if you ask me that

Sounds like a little bit of trouble and if there is anything I love it is trouble it’s also raining right now so if you can hear the ASMR welcome to my ASMR realm this next book is one that I don’t to know a lot about beside what

Everybody uses is like the pitch slash selling point and I personally love that and that is all I need to know this is also going to be one of those series that I am going to read along on patreon next year and the Lou fantasma book club

In collaboration with Liv so it’s going to be super fun to be reading it’s Gideon the ninth now I’m very excited about this because I have heard that the politics in this world are amazing that the action scenes in this are amazing and not only that but it features like

Lesbian necromancers in space and I think there’s also like polyamory in this one bring it all on this is my regular oh my God I was like what is that that’s the rain that scared me anyways this is the regular copy I do have the loan crate set and let me tell

You those edges are beautiful without Gideon’s sword hero will fall and the ninth house will die of course some things are better left dead I think I’m a little bit too excited about this now beat on Essie is also on my list for next year I feel like I’m a little bit

Late to reading this because I feel like when it came out everybody was reading this and loving it and raving about it but realistically when I was looking at my list I was like I want books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while one two books that I’ve been wanting to

Read as recent and three books that are short and piranesi qualified for all of those things so in this book we’ve got iranese and his house that he loves to explore and every day it is different there’s labyrinths and rooms changing and oceans appearing and disappearing however there’s this other entity that

Is literally called the other and what exactly does he need to do the other visits piranesi twice a week and asks for help with Research into a great and secret knowledge explores evidence emerges of another person and a terrible truth begins to unravel revealing a world beyond the one

Piranesi has always known listen I really have heard amazing things about this one and I feel like the people that I really really trust with the reviews have not said anything negative about this and I will trust is Mel starting be expanded 2023 maybe but I am putting

Leviathan Wakes in here because I’ve been meaning to read this for a hot second and I think the more I hear people talk about this and Rave about this Rave about the show I’m like I need to try this out and see what is up at

The expand series also the High Praise I have seen for the very last book in the series with people going it is the best finale to a series I’ve ever read I’m like I have to experience that too because oftentimes series and they’re kind of shitty and so I am very very

Excited about this one basically we follow Humanity as they’ve colonized quite literally Mars ends the moon and our solar system and in particular we follow Jim and his team who find a ship and therefore find themselves holding a secret that they do not want to hold

Because it is a little bit dangerous and it kind of goes from there I don’t really know specifics I don’t really know too much about this however I know it’s like super action-packed people are just very invested in the expansion series it’s a fan favorite for a reason

It went on for this long for a reason not a TV show for a reason so I want to see what that reason is so definitely now listen my plan was to read this book this year I saw the afterlight illumicrate Edition I bought it I was so

Excited and then I didn’t get around to it and at this point of the year it’s literally two and a half weeks before the year is over I know I’m not gonna be able to read this because I am doing the bare minimum with the reading at the

Moment and so in 2023 you made a fool of death with your beauty is going to happen by a quickie Messi I have heard amazing things about this one too and I’ve heard that the portrayal of a romance in this one is very very realistic and there’s just also some

Like messed up parts and so all of that put together is something that I am very very excited to experience through the lens of an author that I’ve never read but I’ve always heard amazing things about their writing and so in this one we follow our main character feiyi who

Is very used to City Life and she thinks she is going to get the best escapism in a dreamy island vacation she is ready to just unwind and then finds herself embroiled in this Romance while she is escaping from the city except that she finds herself embroiled in a romance

With the last man she should be getting entangled with and I do not know who this man is going to be but I am ready to find out because it sounds good I recently halt this book and I am very excited to read this I’m hoping to read

This honestly in January I’m not gonna lie to you that is dilate for aunties I am super excited about this I know I said this in my birthday haul as well which is where I showed this book for the first time but we know the Diaz okay

Las tias Siempre estan they will meddle they will rescue they will help they will do whatever they have to do and so in the landscape of this book you’ve got one accidental murder in a 2 000 guest wedding and then you factor in the four meddling Diaz in the equation I think it

Sounds super cool and there’s also a potential generational curse upon this immigrant Chinese Indonesian family I think it’s all a recipe for Success if you ask me me another one that I was intending to read this year and I have the physical and I also have the audio

Because it’s narrated by Will Smith himself is will it is Will Smith’s autobiography it is full of images as well and I am just really really excited to read this and listen to the audiobook I love when audiobooks are narrated by the authors think in particular obviously because it’s an autobiography

It tends to be narrated by the authors themselves and that is quite an experience in my opinion I love every second of it and this is one that obviously for many a reason people have absolutely fallen in love with and it seems to be full of just words of wisdom

And great advice and so I am very excited to read this next year you guys know I also read half a soul this year and I absolutely loved it unfortunately I didn’t love the second book in the series as much as I loved the first one

But the third one I am hoping will be a good one this is long Shadow by Olivia addwater I don’t know if this is supposed to be like the last book in the regions fairy tale Series where if there’s going to be more but so far

There are only these three books out and so if it is the last one look at me finishing a series if it’s not the last one look at me being caught up with a series and this is one of those books that I’m even thinking about squeezing

In before the year is over I don’t know if that’s going to be possible but if I do look at me doing a head start as always I like to go into these books blind and sort of know the bare minimum but we know as always it’s set in a

Fantasy world but it’s very cozy fantasy it’s nothing where the magic system is too done up it’s nothing overly complicated it’s obviously very Regency very romantic very Whimsy which I very much love the depiction of the FAE in this are absolutely fantastic and this one features I believe a Sapphic romance

And so in this one I can’t wait to see what Olivia Atwater is going to do with a queer couple I think it’s gonna be super cool are we ready for a chunker because this one’s big and that’s the mind book series by SD Abby this is so

Long but also this is 5 books like this is not just one honestly I think the fact that this is obviously a bind up is gonna make it really easy to just fly through the entire series and get another series done next year which is

One of my goals is to start and finish series if possible I’ve heard really good things about this I believe this feature is like a serial killer and like a detective I don’t know it says romance with a stabby Twist I don’t really know too many specifics but I know this is

One of those Series where people start reading it for the shits and giggles and it’s kind of bad at first but then the more you read it the more Charming it becomes just based on what I’ve heard and it seems to be a lot of people’s

Favorites now so we’ll see what I think about this but I’ve owned this for quite a bit a book that I got on ebook format a few months ago I started it and then I didn’t finish it but I was quite enjoying it his daughter of no world now

I got the physical because I think having the physical and having something to hold while also having the ebook is going to really help me push through and finish this but I have seen this all over my tech talk and honestly it looks quite good it is a fantasy it’s got like

A trainer trainee hate to love romance which I absolutely adore and so basically in order to destroy her Old Masters our main character pledges herself to the order the order assigns her to a trainer named Max who needs to help her in her journey in order to

Achieve what she has promised to do which is wield her magic powers to the best of her ability except that her feelings keep growing for this man and then things develop and things happen and it gets crazy and I love fantasy I’ll keep this one short and sweet I’ve

Talked about it one too many times it is foul lady Fortune by Chloe gong which I said I was gonna read during the fall I guess the fall in the winter just matched together and you can’t tell when it starts and when it ends so I guess I

Just should count it as like one prolonged season it is set in 1930s Shanghai we’ve got like secret agents and spies and missions to be solved if there is anything Chloe gong does fantastic it is an angsty romance so I don’t doubt there will be one on here

We’ve got characters in here that we’ve already met and fall in love with in the first series and so I love me a good companion moment and I am excited to get to this so I’ll keep the short and sweet remember how I mentioned better than the

Movies the do-over by Lynn painter is one that I want to read next year also another book that I am thinking of squeezing in before the year is over but again I’m not too sure if that’s going to happen which is why I’m including it in this list we’ve got a groundhog day

Situation but on Valentine’s Day which if you ask me it’s kind of nightmarish I would not want to be stuck out of all days on Valentine’s Day that doesn’t sound very pleasant to me and so the main character will obviously I would assume have to figure out exactly why

This is happening and fall in love with somebody I’m excited about this another book that was on my phone DVR as well keep this pretty short is disorientation and now I have been looking forward to this it’s one of my most anticipated releases for the year but I definitely

Want to get to this around like early 2023 if possible because I’ve been looking forward to to this book a lot but the very bottom I’ve read this before an uproarious and big-hearted satire alive with sharp edges immense warmth and a cast of Unforgettable characters disorientation is a blistering send-up of privilege and

Power and a profound Reckoning of individual complicity and unspoken rage give it to me now I know in these videos I technically don’t include sequels sword of Destiny sort of stands on its own that’s a lie this is definitely a part of The Witcher series but it is a

Set of novellas so one could say that this could be read on its own maybe that’s a lie I actually don’t know but I have been saying for the longest time that I want to read this book I want to read it I want to experience it I want

To move on with the Witcher series and keep reading it however I just find this book super intimidating don’t ask me why then I go back and forth and toy with the idea of like should I reread the Last Wish should I go just immediately

Into this one but then I feel like if I reread the Last Wish I will literally get stuck again and that’s not where I want to be however another said of which are novellas is where we’re at for next year and honestly if I could just finish

The series next year that would be awesome because I own all of them I definitely need to get the audiobooks for all of them though because I did listen to the audiobook for The Last Wish and the audiobook don’t even get me started on the audiobook don’t even give

Me stories Kingdom of Bach by Mary Lou now surprisingly maybe to some of you I have never read a Mary Lou book hello welcome is this the best one to start with I don’t know but at the very least it’s not a part of a series and it

Features Mozart’s sister it’s said to have very Whimsical purple prose which I am very much into you guys know this gobble gobble gobble gobble this is definitely sort of on the more underrated side just based on what I’ve seen and so we’ll see what this brings

Because I have not heard a lot of things about this one but I’m excited and the main character deals with my same fear watch me have an existential crisis as I read this one and then last but not least we’ve got the Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb I’m pretty sure

I did include this in my 2022 books to read and I was contemplating which books I wanted to re-add into this list and kind of you know re-establish the possibility of reading them next year but at this point I just felt like I needed a wholly new list something fresh

Something new something that wouldn’t weigh me down because every time I look at the 2022 list I’m like how and why did I think that this was reality for me because it really is and it doesn’t seem real I don’t know what I was thinking I

Definitely want to read this next year I want to get into Robin Hobb particularly this series I’ve heard a lot of great things about I know the representation of mental health in this is said to be super super good while the stakes are super high and like the fantasy aspect

Is super good listen I’m here for the female gays when it comes to fantasy books particularly when it comes to high fantasy like this and so I am very excited to explore her writing and see what this is about and we’ve got some really cool illustrations in this as

Well and as far as to what this book is about honestly don’t ask me because I want to go in blind dear friends those are all of the 23 books I want to read in 2023 obviously I will be reading more than that my goal

Is set at 75 but these are part of the books I would ideally like to read next year so stay tuned and find out to see if I will or if I won’t but the hope is that I will if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a massive Thumbs

Up Down Below and let a girl know down in the comments what are you hoping to read in 2023 do you have a list like this where you’re like these are the 23 books I’d like to read or are you just winging it are you mood reading is there

Anything your sights are set upon do let a girl know that in the comments don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t done so already I am constantly uploading videos I’m sure you do not want to miss and if you want to support the channel further I do have a patreon it is always

Linked down below alongside all of my socials I love you guys so much and I shall see you on the next one bye foreign

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