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24 easter eggs that can only be found by hackers and i don’t know who hacks at trover saves the universe but in the important cosmic jobs dlc you could come across a door that says go away it is impossible to get in here but if you use

Hacks or noclip you’ll find this behind the door to use a noclip program how’d you get here and in skyrim if you type tcl into your console it toggles collision getting rid of every invisible wall in the game with this ability you can come across a door in the middle of

Nowhere called the mind of a madman inside of this is an empty house but if you explore further you’ll realize that it’s a miniature model on a huge table and you could go further into the mine taking you to a huge unfinished area it’s crazy while soma is a terrifying

Horror game on its own there is no arguing that this easter egg creeped out dozens of hackers during a cut scene in the game you can see your girlfriend looking out of the window while talking to you her face is not revealed in this scene but hackers wanted to get a

Glimpse anyway so cheats they made their way over to the window and realized that the girlfriend is made of maggots this isn’t seen anywhere else in the game and is horrifying moving on with 2018 god award nobody knew what to expect when they first played it in the first couple

Of hours you were introduced to balder the game’s first boss battle and eventually you defeat him and snap his neck before throwing him off a cliff except at this stage in the game you’re meant to assume that he died but i mean spoiler alert he doesn’t but if you were

A curious hacker you would have known this so much sooner because if you turn on the free cam during this cut scene and watch bald their fault to his death you’ll see this yes he is flipping you off the stanley parable is famous for adapting to everything you do in the

Game that’s why this next easter egg wasn’t exactly a surprise in the source engine it is very easy to turn on cheats just type in this and it works for all kinds of games but not in the stanley parable if you attempt to hack the game you’re taken to the serious room you

Just tried to activate server cheats which of course runs the risk of breaking the entire game you’ve got no respect for the strict order of scripted narrative events and i just can’t have that while the witcher 3’s open world is massive some would say it’s too big as

Hackers who went out of bounds would soon discover in the blood of wine dlc for the game you could drag yourself to the very edge of the map and find this canvas painting in the desert when you get close enough an image appears and it’s a group photo of the developers who

Made the game it’s a pretty awesome little easter egg evolver digital are known for their self-awareness and humor so when they released the vulvar land expo it was pretty obvious there would be some secrets to discover at the very beginning of the game you’re told to

Enter the building but if you no clip out of the queue and explorer you’ll find tons of signs with secret messages some say how did you get here or you weren’t supposed to be able to get here you know but i especially love this dot

I mean it’s just a dot and there’s also a sign which is quite literally some random stupid text and a model warfare 3 on the village multiplayer map there’s an amazing out-of-bound secret in the top right corner you can look into the distance and see a hatch on the ground

This hatch looks really similar to the one from the tv show lost but it doesn’t end here if you die in the game you could turn on the respawn timer which lets you spectate for a small amount of time and with this free cam you can look

At the hatch and spot these numbers anyone who’s seen the show will recognize it and while playing the campaign of battlefield 3 you can hack your way out of bounds in various places but if you do it during the kafir rob mission you could eventually find this

Weird suv in the middle of nowhere it is fully drivable but doesn’t appear anywhere else in the game pretty weird and if you use an emulator while playing pokemon crystal you can hack your way into a place that fans like to call glitch city this itself is a weird

Easter egg for anyone who goes out of bounds but it hides an even creepier secret by taking a very specific path you can find the ghost of glitch city she just wanders around and if you talk to her she will crash the game if you

Find a way to fight her it looks like this it is insanely creepy but hackers are actually able to mess around with this and learn that her name was apparently gonna be kara she also has a horsey and a beater of course the game crashes it’s one of the creepiest easter

Eggs on the list still not as weird as the mg42 from call of duty in the original varak map from world of war you can no clip underneath the phone and spot this mg42 just floating in midair a little weird but it got even more confusing when the map was remastered in

Black ops 3. once again hackers got underneath forex found and to their surprise the mg-42 was still there except this time it looked a little different yes it was on a hill of skeletons being held by two dismembered arms i’ve been super creepy not every easter egg needs to be hidden out of

Bounds sometimes you can unlock something just by taking advantage of a glitch this turned out to be the case in super smash bros melee when a game breaking xsplit allowed fans to play as master hand as a super hard glitch to pull off and involve pressing tons of

Buttons having your controller in the right slot and timing a perfect combination but it paid off it gave you the most powerful character in the game i did not expect one of the most wholesome easter eggs in this video to be in a horror game but it’s true in

Poppy playtime chapter 2 there’s a secret version of the game hidden in the files if you get access to it you can use the console to fly around and find tons of secrets one of these is a message left by the developers that simply says thanks for playing and trust

Me you’re gonna need that wholesome break because one of the most disturbing easter eggs is hidden inside of a nickelodeon game i’m not joking for those of you who have played nicktoons attack of the toybots you probably remember a character named mr huggles pretty innocent on the surface until you

Go into free cam mode and read the back of their packaging the box reads i’ll hug you and kill you you’ll never sleep again i’ll kill your parents and i wasn’t exactly expecting that either back to wholesomeness because an ion fury if you cheat your way through one

Of the levels you’ll come across this secret room inside there’s a message that asks how you got there and calls you a cheater but on your way out it also says that it hopes you enjoyed your stay and has a flashing love heart which is pretty adorable one of my favorite

Out-of-bound secrets can be found in cs go on the swamp map next to b-side’s crane there’s a small balcony overlooking the area and it’s impossible to get up here but like i said you use noclip you can really see what’s on those computer screens it’s actually a screenshot of the map creator’s desktop

Where you can be seen dming people on twitter translating their messages on google and designing the map in the background on the other screen you can see him uploading the map to a contest and as we know it eventually became an official map in the game a lot of

Warfare 3’s out of bounds easter eggs are pretty well known but this one is arguably one of the most famous secrets in the entire franchise on the lockdown map you could go into spectator mode and glitch through a window and in there a teddy bear could be spotted holding two

Golden deagles in the first bioshock there’s a room called eaves garden which plays a major role in the story later down the line but if you download cheats and glitch your way into the room early you’ll come across one of the game’s villains pole dancing there’s no pull

But he’s doing it anyway it’s kind of funny during the development of borderlands 3 it seems that an employee forgot to remove this easter egg before the game was released in a far away part of the world there’s a floating button in the sky that comes with a paragraph

Of text it’s a developer explaining what it does and asking fellow employees not to report the button as a bug otherwise it would slow down the team it was used to help testers skip parts of the game but you could use it for yourself if you cheat your way there and grand theft

Auto 3 if you are a dirty no-good hacker then you might have come across this secret if you flew to the most northern section of the city you could look on the mini-map and see hidden names of places chris towne or gary’s town were left there as placeholders and are still

In the game to this day if you’re a horror fan you’ve probably heard of slender the arrival took over the internet in the early days of youtube but there’s an easter egg that only a handful of people know about if you’re able to glitch your way through the map

And get out of bounds slenderman is still able to do this And he’s not the only creature taking out hackers because if you manage to get underneath pineapple park and super mario sunshine you might get electrocuted by a goomba named kug he’s a 2d character hiding underneath the floor and is the only time to see anyone

Like this it’s a little weird but one of the most unsettling out of bounds secrets is found by some easter egg hunters and dungeon defenders while exploring one of the maps they were able to uncover this creepy head floating in the sky a little disturbing and has no

Explanation for why it’s here and to this day nobody knows what this face is for but i don’t really want to look at it much longer so let’s get to the last spot and our final easter egg can be found in star wars dark forces because

In one of the levels you could use the invincibility cheat to jump off the edge of the map once you survive the fall you can then type the cheat that lets you climb up walls and enter a hidden room inside of here is an even deeper secret

Room i just press the action button to open the door and the grand reveal is a chained up ewok he’s desperate to escape it looks like he’s gone rabid but if you’re crazier than him feel free to just put the guy out of his misery and

Those are easter eggs that could only be found by hackers hope you all enjoyed us been tommy keep it here on t5g

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