30 Min FULL BODY DUMBBELL WORKOUT at Home | Muscle Building

30 Min FULL BODY DUMBBELL WORKOUT at Home | Muscle Building

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Hi everyone and welcome so today we have a full body dumbbell workout these are 10 of my favorite compound movements if i had to pick 10 this would be it so basically we’re going to do each workout each exercise three times so we do for example a high squat three sets and then

We move on to the next the dumbbells that i’m using are 15 kg in each hand so that’s 30 kg in total timer will be on for 30 seconds of work 30 second rest as i said 10 exercises we do each exercise 3 sets and then we move on take your

Time you should need this 30 second rest because you should be really trying to focus with those reps full range of motion as good quality reps as you can if you have lighter weights than you would wish certainly do more reps than me okay so i’m going to be really

Focused taking my time so yes certainly make this your own workout apply it and accordingly to the weight that you’ve got also with the shoulder presses you want to say and if i had my bent and i was using it then i would be doing my double arm however just because it is

Heavier and i’m going to be um not using my bench i’m going to do just one dumbbell today standing just for safety purposes so yes certainly don’t go beyond your mains and strain yourself because i know that if i stood and if i didn’t have the proper bench and i was

Doing my 215s it’s just too much and also i could arch my back that little bit too much if i don’t have proper support from a bench so yeah guys i think that’s it make sure with the remaining deadlifts you keep your shoulder blades together chest out

Slide down in order to feel the stretch in the hamstrings and finally at the very end of course if you’re joining me for this plank challenge in august we’ll go straight into our two minute plank remember plank i have put it in the community tab some points just to go

Over however make sure you squeeze your quads okay core tight exhale embrace the core really tight relax the shoulder blades and enjoy two minutes we’re gonna try and do it every single day this week let’s go [Applause] Like everyone Don’t blame me for being suspicious [Applause] [Applause] Just for you to tear it up again Like a trend i wish you could see yourself just like i do maybe would know by now i really like you i’m not full of myself Myself again My So I’m drowning in liquor Cause i Is Me I can’t tell when your eyes are Is Time Is I’m Time I can For me That you won’t leave a scar for me it’s always hard still Is Is Is it’s always hard Foreign Is Is Can i get your number baby i’ll give you mine if you give me yours can i Can i get your say can i can i can i can i can i get your Waste Can i get yours Maybe Can i can i Can i can If you like what you see come and get it with me Baby i’ll be here Let me breathe I’ll be here Is Me Free No one’s watching Is Call me up Is Is Tell me Maybe Is Take me Watching the tv just to waste some time i just wanna know what’s taking so long for you This girl you got me feeling anxious Tell me why i just wanna know why it’s taking so long Is Tell me why i just wanna know what’s taking so long for you to come through cause girl you’ve got me feeling anxious it’s I place Stay with me Me Is Stay with Stay me me Oh Just tell me your life you have to i just wanna pretend that your mind for the last time is Is I is i have to pay for the mistakes i made Is just tell me Is Is You wanna ride on my wave just because it’s fun you wanna be in my space too close to the sun don’t seem to care if it’s safe well that makes you of us i’m so insane so insane and you like it but you haven’t seen anything yet

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