$300 for this CGC 9.8 🤔🤑 Top 10 Trending Comic Books of the Week 🔥

$300 for this CGC 9.8 🤔🤑 Top 10 Trending Comic Books of the Week 🔥

#CGC #Top #Trending #Comic #Books #Week

You may have these books on your back issue bin they’re trending they’re spiking and we’re here to tell you why another week another list and our Overstreet price guide advisor will hit you with number 10. we have had so much lead time on this book I have no idea

How people missed it number 10 on the list wakanda number four the second print this is brand new this week and we are seeing 10 average sales in a high raw sale of 15 it’s the first cover appearance of Kime who is tosin’s girlfriend now this book was solicited

Six weeks ago right after we talked about the first print of this book on this very list if you guys were not paying attention to your previews if you didn’t talk to your shop owners you probably missed it and I think more people should have been paying attention

Separating themselves from the rest of the wakandans a lack of Reliance on vibranium has already put them in a different group altogether but then you have a Sisterhood who has not looked at very fondly and that’s the group that kimes from more magic users I’m getting some real Romeo and Juliet Vibes here

Yeah tosin and keyme are definitely not supposed to have fallen for each other but of course they do and it’s really cool in this issue you see Kime use her magic abilities to just take out Abomination single-handedly which is no small feat I’m really excited to see

Where these two characters end up going especially when you consider that John Ridley’s run on black panther now just wrapped up this week with Issue Number 15 so who knows whether or not the next writers are going to utilize these two characters he created this next book is

Affordable it’s badass and it’s trending all at the same time number nine on the list Daredevil 183 the first battle between the Punisher and Matt Murdock the Daredevil 20 average sales and a recent High cgc 9.8 of 270 dollars for this perpetually relevant book this book is an amazing cover and definitely one

That I know people are always looking for and increase the 200 copies sold after the news broke that John Bernthal was reprising his role as Frank Castle the anti-hero The Punisher and seeing itself for just under 300 for a 9.8 I didn’t even really need news to feel

Good about that price this book is awesome it’s a major moment for both characters it’s a great cover and the heights it reached for a 9-8 direct Market copy was 350 it hasn’t dropped much in the lead up to Spider-Man no way home at the end of 2021 we were getting

Rumors saying that Charlie Cox and Daredevil would be making some sort of Cameo appearance in that movie that did turn out to be true but because of all those rumors we had uh Daredevil Netflix related books spiking up because of the implications of how that would work when

You bring the Netflix characters into the MCU proper now when you look at the full trending 20 on key collector there were a total of five books out of that entire list of 20 that were Punisher related and we’re just we’re just getting started here on this list so

Stay tuned utilize kotom101 on the best comic app in existence key collector Comics you support the show but get access to the app in its entirety you can do a character search break down every Punisher key appearance I mean this is perfect for collectors but it’s

Even more perfect on the hunt most of the time we see a Star Wars book Spike it’s because of a movie or a Disney Plus show this one’s actually spiking because of a crossover event number eight on the list we are seeing Star Wars Revelations number one from November of 2022 this is

An eight dollar average sales and a high cgc 9.8 of 60 dollars it’s the first appearance of Ajax Sigma a dastardly robot who’s going to be featured in a new crossover series multiple Star Wars narratives Dr Aphra Darth Vader Star Wars the bounty hunters a crossover event with the only solicitation hint

Being this quote First it comes for the metal which is a direct quote from the comic book here as it pertains to Ajax Sigma who was featured in the high Republic and has found his way to the current timeline yeah Ajax Sigma was a Droid revolutionary from the high

Republic days who tried to leave an uprising against the Jedi Council but was killed in battle by a lightsaber from a Jedi and his memory core his little brain ball kind of similar to what we had in Westworld was recovered from that battle and sort of passed along hand to hand throughout the

Centuries it eventually ended up in Han Solo when Chewbacca’s hands but they decided to bury it in a forest because they knew he was no good the droids didn’t stop how ever they searched they found him and they rebuilt him clearly he’s coming back he’s essentially a

Cylon an increase of 136 percent Butch in copies Souls I want to know what the community thinks in the comment section what do you think about Star Wars comics what do you think about this upcoming event are you going to be buying them are you going to be reading them and

Let’s take a look at number seven on the list because right now we’re beginning to see some of the first rumors the first spec to take place on Avengers Kang Dynasty and Avengers Secret Wars number seven on the list we’re talking about Marvel team up issue number nine

From 1973. in this issue we have the first meeting and battle between Spider-Man and Kang the Conqueror 75 average sales the most recent cgc sale was a 7.5 sold for 90. 9.8 we haven’t seen one sell since 2020 when it reached 560 bucks probably because there’s only

Seven copies on the census an increase of 667 percent in copies sold because of Kang probably but more because of Spider-Man Tom Holland news well kind of yeah I would call these rumors instead of news we’re getting rumors that Tom Holland has signed a new deal for a new Trilogy

Of Spider-Man films that’s not that big of a rumor I guess that I kind of felt like that was coming but what we have here also that’s interesting that’s driving this book up in particular is rumors that Tom Holland will be the top build star in Avengers Kang Dynasty

Potentially even the leader of the Avengers during that movie so we can see why that would push the first meet up between him and Kang in the comics all we have to do is watch Tom Holland’s social media because he’s gonna leak the news himself he is absolutely the worst

Loose lip for this guy I love you Tom but every single time a rumor comes out he’s the one that leaked it speaking of rumors this next book had an increase of over one thousand percent in copies sold week over week because of no credible sources however we’re talking about

Punisher War Journal issue number six the first battle between Punisher and Wolverine hell a book that spiked years ago for the same reason then that we were chatting about earlier Daredevil news Matt Murdock being featured in Spider-Man no way home but we’re talking about this outside of being a Jim Lee

Cover because of spec that we may see Punisher go up against Wolverine we’ve been talking about Wolverine a lot Deadpool a lot with no updates about Deadpool 3. so the Spikes have been happening but there’s been no new news I think this is more of the same people

Are searching for Wolfie Keys they’re searching for Frank Castle keys and this book popped up number six on the list Punisher War Journal number six we are seeing 20 average sales and 191 dollars for a seed you see 9.8 this is a two-part Series so if you want both of

Them you should pick up both number six and number seven amazing Jim Lee covers on this one we actually talked about this book in the middle of 2021 so it’s another one of those books that is just becoming perpetually relevant is this gonna happen every time we have Punisher

Rumors we start talking about Punisher fighting Daredevil and Punisher fighting Wolverine and Punisher for fighting Deadpool and Punisher fighting Moon Knight and whoever he just fights a lot of people and we’re just gonna put him on the list I guess I don’t know how much I believe the rumors that we’re

Gonna see John bernthal’s Punisher making an appearance in Deadpool 3 that movie already feels kind of cluttered and we’re already bringing in the 20th Century Fox characters into the MCU and adding the Netflix characters on top of that just feels it’s too complicated it’s too muddy I don’t think it’ll

Happen in Deadpool 3 potentially sometime in the future depending on how long john Bernthal sticks around his Punisher how long I don’t see it we have Logan you know a Hugh Jackman like there’s a lot of uh potentials for this book to not pay off especially when you

Consider that it reached Heights of 400 during the comic boom wow this sentence is going to sound a little weird but this could be a really cool Disney horror movie which I didn’t think I’d ever say a haunted mansion number one from 2016 is right here at number five

On the list we’re seeing 25 average sales with a high 9.8 of 100 back in November and increase the copy sold of 750 percent clearly the trailer that dropped this past week is moving the needle and rightfully so it looks like fun it looks spooky but it’s all about

This casting list we got Jamie Lee Curtis Jared Leto Tiffany haddish Owen Wilson Le Keith Stanfield I’m excited to see Frank Reynolds himself Danny DeVito in this movie he also got Ryan Gosling Rosario Dawson Winona Ryder and Dan Levy from Tom’s favorite show in the whole world shit’s creek it’s not my favorite

Show but everybody needs to watch it it’s fantastic and it gets better after the first few episodes I want to know your thoughts are you gonna go see this Disney horror flick let me know in the comment section below four days left to sign up for one of the most stacked

Mystery mail calls we have ever made Link in the description down below to sign up join the community give us an excuse to send you funny books every month we’re sending out a Disney property Dark Wing duck Johnny Desjardins one per box virgins going out at random we brought to press book of

Slaughter which is a 10 MSRP it’s a thick one with a zoo or Zoo cover as well virgins going out at random and we do have a special book going in one per box virgins going out at random I’m gonna announce it today I teamed up with Bryce Comics

Shout out to my brother over on YouTube go follow him he has this beautiful Miles Morales cover and I bought a bunch one per box miles Darkwing and book of Slaughter something is killing a children’s option what more do you need Link in the description join the

Community and rhyme hit him with number four before I do that I want to point out that we get so many messages asking people to get older mystery meal call variants and I have to tell them sorry you missed out you have to get it the month it’s available otherwise you gotta

Go find it somewhere else so like listen to Tom he’s got good he’s got good input true all right back to business number four on the list Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars issue number seven this is the first appearance of Julia Carpenter the second Spider Woman that debuted in

1984. 20 average sales a cgc 9.8 hitting 250 dollars this book has been hovering around the two to three hundred dollar marker for years now for good reason I mean she’s probably gonna be in across the spider verse we see her on the poster whether it be a glimpse

Appearance it’s still reason to spec but you also have the live action madame Web movie that yes I can’t believe it it’s not only happening it’s already been filmed and it’s slated for early next year 153 increase in copy sold because of these rumors but last time we talked

About this book it was because it was the first time we saw She-Hulk battle Titania I think we talked last week about these uh Sony Spider-Man spin-off movies and how strange they feel but Madam Webb feels particularly odd especially because we really don’t know a whole lot about it especially when you

Consider that it’s done filming we didn’t get any sort of like set leaks or photos that I can recall at least we only have one confirmed role in the movie too Dakota Johnson from 50 Shades of Gray is going to be playing Madame Webb but we have all these other actors

Cast in the movie like Adam Scott and Sydney Sweeney playing mystery roles that we’re not really sure and the spec here is maybe that Sydney Sweeney will be playing Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman but it’s all kind of just a big question mark right now light spoilers about this

Next book but Mandalorian season 3 is out episode 2 dropped and it’s got these Star Wars fans shaken number three on the list Star Wars number 69 we are seeing eight 18 average sales and a high cgc 9.8 for a hundred and twenty nine dollars this book is the first time we

See the mythosaur and we only see its skeleton but again spoiler alert guys at the end of the latest Mandalorian we actually get to see one in action an increase of 675 percent in copies sold after this Beast was featured in the show and this creature has so many

Connections to Mandalorian lore I mean it’s even part of their symbol and to everyone’s shock one still exists which means the ruler of Mandalore is still up for grabs yeah apparently there’s some ancient prophecy because there always is an ancient prophecy especially in Star Wars but there’s another ancient

Prophecy here that says to rule Mandalore somebody has to tame a mythosaur which was kind of always left up to doubt because they were supposed to be extinct or even mythological never even real in the first place but we got a glimpse of one at the end of this last

Episode so now we are sort of wondering maybe one of these two characters either bocatan or Mandalorian himself didn’t John will end up being the leader of Mandalore in the future who knows I looked forward to seeing this comic ranked so high on the list all week long

At the list at number two porn sack piece of shots good Asian well-deserved one of the best comic reads at the end of 2021 going into 2022. yeah there’s a reason I’d like keep this copy sitting right here right behind me in every video it’s one of my favorite books I

Think I’ve read in years uh it actually ranked to number two on my personal list of top 10 books of 2021 behind nice house on the lake actually uh in retrospect now that both series are done I think I got it backwards I think good Asian is my favorite book of 2021. it’s

Great it just got options for a TV show this week by James Juan’s production company who I also love director of Saw the first one the good one and also Insidious pretty cool movie and he’s also the director of Aquaman which is not only uh it’s just the most

Financially successful DC movie ever made you know no big deal 15 average sales of cgc 9.8 hitting 95 I mean outside of a spec reason to purchase this book which I am on the hunt for this is is a volume volume one and two that everyone should pick up probably

Multiple copies of because you’re going to want to lend it out I’ve already done so multiple times a 1930s crime Noir it’s a page Turner the art is amazing the colors are vibrant and the writing is superb true yeah you want to give a special shout out to the artist

Alexander definke as well yeah the art in here is really cool the colors Pop there’s also a deluxe a 10 issue complete hardcover dropping in May which I have already pre-ordered two copies of because I love this book and I’m gonna give the other one away to somebody I

Don’t know who but I’ll figure it out 838 increase in copies sold and I figure we’re gonna see this on the list again as more details are revealed I love seeing this book land so high on the list because we chatted about it first when it broke records and it was selling

Incredibly well that’s actually why this book trended in the first place it wasn’t because of option status it wasn’t even because of the idea that it could be option now it’s come full circle and people are realizing that porn sack is one of the best writers of

Our Generation yeah true go check out his other book Sandman Universe dead boy detectives Infidel right he’s got some good stuff this all this book also won the Eisner award for a best limited series in 2021 I feel like that’s getting glossed over here too this is a

Fantastic book I’m gonna shut up about it because I’ll go all day on this and that brings us to number one on the list the number one most popular trending comic book that collectors and investors are buying right now hit the like slap the Subscribe we’ve been making this

Video for nearly five years straight every single week without skipping a beat the number one trending book this week is Amazing Spider-Man issue 129 the first appearance of the Punisher which makes sense we’ve been talking about it this whole list Jon Bernthal is reprising his role of the Punisher in

The MCU in the upcoming show Daredevil born again on Disney plus which is slated to have 18 episodes which is the longest episodic featured on Disney plus as it pertains to Marvel shows I mean one division she all under 10 episodes so clearly they’re doing something special here but this is an expensive

Book and an increase of all hundred percent in copies sold when compared to some of these other books may sound small but when we tell you the prices it’s gonna make sense so we’re gonna say a 2.7 000 average sale and that considers all grades but we have a

Recent High sale of 27 600 that was on February 27th at Heritage auctions keep in mind that only four months before that we saw one at thirty eight thousand four hundred also at Heritage auctions on November 20th that is a difference of almost eleven thousand dollars in four

Months the market is all over the place and note we did not say eBay for either of those High sales correct I mean cgc 9.8 for a blue chip book a major Bronze Age key that this is seldomly takes place on the traditional sites these are all on Heritage and when we’re talking

Heritage as part of the playing field we typically Reserve that analysis for the hot 10 however this book isn’t spiking like crazy because it’s so expensive but it’s also worth noting that the Heritage Market is very different than others that is very true a lot of times if

Someone just wants to go buy a book pull the trigger they’re going to go to eBay they’re going to search for whatever they can Heritage you’re going to see people that are willing to spend more money and they’re willing to be patient we also know that there are deep pocket

Buyers that have paid people to watch Heritage and actually bid for them which is why you will see such a wide spread of some of these high dollar books you can see an all-time high of 57 000 for this exact same book in a 9.8 was that

Someone that felt eager or was it just more speculation I took some time this morning to look at GPA sales I went through year by year and every time there was a sale that was much bigger than what we’re reporting on today ninety percent of them were found on

Either Comic Connect or Heritage so something to keep in mind when we’re talking about these high-end sales it matters where they’re selling and when you’re considering moving that type of book it makes sense why we see them over there more than other platforms this is cool and all we’ve gotten uh Daredevil

We’ve gotten Kingpin and now we’ve got the Punisher making the jump from Netflix to the MCU but I want to know where the hell Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are like come on let’s get on it hit the like slap the Subscribe and as always geek responsibly enough said this

This chair spins around at the end of the month I’m gonna be giving away a House of Secrets 92 on whatnot you already knew that but what you didn’t know is I have at least eight different variants I plan on dropping and I’m gonna drop them at cover price four

Dollars and I’m talking about stuff you know something is killing the children Donnie Kate Spanish just follow me on the best new place to buy and sell Collectibles through the link in the description you support the show but after your first ten dollar purchase or more you get a ten dollar credit you’re

Going to want to join me at Megacon I’m gonna have the best deals at the show I’m not the best deals of both shows because c2e tame weekend but I had a great weekend foreign

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