4 Best Positions to do Kegel Exercises Physical Therapy

4 Best Positions to do Kegel Exercises Physical Therapy

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Hi, I’m Michelle, and welcome to pelvic exercises.  Well, today we’re looking at four great positions   to do your Kegel exercises at home, and these are  really great positions if you’re a beginner. Now,   just remembering, just a quick review, your  pelvic floor muscles, that’s your pelvis,  

Pelvic floor muscles are underneath the  pelvis here, and if you are sitting up,   the pelvic floor muscles have to lift and  squeeze against gravity. So I’m going to   show you positions that are lined down where  the pelvic floor doesn’t have to work quite  

As hard. So you can imagine the pelvic floor  muscles are like that, rather than like that,   working quite as hard. So let’s take a look at  four nice positions you might like to try at   home. First position, and it’s a classic position  for your pelvic floor exercises, it’s lying down.  

So let’s move into lying down. You can lie down  at home, you can do this on your bed or on a mat   on the ground. So I’m going to lie down with my  knees bent. Now, some important things about this  

Position are that when you’re lying down, you  have the inward curve in your lower back. So   you don’t want to be pressing your back down flat,  you want that inward curve. You can have your legs  

Bent and your feet flat. I’m going to lie down  flat from this exercise or you could be lying   down with your legs straight if you chose to. I  prefer to have my legs bent for this exercise,  

And so, remembering that at home when you do this  exercise, you lift and squeeze through your pelvic   openings, try and drawing up and in, so you  can lift and squeeze, feel those pelvic floor   muscles lifting up, and then lowering down. Now,  that’s the first position you can try at home.

Second position, you might like to  try is lying on your side. So side   lying is another position that some women  like to use, in this version and again,   key things are to have the inward curve in your  lower back, not your back slumped. You can have  

Your legs bent comfortably and you might  use a pillow, I’m just using my forearm here   to support my neck. And again, doing the  same action of lifting and squeezing up   inside my pelvic floor in and around my pelvic  floor openings, and lowering them down slowly.

The third position you can try, and this  is a really nice position for trying to   activate around the front of the pelvic  floor, around the urethra or urine tube,   and that’s lying prone. So lying prone,  in this position, lying down like this,  

And then you can actually try to lift and  squeeze and try and feel your pelvic floor   muscles lifting and squeezing in that position,  in the prone position. So you can see that there’s   a variety of positions that you can try to  use, and you can use the position at home  

That you can actually best feel your pelvic floor  muscles working, whether it’s lying on your back,   on your side or lying prone, and they’re really  nice positions for beginners starting out. Now, I’m also going to show you a couple of  positions in sitting that might help you if  

You’re a beginner as well. Let’s take a look at  those now. So if you can visualize if the pelvis   is in sitting, the pelvic floor muscles have to  lift and squeeze inside, and they’re lifting up   in through this area here, and they’re lifting  up against gravity. Okay? So this makes the  

Muscles have to work a little bit harder, but  sometimes women can feel this position better   than they can lying down. So let’s try the first  position and I’m sitting on an exercise ball here,   you can see at home. So key points for  when you sitting on your exercise ball,  

Take your feet apart, all right, lift your chest  and make sure that you’ve got your normal inward   curve in your back. If you’re slumped, your  pelvic floor muscles won’t work nearly as well,   so you need to be sitting tall, inward curve  in the back. And again, in that position,  

You can feel in and around your pelvic  floor that lift and squeeze action, and the   pelvic floor muscles working quite effectively  actually. So if you’re going to do the action,   you’re going to lift and squeeze inside, you’re  going to hold the contraction, and then you’re  

Going to lower it down slowly, and relax. So  that’s one of the sitting positions that you   can try for your seated pelvic floor exercises.  The final one I want to show you is on a chair.

Okay, so sitting on a chair or a stool at home,  again, the same principle that I use sitting on   the ball, legs slightly apart, leaning forward,  so that you can actually feel what your pelvic   floor muscles are doing on the chair, you can  lift and squeeze in that position, and if you’re  

Having trouble feeling the muscles, a nice  way of modifying this is to use a little towel   roll. So I’m just going to make like a little  towel roll saddle, and there’s much our roll,   I’m actually going to sit on that like I’m sitting  on a little saddle, and again, leaning forward,  

Now, try to do your contraction on the towel  roll and lifting and squeezing the muscles   inside and lowering down. And that’s another  really nice way of feeling your pelvic floor   muscles working at home. If you’re a beginner at  home, there’s a number of positions you know that  

You can now use, either lying on your back,  lying on your side or lying on your tummy,   and all those positions can help you better feel  your pelvic floor muscles working. Alternatively,   you can use an exercise ball or you can  use a chair and you can do those exercises,  

Your Kegel exercises sitting on the chair, maybe  even using a towel roll that we’ve talked about. So I hope that if those exercises help you at home  better feel your pelvic floor muscles working,   I’d love you to subscribe for  more of these types of videos,  

You could subscribe down below. I look forward  to exercising with you again soon. Bye for now.

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