6 WORST Games To Play With Your FRIENDS!

6 WORST Games To Play With Your FRIENDS!

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It’s quarantine season and today we’ll be showing you guys six of the weirdest board games to ever exist everyone is bored at home so let’s play some board games see what I did there anyways guys leave a like on today’s video and let’s jump into the blog ready okay skip Oh

Skip Oh skip that skip skip that’s a lot of gift gifts you get you gonna let me have a turn here or plus two plus two plus two that’s where all the sass plus two plus two plus four yellow boom done how many pluses with too many what are

You guys to play these lame card games fun time wait did you call oh no I’m in the bathroom I just got some fresh toilet water and this is a toilet game they want to play how does it work so basically all you do is you spin this

And then you flush the handle and hopefully you don’t get sprayed with toilet water I just put some rest with water hand and this is better yeah but I’m totally water what I don’t know oh no anymore it’s too No it didn’t they didn’t flush yeah roll Bravo

Well voice what do you say get rid of this you know let’s play some of the best games you’ve ever seen subscribe I will steal your toilet Oh barely I’m good I’m good you roll with the toilet paper roll ha ha I got it sprays good we’re good I’m just gonna say three

Times I get sprayed time believe it if I just pray good this is what you get for almost winning who knows nice and close that lid since we’re all stuck in quarantine they’ve always been doing all day is just playing board games and that’s disgusting the next board game we have here is

Interesting it’s one of our good friends is name is George this is George right here so the game is simple you have to pick George’s nose and if you pick the wrong booger his brain is going to explode and you lose now we have a dice

Here so let me tell you how many boogers you have to pick by it’s a royal James one it’s like a word all right I’ll go next year yeah it’s also wet it is fun oh you’re like taking the brain right now I gotta go for a second one where

Does that go oh you rolled two they’re bouncy you got pee on me what yo you imagine if you could fit like this why I know it’s funny back universe get back in that nose sign okay lucked out though mother – captain’s board games max we

Got one I got one I think I got one anymore you know no it’s your turn now all right is that scared as my chin that was a little even flip you know can you bring two out at saying that oh no those are some long lookers what you got big chunks [Applause]

This didn’t get to beat LG he does a lot of buggers how many more can there be really does to the bomb all right Dave it’s your turn you landed on reverse again are you serious oh there’s no ages that many poachers left fingers for – do not underestimate

George he’s got a lot of hairs up there can you find it I think I follow your probably it is it was I scanned I love Canada fix those you know what I think the this should going to coat the rain check on the nose – it goes like you’re

Just gonna put it right there there you go quarantine board game the next game we got is called watch your mouth now it’s a pretty common game you guys have probably seen a lot of people play this but it’s pretty simple we’re gonna have these funny mouthpieces in you’re gonna

Draw a card and whoever doesn’t have a mouthpiece thing we have to try and guess what you’re saying you guys try to guess what are you saying as well we have no idea ostrich pickles pickles and broccoli broccoli I have dry pickles and ice cream yeah pickles icicles and ice Taking sugar please and please please what in the world there’s not in diapers pampered diapers full of poop I face a triangle logic hit your face Oh fine the flying sausage Flying Saucer fine nature meat lodge me blah blah blah meet God hi Mira just hit oh yes all right

Next game we’re gonna play not a we’re playing don’t step in it it’s Nathan’s turn he’s blindfolded right now and Gabe’s gonna spin for them and tell him how many steps he needs to take to get across the mat without stepping in actual boots let’s go okay you landed on

Five steps so your goal is to the end of the mat in exactly five five steps okay [Applause] It’s stuck to my foot almost everyone it’s going between your toes survives I don’t know what happens if it goes the other way around and he doesn’t make sure the crust will just spin again go spin again okay but again come on give it to the other side bro I

Don’t know how you should keep the dog pooping your feet it is six steps plus a poop let me put one more poop on the way I heard that’s just max I’m staying youngest – all right here we go 6 steps 1 2 3 you study poop so you stepped on my boobs

Oh our next participant is James spin the spinner you got mother mom five steps instead of two steps [Applause] [Applause] he has not finished it we have to spin again six plus one hoop so we’re gonna have hoop here yah be joking me right now about they hit the pad all right red

Six 6s all right I’m gonna take a sideways step why did you move it next step Wow you still got a long time to step away yeah let’s take a step and your next step can I step right here yeah yeah I just felt something what was that all right the poop was fighting back all right so here we have George and Nathan

Best buddies about to report a Minecraft video and we’re gonna get George out of here just a lot of pimples on his face and the problem is is we need to pick them voice now each pimple is worth a different point now you got to be careful because

Nathan has a sensitive face and if you pull a pimple too hard he’s gonna squirt it out of his nose so he sneezes on you yeah based on who wants to go first and pick Nathan’s pimple oh it’s long how many points is that one

Oh that’s not 11.1 why keep a buddy fine in your pocket after this when they hear two pointers all right you keep mining my speakable cup we go for this one all right on the forehead oh my god you’re struggling there a little bit oh my god

There has to be a three-pointer that’s a two points the three points you’re cutting where can we find these cups at www.sceeto.com and you can put your pimples in them if you really want to we could maybe do a little twirly whirly and there we go we go for any wearing

These are sliding man is it a two-pointer I can’t read it that’s two points three points total for me get that pen pal twirly where the tree and Bob 2008 – – trying to go for the cheekbone oh whoa three that’s a three it’s right there I saw it it’s a three

It’s right in here can you not read it it’s a three Nathan it’s a three it’s right there it’s a three by three point two I’m gone for the forehead we’ll go up with it three or one one this boy made looking wow that’s a one point you

Thought oh go through that attack so to the last careful which one are you gonna go for you just said last innovative engineering that there’s only one option here all right here we go to port all right I see one more temple picture take this man’s Isle but are you do it

Its head came all right the lumpy ones like a multiple lumps of car choose this skinny no lumps are one and the big fat round ones are threes five six seven I got seven boys eight nine ten okay I got two three two two 2011

Seven wins you got 11 I got ya Oh last game for the videos pop the pig basically what you do is you take a piece you have to put it is not before you do that there’s a number on the bottom that’s how many times you slap

His head good piggy I got one really got to slap them that oh yeah you gotta be like like really like like good job no it’s not a taboo oh yeah it’s only his food I got I got a one you go give them a nice no that was very

Soft besides I’ll be nice to Papa I have a three well okay you don’t really stop yeah nothing to you I got a 4 I got one whoever the pig explodes on that’s the person that loses so your goal is to not make the thing explode on your turn what

Do decent plating a lot I’m going for a red it’s getting creamed oh you’re done for you’re no one to any meenie miney mo catch a tiger by Simone if it ours let him go eeny meeny miny moe what is it take you wanna tell ya I got it – oh no

You’re done next don’t you get anything higher than a – you’re goner oh I got it – you got it – all right oh is so intense rope you’re done please are you done gave me one it’s a three [Applause] subscribe otherwise you’ll be like this pig – yes strap

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