900 Page FLIPBOOK // Dot Challenge

900 Page FLIPBOOK // Dot Challenge

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So up to this point the biggest flip book I had made was 658 pages this flip book is 900 pages hey guys so do you remember a while back I did a line challenge flip book or basically I wanted to take a simple line and see how

Much life and animation I could put into it well for today’s video I got thinking what could be more challenging than a line how about a dot what could I do with just a dot okay so first things first I’m using a Copic marker but the

Tip is too fine I need a bigger dot so I kind of hate doing this but I have some replacement tips so don’t worry so what I want to do is see if I can tell a compelling story using just dots as characters and even though it’s just going to be dots moving around I want to see if I can tell a story that

Actually has some emotion to it before we dive in this video is sponsored by audible did you guys know that a recent study found that 27 percent of adults say they have not read a single book in the past year lack of time being the main reason why

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Audible.com slash animation or text animation to 500 500 that’s audible.com slash Andy Mason or text animation to 500 500 all right let’s get into this okay one problem I’m having already is that if I put the marker down for a minute while I’m switching pages the

Marker tip starts to dry out a little bit and so then the dot looks kind of misshapen so what I’m doing now is before I make a new dot I tap the marker on a scrap piece of paper a couple times to get the ink flowing and then when I

Touch the marker to the flip of paper the dot looks nice and round again and actually after a while my dot filled scrap paper I think it kind of looks cool The one thing I’m doing here that really helps is when the dots are bouncing I’ve made a template for myself to follow otherwise it would be too easy to lose track of placement and timing especially since there’s no background that I can refer to just the blank page so this way

I just follow the pattern and then I know the bounces are gonna stay consistent its timing will stay the same and it’s going to land in the same spot every time all right well I really don’t want to talk too much about the story that I have in mind because I don’t want

To spoil it I want you to just be able to watch it and hopefully it comes across naturally without me telling you what it’s about upfront so I’ll just say that this part here I’m hoping it will feel sort of dance-like or playful anyway I don’t want to spoil anything

Else I’ll just let you guys watch the rest of the time-lapse without me talking All right it’s finished and the total count is 900 pages luckily this flip book was really fast to animate because well it’s just dots but all in all this took me about 19 hours to animate I really hope you guys liked it here it is you Thanks for watching guys I loved making this one and I would love to hear your thoughts also I want to let you guys know that I’m gonna be posting some additional content to my animation Facebook page so be sure to follow me on Facebook and if you go there now you’ll

Be able to see a version of this flip book that I filmed in stop-motion I’ll put a link below so go check it out and then come back here to watch more flipbook and animation videos stay safe and I’ll see you in the next video Oh

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