A lonely wife tries to rekindle a dying marriage, then discovers a life-changing secret. | Black Box

A lonely wife tries to rekindle a dying marriage, then discovers a life-changing secret. | Black Box

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What makes us human is it our flaws our perfections or perhaps it’s something that runs deeper ophelia display mountainside displaying mountainside good morning i made you coffee how did you sleep um all right i should go i have a lot of work to do downstairs i’ll see you later access granted

Access my heat yeah well someone there can install it it’s the new model ray it’s better than less i’m still off thank you thank you i will goodbye how long you’re for a little while would you want to go away maybe where would you want to go well the countryside’s pretty nice this

Time of year your allergies get really bad out there what do you mean allergies i’ll get back to it i’ll see you tonight access granted ophelia where’s the nearest mountain range mount terra is the nearest mountain range estimated travel time is 57 minutes by hovertrain I have something for you what’s this for our anniversary i’m sorry i completely forgot don’t worry about it we could go to mount tara as a late anniversary trip um i can’t go far because of the project what’s wrong with ophelia you said she’s getting replaced by the what is it um ray

It’s a it’s actually being kept under wraps can’t talk about it your mountain terra’s only an hour away we could drive i don’t want to drive anywhere okay hop a train why are you so excited on this trip you’re off work and i think it would be fun

It feels nice to get out of this house you don’t like it here no no that’s not what i said i thought it’d be nice it’s not a good idea but you can’t spare a couple of days no it’s a couple of days you never want to

Do anything with me i’m not having this conversation with you how about a conversation i barely see you stuffed away inside that basement you’re far too emotional do you love me stop i’m going downstairs Ophelia unlock basement door unauthorized access key card required unauthorized access unauthorized access unauthorized access So Unauthorized access Access granted philia display weather sunshine displaying weather sunshine ophelia display weather rain displaying weather rain what’s that about i like it it’s depressing want a divorce you don’t want a divorce don’t tell me what i want is this about last night last night and every night everything’s fine nothing about this is

Fine you ignore me you leave me and you hide away in that basement no i’m leaving you can’t leave you’ll be alone you leave me alone all day in this house it’s like i don’t even exist to you you know what you’re right i’ve been too busy with ray uh

Let’s take that trip look this project is the most important thing for me right now but i want to take the trip with you we just need to plan it how about this weekend maybe next weekend look i still have a lot of work to do but next weekend okay

I’m going upstairs but then i’ll be working all day so i’ll see you later oh yeah ophelia display weather sunshine displaying weather sunshine Access granted You shouldn’t be down here what is this where’d you have to come down here i was fixing it it would have been fine i didn’t understand i thought i could bring her back bring her back it’s me i’m her no you’re faulty no i’m your wife just a pale imitation

But i love you you can’t i do what are you doing restart your perry boot i’ll keep trying until it works please don’t kill me we’ve both been holding on to something that isn’t real how can i let her go wow restart repair reboot you’re not her anymore you’re not even real

Are you what makes us human A trade ingrained in us since birth the inability to put anyone before ourselves Good morning i made you coffee You

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