A new episode of a children’s entertainment show from Nastya and dad, and their friends

A new episode of a children's entertainment show from Nastya and dad, and their friends

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Oh guys i have an idea Good morning good morning hi Are you copying me are you gobbling me Oh i remember this cute chat it was so cute Yeah i remember it are you copying me are you copying me stop copying me stop copying me Look this is my game look this is my game my game my game my game my game don’t be like a kid oh daddy Guys i’m hiding from Where is she This is daddy daddy [Applause] I’m here guys Guys i am nausea okay okay Hmm Hmm Oh No you win bye bye bye Chocolate It’s not fair yeah i agree one two three Now it’s fair i want chocolate too No more chocolate okay i know let’s go Hot chocolate and now let’s go find out how chocolate is made do you like chocolate as i do i bet you do but before it gets to our table chocolate goes from soft ripe cocoa beans to hard chocolate bar it all starts with the seed of the chocolate tree

Let’s see how coco grows Wow that’s not ready yellow is ready Coco no no not now hmm Ripe cocoa beans can already be eaten they don’t taste like chocolate but like mango To get the taste of chocolate the cocoa beans must lie down for several days while the fermentation process takes place in them not the most pleasant smell after that the cocoa beans are dried in the sun they smell like good chocolate now yummy it is very important to stir them

Constantly with a shovel to ensure they are completely dry it is not easy but this is the only way to make delicious chocolate the cocoa beans are then fried over a fire and ground into a cocoa powder it can be a lot of fun if you add songs and dances to the recipe

Our chocolate is almost ready but how can we give it a beautiful shape Oh Cocoa powder is mixed with butter and mix well in a special machine it is cool now it looks like chocolate nowadays chocolate looks like warm chocolate spread so it needs to be chilled What are you doing wow you will have to pour the chocolate onto a cold table and spread it this way the chocolate cools down faster Almost done you can choose a mold and pour liquid chocolate into it daddy you work with me car i want the dolphin [Applause] 30 minutes in the fridge in hooray delicious chocolate is ready ready ready yeah look how great it turned out for us nashja and dad were offered to make a face mask from fresh chocolate this is very beneficial for the skin since chocolate is not only a pleasant

Delicacy but also a healthy natural product souvenirs Hmm Wow children must not go up to strangers cars or people trying to give them things for free that is dangerous Oh Children must not go up to strangers cars or people trying to give them things for free that is dangerous kids Um [Applause] Children must not take things that don’t belong to them or things that they don’t know what it is also don’t talk to strangers [Laughter] Children must not take things that don’t belong to them or things if they don’t know what it is also don’t talk to strangers Kids Maybe it’s my dad Hi children must not open the door without an adult present otherwise criminals could get into the house Children must not open the door without an adult present otherwise criminals could get into the house Kids Yeah stop stop it right now children must not play outdoors without adult supervision there must always be someone older who can defend from bad guys [Applause] bye bye Now they’re styling nostra’s hair curls yes See where your dress is nash’s dress is waiting here yeah birthday dress can’t see can you one two three [Applause] [Applause] Wow great With heels yeah wow like an adult what’s waiting for you here look wow wow Great wow Ice cream so how old are you today hello hi hi hi Hello hello happy birthday What’s that this is a handbag wow what’s this there’s something here a wallet Now they’re all doing makeup and we’ll go party yes yes What’s nostra doing while the girls are doing makeup nostra are you there you changed show me your new dress look wow and here it says lake nostra rules of the game nastya and dad must choose the same hats now guests can win prizes based on the like gnostic brand

You’ve gotta play and win tickets so that you can exchange them into products viewers can buy like nasty brand products at the website zazzle.com let’s go you already have a card Yeah and whoa wow you won a lot wow good job wow look how many there’s four here one two three four whoop yeah one two three let’s go A little bit more wow so many cards let’s choose a gift let’s see oh nosta this this blanket this blanket come on this side this side wow wow how beautiful look look a case for your phone wow very good i’ll choose my prize what did you choose ava

A plaid a notebook not much wow hooray adrian got a phone case great let’s go oh who’s first who’s first oh now follow me one one two two three three four five five [Applause] Okay hold on like on a swing put your arms here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so many gifts so many thank you Hello what’s for dinner macaroni yes is it good Whoa Bonjourno italiano Now i’m drawing my cat in another cat cats again hurry the drawing is finished hooray [Laughter] The first will be nostra nostra fight too quickly fight it come on austria Three two one let’s go whoa whoa here it is yeah Is everyone ready one two three let’s go [Applause] Ready for more Here it is [Applause] girls what are you doing we’re putting makeup on nastya for her best day and what day is it today it’s not just birthday having fun nausea yes what nice makeup yeah it’s professional work It’s me good afternoon good afternoon everybody you are at the most famous and wonderful math show And we welcome our first participant mr cat Dennis dennis my son [Applause] everyone make some noise wow incredible job amazing [Applause] All right so it looks like we have two votes for nastya and one vote for ava mask fast wow it was ava it looks like our jury got it wrong now we welcome our next guest [Applause] [Applause] it looks like we have two votes for clava and one vote for nascar [Applause] Bravo well done [Applause] Mask masks [Applause] [Applause] What an amazing performance wow good job are you ready it can be dangerous are you ready let’s go Wow oh look at that it’s so bright yes look is there anyone here no one it’s talking a rat we must find a wrath okay here there is a rat are you sure you found it bring it here spider bring it here oh oh it’s here

What’s in there we found a chest too close it close it now let’s close it get away Today is your birthday today [Applause] [Applause] it’s your birthday today [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well done well done well done here come on woohoo [Applause] Hooray Well done Sorry Please can i have some too no no why not it’s all for us go go go go go go go go go bye bye oh Yes aha Adrian adrian yes do you want songs yes yes thank you thank you Hey girls oops sorry Can i have one me too me too okay Adrian oops sorry we need to change clothes Where are my dresses adrian adrienne Let’s go dress up let’s go Watermelon and sunflower One two three now you guys Hey hey hey stop what’s going on It’s time for timeout You have to apologize okay i’m sorry i’m very very sorry hi it’s time for the educational and the first show is recycling yeah rock paper scissors shoot one two three go No that’s wrong this is not recyclable next round learn colors you need to mix colors to get green okay we don’t have a green color i’m gonna mix blue and yellow blue and yellow [Applause] i’m done me too next color red wow well we don’t have red let’s try i’ll use yellow Oh pink Not red maybe some orange It’s time to rest and three funny hats hmm no next hat think like nastya think like nastya it’s so cute Next hat Oh [Applause] next choice Rock paper scissors shoot okay we have healthy food and unhealthy food unhealthy food is gonna be here healthy food is gonna be here one two three go unhealthy yes water healthy right chips unhealthy chocolate unhealthy lemon healthy candy not healthy potato healthy soda unhealthy apple healthy tomato healthy banana healthy ketchup

Next educational round animals i love animals farm animals and wild animals you have only one minute go penguin wild wolf wild here farm oops no it’s wild goat farm lion wild horse farm panda wild white tiger wild not Zebra wild Cow farm elephant farm not farm oops wild sheep farm rooster farm giraffe wild yeah you’re good and you win a prize from like nausea A blanket A phone case Notebook Wow Flowers Hello hello Hello [Applause] [Applause] insects ah let’s check let’s go Let’s go play guess the insect Bee And Ah easy butterfly Let’s go outside and catch something [Applause] Let’s take a closer look Wow look guys Wow Hmm Oh wow [Applause] I’m not afraid of insects anymore yes Hi welcome to puerto rico and welcome to carolina On come on Bye-bye oh no no Oh help help i need help run Fire Thank you We need to go there there there whoa there Oh wow hi hi [Laughter] Plane wow we are going inside [Applause] Wow Hooray Oh slow down not so fast We’re gonna go to earth we’re gonna break the earth Wow [Applause] And this is mine I win one two three go [Applause] [Applause] Go go go go go go i win i win Ah [Applause] This is the famous drink in puerto rico we’re gonna drink a pina colada Uh Um Me too yum yum yum Thank you thank you thank you thank you hi Yummy hello hello Okay here we go Let’s go Oh wow hello Let’s go one two three go oh wow wow [Applause] it was very fun very cool Yes Wow wow Hmm oh no What this is sand not a cake do you have something else of course okay Gummy bear [Applause] what’s going on it’s not a real cafe it’s my pretend play cafe wow you’re very creative do you have something to eat yeah this is all chocolate oh what it’s not food try it hmm Can you teach me yeah of course Let’s crush the cookies okay And worms Very creative oh thank you do you have change of course guys this is edible paper Smells tasty mmm yummy wow you’re a very creative chef guys don’t be afraid to be creative bye Hello look She’s alone what happened why are you sitting here where’s mom she got lost Toys that’s me hello oh no no Phew Wow [Applause] okay put it here Wow Let’s go Sit here i’ll be the driver Okay Where is the baby Oh here you are let’s go Let’s go Come here Nice Yummy So hard [Applause] Hello Uh [Laughter] Huh my mom mom [Applause] I want to eat me too we need to call hello i want to order some food let’s order a burger yeah and chicken nuggets yeah and some french fries yeah bye bye No [Applause] i have an idea So delicious maybe some dessert yeah good idea hi can i have one cake please yeah and cupcakes cupcakes yeah we’re waiting yeah bye wow No no no no no it’s not healthy Um [Applause] is this healthy food yes Maybe some drinks yeah hi i wanna order some drinks soda yes soda soda a lot of soda bye No no no it’s not healthy Okay okay hmm Let’s drink wow Wow wow I want to eat dinner me too maybe healthy food yeah let’s ask daddy daddy daddy Okay let’s cook yeah Eat only healthy food

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