A Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Adventure: The Hellfire Club | Netflix Geeked Week

A Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Adventure: The Hellfire Club | Netflix Geeked Week

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– On behalf of Netflix Geeked, welcome all humans, dwarfs, and halflings, specially you creatures at home, who are “Stranger Things” super fans like me. You’re in for a special Geeked Week treat. Today, I’m sitting down with The Hellfire Club themselves for a one of a kind Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

I’m your host and dungeon master, B Dave Walters. And the adventurers joining me on today’s quest? None other than Finn Wolfhard, Pria Ferguson, Gaten Matarazzo, and Joe Quinn. – The hooded cultists chant. Hail, Lord Veckna. – Veckna’s dead. – He took my cat.

– So it was thought, my friends. So it was thought. But Veckna lives. – Today was supposed to be a good day. After years of grand adventuring, you’re returning home to Hawks End. Each of you has made your way through the world, carving your legend into history. Goblins, giants, ogres, trolls, dragons, all manner of monsters have fallen before you.

Again and again, you’ve won, cheating death itself. And today, death has come to collect. Our heroes, Pardonme Belchin, Joe Keery, Chad Handstand, and Lady Applejack. You see home in the distance. Hawks End is a small, beautiful town. It sits on a little island in the middle of the river,

As the water flows around it on all sides, creating kind of a natural boundary. There’s only two ways in, a bridge to the North, and a bridge to the South, surrounded on all sides by luscious forest. As you see home in the distance, you can already catch

The smell of baking bread wafting on the wind. You hear children laughing off in the distance, and can see the smoke stacks rising out of familiar sites of home. Just north of Hawk’s End, there’s a ranger station, a guard post that you have to check in, as you four heroes come walking up.

What would you like to do? – Ooh, fun. And it begins. – Who starts? – Whoever would like. You all, the four of you are walking down the road. – I’m assuming we have passports and stuff, the documentation to get on through. So I guess we’re gonna go up to the ranger station.

I don’t really seem to have a lot of charisma here, but I’m gonna be like, can I get through? – Important question here. What does Pardonme Belchin look like? Who is he? – Pardonme Belching, he’s a smelly dude. I mean, he has to kind of like.

It wasn’t his given name, but he came up with it later in life and thought that it would be a good thing to just set the boundaries of what interacting with him might be like. So, smelly dude. He’s not the brightest. At least people around him don’t think he is.

And he is kind of accepted that throughout most of his days. But he enjoys an adventure. He enjoys a good bar fight, I’d say. And he, above all else, enjoys family. – And you’re a dwarven grave cleric. – Yeah, so he’s a morbid one. Some would say it’s a sense of humor.

Some would say it’s just weird. – As you call out down the road, from inside the booth, all of you hear (grunting) You four back again, huh? And a head leans out, a familiar head that you’ve all seen, of an unpleasant bug bear named Gloom. Bug bear’s kind of a deceptive title.

They actually look more like large predatory cat people, similar to a tabaxi, like you. But honestly the comparison would be a little offensive, and you and Gloom have never really gotten along because of this. He has black hair that is knotted and kinked, and has twigs and muck in it.

Because he’s never overly concerned with his appearance. Thought you all were off becoming legends. I hear the stories all the time of oh, Chad Handstand held a handstand. Whatever. Who cares? Why you back? – Hungry, tired. – Tired. Supplies, do we need supplies? – Important question, Joe Keery. What does Joe Keery,

The tabaxi gloom stalker ranger, look like? – Five 11, brown eyes, sunny disposition. Great chat, wicked sense of humor. Although, apparently he’s got no charisma or intelligence, which is kind of interesting. – You speak a different language. – [Joe] Kind of thing.

– Now you’re a cat person. So what does your fur look like? – What would Joe Keery’s fur look like? Just perfect. – That’s more wicked. – Yeah, it just looks just right. – [Dave] What color is it. – Kind of brown, kind of mousey.

But kind of oily, but kind of not too oily. Kind of, it just looks nice. – And what does Lady Applejack look like? – She’s an elf. – [Finn] You are an elf. – [Dave] Assassin rogue, the most dangerous. Yeah, the most dangerous. It says dark elf, so the dark elf. She’s very sneaky. – [Dave] Perfect. – [Finn] Yeah, I think she’s killing it actually. ‘Cause she doesn’t wanna give too much away.

– It’s perfect. You say, you’ll find out. – [Finn] She doesn’t wanna give too much away. – Last, but certainly not least, Chad Handstand. What does he look like? – Well, he. He’s not the most strong guy in the world, but he is. He’s got some. He’s pretty, he’s pretty big. Yeah, no.

But he’s kinda like the skinny strong. He’s not super max out or anything, but he’s like. He’s like a Robert Pattinson kind of type. But, in that kind of way. Scrawny, yet strong. – Now you are a human paladin, but you, while you.

What you were lacking in charisma, Joe, Chad took all of. – Chad took all of that. – He’s beautiful. The wind is always blowing perfectly in his hair. The sun is always hitting him, just right. – That’s so true, yeah. He got the name Chad Handstand though because

He was at a funeral and everyone was crying. – Of course. – And to cheer everyone up, he said, watch this. In hindsight it might have made everything- – Inappropriate. – Yeah, in appropriate. It might have made everything about him. But he still did the handstand.

And from that point on, he was known as Chad Handstand. – Did it kill? Did people like it? – Well, technically it killed it. It was at a funeral. No, it didn’t kill. No one liked it. But he kept that. And from that moment on he kind of, he just became.

– So he thought, this went terribly. I’m gonna keep doing this. – He doesn’t really know. He doesn’t, he doesn’t. He can’t read people as well, but that makes him very confident. – Cool. – Gloom still hasn’t forgiven you for doing a handstand at his grandmother’s funeral, so yeah.

– [Finn] What are you gonna do? – Comes out of the road, and he stands nearly seven foot tall, towering. – He’s a big guy. – I hate to admit it, but it’s probably good that you’re here. There’s been some difficulties as of late. – What’s up?

– You probably should just make your way into town, I guess. Astara, she’s at city hall. She’ll explain it all to you. Just do what you’re gonna do, and get outta here soon. The town’s better off without you. – This guy. – Thought he needed us.

– I don’t. I’m fine. They need you. – He said Astora? – Astara. – Astara, all right. We’ve gotta go and see Astara, then. – You all know Astara. She is in elf. She has been in charge all of your lives, all the way back when your grandparents were children.

‘Cause elves are very long lived. Yeah, whatever. And Gloom goes back into his shack, and slams the door behind him. – What’s his problem? – What? You got a problem with that? – I think he liked, I mean. – No, no no. I don’t, I don’t. Yeah. – I’m not jealous.

I don’t care, if that’s what you think. It’s not that at all. – It sounds like he’s kind of J, and wants to be a part of the group. – No, you guys went to do your thing. Some of us had a duty to home, and stayed here to keep track of everything.

– And you wonder why you’re by yourself? It’s just like, what are you doing? – I mean, that’s unnecessary, okay Joe. I mean, you just got back. I like being by myself. He goes and slams the door again. And ahead of you stands the bridge to cross over into Hawks End. – So we should probably cross over that. – Let’s cross over that bridge. – Let’s find Astara really quickly, ’cause I’m not really feeling this right now. I’m tired. I need a drink.

– [Finn] Okay, got it. – As you guys come walking in, again, you all have been all over the world by now. But there’s nowhere like home, as you come back. Again, there’s fresh apple pie sitting on the window sill. Children running around, have tiny carved figurines of each of you.

One of them comes running up to you and says, Mr. Belchin, Mr. Belchin, look. A very poorly made dwarf, wearing your signature magic shield. I got, look. I got Mr. Belchin. – That’s cute. – Yeah. – The beard is off. – Dad, the beard is off! And the kid turns and runs back into the house. – The beard was off.

– The beard was off. Listen, it’s totally fine. You put him in his place. Totally fine. – Was that really necessary? – Astara? – Yes. – [Finn] Oh, Astara. – Well come. Come come, darlings. Let me see you. Let me see you. And she walks up to you, Applejack.

And she says, you look incredible. – Aw, thank you. – They haven’t been giving you too much trouble, have they? – No, not at all. – Really? – Maybe this one. – You’ve been going easy on the ale, right? – Yeah. – [Dave] She kind of looks you up and down,

And she’s like, are you sure? – Well, it’s hard to travel with that much. – I kind of ran low early on. – A lot of excuses. – Enough, all right. I’ve been working on it. – A window nearby of the tavern swings open, and Stella, a little halfling.

She’s about four feet tall with frizzy red hair. Hey, would you like a pint, is what you’d like. – Very much so, thank you. – [Dave] Come in quite, there. Pints for all, and pints around, aye. – Yeah, Stella. – [Dave] Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

– I love Stella. – Astara looks and she says, wait, business first, pints second. I assure you, we’ve made all of your favorites. She leans in close and says, I haven’t wanted to alarm the townspeople, but something has been amiss lately. Someone has been robbing graves in the cemetery. – What? – Yes.

Every morning when you wake up, there are fresh holes, and the bodies are missing. – I worked so hard on that. – I know. It was lovely ceremony. And thank you for your restraint, for minimal hand stands. – Can you believe that? Seriously, I mean. – [Dave] Yes, I’ve heard about it.

– I’m just trying to lighten the mood, man. – Well, it doesn’t always need lightening. I’ve been, the whole. You’re father was the same way. Always cartwheeling during funerals. – My father was a Handstand, his father a Handstand. His father before him are Cartwheels. – I remember. I saw them all.

– So what do we ask? Oh no, what were we gonna do then? – This hits close to home, so I’m furious. – You’re furious. – I offered prayers to the Morning Lord Lethander that help would arrive. And sure enough, the four of you return home. It must be meant to be, right?

– Yes. – I would say so. – That’s what’s meant to be, is these pints, is what is supposed to be. – That’s what’s meant to be. – Stella, my God it is so good to see you. What has it been, a year? – More or less, lad.

Look at you, you’re so beautiful. – Okay. We’ll pick up on this later. We’ll pick up on this later. Back to business. Back to business. And I’ll talk to you after. – Okay, sorry. I know you’ve been traveling. I’m sure you’re weary. We made sure that all of your houses

Are prepped and cleaned. Have a drink. Have some food. And then it’s going to be dark soon. Maybe take a look. – At the cemetery? – Yes. – Great. – Great. That sounds not spooky whatsoever. – Well, I’m there. – Oh, are you afraid? – [Finn] No, no. – He’s afraid.

– I’m not afraid. – He’s not afraid. – I’m not afraid. – Seriously, he makes me come to him afterwards. ‘Cause he never wants to come out. – As an aside, you are a Paladin. Not only are you literally incapable of fear, as long as your friends are around you,

They’re incapable of fear as well. – So you’re lying. – You literally have a radiant aura. It’s unfair, really. – Yeah, I’m told my friends love me. So I don’t know. It’s kind of great. Well okay, well. – [Joe] We’ll have a couple of drinks. – Should we have a few drinks?

Maybe there’s a few people we can talk to in the tavern. – It’d be nice to get a little loose, and then go check out the- – [Finn] A pregame, a pregame. – What do you think, Lady Applejack? – Yeah, I agree. – We’re gonna go and have some drinks now.

– Perfect. I’m going to rally the town watch, make sure. I’ve had people watching all night recently, to see if they could spot anything. You all indulge. – Wonderful. – And then come back and find me, okay. – Perfect. Thank you, Astara. Good to see you again, by the way.

Sorry, we were really grumpy. I mean, but we’re tired. – Thank you. – You do a wonderful job. – I’m sorry about the ale comment. – No, don’t you worry about it. – [Dave] You look wonderful, you do. It’s not just about you. – No, your wife says that all the time.

So I get it. It makes sense. – As you make your way into the tavern, Stella has laid out a buffet spread that probably could feed 20 people. – Or just one of me. – Or two, two of you. She’s at least doubled you. – Well, at least. I’ll take that.

– There’s assorted roast beast, pheasant, pig. There’s pies, cakes. There’s anything that you could dream of. All of your favorites have been made. – Great. – Yum yum. – Welcome back. Its I. – Stella. – She’s just worried about everyone. That’s her job, really, to just keep an eye on everything.

– Stella, this pie is. I mean, these desserts look beautiful. – Chad, you flattering old halfling. Just tuck in, tuck in. Enjoy. – How’d you get this gamun like this? How’d you get it like that? – That’s the secret family recipe. I got to keep some things to myself.

– If I have to twist your arm, though. – If so, only a wee little bit. You never know. I might like it. – And I get really quiet, because it’s. Because Stella and him had a thing, had a thing before, yeah. – Strange things happen once you’ve had a bit of ale. You never know till you try. Yes, no. You all enjoy yourselves. And if you need anything, I’ll be here.

– You liven the mood. – Cheers, everyone. Cheers. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Delicious. – Amazing. – Lady Applejack. While they’re all eating and drinking and rambling. You hear (muffled screaming) coming from the kitchen where Stella just went. – Well, I want to investigate.

– [Dave] Are you gonna tell your friends that you hear it? – Do you guys hear that? – I think we do. What do you wanna do? What do you wanna do? – [Dave] Once she calls your attention to it, what would you like to do? – I wanna go investigate. – You wanna go investigate what? What happened? – It was. – What’d you hear?

– I heard someone in the kitchen, the kitchen that Stella went to. – [Gaten] Stella? – Yeah, someone was choking. – What? – I hear it. – Listen. – Wait. No, we have to go find. – I thought it was beat boxing. – I did too, at first.

– I thought it started a bit- – [Finn] Started as a beat box, ended as a torturing thing. – Regardless, we should investigate. – We should go. All seriousness, Stella might be in trouble. We should go. – Or, someone else. – Pardonme Belchin. As the grave cleric, you chose that name.

This is your doing, not mine. – I’m sorry. – Because again, Gaten was taken, as a well known demi god of entertainment and performance. – Gaten? – Yes, literally. – The almighty? – The almighty. – The almighty. – Yes. Peace be unto him. – Yeah. Bob was a fan.

– You, as a grave cleric, have an innate connection to the weave of life and death. – That’s fun. – And understanding anything that defies that link between life and death. You have an innate sense for the presence of the undead. – He seems wise for one of his.

– You are as wise as it gets, honestly. – [Gaten] That’s amazing. That’s great. – And one thing you realize, there are undead in this building. You feel it. – Yeah, I thought I had some goosebumps before. But I thought it was just me getting really excited- – [Dave] Because the ale.

– I thought it was just a buzz, but. – It turns out it’s the undead. – It turns out it’s zombies. – Oh, is that what that was? – Is that zombies? Is that was that was? Wait, okay. Well, if you’re hearing that, I thought I felt something before. – Things are adding up. – Things are adding up. I’m gonna go to the kitchen. I’m concerned. Nothing like that should be happening anywhere near here. Especially not Stella, our good friend. So I’m gonna go to the kitchen. – Perfect. As you push the door open, on the ground,

You are confronted by a horrifying site. Stella, you think it’s Stella. It’s a Stella shaped something. – Oh my God. – It’s wrapped in what looks rotting meat. And as you notice coming out from under the tables and ovens, what looks like skin that has been pulled off of the bone.

It’s sliding forward. – Oh my God. – [Dave] And I’m gonna need all of you to roll initiative. – Ooh. – Ooh. – On your sheet, you should have an initiative there that’ll be plus something. – I just rolled. I rolled an 18. – Did you really?

– [Dave] You’re very fast. And you actually- – Oh, I see. I rolled a one. No, I roll seven. Sorry, I rolled a seven. – I rolled a 15. – [Dave] 15. Lady Applejack? – 11, I think. – 11. Perfect. – Yeah, I think. – And I’m gonna go for the monsters there.

Joe Keery, you are actually- – If feels great. – It feels so good. – Yeah, it feels good. How does it feel to be Joe Keery? – Just, it’s great. – These boneless abomination are crawling out, coming from each direction. And one of them is apparently smothering Stella to death.

What would you like to do? – I’m gonna kill it. – [Dave] Okay. You wanna shoot it with your bow? – I wanna shoot it with my magic bow. – You do have a very impressive magic bow. It’s a dragon wing longbow.

So when you draw it, it looks like a dragon’s wing flexing. And flames erupt around the arrow as you shoot. – That’s badass. – First, roll your attack for me. You are very, very good with this bow. Now for you in particular, you are what is called a gloom stalker.

So this is when you shine, when you are ambushing. In the first round of combat, you actually get to attack more times, and you hit harder. This is something specifically you do. This is your specialty. – Get in there. – So what’d you get on that first one? – I got 25.

– Perfect. You actually get to a attack three times. So hit it for me two more times. – Oh, where did it go? – 21. – 21. Also gonna be a hit. Give me one more. – One more. It’s 26. That’s huge. – Just to give you an idea, 30 is godlike success.

And you got a 26. So these are very precise. So, there under your damage, you’re gonna click that for me three times. That’s 12. – 12. – Again. – Again. – That’s 11. – 11, perfect. – 12 again. – You come in and, (mimicing arrows flying)

Three flaming arrows go and slam into this thing, and it unwraps there on the ground and stops moving. And you see Stella looks up. (gasping) – Stella, Stella, Stella. – Oh my gosh. – It’s okay. – That was morbid! Is there anything else you would like to do?

– Did you guys see that? – That was cool, yeah. – That was awesome. – I’d like to comfort Stella. – Perfect. She very much is holding onto you. And Lady Applejack. He has shot the first one of these. But it looks there’s four more in the room that are crawling out. What would you like to do?

– I wanna stab them. – I wanna stab. – Always the right answer. – [Finn] That was so funny. – You, as an assassin rogue, you are particularly good at attacking something that hasn’t had a chance to act yet. Basically, you catch things flat footed and gank them, is really your thing.

So, next to your weapon there, there’s going to be a plus. Go ahead and click that for me there. It’ll be a plus some number. Your weapon is called a rapier of wounding. So you have a magic sword, that when you hurt people, the wounds don’t heal.

There you go. So you did this the best you possibly could. – That’s incredible. – Is you, I’m not even gonna make you roll this ’cause I know how hard you hit, is you lung forward. Actually, you tell me. Would Lady Applejack explode this thing, or is she so precise,

That it’s just like a little hole, in and out. – I feel like she would explode it. – Yeah? – Yeah, like. – Go in. Do it. Just go for it. – Well, this thing already didn’t have any bones. But Lady Applejack lunges forward, and it essentially explodes.

It’s a splatter against the wall. And you can still attack again, ’cause you killed the first one in one shot. So go ahead and give it to me again. That’s fantastic. – 24. – Yes, more than enough. All right, so. Click on that number there next. That’ll be 1D8.

You see that there? Click on that. I’m gonna roll your sneak attack damage for you here. So you don’t have to worry about it. How much damage did you do? – Nine. – How much? Sorry. – Nine. – Nine, perfect. I’m waiting on your sneak attack to come through.

‘Cause it is a lot of dice. You have 7D6 that you rolled for sneak attack, which is a lot, like a lot, a lot. The first one explodes in a flash. You’re on the second one, and stab it. And it (mimics bone crunching) stops moving

– I love his sound affects. – there on the ground. Unfortunately, it is now the boneless’ time to attack. And they do not take too kindly to what Joe Keery has done. – When does anyone ever? – That is true. – And unfortunately for you Joe Keery, I also rolled a natural 20.

– Oh! – Oh! – So Joe, as you are comforting Stella, and she’s like. You all see, the boneless wraps up, and begins squeezing Joe Keery for 10 points of damage. – Oh! – Oh! – Keep track of that. And you all see your friend is being squeezed and suffocated. You are still pretty stout. You’re still in the fight. But you have been harmed. Lady Applejack.

Another one does the same thing to you. Having just obliterated two of them, one falls from the ceiling, and wraps you up, and falls to the ground and starts squeezing you as well. – You guys gonna- – 10 points of damage. – In a second. – Are they gonna help?

– Hopefully. We’re gonna see. – 10 points of damage. – 10, 10 points. Sir Chad, your friends got off to a really great start. But now they’re kind of having some problems of their own. What would you like to do? – I. I mean, I’d like to save them.

But I also want to know what the hell’s going on, too. – Dude, you’re gonna leave me? – No, but I wonder. ‘Cause we. Listen, here’s the other thing. We killed them, you guys killed them, without even trying to speak with them. Do they speak? – They have not made any noises outside of just like weird. – Don’t tamper with it, kid.

– [Gaten] I’ve seen this stuff all the time. I sense this stuff. – So, I’m gonna play it safe and save them. – Thank you. – Try to save them. – Go ahead and roll your first attack. – [Finn] Okay. Can I? Okay. – You, as a paladin, you are a holy warrior.

So you have the ability to do something called a smite, where when you hit them, you can basically set off a divine explosion of damage. – Role of three. – Unfortunately, you have to hit to be able to smite. So Chad, as you’re basically, trying not to accidentally cut the head off

Of one of your friends here, which one of them are you attempting to save? Not to make you pick favorites. It would be weird if some sort of love there would convince to make a choice. – In my head, I was closest to Joe. – Perfect. Perfect. You know what?

Let’s roll the physical dice here. Grab one of these D20s and roll. Yes, that’s the one. And roll it in the box here in front of you. – In this one? – Yep. – Four, are you? – However, you have a pretty significant bonus. That may be enough. Let me, let me see. That’s rough. That’s rough. Believe it or not, believe it or not, you are such a capable warrior that is enough to hit it with your.

You have a pike, a long sharp spear with a hook on one end that you stab into it. Now, important question. Would you to use your smite? – Absolutely. – Perfect. Again, I’m gonna roll that for you here, because you also do quite a lot of damage, honestly.

So I’m gonna roll that for you. You roll the damage for me. And where it says that 1D10 plus- – Should I do it on? – We’ll do the physical dice. You want a 10 side. That’s one of these ones, looks kind of- – Oh, oh oh. – It’s like a diamond.

– Yep. – This one? – Yep, that’s it. Roll that one. – It’s a one. – You okay? – I’m fine. I’m fine. You might not get. You might not be fine. – That is true. Actually, he’s going to be okay. It is you who I’m. There is one other ability you have, just for your own- – Let’s keep trying. – edification. – No, no no. You’ve hit it. You’ve hit it. You also get to attack a third time.

Because as a pole arm master, you stab twice, and then hit with the butt of the weapon. So roll that 20 for me again. – [Finn] I can’t. Which one is the? Sorry, which? – [Gaten] That one right there. – This one, that I’m holding? – [Dave] That’s the one, yep. Roll it.

– Are there multiple D20s on the table? – Yes. There are two. – Oh, got it. Okay. – So you have two. You might even have four. – [Gaten] I think I have a lot, actually. – [Priah] Four. – Four? – [Dave] That actually is enough. – Yeah. Okay, okay. – You have a pretty significant bonus. So you do hit it twice. Now, would you to smite it twice? Would you like to set off your- – Yes, I’d love to smite it, love to smite it. – Love to smite it.

– Joe Keery. – Hi. – You’re being strangled to death. And your friend, very ineffectively, swings the first time. And the second time you are pretty sure he’s about to cut your head off, as it’s coming down. And at the last second, there’s a blinding flash of light. And (mimics bones crushing)

The boneless are smeared across the wall, exploded. – Sorry, it was, sorry. It was a struggle for me. – Pardonme Belching. – Yes. – Yes. There is one of these things left. – [Gaten] Yeah, there is. – What would you like to do? – And it’s messing up her, right?

– It absolutely is. – Well, I know that the first priority is making sure that everybody in my group is safe. So, I’m gonna try and get it off. I’m gonna try and attack it and get it off. – Would you like to hit it with your mace,

Or would you like to cast one of your spells? – What are my spells? – Your guiding. Your guiding bolt is kind of your main spell. – I see that. What can I do with my guiding bolt? – It is a blast of energy that you will shoot out.

If you hit, not only will you damage the target, you make it easier for the next person to damage the target. – That’s how guiding bolt works. – I’m gonna go with that. I am a team player. – [Dave] Click that plus next to guiding bolt. – Guiding bolt. I roll a 19.

– That is more than enough to hit. You know what? Let’s roll some more of these physical dice. Four of those D6s, four of the square ones. – Got it. – Yep, roll those. – All together? – Roll them all, yep. – Woo! I got a three, three, three, and a five. 14. – 14 points of damage. That does not quite finish it off. – That sucks! – [Dave] It does not quite finish it off. – Okay, that’s fine. That’s fine. – But, because you cast a spell, that is actually the only thing you can do is cast a spell.

– That’s okay. I’ll cast that spell. – [Dave] However, Joe Keery. – Hi. – [Dave] Now, the one remaining boneless is glowing with light around it, giving you an opportunity to finish it off if you want. – I’ll finish it off. – [Dave] So, you are going to roll.

– When are we gonna learn something? – Can I talk to it? – [Dave] It has not said anything. – I don’t think. I wanna kill it. – So, because he hit it with a guiding bolt, you have what is called advantage.

You get to roll two of these, and take the higher one. So roll two of these 20s for me. – You’re welcome. – [Dave] And you take the higher number between the two. – [Joe] 13. – 13, that is more than enough, with your bow. And then you’re gonna roll

One more time for me for your second arrow. – 12. – Again, more than enough. Two more arrows. (arrows thumping) And the flames start igniting, and burning its gross undead form. – Gross. – And Stella is just sitting there shaking, covered in goo. – It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. – Stella. – Stella. – Calm down. – Baby, baby, baby. Baby, baby, baby. – Baby, baby, baby. Baby, baby. – This is awesome. – Very much buries her head into your, quite frankly, furry chest, and- – She stayed there. – [Dave] Perception check. – Perception check. – Yep. Under your skills, you’re gonna roll right next to it. And is it gonna. – I have rolled a 10. – A 10? – A 10. – Not noticing too much, then your skill- – 13. – 13, perfect. – I have rolled a 14.

– 14. – I’ve rolled a 13. – Oh, 19. 19. – A 19, yeah. That added to it. As Stella is kind of freaking out a little bit here, Sir Chad, outside you hear screaming. – And footsteps. – Yeah, footsteps and screaming. From nowhere, footsteps running away from the screaming coming from outside the tavern. – Okay. Well, I’m gonna go see what’s going on outside. – Be careful. – I will. – As you run outside, it’s terrible. From the water, that is surrounding Hawks End, you see undead are coming out of it. – Great. – Zombies shambling forward, water logged. But not just zombies, parts of zombies. There’s arms and hands, that are just disconnected from anything else coming up out the water onto the shore.

And the people of the town are screaming and running. Some of the watch have pulled out swords and bows, and are lighting up torches. They are kind of no match for this though, Sir Chadwick. So what would you like to do? Whoa. Are you gonna tell your friends.

– I’m gonna go and let them know that there’s a hoard of undead coming towards us. – Thank you. – Guys, there’s a hoard of undead coming towards us. – Are you serious right now? The moment I’ve been waiting for. – They’re coming from the water. – Coming up out of the water.

But they all seem to be coming sort of from the Northeast side of the water, all coming out that way. – Forgive me, but you have a tendency to be able to- – Absolutely. – You didn’t see this coming at all? – Here’s the thing. – You couldn’t sense this?

– You don’t understand, you can’t just- – That army? – You can’t. You don’t understand how this works. It’s not like a spider sense. It’s more of like, it’s more of like, I can’t predict what’s happening. But I understand when something is happening. So right now, I’m off the walls.

Like right now, my chest. You wouldn’t even believe. It’s like a major anxiety attack right now. And I would appreciate if you didn’t make fun of me. – Can we get you something? – Just more beer. – Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. – Grab a go cup, yeah. – [Gaten] I need something to go. – You all gonna head outside? – I’d like to head outside. – [Dave] Yes, Lady Applejack? – I think I might stay. – Did you say you wanna stay in here? – Yeah, I wanna stay.

– You’re gonna chill out in here? You’re not gonna go help? – Did you see what happened last time? – So you, Lady Applejack, are incredibly sneaky. So if you want to skulk around outside, there’s a pretty good chance no one can see you if you do. – Yes. I think that’s what I might do. – Do this for me. Roll one of these 20s for me.

We’re gonna see just how good of a job you do sneaking. Yep. Roll that for me. – Okay. Okay. – It’s a one. – Great. – So here’s the problem, Lady Applejack. You will never know if you’re doing a good job or a bad job. So you all have your friend, the lethal assassin who’s like. Just kind of goes stomping out, believing she’s a ghost.

– What the hell is she? What is she doing? Oh my God. – [Finn] That is so embarrassing. – What do we do? What do we do now? What is she doing? – Ghost. Nobody’s ever gonna see you. – Okay. – All right. Well, now she’s gone, what are we gonna do?

– Would you all like to head outside? – I would love to head outside. I need to go outside. I need to see this. – We should face this. – Yeah, absolutely. – Head on. – A quick thing. Am I allowed to ask Stella what is going on?

– Absolutely. – Just drop the Stella thing. – Roll your insight for me. – [Finn] Okay, I’m gonna roll my insight. – In your skills, there’s an insight. Roll that one. – Oh, 10. I rolled a 10. – What would you to ask her?

– Do you know the Muffin Man? No, do you know? Have you seen these kind of monsters before? Or, do you know what’s happening? – Why would I know what’s happening? You’re the adventurer. – Got it, got it. Got it, got it. All right. Time to go outside, I guess. – I’m just gonna barricade myself. Actually I don’t wanna stay in here. They were in here. I’m gonna barricade myself out in the tavern. – It’s all right, it’s all right. You just stay there. – She’s a mess. But good try, though.

– Joe, Joe, Joe. – Hi. – Make sure you return to me, though. Come back. – I just need to go sort this out. – As you guys come out, you see the scene as described, undead hordes coming out of the water. – First thing I think we need to.

Oh, are you? Just continue. – [Dave] No. What were you going to say? – First thing I think we need to do, is try to get everybody out of here. Since they’re coming from the Northeast, I’d say we rally the town, and get them off the south bridge.

– Perfect. What would you to say? What are you gonna tell them? – Guys, look at all this. It’s not coming from over there. Run that way. If you can barricade yourselves in houses, do it. If you can make it to the bridge, go. Don’t worry about supplies. We can rally that later.

Just get out of here, south bridge. South bridge. – And I know what you guys are thinking. Yes, I did have a night out with Stella. But that’s just fine. We can figure it out later. Okay, fine. Okay, fine. – South bridge. I think Stella should join. – Stella, you go too, babe.

– South bridge. – Stella, just go. – Everybody evacuate. – You all are legends. So just by raising your voice slightly, every heads south. – [Finn] Got it. – That way there’s no collateral damage, when we try to kick ass. – Perfect. – Perfect. Good job. – [Dave] Brilliant plan.

– Where’s she? I don’t know where she went. – [Dave] Well, no. She’s outside. – [Finn] She’s playing in the water. She’s making you castle. – However, I’m gonna keep you guys in the same order that we were going before. So, that would make it your turn, Lady Applejack. – Good, good. – Again, there’s zombies everywhere. What would you like to do? – [Gaten] There’s stabbing. – [Dave] You never go wrong with stabbing.

If you want to do something else, you can. But that’s. – Well, is there something else I could do? – Check your spells. – [Dave] You are very. Well, your skills. You’re very good at sneaking. Well, supposed to be. You’re very good at disguising yourself, making you look like someone else.

You can actually turn invisible if you like. That’s a thing you could try out. – Yeah, I think I might turn. Can I turn invisible, and stab them? – So, yes. But if you stab them, you will reappear. You will stay invisible until you attack someone.

– Oh, okay so then I might, I might just go invisible. – Okay. You can disappear for the time then. – Good. Thanks for the help. – [Dave] So while she’s stomping around, and seconds later- – She just has to get out, I guess. – [Joe] You take care of yourself.

– I gotta put me first. – Very valid. You gotta find the commander, right? That’s the thing you do. Perfect. Lady applejack turns invisible. – And she makes a cool sound as well, apparently. – That is true, that is. That’s how good she is. She can make sandcastles just be gone, and gakked. Sir Chad, your friend has disappeared. The townspeople appear to be listening to you, heading south. Again, there are undead hoards all around you.

What would you like to do? – Could I use my athletics in some way? Oh, oh. Or, I’m sorry. – No, please. – I just got another thing. Can I pretend to be a zombie, and try to follow them to wherever they’re going? – You could. – ‘Cause my perception’s pretty.

– You’re a pretty seasoned adventurer, though. And the undead are very dumb. – Okay, okay. They’re not going towards anything. – They thirst for the living. – Okay, okay. I just wanted, in case I needed to go undercover. – [Dave] Super logical. – So this might be an attack situation.

Can I use my athletics in any way? – So what athletics will let you do, is if you want to grapple them. If you want to grab one, and wrestle it to the ground. I will tell you, just for your own knowledge, something that is just dope that you’ve got,

Is you have a spell called find greater steed, where you can summon a magical creature to ride, a griffin, a pegasus, a dire wolf, a rhino, a saber tooth tiger. You can just summon something dope to ride, if you would like to do that.

– Can I attack while I’m on top of that, on my next turn. – You can. That’s literally- – Cool. I’m gonna call a griffin. – You’d like a griffin?. – Yeah. – What does your Griffin look when it shows up? – Oof, she’s big.

– Is that head of a lion, body of a bird? – Head of a bird, body of a lion, with wings. – [Gaten] With wings? – So, like. Head of a bird? Is it head of, head off, head of a bird? – It’s got a eagle head, a lion body.

– I was thinking like hummingbird, super long nose. Like super sharp, long nose. And then, yeah and body of a lion and big. Yeah, big wings. – Like the buzzy wings? Like a hummingbird? – What kind of wings? – Yeah, exactly. It’s a hummingbird griffin.

– I feel this is something Sir Chad’s probably done before. Does it have a name, when you summon your humming beast? – Yeah. Roderick. – [Dave] Roderick the humming beast. Perfect. I love it. I love it. I’m gonna get Rodrick in here for you. – Do I roll for that? – No, it just appears. – [Finn] Okay, got it. Got it. – Presumably, you wanna hop on the back of it?

– I would love to hop on the back of it. – [Dave] Perfect. – What’s up, dude? – Hey. That’s how he sounds. I guess I’m voicing both. Yeah, I guess I’m voicing both. – I’m so jealous at that Roderick guy. I wish I could- – You got Stella. – No, I wish I could summon that. – [Dave] Stella can’t fly. – Stella can’t fly, but Stella can you bring you warmth and love.

– That’s true. – It’s just purely transaction with Roderick. – [Gaten] Exactly. – I pay him at the end of each ride. It’s basically an Uber. I pay him. It’s a ride share. – Pardonme Belchin, what would you to do? – Right now, I just. I’m just sad right now, because honestly I see all this happening. These creatures are supposed to be resting. They’re supposed to be at peace. And right now they’re not. And they’re putting themselves and everybody else in danger. And I’m pissed.

– You, as a cleric, have an ability that is called turn undead. – I might do it. I don’t know what it does. – [Dave] You can just make them leave. And you are actually a high enough level cleric, you can make them, basically force them to leave. And if they’re low enough level, they will not just leave,

They will be destroyed by your holy intervention. – This is insanely convenient. – I mean, what a great- This is my element. This is what I need. – This is what we all need. – Where’s Astara? Is she getting out with them? ‘Cause I feel she should debrief with us. Or did she- – She is rallying people, moving them- – She’s helping us with that.

Let her do that. Let her do that. – Meanwhile, Princess Applejack’s at Disney world or something. – Yeah, where? I don’t know where she went. But she’s chilling. Okay, so right. Yeah, I would like. I wanna talk to these guys. I wanna be able to communicate with them. I want them out of here. – Right, so. It is your intent to turn them, correct? – [Gaten] Yes. – Oh yeah, you can. You can-

– What is that? What spell is that? – It is an ability that you’ve got called turn undead. – Perfect. – Perfect. – I’d like to turn undead. – Turn undead. What? So you brandish your holy symbol, glowing, radiant. What do you say to turn these undead things?

– Okay. I need to relate to them. ‘Cause they’re just sad. They’re lost. They don’t want to be here either. And I say guys, you have each other. You don’t need this. This is something you’ve had before, but you don’t need it now. You’ve moved on from this,

And it’s not healthy to be lingering here right now. I will guide you. I will be here to hold your hand. Or your leg, you don’t got hands no more. But I will be here for you. I know it’s rough. – [Joe] They like it. They like it. – It’s best if you just go to sleep, like you need to. You’ve had your time, and you can’t take it from other people. – As you finish your heartfelt speech. – Thank you. – As they are shambling. You all see.

What color is the light that comes out of Pardonme Belchin? You’re a grave cleric. You’re a cleric of death. You tell me. – He’s a cleric of death. But the thing, that people misunderstand death. Death isn’t scary. Death is a part of life. We’re here all together and it’s amazing.

And so it’s a warm, it’s a warm sunset orange that wasps as the day ends into a peaceful night. – As this light rolls out from you, you are strong enough that you will destroy all of these undead, but- – That would break me. It would break me.

– Since you are coming from a place of love, and it is your intent to put their spirits at rest. that’s what happens. You all notice the zombies just sort of stop for, and just kind of lay down. – Amazing. – And die, all of them. – [Gaten] And I weep.

– Didn’t want to have to do that. – [Gaten] I didn’t wanna to do that. – Beautiful. – Thank you. – And then I say, so are we getting another drink? – Unfortunately. – No. – That’s okay. – You get a sinking, sickening feeling coming from the south. – Where I told everybody to go. – [Dave] Where you told everybody to go. – It is almost this attack came from the north- – It’s a diversion. – to force everybody south.

– It’s a diversion. – What kind of monster would do such a thing? – Oh my God, what did I do? What did I do? – It’s gonna be a blood bath. – Nice. Guys, we need to go. We need to run- – To the rest of you, it’s like, yeah, we won.

And, no. You’re like- – We need to go, and fast. – Do we get? Can we get her back, or is she kind of still. – [Dave] You hear all the pressure. You’re invisible, but yeah your are there. They don’t know you’re there. But you know you’re are there. – Okay. – Yeah.

– Lady Applejack’s coming. She’s coming. We’re all going. We’re running to- – We don’t know she’s here. – Well of course, ’cause she’s invisible. – She’s invisible. – [Dave] Later, whenever you want. – Can, we summon Lady Applejack? – Hi, I’m back. – [Gaten] Oh my God. – Did you hear that? – I heard everything, and I decided that I needed to help you guys. – Thank you. – Thank you. – Yeah. – Let’s go? – As you all head south, right across the bridge, you see, just on the other side of it

What looks a tear has been ripped into reality. There is a jagged black line, with black energy rolling out of it. And all the townspeople are gone. – [Finn] I’m gonna, I’ve. – We’ve gotta go through it. – I wanna go through it. – What y’all gonna do?

– I’d love to go through. – I have to go through. I will lead the charge. This is my doing. – Can, can? Should maybe? Should we maybe shoot something into it first, to see if- – [Finn] What if you hit one of the townspeople?

– It’s a, that’s a. I’m willing to take that risk. – [Gaten] Instead of shooting an arrow, like. – [Joe] Just chuck a stone into it? – Why can’t Roderick go in? – I could go in. – Roderick can go in and then whip back.

Go in, and just zip around. Just check it and then. – [Finn] Okay, I’ll do a quick, I’ll do quick. – Make a loop. – What do they call it? What’s a really normal thing? When people are at a party, and they’re like,

I’m gonna do a little round, I’m gonna do a round. – Do the rounds? – Do the rounds rounds, yeah. I’m gonna do the rounds, and then I’ll come back. – So you run and do the rounds. – I’m gonna run and do the rounds, come back, see what the vibe is.

And then if it’s cool, you guys come in, we have drinks with the townspeople. – Okay, great. We got a lot to do, so it’s good. – [Dave] You gonna fly in? – I will fly in, yes. – [Dave] Rodrick flies into the- – Oh, I’m with my.

– I mean you, you are. You are going with Rodrick, correct? – Right, right. Right, correct. – You fly in, and he doesn’t come back out. – Shit. – We’ve been waiting for. He should be back by now. – He should be back by now.

– Should we? Do we? I guess we do as well. – At least we know that everybody, anybody who remained on. Is anybody still here? Everybody left? – The town is apparently deserted. – Everybody? – Yes. – Not a single. So can I call out to see if anybody’s there?

– The only person that is still there. Actually, even Stella went ’cause you sent her south too. – Stella went? – Stella’s gone. – I gotta go in there. – [Gaten] We gotta go. We have to go. – I can’t leave them in there without me in there.

– Any of the guards? All the guards? – Heck, if I’m riding a bird, okay? All right, guy? – So I think we should all go in together as a team. – As a team. – Glad you’re here. – Thank you. – As you pass through into this, immediately you are somewhere else.

It’s cold, like the winter time. – I wonder. – [Dave] It looks like Hawk’s End. – [Finn] I wonder. – But it’s not Hawk’s End. It’s the buildings you recognize, but they are broken and dilapidated, overgrown with vines, like they haven’t been lived in for centuries.

The sky is black. And everywhere, in all directions. – I thought it was like four. Hopeless. The only thing that you see, because the portal behind you has vanished. You do lay eyes on your friend Chadwick. – Hey, bud. – [Dave] You did try and come back, but the portal was gone the moment you came through. – Oh, it’s gone? We can’t get back?

– Oh, so we’re stuck in here. – Great. – You are. And you hear chanting. – What? – Ooh. – [Dave] Difficult to make out what’s being said. – Ritualistic chanting? Are we talking like, we’re not gonna take it? – That’s an important point of clarification. – Yeah, no it’s true. – [Joe] Is it far away, or is it close? – It’s difficult to tell. It’s coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once. – Oh, it’s like an aura. – I gotta say, right now guys, I feel worse than I ever.

I feel horrible. – Should have stayed invisible. – I really wish I could just curl up in bed. I don’t really feel motivated right now. It’s clear to me that there’s something really dark and really bad here. – Not fun having a manic depressive on your team is it? – He is literally a cleric, in that though. He’s very emotional. – Probably pretty hard to be happy. – You all hear, it seems to be coming from all directions at once. – Oh, I hate that. – Hate it. – [Dave] Finally. – Oh no, No, no no. – [Dave] Yes. (all laughing) You all have made your way home. – Home? – What? – Yes. – Sorry, wrong direction. We’re from the other place. We’re mortal. – Oh, I assure you.

Everywhere will be like this place. – Oh no. – Good. – Well, that’s great. – Well, I guess we should get used to it then. – The chanting gets louder. And you finally can make out what they’re saying. Hail Veckna. – You gotta be kidding me. – Hail Veckna. Hail Veckna. – Great.

– Yes. – Okay. First things first. Where is everyone? – You don’t see anyone. – Stella? – Stella! Stella! – [Dave] I knew we were gonna get there. – No, no, no. – [Dave] I knew that. I knew it was coming. – Shame on you. Just ’cause you’re an actor, you think you can do that? – I knew with this was when I introduced to it. It wasn’t accidental.

– Such poor taste. – I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Literally what the fans paid to see. – Thanks. So Stella can’t hear us? – [Dave] If she can, she doesn’t respond. – So the Brando’s not really, it’s not helping? – [Dave] You. Just, I mean. – You wish she were Brando.

– Oh, the halfling. That one is special to you. – She’s a friend, yes. – Good. – If you touch her, Veckna, I swear to God. – So, Keery. – Yeah, what’s up? – How about we barter? I’ll let the halfling go, if you give yourself freely. – Well, I will. I will. I will give myself up freely. – I’m gonna give myself freely. – I’ll give myself up freely. – I’m giving myself freely.

No one asked you. Veckna, I’ll give myself freely. Veckna? – In the sky, floating overhead, you all see a terrible form begin to take shape. – Look at that. See? – [Dave] He’s withered. – That’s embarrassing. – [Joe] See how terrible that thing looks. – [Gaten] It’s terrible. – He is withered in gaunt, pale decaying, gray flesh, with a white milky right eye. And his left eye and left hand are missing. – [Gaten] Get some Visine. – You can see through his rib cage, almost through his body. And his flowing robes are open. And inside of him,

Inside his body there’s a book, a black book. – That makes me feel weird. That feels a epicenter of all my troubles. – [Finn] Let’s guess what the book is. – That feels an epicenter of everything that’s ever been wrong with my life. – You haven’t read it? – Joe Keery.

You must think of me a great fool. Prove your worth. – I want to shoot him. Yeah, with my bow. – With that kick ass bow. – I’m gonna shoot it. Touch my woman. – You know what? Let’s go ahead and roll initiative one more time.

– Let’s do it. – Give me one of these dice. Or you can roll it there in D&D Beyond, as you come face to face with Lord Veckna. 15 for Pardonme Belchin. – Five for Chad. – Five for Chadwick. – 22. – Yes, you are all. – 25 for Keery. – [Dave] 25.

– And Joe on his 25th birthday. 25 for Keery. – Perfect, all right. Perfect, perfect, perfect. All right. You can go first. Again, as a gloom stalker, this is when you shine, right at the beginning. So you can attack three times. – Go for it. Just gonna go with the bow?

– Just yeah, just I’m gonna hit that. That plus 12, right? – We’re gonna do this as like. Gaten, if you would, pull out a D6 and a D3 for me please. – That’s 19. – Let’s see. Hang on. Let me make sure 19 is enough to hit him.

It is not. – No? – The arrow flies what should have been center mass, and just passes through his rotting, decrepit ribs, and just flies right past him. But then he looks at you and says (laughing), pathetic. – But now he knows I’m here. I get to roll again?

– Oh yeah. You get three total. – Come on. What are you gonna try again? What you gotta got? What are you doing? – 17. – [Dave] That is also not enough. Flies wide, one more time. – Can we focus in here? – Yeah, I’m. Oh, I’m focused.

– [Finn] Well, you’re the one that’s not focused. – It’s gonna be a big number. – Okay. – Okay? – Okay. – You feel it? You feel it? – I feel it. Okay. – Manifest it. – [Gaten] I feel a lot right now, manifested to you guys.

– We got some hand shaking here. Oh, no no. I hit the wrong thing. – That’s okay. – I hit the wrong thing. – That’s okay. That’s okay. – Feel it. – 27! Yes! – Yes yes, yes yes. – Ha, that felt good. – Felt good. – What now, Veckna?

– Perfect. So, I’m gonna get you to roll your damage for me. But where’s that eight and that six? Take that, and you’re gonna roll that. – I’m manifesting it. – You’re also gonna roll another eight. Can you give him another eight? – Another eight. You got it.

You’re gonna roll all three of those. – [Joe] It’s a three. It’s a three. It’s a- – So, 12. Perfect. – Six. – 15. Perfect, perfect, perfect. That one does hit him, right in the chest. And he just looks down at it and says, (guttural groaning) Fine. Let’s do it your way.

All of you roll constitution saves. – [Gaten] Ooh, that’s where I shine. – You are very good at this. – That’s where I shine. – On the very first screen. – [Finn] 17. – 17, perfect. – 17 for Chad. – For Chad. All of you do it. – Eight. – Eight.

– Seven. – Seven. – 16. – 16. – You’re in the zone. – That is not enough. Veckna raises his hands, and you all feel the life being sucked out of you. – Not again. – You feel if flowing out. You all take 42 points.

– What all of us? – Every one of you. 42 points of the necrotic damage. – Oh, man. I’m at 73. – [Dave] It’s a significant hit, a significant hit. – [Gaten] So what would I be at? I would be at- – Oh no. – But Lady Applejack, it is your turn.

– Okay. – That sucks, guys. – I’m on 53 now. – Lady Applejack, he is currently up in the air, where you don’t have an easy way to get to him. It’s almost like he knows you are dangerous. But what you can do, is you have a spell called fairy fire. What that means is you can basically light him up to make him easier for your friends to hit him, until somebody finds a way to get him out of the air. – I’m gonna help you guys out. – Finally.

– I honestly appreciate it. – [Gaten] Yeah, we do appreciate it. Thank you very much. – He starts glowing. And he looks down at his hands, and he goes. You’ve sent plenty of souls my way, Applejack. And now that you face Veckna, you don’t have the courage to strike at me yourself. – Ooh. – Ooh. – Roasted. – [Finn] I hate that guy. I hate that guy, but even. He burned you, even then. – Call an ambulance.

– It sounds you’re crying, so call the whambulance. ‘Cause she’s crying. – Would you like to do anything else, Lady Applejack? Until they get him out of the air, somehow, it’s gonna be tough. – Why don’t you stab it? – I mean, what else could I do? He roasted me. – Would you to try and find the villagers, maybe? – Oh yes. – Perfect. Go do that. – We’ll take care of it. – [Dave] Roll that 20 for me there. – Okay. – [Dave] Here, roll one of those. Yep. Tell me what you get. – You don’t find anyone. – [Dave] It’s all or nothing. You’re hot and cold. I love it. – Oh my gosh. – The savagery of Veckna’s roast, Lady Applejack, temporarily stuns you. – [Finn] Yeah, you’re like, whoa. That was mean. – [Dave] Can’t see anything other than that that was outta line.

– Yeah, when someone makes a joke about you, and you take five minutes to be like, that was mean. I can’t move on from that. – [Dave] In front of your friends, in front of the village. I mean, he’s just gonna, he’s gonna do that. Okay, perfect. – Wow. – I got it.

– It is, unfortunately, actually Veckna’s turn. Well, he is very powerful, that’s why he has something. He has something called legendary action. So he can just sort of do stuff whenever he wants. – This should be good. – Now here’s the thing. Not everyone at the table has played before. I’m not gonna bust anybody out,

But this is supposed to be a happy occasion, which you think would mean I should go easy. Problem is, this is Veckna. And Veckna’s not gonna go easy. Yeah, Veckna. Veckna’s not gonna go easy. – He could kill us. Somebody might die here. – You might, but that’s okay.

Because you all are glorious heroes, glorious heroes. Veckna is, he pulls his finger out. And lightning leaps out, going towards you, as he casts chain lightning. So, all of you give me dex’ saves. – Dexterity? – Dexterity saves, yes. Lady Applejack, you are particularly agile,

So it is very difficult to hit you with this. – 16. – 16. – 23. – 23. – 11. – That’s not gonna be enough. – Lady Applejack, you are able to spring out of the way, basically by ducking behind your friends, who can kind of take it in chest. – Oh, fun.

– Five. – Do I have a shield? – [Dave] You do. Your shield- – I hope it’s a pretty kick ass one. – You do, in fact your shield specifically can help you against things like this. – I know. – [Dave] You get to roll twice, and take the higher one of those.

– Two 20s? – Yeah. Well, yeah. You’ve already rolled once. So you get to roll again. – I rolled a five. I’ll roll again. 11. – Well, the good news is Lady Applejack gets outta the way. So, let’s start with a win here. Let’s start with a win. The rest of you are unfortunately, not quite- – Yeah, do what you do. Just run. – Well, just pray that I roll poorly. That’s all you gotta do.

– Do what you do best. – If that, the last time I got attacked it was almost half our hit points. I probably only have- – I’ve still got a good number of hit points. – There’s a pretty big spectrum. You guys have varying levels of tankiness. So let’s see.

– I got a high constitution. I can take a punch. – That’s not terrible. That’s not terrible. There’s only gonna be 25 points of lightning damage. That’s not terrible, but not Lady Applejack. – Okay. – 22, 25. – [Dave] 25 points of lightning damage.

– I have 21 hit points left. Is that right? – You currently have 21 left. Okay, perfect. – [Gaten] I’m at 40, I’m at like 50. – [Finn] How is that possible? – I had 115 at start. – [Finn] Oh, okay. I started with 80 something. – [Dave] You’re not all the same.

– ‘Cause I’m a human. – Pardonme Belchin. – 25 Damage. I’m on 28. – Veckna looks down at all of you and says, you could just give up. Join me, serve me. I will make it sporting for you. And he starts to float down towards the ground.

– He’s cocky. This is where we get him, ’cause he’s cocky. – There would be no glory, if I were to just obliterate all of you out of hand, would it? – He’s like, come on. Yeah. – I don’t know. This guy kind of backs himself. I might join him.

– No, he has Stella. – I kind of like this guy. – He has Stella. – [Joe] I’m gonna join him. – He has Stella. – [Dave] Pardonme Belchin, it is your turn. – It’s my turn? – All right, I won’t join him. Sorry. – I see you thinking about me though, Keery.

Ponder it. There’s still time. – When Joe Keery gets to operating independently. – Joe Keery would never join him. – [Dave] This is what you must understand. You can live and serve me, or you can die and serve me. Yes. Pardonme Belchin, it is your turn. – You don’t scare me.

Because I am not afraid of death. That’s what I have against you. You live off of fear. A fear of what? Nothing but, malarkey, that’s all it is. That’s all it is. And I would’ve gotten- – Malarkey? – Malarkey. – I’m the greatest lich in the multiverse. – Oh, he’s the greatest.

– I’m the master of death. – [Gaten] Oh the master of death? – Malarkey? – Malarkey. Well I dig graves, good sir. And I know that it’s nothing. It means nothing, not to me at least. And I will. Will a guiding bolt do anything here?

– [Dave] So yes. You have a few options. – I figured. – [Dave] You have a few things you can do. – Go through those options for me, please. – Yes, you can guiding bolt him. You can try and heal your friends. You can do a pretty significant amount

Of healing to everyone, if you so choose. Basically you can heal one person for a lot, or everyone for a little. – Here’s the thing. I would love to heal everybody for a little, but you’re all so low on health anyway, that if I do that and he hits us once again,

We’re still gonna die. – I think it’s a waste of a go. – I think it’s a waste of a go. – Perfect. – However, I’m trying to think of who here has the best shot of messing this dude up, if I were to genuinely get a good amount of help going.

But I think if anybody here is gonna be any match, it’s gotta be me. Sorry guys, I know it sounds selfish, but. – No, no no no. It doesn’t sound selfish. – What I will tell you. – Tell me now. – Next round, if you want to coordinate

With Lady Applejack, there might be some stuff you could do. But she’s already gone in this round. But next round. – Next round. – [Dave] You guys can do something. Right now, you got your guiding bolt. – ‘Cause the guiding bolt, if I send a guiding bolt his way,

It ups the damage for the next turn for her, right? – It does. You also have something called dawn, where you can call down a burning pillar of sunlight, that will stay there on him if you want, also. – What’ll that do? – [Dave] It’ll burn him, set him on fire.

– I’ll set him on fire, I like fire. – [Dave] Would you like to cast dawn? – You know what? Honestly, I think I want to go for a hail Mary here. And I want him out of here. And I think the best way of doing it is to link up here.

I know we’ve had our differences, but I hope you’ll pull through. – [Joe] Lady Applejack’s sill here? – Yeah. I know, right? I’m gonna go with a guiding bolt. – Perfect. Now, again. Since I’m introducing this in layers of complexity, you can actually cast a bigger guiding bolt.

You can cast it at a higher level. – I want the biggest of bolts. – The biggest of bolts. I assumed you wanted the biggest of bolts. Roll this D20 for me. – Should I just roll it on the screen? Or can I just roll here?

– Whichever you like. – This is more fun. – 13. – That actually is enough. – Whoa. – Yes. That is enough to hit him. You are gonna roll 10D6. – 10. – You can either. – [Dave] You can do it here. 10 of those bad boys. – Five, six.

– It’s a group effort. – Seven, eight. – Pull those sixes. – Nine, 10. – [Gaten] All right. Get ready for some math. – [Dave] High math coming in, from the guiding bolt. – We’ve got, we got a six. We got a three. We got a three. We got two twos.

We got a one. We got a five. We got a four. And we have two ones. – [Dave] Give me the total. – Oh, shit. – I’m gonna show you a easy trick, by the way. – I think 29. – 29, perfect. All right. I don’t need any easy tricks. 29, all right. Perfect. – I was definitely using my fingies to count under the table. I don’t know if the camera caught me counting under the table.

– [Dave] There is no shame. I mean, that’s what got Veckna in this mess. – I was pretending like I was doing it in my head. I was lying. I was using my fingies. That is lying hand? – [Dave] That is lying hand of Veckna. – That’s where I found that.

Dude, I got your trinket. – I know. I want it back. – Sorry, bro. Perfect. You blast him, and he begins to glow radiantly, and just looks down at his hands again. And actually roll that D20 one more. – It’s a 13 again. – Okay perfect. You shot him.

You had advantage, it could have been higher. – That’d been great. – Perfect. – Just for curiosity’s sake. – However he is now glowing, Sir Chadwick, with the guiding bolt. It is your turn. He is undead. – I just want to attack. – You are good at this.

Roll your two attacks, as you run up on him. – [Finn] So two D20s? – [Dave] Two D20s, yep. You just roll them both. – Eight. – That is not going to be enough, even with your significant attack bonus. – Come on, buddy. – 20. – 20, nat’ 20. Oh no.

– So. No, no, this okay. This is good. This is good. That was my thinking face. That’s not my bad face. – That wasn’t a sucks for you face. – So, you are about to inflict a significant amount of damage on him. I assume you would to smite him. – Yes.

– I assume you would to hit him as hard as you possibly can. – Absolutely. – Right? Perfect. You know what? Let’s stack this up. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here. You have a few spells you can use that would actually make this worse, if you like.

You have what is called a branding smite, where your sword will catch on fire. – Any other spells? – Not. Well, you have other spells, but not- – That would help me in this. – Directly relevant to this. – Yeah, I’ll try that. I’ll try the fire smiting thing. – Perfect, okay.

So you roll that, your damage there. Which I believe that was a D10, D10 plus six. Roll that, and then you’re gonna double that number. – [Finn] 70. – So seven would be 14. 19. And then your smite is going to go off. He is undead, so you hit him for extra.

And let’s see how hard you are gonna mite him. So you hit him for 19, and he looks down for a second and opens his mouth like he’s about to say something, and (mimics explosion) the smite goes off. A blinding flash, where you hit him for another 60 points of damage.

– Whoa. – Whoa. – Blowing chunks off of him, and staggering him backwards. And this is the first time he looks at you, and you see the slightest hint of fear in his eyes. – That’s awesome. – As he stumbles backwards here from your divine smite.

Perfect. That was a good round for you guys. But that brings us to the top of round two. Joe Kerry, it is your turn again. Veckna is on the ground now. Your friend has engaged him. What would you like to do? – Is there, you mentioned earlier that these two could team up.

Can I team up with someone, and kind of do something bad to him? – There’s a specific ability that he has, that works really well with an ability that she has. That’s why. Not that you can’t cooperate. It just so happens, they synergize quite well. – We’re locked and loaded here. So sorry.

It’s sort of casting. – That’s okay. I guess I’ll stick to shooting him again. – [Dave] Shoot him. Roll it twice. – I want to shoot him again. So that’s 15 to start with. – That is not enough to hit him. – [Finn] Go for it again, buddy. – It worked last time.

– [Finn] It did work last time. – Hey, feel it. – Bring it in. – Feel it. – 20. – 20, that is not enough to hit him. And you see the arrow arcing right towards his one remaining eye. He just breaks it, throws it down. – He’s making a fool to me.

– Yeah. You were the fool to think you could face Veckna. – I hate him. I hate him. – How many points have you got left? – I’ve got 28. – And how many of you got left? No you got a bunch. – I’ve got 48. – [Dave] And Lady Applejack, how much?

– 21. – 21? – 21. – 21. – I completely. I dropped the ball, guys. – That might be, yeah. – No, it’s kind of, it might really not be. – No. He’s gonna do it. All you give me con’ saves again. He’s going to hit you all with the life drain again.

Here’s the problem, you all. He does 42 points of damage, if it works. He does 21, even if you succeed. He’s going to stop Sir Chadwick, no matter what. Lady Applejack has a chance to get out of this though. – So I’m dead? – Well, death is a kind of complex process.

You’re about to be knocked unconscious. – [Gaten] It’s more complicated. – Oh okay. – [Dave] You’re about to be knocked unconscious. – So if my hit points are gone, it doesn’t mean that I’m dead. – Correct? – Got it. – It’s a fairly complex process of how to die.

But all of you give con’ saves. Constitution saves, everybody. – [Gaten] And constitution, that’s where I shine. – Again, you kind. Well still give it to me, Sir Chadwick. ‘Cause it might matter whether or not you’re at zero or- – Nine. – 11. – 11. – [Dave] 11? What was it?

– 11. – 15. – [Dave] 11, all right. – 15. – 15. – [Dave] How many hit points did Lady Applejack have? – 21. – Okay, perfect. Both Lady Applejack and Sir Chadwick collapse to the ground. How many hit points have you got left? – I’ve got 11, 28 left.

– You did not make the save. That means you took 42 points. – I’m the only one left. – [Dave] Pardonme Belchin. – Yeah? – Your friends collapse around you. – I take 21 points, did I? – 21 points. Well no, actually I don’t think you made it- – I made 15. – 42 total. – In total. – How many do you have? – I have seven. Seven. Your friends collapse.

Veckna looks down at them. (groaning) – Six, sorry. – The foolishness of mortality. Look at you, all your good works, all your grand adventure, only to collapse in ruin before me. So, what now? Do you think you can strike me down, cleric? Fine. Try your best. I won’t even intervene. – I have this rage and this need to just, well not smite, ’cause you do that. But I have this rage and need to just chuck the hammer at full force towards his head.

But I understand that death works in mysterious ways. And I know now that in a time in which I feel, I think I need to be as selfless as possible here. I need to help. The only way I think is gonna work, is if I keep being a team player.

So I’m gonna use that healing spell we talked about before. Not the mass one. I’m gonna heal the crap out of her. – You can do that as a bonus action. It’s not gonna heal her by much, but it will get her back to her feet. And you can still do something else.

– I thought so. Okay, great, great, great, great, great. – Still can do something else. – Okay, great, great, great. Okay. – Hi. – Hi. – Welcome back. How you feeling? – Worn out. – Garbage, right? – You come back to consciousness. Everything’s hurting, Lady Applejack. You are still grievously wounded,

But you are back in the fight. And what else would Pardonme Belchin like to do? – I have to go, I gotta. I’m not used to playing magical creatures. I’m used to going the range route. But I gotta look at these spells. Can I? I’m gonna do path to the grave.

– Gonna mark him with the path to the grave. So what that is, you are a grave cleric. You can basically make him vulnerable to the next thing that hurts him. – Yeah. That’s right. – The next attack. We were talking about that before. Okay, great. – [Dave] You’re gonna mark him.

Are you gonna say anything when you mark him with the path to the grave? – Surprise, mother (laughing) – Lady Applejack, technically you were unconscious for your turn. But again, we’re here to have fun. So I’m gonna go ahead and let you take your action now.

As you get back to your feet, it seems like Veckna either hasn’t noticed you, or is just ignoring you. So, go ahead and roll. You can roll twice and take the higher one. – 20. Wait. – 20, 20, 20, 20. – 20, 20, 20, 20.

– No, for real. For real, for real, for real. Like, actually, for real. – You are the luckiest. – That is so sick. – I need you to know something. He still has so many hit points. But this means you are going to do four times as much damage. So here’s how this is gonna, this is gonna work. You are gonna roll 7D6. So give her seven, seven of these.

– You got a couple there. – We have enough. Three, six, seven. – And then give her 1D8, if you would there. Just help her find the D8. – [Gaten] That’s this guy, right? – It is. – Cool. – And you are also gonna give her one of these triangles.

Give her a D4. Would you clear all those out? Make it simple. Okay, and you’re gonna roll all of that. And you’re gonna do four times that much damage. Geez, I cannot believe that you were actually, literally about to kill him. – I think 26. – [Dave] 26. – So now you do four times 26 damage. – Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So that would be. – 26. – You’re gonna do 104 points of damage to him. He had 102 left. – You did something. – That was. – Tell me what it looks when Lady Applejack kills Veckna. What does she do to win it? – So, Lady Applejack goes in with a stab. – [Gaten] Goes in with it. – She slices his head off. Then she stabs him in his eyeball.

– [Gaten] His one eyeball. – Lady Applejack. – Then he goes in. She goes in for a stab with a head split. Yeah. – [Gaten] Just like that. – You see he opens his mouth like he’s about to say something else, and (mimics cutting through flesh) down the middle.

And his body collapses, and that book falls out. – Oh, the book. – And everything around you begins to ripple and shimmer, and the darkness passes away, and you are back in Hawks End. And you see all the people are standing there looking confused. But the book, Joe. The book.

As you’re steering at it, it looks it is made out of flesh of some kind, with the face like a growling demon carved in the cover of it. And there are metal bindings down it. And it’s like, it’s whispering to you. Joe. Joe. Joe. – Oh, I’ve gotta read this thing.

– And as Joe reaches out for the book of vile darkness. – Oh, I didn’t it was called that. – That is a wonderful place for us to stop. Gotta save something for the sequel, right? Congratulations to you all. And especially you, yes. You killed Veckna, yes. – That was crazy. – I need you to know, I absolutely would have killed all of you, and let that be the end of the story. Be like, I guess Veckna wins. That’s the ending.

So we rolled the dice, and landed on a level 20 good time. – Thanks to the Hell Fire Club for playing, glorious Lady Applejack. Thank you at home for watching Netflix Geeked. And until next time, go out there, roll some dice, and have some fun. Thank you all so much. Bye bye.

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