Adopted By PRO HACKERS In Minecraft!

Adopted By PRO HACKERS In Minecraft!

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This little minecraft player is all alone but when she’s attacked and almost mega bites the dust she’s saved by hackers these hackers decide to adopt her and teach her everything she needs to know about hacking in minecraft but this ability comes with a lot of power

And she’ll need to learn how to use it for good will her new hacker family be able to raise her to be a good hacker or will she turn evil let’s find out hey i’m in be sure to like and subscribe thanks excuse me does anyone have any food um

Do you have any food oh um i guess that means no okay thanks happy i don’t know where are you going uh oh oh do you have any food or emeralds please that’d be nice hey it actually gave me something what’s okay we got one thing but uh we need

More pieces to make a big nugget and i don’t know what can i eat this actually um yeah finally get all their emeralds and stuff like that oh we’re just the best aren’t we what’s up do you guys have any food please i want a poor little baby

Take a good look at that thing take your glasses off look at that hold on take a look uh what oh yeah a gold nugget [Laughter] All right insert instructions here attack village time to hack the village you get out of here all right fine sir gollum i command you go after the baby i don’t need you to keep running after the golden talk come on come on hurry hurry up Oh looks like she put the bridge up oh how clever you guys will never get over here oh maybe the golem all right you know what to do oh with some hacking can walk and walk [Laughter] this is find yourself into a bit of trouble there don’t worry about us we’ll just walk

Right over it [Laughter] god like i was able to control alt delete your puppy [Laughter] are you doing it the batteries shall we [Applause] god thank you for saving me are you all right kid oh yeah but i’m hungry i have nowhere to go i don’t live anywhere oh i can’t believe this we have to take her insane especially after those two were picking on her tell you what come with us and

We’ll be sure to get you some nice chips and i don’t even mean computer chips look at that dad joke level 100 achieved i can’t believe you’re being adopted by hackers all right we’re almost there a new house 2077 cyber lane home sweet home wow this

Place is huge and you have all of it wait these are how do you get past these doors okay come over here let’s show you a little trick all right what i get in the bowl okay gently down the stream merrily merrily merrily merrily hacking is a dream

All right here we go information super highway this is so cool there we go i’m just gonna hack my way in here now taking the shortcut huh where do i live now well come on in we’ll show you around so this household is for hackers only but you get your own hacker pad All right then in we go and one one one one always use secure passwords oh look at this place it’s a little small whoa welcome to your new so home they got computer and they got chairs and they got food nice space to call home but you know

What i think we could make it a little bit bigger and you know allocate some more space that’s a great idea okay frank the location and what is this i don’t need any room for me hope you like purple and we’re not done yet what what things we have one more surprise

We got your little bunny what a robot yeah we saw what those meanie hackers did to your other dog so we thought to give you a little upgrade oh thank you puppy oh this is so nice what else can i do as a hacker something like this and a little bit of that

What are you doing what are you what whoa whoa whoa whoa okay uh uh wow you teleported we sure did so first job in the hacker life goes off here is to make sure that everything is protected on the server we get a lot of responsibilities here so follow me okay

Just in case so if anything looks oh wait get there what is that robot it’s a robot this is a guard robot he helps keep the village safe and sound but looks like he’s not doing what iron golems are for huh well i mean we don’t need iron

Golems here we have technology i mean i guess the other one did betray us and everything okay all right all right let’s see what you can do let me see that’ll teach you we’ll never read and you can’t make us yeah give this to the royal guard it’s

Not a book it’s a tablet i was showing you online little jokes audience shows our whole lives are happening all right there we go perfect got the touch you got the power come on let’s go show those to a lesson oh i’m the robot this is so cool all right

Pierce i think it’s time we hack this house out of here don’t you think well looks like you beat him did i you sure did oh i was hoping to get that hacker uh well you’ll get another one soon i’m sure they’ll show back up soon wow thank you so much i really

Appreciate it you’re welcome just be careful i’m gonna go back to reading on my tablet the future of reading enjoy it on your tablet can i do it again okay i’m gonna get her now i’m gonna get oh hi here it is what is that ah it smells so good it’s coming from

Here oh what’s inside hello hi there what are you doing here i i saw something really good and i saw the smoke coming and i wanted to see what’s going on what is this ah smoke yeah it’s this is my cooking machine i made it so

I could just have a supply of cookies at any given time but they’re uh well they’re kind of not coming out too good hey i still got a few fresh cookies from before it broke want one oh yes i can take it one thank you and you know what

I’m saying so i can make it better actually all right let’s see i can do something like like this never figured out the computer tango network it should work this is oh let’s give it a try it’s a little smoky i worked hard on that yeah Did you have a cookie machine i made a cookie machine and i hacked it and you inflated boy with cookies yeah that’s a lot of cookies yeah he’s like a turkey but stuffed with cookies i have to i’m not mad but i’m disappointed casey you know this she’s being irresponsible

With her power with great hacking comes great responsibility and now you don’t get either one give me your hacking device that’s it young lady until i say so you are grounded from hacking I can’t believe the hackers are adopted by our party they were nice to me maybe i am overreacting oh what’s the matter little hacker oh little baby hack again all kinds of oh your rich hacker dad don’t wait why did sad so you could cry you you go cry actually

She’s crying oh um mom there’s no hack to stop your tears i’ve tried yeah no it’s it’s a lonely life leave me alone mom and dad they like me and you guys are just genies and you smell you both smell what don’t i hear you smell away and here we’re

Gonna involve you at a super cool super fun like hacker heist thing but don’t know i don’t want to but i hear it my thumbs are hurting you’re not [ __ ] you’re not gonna go to sleep maybe you aren’t that smelly um i mean i i want to

Be a hacker if i if i do a heist maybe maybe i’ll prove to my parents how good i am at it right i mean if that’s if that’s what works for you sure yeah of course how good you are in it yeah no and also i’ll be helping people and

That’s what my parents like me to help i hope yeah definitely helping and definitely not giving us all the money in the world yes yes classic steel from the um rich to get to the floor more like a steel farm everyone to give me things yeah yeah that one that one

Plus hey hey it’s gonna be a good chance to practice your hacking get that on your recipe you know don’t want your skills to get rusty all right i will help with this heist and uh what’s the heist oh you’ll find out look how secure it is it’s gotta have

Something good in it no no no no i understand you lost your hacking tablet it’s okay we got you another one another you go this one my hacking skills now how do we get up there it’s like the old hacking tablet you had but this one is bad

So now you’re one of us get your glasses on now first things first we gotta hop up there and get over walls we have a special hacking power well the you ready for this yes minecraft you can just try to jump but with our hacking skills you can jump and

Then jump and then jump and then jump and then jump it’s gonna take a while huh yeah it it it it does take a long time so are you guys ready oh no is your dad’s boat here yet okay we made it to the top now to get in

The safe of the bunk yeah just gotta just gotta hop up here there we go all right perfect we can lower a rope down into the safe what what how did you do that oh just a little bit of know-how and a little bit of c-plus rope okay uh do i

Go down i got a d-plus yeah go for it all right come on pierce did we get it can we get it i think i got it This little diamond right here just gonna Don’t trust anyone okay bye see ya [Applause] Oh this isn’t good this isn’t good how am i gonna get out of here without getting hurt wait a minute i can use my hacker ability the cheap one Okay made it past that uh go down something’s in the water something in the water wait a minute i saw them do this before they can do that walk on water give it a shot Just look at me oh how did i get past here i gotta go oh that was close okay okay next thing i gotta get out of oh let’s see okay what is Do something you know what this is awesome this just proves that no matter what i can hack with anything i can’t wait to get back to my hacker parents what’s happened the power and money is ours and all it took was one yes we will because we had money to buy better hacks

Yeah yeah you’re right the boat’s definitely better yes hey we got out hacked are you okay i’m sorry this was my fault i i made it so they could buy a new hat it’s well yes you did you know we probably would have done it without a

Thought i guess we do have you to thank yeah we could have thought it nearly as stylish what do you think what i’m gonna i’m gonna counteract wait what wait wait i see um [Laughter] welcome to our hacking base it’s uh we did hack it from another hacker but now it’s ours yeah fighters hackers keepers is what i say i can’t believe you guys have done this i’m so weak i’m weak without my family well day cry again yes

Ah no one’s gonna come help you we’ve hacked you away from everyone you’re here all alone and no one could possibly wait yeah this is oh let’s not build any lava yeah cool to look at not great for feet don’t worry hacker mom and dad i can stop this i’m

Going to hack the thing that makes them work Stop do we forget to pay the power bill again um my tablet ah wait my tablet’s not doing anything tablet doesn’t work my tablet’s not working either you took away our hacking how dare you lesson one in security boys always secure your network [Laughter] I’m so sorry i was so mean before i promise i’ll never use my hacking abilities for evil ever again oh well as long as you use your powers for good that’s all that matters and here have a new tablet that one’s last year’s model anyway wait how much how much was the old

Tablet um hey how about robo dog here you want to give him a patch i bet you guys are hungry yay hungry for a bite Hey kid kid what are you doing what are you doing no no no no no oh

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