Adult fantasy for beginners | Like this genre, try this fantasy book πŸ“–

Adult fantasy for beginners | Like this genre, try this fantasy book πŸ“–

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Hello friends so today’s video is going to be a list of some books that i think are fantastic if you are hoping to try and get into specifically adult fantasy so this is great for if you’re not usually a fantasy reader maybe you typically read young adult but you’re a

Little intimidated by adults these are great ones i think for trying to jump into that age range and shock before jumping into the video a big thank you to book of the month for working with me and many of you know book of the month is an online book subscription service

That has a variety of different genres and age ranges and every single month they used to have five books to choose from now they have five to seven so they have even more options you get a brand new hardback every month and if there’s one month that you want to skip you then

Can use that credit to get add-ons in other months a lot of my anticipated releases end up being book of the month books which is very convenient and for this particular month i’ll go ahead and jump into what the books are first up we have the thriller breathless it’s a

Chilling story of a mountaineering expedition gone very very wrong make sure you have your oxygen pack ready we also have the literary fiction yerba buena brimming with warmth and humanity this is a tale of two perfectly imperfect women yearning for something to call home we have a gothic fiction

Called the hacienda what would you do if the house you just moved into turned out to be haunted we’re talking some properly gothic stuff next up we have a historical fiction called take my hand the moving story of a fiercely protective nurse who will stop at

Nothing to get justice for the girls in her charge for the romance category we have part of your world this charming story of an unlikely small town romance will have you swooning and firmly reassured love can conquer all we also have a fantasy called darling girl with dreams as nightmares this gripping peter

Pan rewrite reveals a complicated story of fate and fortune and for an add-on you can get holly black’s news story book of night a big thank you again to book of the month for working with me if you’re interested in checking them out i’ll have some information and a code in

The description bar down below i have done a video like this in the past and i still stand by basically every book that i mentioned in that video but i don’t want to overlap and say any of those books again however i will have that video linked if you would like to see

Even more and i’m just going to list off really quick the books that i talked about in that video so that if any of those you’ve heard of and you want more information you know that you can jump into either that other video or other maybe in-depth reviews or things like

That that i’ve done so the books mentioned in that video we have a foundry side war breaker trader’s blade jade city red rising which is technically science fiction rage of dragons sword of kaigen and queen of blood like i said i still think those are all absolutely fantastic but i don’t

Want to repeat myself i’d like to give kind of an updated list and give you more options and i’m actually going to be going about this a little bit differently i wanted to try and find books that are great for if you enjoy other genres so the genres that i’m going to

Be correlating with a specific beginner adult fantasy book would be romance historical fiction anime and manga retellings and fairy tales thrillers and comic books and then mythology literary fiction i’ll have time stamps down below if you’re looking to jump to specific fantasy books for certain genres but all that to say finally

Jumping into it i’m gonna start with the romance one so for those of you that enjoy romance and maybe you like fantasy but you’re just not really finding any that are overlapping i think a good one to try would be the bridge kingdom the first two books in this series are

Essentially their own story so there is a good resolution to the plot at the end of this and then there’s going to be more books in the series that take place within the same world but just follow different characters so you can jump into this one and just read the first

Two books and it’s not a huge commitment they’re pretty short the chapters are short so you can fly through it it’s a very character driven story as you would expect from something that is more romance centered and its enemies to lovers so if you’re somebody who loves

That trope i find that that trope can be a challenge because sometimes it becomes unbelievable and while there is of course that tension that’s built in automatically usually with enemies to lovers sometimes when they’re enemies they say some pretty unforgivable things or do some pretty horrendous acts that you’re like i mean

How could you ever love them and so it can be a little bit of a difficult trope however this one i think does that trope fantastically the setup for the story is we follow two main perspectives which are the love interests in the story we have lara and aaron and laura is

Somebody who from the time that she was a little girl has been trained alongside her sisters to fulfill a marriage alliance as far as which sister is going to fulfill this marriage alliance you find out the details about that at the beginning of the story and laura ends up

Being the person who has to fulfill it and she has been trained to fight she’s been trained to be a spy her goal is to try and gain information about this kingdom that she’s being married into report back to her father so that he can finally use that knowledge to conquer

Them because they’re essentially unconquerable lara believes that this particular kingdom is responsible for the hardships of her people and so when she first arrives she thinks aryn is a terrible person and she thinks that he is an awful king who just doesn’t care about anybody outside of his own country

But then as she is starting to discover more about him and the bridge kingdom she’s saying there’s a lot more to it than she ever expected and then he is fully anticipating that she is going to be trying to gain information and so that is why they are enemies initially but as

They come to get to know one another they start trying to work together and i was really surprised because of somebody who loves fantasy i if i’m going to read a fantasy romance i still want the fantasy right i still want all the the great scheming or whatever fantasy

Thing is really significant to the plot i still want all those things plus great character relationship building and i feel like this one delivered in that the politics in this are really great and the way that the author has thought through how one kingdom relates to another how being an ally

With this one affects an alliance with this kingdom and then if you do something with this group over here well now they used to be allies but they don’t like you partnering with them so now they’re your enemy she thinks through all that she thinks through the literal navigating of this country

Because it’s made up of different islands and that’s in part why it’s so difficult to conquer in general i just thought the politics the economy all those things were fantastic they weren’t overwhelming they didn’t necessarily take over but it definitely contributed to these characters having to work together

For those who really enjoy historical fiction i have two recommendations one would be shu who became the sun and then the other would be lancelot the story is following a certain time period in history it’s following a certain figure in history but with a little bit of a

Twist and so we have this main character who believes that destiny should be hers she specifically believes that the destiny that was meant for her brother should be hers and so now she is trying to live out her life as him in every way possible and then you have

Another character that parallels her and this person is trying to gain revenge on behalf of their ancestors and how their destiny and the other character’s destiny how they end up intertwining i think is absolutely fascinating to follow on the inside cover it says to possess the mandate of heaven the hmong

Shoe will do anything and i think that absolutely perfectly captures this story because these characters are ruthless and just goes to show what people have to do in order to attain this level of power lancelot is a beautifully written story that as you would expect follows lancelot from the king arthur legend

And this book just transports you to a different time the way that the author writes their life it’s not a fast story it’s not a huge page turner it’s just something that sucks you in it is such a gorgeous writing style and i can’t really i can’t really pinpoint why it’s just

The way that he brings everything to life i just think is fantastic and so lancelot you follow him from the time that he’s very young and he has a quite tragic life and you’re just seeing him go from a boy to a man and if you’re somebody who

Enjoys bloodsong i always feel the need to say check out lancelot because they’re both great but either way i just found the story man there’s there’s passages that i just had to read and sit with because they’re so moving and i think that this author captures

This is to sound silly but just human interactions really well and he captures different kinds of relationships really well so where a lot of books may be it’s all about somebody’s love interest or it’s all about somebody’s bond with their sibling things like that because you’re following this character from the

Time they’re young you explore all sorts of different kinds of relationships you see friends you see people they fall in love with you see people that they see as mentors as parental figures you see all these different relationships and it’s just a beautiful tragic story and i highly recommend it if you’re somebody

Who enjoys historical fiction because it doesn’t really feel like fantasy it feels like you’re reading it honestly feels like you’re watching a movie because of just the way that he’s able to bring everything to life if you’re somebody who typically reads a lot of manga or you enjoy watching anime

Or both then i would highly recommend reading never die so this is technically a standalone book that i believe takes place in a world that has other books written in it as well so if you end up liking the book there are other ones that you can check out

But this one in particular follows right at the beginning you see a character die and then they are brought back to life and the person who brought them back to life has this ability to do this and they now are bound to this child it’s actually a little boy who’s doing this

And now this boy he has a mission and he needs to recruit the best fighters in the world to serve him and so you find characters that either are dead that he brings back to life or you find characters that are still alive but they might need to be taken out the book

Does action scenes really well i’m actually somebody who’s quite picky with action scenes and in this one it felt like i was watching an anime or it felt like i was playing a video game i felt like i was playing tekken while i was reading this book and

It even the way that it titles the the chapters whenever you have one character that’s to face off against another character is very much the you know like eddie gordo versus jin kazama it just feels like oh we’re here we go whether we’re getting ready and they have different fight styles if you

Are someone who enjoys thrillers and or comic books i highly recommend checking out vicious and it’s sequel vengeful by v.e schwab if you really like following characters that are not exactly good people this is a great one to pick up so the setup is it’s our own world and it is

Not widely known but there is this conspiracy theory we’ll call it that some people who die but immediately come back to life there is a belief that when that happens some people gain powers kind of x-men type of powers where everybody’s powers are a little bit different and most people are like oh

That’s not a thing they’re called eos and most people are like that’s not a thing that’s just whatever some weird belief that people have but we follow these two men who decide they’re going to try and research this and in doing this research they’re also thinking well maybe we should try

To do it ourselves and see if we can gain any powers because that would be the ultimate way to discover it for ourselves and so you get a split timeline or a better way to put it i think would be a fractured timeline because it’s not like

You have the past and present you have the past when they were in college hour before you have present day you have three days before and then it’s all kind of pieced together as you go which i think makes for a very interesting reading experience but in present day these two young men

Hate each other and you see in the past that they got along and that they were basically best friends and you’re like what happened and you also see the effects of their experimentation and they are not exactly good people if you’re somebody who enjoys retellings and fairy tales i would check out

Daughter of the moon goddess so this one i i actually thought this was young adult when i was first seeing it talked about leading up to its release and then when it was released it’s adult but i do think it still is a book that if you are

Somebody who typically reads young adult you could very easily read this a big theme in it is kind of a coming of age discovering yourself sort of story and so i think that’s something a lot of people can relate to and if you’re older you can still sort of tap into that

Feeling and just still the sense of discovering yourself i think is something that goes beyond a specific age i think people are constantly having to reshape and they change based off of what has happened in their life and so you see that happen here we follow a character

Who is the daughter of the moon goddess this goddess was forced into isolation and her daughter nobody actually knew that she has this daughter and so it’s very important that her daughter’s identity is kept a secret and there is a threat brought upon them and the main

Character decides that she is going to keep her identity a secret but she’s going to try to do what she can to save her mother from this isolation and she’s living now among these celestial beings so they’re kind of immortal and you see the way in which time is captured in the

Story sometimes a lot of time will pass but you as the reader will be reading and you’re like oh i guess a year passed already and so i think the author captures the feeling of immortality very well in the story which is something i find in a lot of fairy

Tales like fae stories they don’t age the same way it says here too on the front a retelling inspired by the mid-autumn legend and at the time that i’m filming this this book its sequel i believe is set to be released this year and it is a duology so if you enjoy this

First one you can then check out that second one as well last for today we have mythology and literary type of stories so there are so many fantasy books now coming out that are retellings of mythology and specifically often characters in mythology that previously the focus was not on

And so there are so many books that i could mention for this one and if i do another video like this in the future or if i do a whole video focused on mythology then there are so many more i could talk about but for today and the

Last one is going to be the witch’s heart so this follows on grabota who was one of the wives to loki anger boda is not one of the gods however she does have her own kind of magic that the gods are very interested in and so she tries to keep herself secluded

And hidden from the rest of the gods but she does bond with loki there’s this relationship between them and just following her life it’s actually incredibly tragic but there are so many moments that are so beautiful and if you’re the kind of person when you’re reading a mythology or a retelling of a

Mythology i should say if you like seeing the more human side to gods and goddesses then i think this is a really good one because sometimes in these stories it’s hard to connect because they behave so differently so with this you actually see this human side of them coupled with

Because they live for so long the way that they are different from humans the way they’re set apart and that does create some challenges between angra boda and loki but in general this character her love for her children her confidence in herself her ability to be

Content with the things that she has and how that’s disrupted because of just this one particular aspect of her life it’s just i think absolutely beautiful it’s one that i didn’t think that i was going to be so gripped by but i really really enjoyed this story that’s it for some adult

Fantasy for beginners feel free to leave your own recommendations like i said i will have my other video linked as well as any more in-depth videos in the description bar down below but anyway thanks so much for watching i hope you have a great rest of your day and i’ll

See you all later bye

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