Aflatoon (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Akshay Kumar | Urmila Matondkar – Popular 90’s Comedy Movie

Aflatoon (HD) - Hindi Full Movie - Akshay Kumar | Urmila Matondkar - Popular 90's Comedy Movie

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Hail Lord Shiva! Hail Lord Shiva! Greetings, sir! – Greetings. Is the boss ready? – He had gone to the temple with you. He had gone to the temple with me? What are you saying? Looks like you’ve forgotten him again. Good Lord, how will he get here now? Chirkut!

Keep it all. Keep it all. Chirkut! Chirkut! Chirkut! – Coming, sir. Coming, right away. Forgive me, sir. I made a mistake. – Come fast. Forgive me, sir. Till when? How many times? Sir, I don’t do it intentionally. I have an illness of forgetting. It happens. Do you forget to eat?

Do you forget to breathe or wear clothes? You don’t forget to take your salary on time either. Talking about salary.. sir, I want the salary a little earlier this month. Salary? What is that? Even I have forgotten. Sir, I am a poor man. I will be ruined.

I told you to find a good boy for my daughter. Did you do it? But sir, you didn’t say what kind of a boy you want. It doesn’t matter how the boy is. He could be ugly for all I care. But he should have more money than me.

He should have a bigger bungalow than mine. He should have a bungalow in every city of India. A beautiful bungalow. Hey, Raja, come on. Here, wear your clothes. Good morning, sir. Raja, come. You are being released from this Azad Singh’s jail. Is it? Here, take this. Your 16 months’ earnings. Sir, money!

I read your file. Nice. You turned out to be true. The court had to agree that you hadn’t bombed the minister’s car. Yes, the court agreed. But after 16 months. Sixteen months back I was screaming out.. ..that I did not place the bomb.. ..and you people wanted to drag me out here.

You took away 16 months of my life. Where do I get those 16 months from? I don’t understand.. you were arrested if you hadn’t put the bomb. Sir, when a man’s time is ill-fated.. ..everything slips away from his grasp. Very sad. But bygones are bygones.

Just as a father tells his daughter when she gets married.. ..that she shouldn’t do anything which will make her come back.. the same way I tell every prisoner.. ..don’t do anything which will make you come back. Good. Very good. Now, go home from here. Sir, I will go home but via Dubai.

Sir.. Okay. Greetings. Ring? No, I must have left it at home. Come on, get down. Hey, Babloo. How are you? Hey, Raja. Raja! Mother! Mother! – Son! Mother, you are crying? Look, Mother, if you cry, so will I. I’m seeing you after so long that’s why I’m crying.

No, Mother. Look, what I’ve got for you? Hold this. Here, Mother, a shawl for you. A saree from Dubai. Mother, I have got slippers for you too. They are so soft that not a single stone will prick you. Take this. – My great son. Did you think of me in Dubai? Dubai. Mother!

What happened? – No, Mother. I used to remember you each and every moment. Raja, how did you become so fair? Mother, everything was air-conditioned. The house too. The cars.. just about everything. You couldn’t see the sun there. In that case you won’t like it here. What are you saying?

When I have spent all my life here.. can I belong to Dubai in just two years? Never. Not at all. May you live long. You haven’t changed at all after your stint abroad. Son, how have your hands become so tough? I had a car. A very expensive one.

I wouldn’t give it to a driver. I drove it myself. – Okay. Driving the car has made my palms tough. With your love, everything will be okay. You’ve travelled a long distance. You must be tired. I am not tired. I reached in two hours. Two hours? – What else? I came by plane.

You came by plane? – Mother, do one thing. Take a look at all your things. I’ve got a perfume too. I am going to meet my friends, Mother. Hey, Raja. Hey. Come fast. Calm down guys. Put me down. You’ll have a long life, Raja, I swear by God.

Honestly Raja, we’ve been talking about you. I can’t believe it that Raja is in front of us. Tell us, did you break the jail or tear down the wall? Neither of those two. I didn’t commit any crime, friends, I am walking free. – Is it so? Your body looks great.

He would be doing exercise daily. – Very nice. Perfectly fit. Raja, we are hungry. Can we have something to eat. – Yes, yes. We’re very hungry, pal. – You are hungry? Guys, he is hungry. You are hungry? Hit me. I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten for years. Look at my stomach.

Look. – But Raja, we’ve been hungry since years. Raja, give us a party today. – Yes, party.. Party! – Yes.. What great food! After so many days we’ve been lucky to get good food. Not so many days but for the first time.. ..we are lucky to get such great food. Eat.

Raja, I won’t fall ill eating this, will I? Hey, are you crazy? Can anyone fall ill eating such good food? Burping in public! Cheapo! Let it be. Let him eat. Raja, our stomach isn’t used to eating such food. What if we get food-poisoning? – Our Balwant got lucky.

Yes. He is the most lucky man today. Sometime back, he was a regular clerk earning Rs.500. Today, he’s a billionaire. – Yes. Mr. Lalwani’s generosity is also worth praising. His only daughter fell in love with a regular clerk from his office. Instead of firing him, he made him his son-in-law.

I wish we had such luck. – Yes. Don’t get worked up unnecessarily. Ups and downs happen in illicit business. – Tea. This week, Bobby Deol’s movie is going to be released. I heard that it is a very good movie. Buy the tickets. – What do you mean, buy tickets? I only have Rs.250.

If I had money, I would buy 300 tickets and sell one for Rs.300. Okay. Why is our Michael Jackson looking like Pankaj Udhas? Raja, where are you lost? Raja, you are sitting like a lost leader. Tell us, what’s the problem? Nothing. I am just thinking.

But at least tell us what you are thinking. I realised at the wedding yesterday.. ..that it is very easy to become a billionaire. It’s easy to be a billionaire? Do you see this city? There are thousands of billionaires here. All that has to be done is find a billionaire girl..

..fall in love, and marry her. And Raja will become a billionaire. It is easy to think but tough to happen. – Yes.. It is just tough not impossible, right? I was disillusioned. I always thought that only smart and hardworking would earn money.

But it was a wrong idea. That bridegroom has changed my life. He has shown me a new way. I have decided that henceforth.. ..all I have to do is leave all my work.. ..and look for a billionaire’s daughter. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you wish with a true heart, you find God. How difficult would it be to find a billionaire girl? What say, Aslam? Are you guys with me? Yes, why not? – Now, there’s only one aim in life. Raja will marry a billionaire girl. ‘Our Balwant was really lucky.’

‘Sometime back, he was a regular clerk earning Rs.500.’ ‘He’s a billionaire today.’ Raja. – Yes, Mother. Son, promise me that you won’t go to Dubai again. I don’t want to go. I agree there’s everything there, but Mother.. ..there is no freedom out there. – Really?

Now, Mother, I’ll just be with you and serve you. I will make so much money that my mother will eat in a golden plate. Oh God! It will take 20 to 25 years to make so much money. Just one year, Mother. Just one year. I’ll take such a short cut that your son..

..will become a billionaire straight away. Look, don’t do anything wrong to earn a quick buck. Wrong thing? Do you think your son will do such a thing? No, son. – Mother, I promise you, I won’t do anything wrong. I have thought of a business. I have been thinking about that.

If I can get my mother’s blessings, then everything will go well. My blessings are always with you. The eyes have tired out. Come out now at least. Come. Ohh, here she comes. Your dream girl will be in this bus. Look, such cute girls are getting off. Wow. Whenever he thinks, he thinks small.

C class people of the B category. Low people. What status do they have? They are born in the river and die in the gutter. C class! This is what we call a girl. What a girl! “Friends, I’ve gone crazy.. – Gone crazy.” “Look I’m wounded.. – Wounded.” “I am searching for you everywhere.”

“I am asking your name and address.” “What number should I call?” “I search you in my heart, I am obsessed.” “Maverick..” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” “Maverick, he is a maverick.” “It seems she is hiding somewhere.” “My fate has stopped working for me.” “It seems she is hiding somewhere.”

“My fate has stopped working for me.” “If I find her, I will find some peace.” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” “Maverick, he is a maverick.” “Make your tresses my chain.” “Don’t bother about my life, shoot the arrow.” “Make your tresses my chain..” “Don’t bother about my life, shoot the arrow.”

“I forgive, oh killer, you killing me.” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” “Maverick, he is a maverick.” “Whether fair or dark, anyone will do.. – Will do.” “As long as she’s rich, anyone will do.” “Whether fair or dark, anyone will do.” “As long as she’s rich, anyone will do.”

“I don’t care if she wears a sari or a pant.” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” “Maverick, he is a maverick.” “Friends, I’ve gone crazy.. – Gone crazy.” “Look I’m wounded.. – Wounded.” “I am searching for you everywhere.” “I am asking your name and address.” “What number should I call?”

“I search you in my heart, I am obsessed.” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” “Maverick, I am a maverick.” This poor man is dead. Aslam, he was a genius. – Bring it here. He was top ranker in every class. What’s the use of such education? He is not alive anymore.

That’s why I didn’t waste time studying. It all has to do with fate. Look, here is an appointment letter. Looks like, he got a job as a professor in Jamnadas. He was going to join there. – Which college did you say? Jamnadas. He’s deaf. What? Jamnadas college, where the rich kids go.

So? – Raja, boys and girls. Girls. Just think. His accident.. ..his file coming to you, his death.. ..the rich kids studying at Jamnadas college.. ..are all the tricks played by God above. Looks like God will fulfill my wish here. A rich man’s daughter.

Mr. Parimal Chaturvedi, this is the first time in our college.. ..we are appointing a young professor for our young students. Thank you very much. – Who else is in your family? Just my mother. – Mother? But in the application you said you were an orphan.

I was absolutely right. By mother I mean Mother India. Keep one thing in mind, Mr. Parimal.. ..all the students in this college are from rich homes. That’s why I have come here, my love. What did you say? I know. I understand. Any complaint against you from any student can cost you your job.

Which stupid fellow wants to work here all his life? This rose is nice. Chacha Nehru had this hobby. So do I. Oh. Good. You can go to your class. Your students are waiting impatiently for their new professor. They couldn’t be more impatient than me. Okay. Pooja, don’t do that. Please don’t throw it.

Pooja, please listen to me, come on stop! Please don’t do that, we get hurt. Don’t do that! You silly girl, why are you throwing this? She’s good. Silence! Silence! Here’s another new admission. Yes. But I am not a student, I am a professor. Professor? Wow! Such a handsome professor! Thank you.

Please sit down. My name is Professor Parimal Chaturvedi. You people can call me Raja too. Hi Raja. I mean hello sir. Sir, you should have been a Physics professor. There is action in it. Reaction too. Why did you choose a boring subject like History? I agree that History is boring.

But if you study History like a mystery.. ..then History can become very interesting. There’s everything in History. War, fights, peace, victory and loss, hatred, affection. Affection means love. Love. Tell me one thing, how many of you are in love? Poonam, raise your hand. – Why?

What do you mean why? What is Rajesh to you? Raise your hand. Come on. Shame on you all. The percentage of love is so low in this class. Okay, tell me one thing. How many of you are waiting for love? Pooja, raise your hand. Raise your hand.

Raise it. – Raise your hand, come on. Raise it, my love. Very good. Now I am sure, the result of this class will be 100%. Now we will start our studies with love. Love means affection, romance. – Oh no! Okay students. We’ll study this lesson tomorrow. Nice meeting you all. See you sir.

Sir. – Yes? Would you tutor us about love, other than in class? – No. Raja, listen, they didn’t find out, right? I don’t believe it. Imagine my condition. What? – So many boys and girls saying, good morning sir. Good afternoon sir, good evening sir, good night sir.

After every word, there is a sir. My head started spinning. That one word has made me feel light enough to take flight. I started flying. – Were you able to do what you went for? Did you catch a billionaire girl? Every girl studying there is a billionaire. Catch someone. – I would.

But I can’t decide who is more of a billionaire and the only child. That’s simple. Ask the girls. Are you mad? You want me to ask them who’s the richest among them? Stupid. We’ll have to think of something else. I have an idea. Raja, carefully. Raja, are you absolutely sure..

..that the students’ records’ file is in the principal’s office? If we get the right girl’s file.. ..then I’ll surely have a billion or two in my name. – Is it so? Yes. Hey! – What happened? You found the file? Look, the book. – Book? Hari Om. – Come fast.

What about the book? – Get here quickly. It’s the same one. – The same one? That one. – Oh, yes, that one. Good, give it to me. I’ll keep it. You’ll get spoilt, stupid. The principal behaves as if she’s the most decent person. You know, I hate these kinds of characters.

I don’t like such people. They see such dirty books. Hey, I hope you don’t have any affair with the principal, do you? Fool! You think I’ll have an affair with her? Insolent! Let’s see that iron cupboard. – Yes. Hold this. This is the record I wanted. – Is it?

What girls! But find a good one for Raja. This one’s good. Show me. – She looks good. She’s great as our sister-in-law. – What a girl! If there’s so much of jewellery on her body.. ..just imagine how much will be there in her father’s locker.

Just think. – You think we need a girl for WWF? How many times I’ve told you? She should look beautiful. That means, this is rejected. – I got her. She’s gorgeous. Looks like Sridevi. – Show me. Parul Shah. Four brothers and two sisters.

How many times I’ve told you? She should be the only child. Have you seen the business? He sells underwear. It will be great then. We’ll get underwear for free. Shut up! – What rubbish? Hey, what are you looking for? There was a girl. She was very beautiful. I can’t find her form.

Where is her form? Is it this? This is what I was searching for. Where’s the paper? Pooja Vidya Prakash. I was praying that she doesn’t turn out.. be a millionaire but a billionaire. She has a bungalow in Malabar Hill. So, from today we all swear.. ..that Pooja is your sister-in-law. – Yes!

Pooja is our sister-in-law. – Pooja is your sister-in-law. Sir. Good morning sir. – Good morning. Sir, today is the annual function of our college. All the lecturers and professors are coming. You must also come. I am not different. I’ll surely come. And anyway, this school and college is my family.

What time is the function? – Tonight at 8.00pm. “O fair one, where are you going? We know you are in love.” “How did it happen? What did you say? Did he touch you?” “Did something happen to you?” “Don’t fool us.” “Don’t hide it from us.” “Oh fair one, my heart was stolen.”

“I lost my sleep, and my peace.” “I didn’t realise when the sun set or night arrived.” “I didn’t know when we spoke.” “Oh what do I tell you?” “Oh what do I hide from you?” “My beloved loves this vermilion on my forehead, and these earrings.”

“After meeting, my beloved for sometime, I came home.” “My beloved loves this vermilion on my forehead, and these earrings.” “After meeting my beloved for sometime, I came home..” “Where is your lipstick? Where’s your earring?” “There’s no vermilion on your forehead!” “Your kohl has gone, your hair is disheveled.”

“Oh what do I tell you? Oh what do I hide from you?” “It is about that day when he called, I went to his room.” “The door closed because of the wind and the window was shut too.” “It is about that day when he called, I went to his room.”

“The door closed because of the wind and the window was shut too.” “Tell us what happened there. Tell us what didn’t happen there.” “Did your heart race? Did your mind wander?” “Oh what do I tell you? Oh what do I hide from you?”

“Oh fair one, where are you going? We know you are in love.” “How did it happen? What did you say? Did he touch you?” “Did something happen to you?” “Don’t fool us. Don’t hide it from us.” “Oh fair one, my heart was stolen.” “I lost my sleep, and my peace.”

“I didn’t realise when the sun set or night arrived.” “I didn’t know when we spoke.” “Oh what do I tell you? Oh what do I hide from you?” “Don’t fool us. Don’t hide it from us.” “Oh what do I tell you? Oh what do I hide from you?”

Pooja is my only child. – Even he’s our only child. We want a beautiful bride for our handsome son. When my daughter ventures out, the moon also shies away. Son, I am not talking about that moon. My daughter is very homely and shy. Whichever house she goes to, she’ll bring in brightness.

Brother. Your daughter will come to our house. Sir, why will Pooja go to their house? After marriage, Pooja will go to their house, not yours. Marriage? They have come to talk about Pooja’s marriage. I see. Pooja’s marriage – I’m sorry. Here, Pooja has come too. Come. Listen, the girl looks homely.

Come, Pooja. This is Mr. and Mrs. Sehgal. This is their son, Vijay. Prepare the tea yourself. Ask them how much sugar they want. Oh no. – Sorry. Go fast. Get him to change his clothes quickly. Go dear, go. Yes, Daddy. Please come this way. Sorry. Actually, my daughter had become nervous.

What are you doing? I am showing you my true form. This? – Which cigarette will you have? 555, Marlboro, Rothmans or our own Wills? You smoke? – I drink too. Will you have a peg with me? I don’t drink. – Then have brown sugar. It’s in the bathroom.

You take brown sugar too? – Of course. It’s a lot of fun. And these are the days to enjoy. Fifteen factories and 12 bungalows. – But sir, who’s bungalow is this? It’s your father’s bungalow. It’s been a long time. I guess the boy and girl have liked each other. Oh no. Get lost.

My job is done. I accept all your conditions. Quickly find a good date. No, Daddy, I won’t marry this girl. What are you saying, son? What’s wrong with my daughter? There are only bad things. She smokes, drinks and takes drugs.

I don’t want to marry her. – God! We don’t want such a girl. Let’s go. – What are you saying, Mr. Sehgal? Please listen. Such a girl’s shadow shouldn’t fall in our home. Bye. Bye fool. Mr. Sehgal. – Daddy, where do you find such specimens? So all this was your mischief?

Not mischief, Daddy, this is called being smart. – Smart? If you don’t get married, you’ll remain a spinster for life. Why will I remain a spinster? I will marry, but not an idiot like this. You are the idiot. Do you know? His father has 15 factories and 12 bungalows. He is a billionaire.

When you are such a billionaire.. ..why do you need to look for a billionaire boy for me? Don’t be stubborn. You will marry the boy I like. Did you understand? – No. – What? I will marry the one I like. Love is God! What’s the matter? The class is looking very good.

Sir, you are nice, and so the class has become nice too. Thank you. So, where were we yesterday? – Love. I like it. If the whole country would scream out slogans with love.. ..all the problems of the country would be over. You. Which is your favourite love story? Laila-Majnu.

What kind of a girl would you like to marry? A girl who’s beautiful, rich, and equal to my status. You tell me. Someone who’s rich, handsome, and educated. Who has a bungalow and can take me around the world. This is the mistake you all make. Sit down.

Marriage is an important and big decision. As far as I know, you all are from rich families. Yes! Just think, if you get married to an equal status person.. it girl or boy, who’s seen everything in the world.. ..will that person value you? No.

That’s why, for a happy life, marry a poor person. Marry a poor person. Think about it.. if you marry a poor boy.. ..who hasn’t seen anything in life.. ..who knows that all through life he’ll struggle to make ends meet. What if he gets the chance to eat lavish meals morning and evening?

What if a person who doesn’t have a place to stay.. ..suddenly starts living in a bungalow? A person who doesn’t have money for a bus ticket.. ..starts moving around in a Mercedes. Lavish food to eat and Mercedes to roam around.. ..he will consider you as a Goddess. He will worship you.

He will massage your legs. So what have you rich people learnt? We have seen life from proximity. We will only marry the poor. Yes. Very good. Sir, are you poor? Yes, I am poor. But a teacher’s job is to teach. Not to test. Leave me. Darn you. You? Leave me!

Darn scoundrel, rogue! You tried to rape her? You tried to rape her? I teach you about love, and you understand lust. You think I am mad? Get out of here. How dare you tease women? No, don’t cry. As long as this Parimal is with you, nothing will happen to you. No, no.

Pooja, you walk so fast. That Professor Parimal is a real film hero. He looks so good. He’s amazing. How do you find him? – He seems good. Look, Pooja. I’m telling you. You won’t find a better boy. All the girls in the class are chasing him.

If you delay, someone else will get him. What are you saying? If it is fated, he’ll be mine. That means you have started falling for him. Look, forget about fate. This is the same as, there is food on the table.. ..and we sit thinking that if it is our fate.. ..we’ll eat.

You have to use your hands to get the food to the mouth. I can’t say it. I feel shy. Oh, such bashfulness! He is in your stars. Look. “You ask for the heart..” “..I’ll give you my life.” “Whatever you say so..” “..I’ll say yes..” “Test me, oh beloved.” “You ask for the heart..”

“..I’ll give you my life.” “Whatever you say so..” “..I’ll say yes..” “Test me, oh beloved.” “You ask for the heart..” “..I’ll give you my life.” “Whatever you say so..” “..I’ll say yes..” “Sleep under the shade of my tresses..” “..come let me place you in my eyes.” “Let me hide in your embrace..”

“..let me hide you in the alleys of my heart.” “Let the whole world continue searching.” “You ask for the heart..” “..I’ll give you my life.” “Whatever you say so..” “..I’ll say yes.” “I am your lover, you are my beloved, then why these compulsions?”

“I am in your eyes, you are in my eyes, then why these distances?” “This weather is beautiful, we are young.” “You ask for the heart..” “..I’ll give you my life.” “Whatever you say so..” “..I’ll say yes.” Hey, Pappu, is what I’ve written okay? There’s nothing wrong in it, right? It’s great.

Stick it up fast. Don’t waste time. Pappu, it is not sticking. – Hey, shut up. If the watchman comes, we’ll get it good. I’m putting it. – Quickly. Work quickly. Aslam, take it up. Now see the fun. – Here she comes. What’s happened? – Our college Laila has arrived.

“Laila, oh Laila. How are you, Laila?” “You’ve made so many people’s heart dirty.” “I cannot put my mind to studies.” “I’ve come to see you with the excuse of going to college..” – Shut up! What is all this nonsense? If you want to sing so much, sing on the footpath.

You’ll get some money. – If you are so much into love.. it outside the college or we’ll have that professor out. How dare you say that? If you talk about him like this, I’ll cut your tongue. We will shut up but how will you shut the college walls..

..that are screaming out about your lover story with the professor? ‘Dream girl.’ ‘My life in your name.’ ‘In the history of love stories, a new story.’ ‘The doctor of the heart, Parimal.’ ‘Come into my arms.’ ‘Don’t leave me and go. I am not fulfilled as yet.’ ‘Love birds.’ ‘Latest romance in town.’

‘The heart started beating.’ ‘Live, my queen.’ Okay, tell me, what is the fees you’ve given for a love tuition? Will you take tuitions from us? You’ll pass without studying. Did I have thorns in me? If you had given me one chance.. would have forgotten that professor. Comparing yourself with the professor?

Even if you die and take birth again, you won’t be equal to him. And listen to me carefully. Publicise it as much as you want to. This? This is nothing. Print it in the paper. Telecast it on TV. It won’t make any difference to me.

Whether I love a professor or a peon, it is my personal life. I haven’t given the right to anyone to comment on it. Mr. Parimal Chaturvedi, when you joined this college.. ..didn’t our principal tell you the rules of this college? Just that any complaints against me, would have you all..

We’ve seen your complaints all over the college walls. It is shameful that a professor is flirting with his student. Tell me one thing.. you flirt with Pooja or does Pooja flirt with you? No, sir, don’t talk like this about Pooja. Pooja is a nice girl. That means it’s your mistake.

Mr. Parimal Chaturvedi, you are being expelled from this college. Raja, you shouldn’t have left this job. – Yes. I have left the job. Don’t pester me about it. That was the only place to get a billionaire girl. If you were in the college, you would have got some one.

Not only is the job gone, the girl is also gone. Here, hit me. This is the difference between you and me. Keep doing a friend’s role. You’ll can never be heroes. You’ll don’t have a brain like me. Just watch. The result of my love will be out in 24 hours.

And you just keep talking in between. Get out of here. Don’t try to make me understand. I know it all. You sacrificed your job for a girl? Mother, that spoon will hurt me. Mother please. You should have clearly told the principal.. ..that the girl is the cause of all this.

Mother, careful. I’ll get hurt. Just tell me where that girl stays. Just watch what I do to her. I’ll give her two tight slaps and ask her.. ..did you find only my son to make him lose his job? Mother, you look so sweet when you’re angry.

Cool down. I agree I lost the job because of that girl. Just think, Mother. If I had blamed her, she’d have been disgraced. I don’t care about what happens to me, but she shouldn’t be defamed. What? – Yes, Mother. You’re siding that girl? Because of her, you lost your job.

Yes, mother. I love her a lot. I cannot live without her. She’s my life. Are you okay? I think you’ve lost your mind. But always remember one thing.. ..the poor should never dream about being rich. Listen to me. Forget that girl. And look for another job. Yes, Mother. You’re right.

Where is that girl, staying in a palace.. ..and where am I.. staying in this hutment. We can never be one. Okay, Mother, I won’t meet her after today. But remember one thing, Mother.. ..there will be no other girl in my life. Except her. Because I really love her.

And I can never forget her. Now, I will leave this city itself. Mother. ‘No sir, don’t talk like this about Pooja.’ ‘Pooja is a nice girl.’ ‘Mother, if I had blamed her, she’d have been disgraced.’ ‘I don’t care about what happens to me..’ ‘..but she shouldn’t be defamed.’

‘Yes, Mother, I really love her.’ ‘I cannot live without her.’ ‘She’s my life.’ Hey, Aslam, where’s Raja? Why? What work do you have? I have no work. This girl’s been looking for Raja. She’s hassled. Girl? Come, madam. Hi. I had gone to Raja’s house. I got to know I’ll find him here.

Who are you? – My name is Pooja. Leave me. – What are you doing? Is this any way to talk to a girl? – Leave me! She ruined our friend’s life. What have you come for now? Leave me. – I have come to meet Raja. Raja, my Raja. – Aslam, be patient.

Aslam, I’m telling you. Stop it. Miss Pooja, you can’t meet Raja again ever. What? Why? After all, what happened to Raja? What happened? Now, we’ll have to tell you that? Please tell me. I’m starting to worry now. Do you know what a heart is?

If you had a heart, you wouldn’t have broken our poor friend’s heart. He loved you so much. Look, please tell me. I beg you. Tell me where he is. Raja, has left us and gone away for good. What? Where’s he gone? Railway station. Raja, what do you think? She’ll come, right?

She’ll surely come. – What if she doesn’t? I told you, she’ll come. I mean, if she doesn’t come, you’ll really go away? I have taken a platform ticket. Not a ticket to Junaghad. Yes, I know. But what if she doesn’t come this way? Keep this down. – Why? Keep it here.

I told you once, twice. You’ve gone crazy. She’ll come. Raja! Raja! She’s come. Raja! I love you! – I love you! – I love you! I love you! – Yes, Pooja, I love you too. I love you! – I love you too. – I’m coming that side. Careful. Hey, baldy, move. Hey move.

Raja, carefully. Hey Sardar, move! I’m falling. Thank you. I’m falling again. Help me. Raja! Move away. Move away. Let me go. Raja! Move aside. Were you leaving? – No. I had bought platform tickets to roam around here. Oh, my love. “Hey, the feeling in my heart is so brand new.”

“This beating in my heart is just for you.” “I never wanted anyone quite like this.” “I’m crazy, baby, crazy. Touch me once like this.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.”

“One girl, one boy, have gone crazy in love.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “One girl, one boy, have gone crazy in love.” “I’ve been unable to sleep since we’ve met.” “I’ve been unable to sleep since we’ve met.” “I am restless and you are restless too.”

“Between you and me is the wall of the world.” “Come, let’s search for a window or a door in this wall.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “Touch me, baby, touch me. I’m all on fire.” “Hurry, baby, hurry. Fulfill my desire.”

“Don’t you know that I love you?” “Come, honey, let me give my love to you.” “Everyone is getting married and we are still unmarried.” “Everyone is getting married and we are still unmarried.” “The matters of the heart shouldn’t remain in heart.” “There are a few days and a few nights of love.”

“It shouldn’t happen that we both die waiting.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “Come to me, and I’ll show you what I feel.” “Hold me tight, and you’ll know what I mean.” “Love is a desire burning up in my soul.”

“Hurry, baby, hurry, I am out of control.” “Let the enemies of love do what they want.” “Let the enemies of love do what they want.” “Why should we hold our hearts and sigh quietly.” “When we have loved why should we fear a little disrepute?” “There are thorns too in the garland of flowers.”

“Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “One girl, one boy, have gone crazy in love.” “Print this news in the newspaper.” “Put up posters in the market.” “One girl, one boy, have gone crazy in love.” Take it easy. Take it easy.

Take this photo and give it to the priest. – Yes. Sir, I’ve seen this girl somewhere. Oh, yes? Where have you seen her? Where? Yes, I remember. Sir, this girl was singing on the streets with a vagabond. – What? She was dancing too. Sir, she dances so well. – Stop your rubbish.

Aren’t you ashamed of saying such things about my daughter? Daughter? This is Pooja. But sir, what I said is absolutely true. I am looking for a billionaire boy for her.. ..and she’s going about singing and dancing with a vagabond. Where’s Pooja? Which Pooja? – My daughter. Who are you? – Your father.

Daddy! – Daddy. Daddy. Are you back? What am I hearing to? You heard right. If I love someone and want to marry him, you should be happy. I would be happy if he was fit for you. You are making a chawl dweller my son-in-law. A chawl-dweller. Why? Don’t human beings live there?

They do. But God has made them worthy of just living there. And you’re getting him here? You don’t know these men. They will do anything to become rich. This man loves you only because.. ..he can see your wealth and bungalow. What are you saying, Daddy?

He doesn’t even know who’s daughter I am and where I live. Is it? Is he that innocent? Does he love you without knowing? Why? Am I not fit to be loved? Pooja, try to understand what I’m saying. He’ll kill you and become the owner of this property. Oh my God!

You haven’t seen him or met him, but you just keep rambling. Should I run away? – No, that’s not necessary. Then? – Okay, let me meet him someday. That’s the way to go. Not someday. He’s here, at downstairs. Come on. He’s already waiting down? What are you doing?

What is the necessity to do everything so quickly? Try and understand, child. – Daddy, you are too much. Daddy, you’ll really like him. – That’s okay, but.. Raja. Sir. – Daddy! Sir. – Daddy! What happened to sir? – Oh my God. Daddy! Sir. – Daddy! Daddy! What are you doing?

He’s having fits. He should smell the shoe. Daddy doesn’t get fits. He is unconscious. Unconscious? – Get some water. Quickly. – I think we must call the doctor. Get it quickly. Daddy. Here, he is okay. Daddy, get up. Carefully. Daddy, are you okay? Should I call the doctor?

Is this the boy you love? – Yes. You want to marry him? – Yes. I want to talk to him alone. Oh no. Come. This marriage is not possible. – What? Listen. – It cannot. Listen. – This marriage is not possible. Listen to me, Raja.

Pooja, you also hear it. This marriage cannot happen. Raja! Raja! – I won’t get married. Hello. Who are you to say no to Pooja? Day and night, we put in the efforts for your love. Raja, do you know? For you, I had robbed in the college. And you?

I spent the whole night sticking posters for you. And now when everything was okay, you refused to marry. Do you know how Pooja will feel? Why are you silent? Talk. There must be a reason. Yes, Raja. I have come to hear that reason too. After all, why can’t you marry me?

Pooja, I cannot marry you because I love you very much. Today I won’t hide anything from you. Pooja, I just loved you for your wealth. – What do you mean? Like every poor person, I also wished to be a billionaire. Lead a good life. But now I really love you.

I don’t want you to marry me and lead a life of poverty. Pooja, I am not fit for you. Find someone suitable, and marry him. What are you saying, Raja? I will marry only you. Nobody can take your place in my life. And when it comes to money, my daddy has a lot.

Pooja, your father is in a very big problem. Problem? What do you mean? When I met your daddy that day he told me.. ‘Look, my daughter is very simple, and straightforward..’ ‘She’s very innocent.’ ‘I beg you. – What are you doing?’ ‘I beg you. Spare my daughter.’

‘I know that you have tricked her with the greed for money.’ ‘How did he know that?’ ‘I give you money every month.’ ‘Take double next month but leave my daughter.’ ‘Sir, what are you saying? When did I take money?’ ‘I haven’t taken any money from you.’

‘In fact, I’ve spent money treating your daughter.’ ‘You didn’t take a penny?’ ‘Say that, you didn’t leave a penny with me.’ ‘Look, Rocky. – I’m not Rocky. I’m Raja.’ ‘May be Raja. But you’ve become that with my money.’ ‘Remove the glasses, and look into my eyes, and talk.’ ‘Have you worn lenses?’

‘What are you doing? You want to rip out my eyes? They are original.’ ‘Your character doesn’t change with a change in lens colour.’ ‘It doesn’t change the truth either that you are Rocky.’ ‘Again Rocky?’ ‘How many times should I say it? I am Raja.’ ‘You are lying. – You are amazing!’

‘Why are you making me Rocky forcibly?’ ‘I am Raja, not Rocky.’ ‘Strange.’ ‘The face and personality’s the same.’ ‘The only difference is in the eyes.’ ‘Are you seriously not Rocky?’ ‘How can I make you understand, I’m not Rocky. I’m Raja.’ ‘Then, only you can save me from him.’ ‘From whom? – From Rocky.’

‘That darn man has made life hell for me.’ ‘If you free me from him, I’ll get you married to my daughter.’ ‘Who is this Rocky? Why is he after you?’ ‘He is blackmailing me.’ ‘Blackmail?’ ‘I had gone to Delhi some years ago on some business.’

‘There at a party, my friends got me drunk.’ ‘While drinking.. ‘I keep thinking that I should forget you.’ ‘But I forget that which I am supposed to forget!’ ‘Okay, I shall leave, bye.’ ‘What’s the hurry, Mr. Vidya Prakash? Have some more.’ ‘A lot of night still remains. – No. Bye.’

‘Forgive me, madam. – It’s okay.’ “Forgive me friends, I am drunk..” ‘I’ll take you to your room.’ ‘Thank you. – Carefully.’ ‘Sorry..’ ‘What room are you in?’ ‘I’m sorry, I’m troubling you.’ ‘It’s here.’ ‘God!’ ‘Good morning.’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘What are you doing on my bed?’

‘What’s wrong with you? You got me here last night.’ ‘Me?’ ‘What nonsense!’ ‘You asked me to stay here. I refused you so much.’ ‘Yes, maybe, last night I was a bit too drunk.’ ‘Because of that I made this mistake.’ ‘Mistake? And what you did with me in the night..’

‘..would you call that a mistake too?’ ‘What? What did I do?’ ‘Just what a man does with a woman?’ ‘No, I can’t do that. – But you have done it.’ ‘Oh God! What’s happened?’ ‘Look, I guess, I wasn’t in my senses.’ ‘Forget what’s happened and please go away.’

‘Go away? How do I go away?’ ‘I am an Indian girl.’ ‘No one else can come into my life now. – Oh shut up!’ ‘She left after that.’ ‘One day I got a message to meet her immediately.’ ‘I went to meet her.’ ‘There’s good news for you. – What good news?’

‘You are going to be a father. – No.’ ‘This isn’t possible. – But that’s what has happened.’ ‘Look, I am a grown-up girl’s father.’ ‘What will people say if they hear this?’ ‘You should have thought of it earlier.’ ‘Get rid of this child somehow.’ ‘I’ll give you whatever the expenses come up to.’

‘This cannot be done. – Then, what’s the solution?’ ‘Marriage. – Marriage?’ ‘That’s impossible.’ ‘My daughter is fit for marriage. How can I marry you?’ ‘Find some other way. Please.’ ‘The other way is for me to end my life.’ ‘What are you doing? – Leave me!’ ‘Leave me. – What are you doing?’

‘Don’t do this. – I don’t want to live. Leave me.’ ‘I didn’t know that the scoundrel Rocky, had captured it all on camera.’ ‘He has that revolver as well.’ ‘He’s been blackmailing me since then.’ ‘He is a very dangerous person.’ ‘He has made me penniless.’

‘He has troubled me to such an extent that..’ ‘..neither can I live nor can I die.’ ‘I am sure that you’re the only one..’ ‘..who can free me from this.’ ‘You love my daughter. You are my future son-in-law.’ ‘It’s your duty to help me out of this.’

‘I have taken a loan on this bungalow and factory too.’ ‘I have nothing with me.’ That’s it. From then onwards, that blackmailer has taken millions from your daddy. That day isn’t too far away when.. ..he’ll be out of his factory and bungalow, and in jail. Because he is a murderer too. – No.

My daddy cannot do something like that, Raja. Who can know a father better than his child? He has been trapped into it. Please help him. There’s nobody in the world who’ll help me. You are one crazy person and the other is, my daughter, crazy in love.

Only my wife was normal who God took away before time. Amazing! God took away sister-in-law.. ..and you didn’t even tell me? – Chirkut! What had happened to sister-in-law? Chirkut, talk with some sense. She died 11 years back. I’m sorry, sir. I have the illness of forgetting.

Do I have less worries in my life for you to add more? There had been only one hope, Raja. He completely refused to help him. Daddy – Who? Raja will help you. What did you say? Raja will help me? Raja will really help me? Live long, my children.

Daddy, he has come just to help you. – Really? Very good. We’ll think about how to save you from Rocky later. First let me see Rocky at least. – I will show you Rocky. But I have a plan on how to show him to you. “We love, we love Rocky.”

“We love, we love Rocky.” “There is one name, that is Rocky.” “Who else remains in this city.” “I am in my senses, I am getting excited.” “Give me one more drink, my love.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “I am in my senses, I am getting excited.”

“Give me one more drink, my love.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “He moves faster than the wind.” “It falters and holds itself.” “It moves ahead of all, the horse of which I am a jockey.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.”

“I am in my senses.” “I am getting excited.” “Give me one more drink, my love.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “Get with it.” “Get with it.” “Becoming a fragrance, I evaporated.” “Becoming magic, I cast a spell.” “I took something and left, everyone else kept gaping.”

“There is one name, that is Rocky.” “Who else remains in this city.” “I am in my senses.” “I am getting excited.” “Give me one more drink, my love.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” “We love, we love Rocky.” Hello. – Mr. Commissioner. Yes, speaking.

Sir, I wanted to tell you something since a long time. Sir, a man has been blackmailing me for some days. Who is this man? What’s his name? Sir, I’ve given everything I have to him. I have nothing left now to give him. He has made me penniless. He’s very dangerous.

Don’t worry. Tell us that man’s name at least. He has harassed quite a few big people in the city. Sir, I can’t tell you anything on the phone. I’ll have to come to you personally. I request you, sir. You can come tomorrow morning at 9.00am. – Thank you sir.

Okay. – Thank you very much. Mummy! Save me. Daddy. ‘Mr. Commissioner. – I’m speaking.’ ‘I’m businessman, Dinesh Raheja. – Yes, tell me.’ ‘Sir, I wanted to tell you something since a long time.’ ‘Sir, a man has been blackmailing me for some days.’ ‘Which man? What’s his name?’

‘Sir, I’ve given everything I have to him.’ ‘I have nothing left to give him.’ ‘Don’t worry. Give us his name at least.’ ‘He’s a very dangerous man. He has harassed..’ ‘..quite a few of the big people in the city.’ ‘Sir, I can’t tell you anything on the phone.’

‘I’ll have to come personally to you. I request you.’ ‘Okay, come tomorrow morning at 9.00am.’ ‘Thank you sir.’ No Rocky. Rocky, he’s dead. Pooja, why don’t you listen to me? – Daddy. Why don’t you forget Raja? – What are you saying, Daddy? Really. I don’t hate Raja. I hate his face.

He looks like Rocky, and you know how much I hate Rocky. Even without wanting, I have to see him once in a month. Now, if you marry him, I’ll have to see his face everyday. Forget Raja. – Daddy, you know that.. ..Raja is worried about you.

He wants to help you in every way. Still you.. But you listen.. – Listen to me. Who do you want to meet? – Your father. Sir. – For what are you punishing me? Tell me, why are you punishing me? You ask me in my own house who I’d like to meet?

What’s your problem? – The problem is sir.. ..I forgot that someone’s come to see you. Who’s come to meet me? I don’t want to meet anyone. I don’t want to meet anybody. Hello, Mr. Vidya. You? How did you dare to come into this house? How did you dare to plan against me?

To kill me. – But that’s a lie. Mr. Vidya, Rocky is never uninformed about his prey. Even when they breathe, I can hear it. And anyway, after coming to your house.. ..I got a very big wealth. You’ve taken all the wealth. What’s left with us now? Your daughter. If I get her.. life will be made. That’s where you made a mistake. She’s not my daughter. She’s the neighbour’s daughter. Child, how are your parents? Give them my greetings. Go to your house now. I’ll meet you in the evening. Go home. Don’t consider me to be so stupid, Mr. Vidya.

I know the relationship you both share. – Raja! The car has become great. Same colour and number plate. There’s no difference. Very good. – Oh my God. You are Raja? Daddy, this is Raja. They are all his friends. – What’s wrong with you all?

Just look how my heart is beating. What if I had a heart attack? But Raja, you look exactly like Rocky. – That’s because of me. I know the guy who stitches Rocky’s clothes. I told him to stitch the same kind of clothes.. ..for Raja as he stitches for Rocky.

And why have you worn a waiter’s outfit? I’ve joined Rocky’s hotel. That’s why. When you people couldn’t recognize me.. ..I’m fully confident that forget about Rocky.. ..even his father won’t be able to recognise me. I love you darling. Sonia, keep all the stuff in locker.

Okay. – I’ll wait for you in the office. Hello darling. You’re back? You are so enticing that it’s tough to let you go. Really? Don’t try to flatter me. Tell me why you got back. – I forgot the lighter. Is it? Raja, did you get anything there?

I got something there which I never got from you. What? I was saved or I wouldn’t be fit for you. What do you mean? What did you get there? Do you want to know what I got there? Do you want to know what I got there?

Do you want to know what I got there? “Oh God..” “Oh God..” “Oh God, I’m done for.” “Oh God, I’m done for.” “I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “O beloved, I got so scared of your eyes and by your talks.” “Oh God.. – Oh God..”

“Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “If you had to say ‘Oh God’ repeatedly.. shouldn’t have loved me.” “If you had to say ‘Oh God’ repeatedly.. shouldn’t have loved me.” “You have become a devil today, beloved, I feel shy..”

“I did what you told me to, now it has crossed the limits..” “Oh God.. – Oh God.. “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “Your intentions are different, this is not love, it is cheating..”

“Your intentions are different, this is not love, it is cheating.” “You said you would satisfy me..” “One day you would make me happy..” “On the day of the promise, you broke your promise..” “Oh God.. – Oh God..” “By saying ‘Oh God’ you refused after promising.” “By saying ‘Oh God’ you refused after promising.”

“O beloved, you got so scared of my eyes and by my words.” “Oh God.. – Oh God..” “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God, I’m done for. I agreed unknowingly.” “O beloved, I got so scared of your eyes and by your talks.” “Oh God.. – Oh God..”

“Oh God, I’m done for.” “I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God, I’m done for.” “I agreed unknowingly.” “Oh God!” Sorry madam, there’s no room available. We desperately need a room. Look at his state. We didn’t find a room in the hospital in this big city.

If we don’t get a room here, where will we go? In the first place, we’re strangers to this city. Where do we go now? Madam, how did this happen to him? Sir, here is the key of room number 408. It’s just been emptied. I’ve cleaned it up too.

Did you see our luck? There’s one room empty. Yes madam, you are very lucky. – Yes! Pinto, take this key, and take them to their room. – Yes. Come on quickly. Number 409. This is Rocky’s key. Room number 409. 409? – Yes. Raja, take care of yourself. Don’t worry about me.

I’ll just freshen up, darling. How are you, Mr. Keshu? Fine, sir. I hope you remember our meeting at 5 pm. Yes sir. Be there at 5:00 pm sharp. Liberty Tower, okay? – Okay sir. How are you, Mr. Shyam? I can’t give you any more money. Really? I saw your cassette last night.

You look very innocent there. It doesn’t seem that you could kill an innocent girl. Anyway. – I’ll try, sir. 5:00 pm. Liberty Tower. How are you, Mr. Tulsi? Sir, I’m coming at 5:00 pm with all the money. Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Did you chat with your friends?

Today is cash collection day. Everyone’s coming to the Liberty Tower at 5:00 pm. Come here. Oh naughty. The people who Rocky has called at Liberty Tower.. ..are decent like you.. ..whose names and addresses are noted in this diary. Just read out the other names from the diary. Mewalal, Jaganlal..

..Daulatram, Dinesh Raheja, Iqbal Singh.. One minute. Whose name did you read before Iqbal Singh? Dinesh Raheja. Is he the same Dinesh Raheja from Bandra.. ..whose complete family was killed a few days ago? Yes, a Bandra address is written in the diary. That means, Rocky has murdered Dinesh Raheja and his family.

I told you. He is very dangerous. He can do anything. If he can do anything, we are no less capable. What will you do? First of all, we have to make sure that.. ..Rocky doesn’t reach Liberty Tower at 5.00pm. Stop! Stop! MH02 H1773. Find out whose car this is.

Mr. Rocky owns that car. Oh I see, thank you. Is that red car halted outside yours? Yes. I am sure you must not have thought even in your wildest dreams.. ..that the police would find you so easily. What do you mean? – You tried to kill me today. Me? What are you saying?

Don’t try to be innocent. Didn’t you hit against my car 15 minutes back? Fifteen minutes back? Look, commissioner, I have to go for an important meeting at 5:00pm. You are mistaken. I’ve been in my hotel since the last three hours. You can enquire if you want to.

If you weren’t there, how did your car reach there? Isn’t your car red? Isn’t your car’s number 1773? You are right, Mr. Commissioner. That is the colour and the number of my car. Then? If I have hit your car, then my car would have a dent too.

If you wish to, you can check my car.. ..because I can’t fix my car in 15 minutes. Strange. The car is the same. Same colour. Are you satisfied, Mr. Commissioner? You can go. – Thank you. Oh.. ..this means, there are two cars with the same number in the city.

But who is this other person? Mr. Rocky, this is the installment from all three of us. Darling, we’re a little late today. I’ll kill those scoundrels! Scoundrels, they didn’t come to give my installment. I’ll cut them into pieces. Relax darling. We will do as you say. Nothing will happen.

I have left messages for them. They are coming to meet you tomorrow at the hotel. I swear, I have never seen so much money in my life. Forget about seeing.. ..I never dreamt that I would get to see so much money.

But what will we do with so much money? – Share it among ourselves. You people are concerned just about yourselves. I can see the dead bodies of those people. If they don’t give Rocky the money, he’ll kill them. Noting will happen to them. The money will go to the commissioner.

To the commissioner? What will you tell him if he questions you? He will ask. But not me. He will ask Rocky. Oh my God! Not again! You 1773! Hey what are you up to? Come out! Come out! This is the second time you’ve tried to kill me.

You can’t escape this time. Got that? You are under arrest. Come out! Come out! This is too much. How dare he drop me and get away? Stop! Stop! You are lying. You want to lie to me.. ..saying that I have taken money from you all?

Yes, Mr. Rocky. We gave you a briefcase filled with money ourselves. Oh just shut up! According to you, I am lying. Am I mad? Why don’t you say that you three have become crooked? If we were to get crooked, it would have happened earlier. Why would it happen now? Come on.

There he is. Arrest him! – Wait! What is my crime? – Crime? You commit such a grave crime, and ask what your crime is? You have hit my car twice, trying to kill me. Attempt? – Yes. When did I try? Now. Half an hour back. Half an hour? – Yes.

I have been here since two hours. Shut up. You have tried to kill a police commissioner. You cannot escape because I am a witness to this myself. Sir, it is true that Rocky has been with us for the last two hours. Really? So you are also with him?

Beware, I’ll put you in the jail too. Mr. Commissioner, you know I am a famous lawyer here. Rocky has been with us for the last two hours discussing a project. Mr. Saxena, I can’t contradict you. But how is it possible? Because I saw him with my own eyes. We had a struggle.

He hit me with this briefcase full of money. How is that possible? – That’s what I’m asking. Till now in the city, there were two cars with the same number. Now there are two people with the same face. That means, there’s another person who looks like you.. ..and is doing all this.

Mr. Rocky, you will not leave your house the next 24 hours. Because in those 24 hours, I will arrest that man. Come on. Mr. Rocky, this is the briefcase I gave you. You gave it to my look alike. Who is he? Where is he right now? Wow! Diamond necklace!

It is very beautiful. – It is beautiful.. ..but not more than you. It will become beautiful once you wear it. Help me wear it. Sonia, I’ll do that.. ..when I marry you. Marry? I love you darling. – I love you. Go, keep it in the locker. I’ll make a drink and come.

Come on, come out fast. Where did it go? One, two, three, four. Get mixed quickly. Raja eat up all their wealth today. Sonia, fix a good date. I will marry you on the same day. Now your Rocky cannot live without you. Who are you? Sonia. Sonia. Sonia. Sonia! Get up.

Who had come here? Who had come? Who had come? You had come. I had come? Who emptied this locker? Locker? Yes. You gave me a necklace to keep in the locker. After that, I locked it. I gave it? Yes. Then you gave me a drink. I don’t remember anything after that.

That scoundrel reached here too. That scoundrel! That scoundrel! Here, sister. – Yes. Take this. Have some tomatoes. Raja. Raja. You worthless kid. You think you’re actually a billionaire.. ..just because you’re wearing costly clothes and glasses? To such an extent that you don’t recognise your poor mother? ‘She must be Raja’s mother.’

Why are you laughing? Strange! Okay, son, go ahead, laugh. Mother, I was acting. You were acting? – What else? I was wearing these rented clothes and glasses.. see how I’d look as a billionaire. Whether you are a billionaire or the president..’ll always remain my son. Where were you?

I was waiting for you. You were not there. I had to carry so much. Just think that after today you won’t have to carry any weight. Just pray that your son becomes a billionaire. Stop building castles in the air, and come home. – Yes. Come home. – You walk ahead. I’ll walk behind.

Would I dare walk with you? Come on. – Come on. Oh yes! – What? After you left, Vidya Prakash’s man came home. Vidya Prakash’s man? – Pooja’s father. Now don’t tell me that you don’t know Pooja. – Oh Mother! It must be very important work. He’s called you home.

Mother, do one thing. You go home. I’ll just meet Mr. Vidya Prakash, and return. Come fast. – Yes, mother. Vidya Prakash. Do you know what will be the value of each diamond here? We haven’t seen a diamond, how will we know it’s value? About one million. Now watch how I deal with Rocky.

How are you feeling? – Scoundrel. You will be alive till I am here. The day I leave here will be the last day of your life. That would happen only if you leave from here. If I don’t reach home by night.. friends will come here searching for me. By night?

Seven nights have passed, Mr. Raja. – What? Yes. You forget about your friends. I have handled them. I have stolen only seven days from your life. Just seven days. Do you want to see the result of those seven days? “Friends, I’ve gone crazy..” “Look I am wounded..”

“I search for you everywhere, asking your name and address..” “On which number do I call you?” “My heart’s looking for you, I’m obsessed..” “Maverick..” “Maverick. I am a maverick..” “Maverick. I am a maverick..” These are your stupid friends, right? ‘What the deal with Rocky is done?’ Pooja.

‘Here is the video cassette and revolver. – Very good dear, I don’t believe it.’ ‘Thank God, we got rid of that Rocky.’ ‘I won’t have to see his damn face again.’ ‘You’ll have to see mine. – What do you mean?’ ‘We look alike, right?’ ‘So what if you look alike?’

‘There’s a world of difference between you two.’ ‘And now, as I promised, I will get you both married.’ ‘So nice of you daddy.’ ‘Mother. – Yes.’ Mother. ‘What is it?’ – Here’s your innocent mother. ‘This is Pooja. – That’s enough.’ ‘Live long. – Pooja, this is my mother..’

..who gave birth to me, brought me up..’ ‘..and made me someone you could love.’ ‘You are with me, right? I can’t be touched by evil.’ ‘There’s just one thorn in my life.’ ‘If I get your blessings, that thorn will also go.’ ‘My blessings are always with you.’ Mr. Raja.

If you are the biggest gambler, I am the king of gamblers. You were just dying to become Rocky, right? You played the game till the interval. After the interval, my game will begin. I won’t let you succeed, you rogue. Sonia, take care of Mr. Raja.

Did you see the short cut to reach the top? The body down, and the soul on top. Rocky, I will.. I am Rocky? I am Raja. I am Raja. I am Raja. He’s Rocky! Scoundrel, you took so many innocent lives. Looted so many people and on top of it.. made my friends yours. You made my mother yours. Scoundrel! Don’t kill me, Rocky! Should I let go of a scoundrel like you? Should I let go of a scoundrel like you? People will praise me for killing you. They will praise me. They’ll say.. An ordinary Raja killed the mighty Rocky! Okay, Rocky..

..take care. No, Rocky. Bye. I love you Rocky! I love you Rocky! Bye, bye scoundrel. No! Hey you all, move from here. Come on. Stay back. Are you calling the police? The key. The key. Here. Here it is. Sonia, take a taxi and go and meet me at home. – Okay.

The rest of you come with me. Quickly. Boss, take me to the doctor. Boss, I’m dying, boss, please. Shut up! I say shut up! – Please! Throw him out. Stop! Stop! Drive faster. John! Yogi, come in front. He’s getting off, and running away. Look he is running away. Follow him. Hey move! Stop!

Don’t let him escape. Catch him. Stop! Everybody move! Stop him. Someone stop him! Don’t let him escape. Stop! Yogi. – Yes? Call home and find out whether Sonia’s reached. Okay. And this? Yogi! “It’s raining colours..” “It’s raining colours..” Surround him. – Yes, sir. He’s the same. Taking the witnesses and proofs into consideration..

..this court sentence’s Rocky to death.. ..under section 302. To be hanged till death. Aslam, at least you people recognise me. Mr. Judge, I am not Rocky. I am Raja. Mr. Judge, please listen to me, I am not Rocky, I am Raja. ‘Now mother, I’ll just be with you and serve you.’

‘I’ll make so much of money..’ ‘..that I will make my mother eat in a golden plate.’ ‘Don’t do any wrong thing to make a quick buck.’ In which cell that new criminal Rocky is? In that cell ahead. Greetings, sir. – Greetings, sir. Sir. Did you recognise me? I’m Raja.

That minister’s car? That bomb? Raja. The one who used to rob eggs before. Now you’ve started killing in the name of Rocky. Sir, I haven’t killed anyone. I am not Rocky. – What do you mean? Rocky is my look alike. He murdered people. He has got me accused.

Not only the court but my mother.. ..Pooja and my friends think I am Rocky. Sir, I am not Rocky. I am Raja. If your own don’t agree and the court too.. can I agree that you are Raja, not Rocky? Sir, do you remember?

When I got out of the jail, you told me.. “Just as a father tells his daughter before giving her away..” “..the same way I tell every prisoner..” “..not to do anything which will get him back here.” I say this to every prisoner. What’s new? Sir, every prisoner of yours doesn’t steal your ring.

Sir, that day, your ring.. Yes, I had robbed it. You ring stealer! Give me my ring. Sir, I sold that ring, and bought gifts for my mother. I am not Rocky. I am Raja. Rocky has kept my mother with him. He will ruin Pooja’s life. Sir, let me go.

I beg you, sir. Let me go. Let me go, sir. Let me go, sir. Raja, I can be able to handle the situation.. ..only for 24 hours if I set you free. You’ll have to be back in 24 hours. – I will, sir. Rocky. Rocky.

You are the only one left who knows that I am Rocky. I’m sorry Sonia. Tie the knot. Rocky has escaped from the jail. – Yes, I ran away from the jail. To differentiate between the real and the duplicate. You will know right now who Rocky is and who Raja is.

Enough of your acting. Raja, don’t you worry. You go ahead with the wedding rites. We’ll handle him. Aslam, try to understand me. This man is very dangerous. I am your real friend, Raja. Move aside. You know very well, I can’t hurt you. But we can. You are not our friend but enemy.

You are our Raja’s enemy. – One minute. Sonia, get up. Tell them who’s Rocky and who’s Raja. Sonia, get up. Tell these people. Sonia? But you were dead, weren’t you? – Yes.. ..but I had acted dead. The man you are getting Pooja married to.. not Raja. He is Rocky. What?

No one will move a step. – Daddy! Pooja. – Move, you old hag. – Daddy! Pooja! – Daddy! Oh my God! Raja! – Pooja! Raja! Let go! Let go! Leave me! Raja! Leave me! Raja! Leave me! – Come on! Where’s Pooja?

Search. There are so many cars. She must be in one of it. Pooja. – Run. Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Boom! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! Come fast, Pooja. Come. Pooja, you go home. – Yes, take care of yourself. What happened? – What happened? Bless them. – Live long.

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