Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Ariana Grande’s Latest: ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Video Out Now

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Ariana Grande has delighted her fans with the much-anticipated release of her latest music video for the single “The Boy Is Mine.” The video, which features Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl fame, premiered on June 7 and has already begun generating considerable buzz.

The setting of the video is a city that bears a striking resemblance to New York. The narrative kicks off with a sanitization worker voicing his frustrations about the fictional Mayor Max Starling’s ineffective handling of a rat infestation problem. The scene sets a tone of urban chaos and neglect, drawing viewers into the story.

The Video Plot Unveiled

As the story unfolds, we see Ariana Grande in her home concocting a potion. This potion, it turns out, is a love potion aimed at Mayor Starling. While working on her potion, a news report plays in the background. The report features Brandy and Monica, the original artists of “The Boy Is Mine,” as they introduce a segment on the mayor. Starling’s unconventional solution to the rat problem involves releasing stray cats into the streets, a plan that Grande finds brilliant.

However, drama ensues when Grande’s cat breaks the potion bottle. Determined, she manages to save some of the potion and sets off on her mission. Donning a masked Catwoman-esque costume, she infiltrates Starling’s residence. The video reaches a climactic moment as she waits for him on his bed. A scared Starling tries to flee but Grande makes him stay and gives him the potion. In a twist, he throws the potion away, revealing that he is already in love with her.

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Creative Direction

The video, directed by Christian Breslaur, is a visual treat. Breslaur, who previously worked on the music videos for “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait for Your Love)” and “Yes, And?,” brings his unique style to this project. The result is a video that not only tells a compelling story but also showcases Grande’s acting chops and Badgley’s charm.

Background and Release

Grande first teased the music video on May 27. She heightened the anticipation by sharing a TikTok post on June 3 featuring Penn Badgley dancing to the song’s chorus. Fans eagerly awaited the release, and Grande did not disappoint.

“The Boy Is Mine” reimagines the 1998 hit by Brandy and Monica, infusing it with Grande’s unique style. It’s the latest single from her seventh studio album, “Eternal Sunshine.” This album marks another milestone in Grande’s illustrious career, blending her signature pop sound with fresh, innovative elements.

Reception and Impact

The release has been met with enthusiastic responses from fans and critics alike. Social media is abuzz with praise for both the song and the video. Fans are particularly excited about the nostalgic nod to the original “The Boy Is Mine” while appreciating the new twist that Grande brings to it.

The collaboration with Penn Badgley adds an intriguing element to the video. Known for his roles in Gossip Girl and You, Badgley’s presence has drawn in a wider audience, contributing to the video’s rapid popularity.

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video

Key Takeaways

  • Plot: The video combines elements of urban fantasy and romance, centered around a love potion.
  • Direction: Christian Breslaur’s direction adds depth and visual appeal.
  • Cameos: Features Penn Badgley, adding star power and intrigue.
  • Music: Reimagines the 1998 hit “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica.
  • Album: Part of Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, “Eternal Sunshine.”


Ariana Grande shared her excitement about the project, saying, “This video was such a joy to make. Collaborating with Penn and bringing this story to life was an incredible experience. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Penn Badgley also expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Working with Ariana was fantastic. She’s not only a talented artist but also a wonderful person. The video has a unique charm, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”

Ariana Grande Drops ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Music Video


Q: When was “The Boy Is Mine” music video released?
A: The music video was released on June 7.

Q: Who directed the music video?
A: The video was directed by Christian Breslaur.

Q: Who stars alongside Ariana Grande in the video?
A: Penn Badgley stars alongside Ariana Grande.

Q: What album is the song part of?
A: The song is part of Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, “Eternal Sunshine.”

Q: What is the story of the music video?
A: The video features a storyline where Ariana Grande’s character makes a love potion to win over Mayor Max Starling, played by Penn Badgley.


Ariana Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine” music video is a captivating blend of storytelling and visual artistry. With its unique plot, impressive direction, and star-studded cast, it’s set to be a hit among fans and newcomers alike. Grande continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, and this latest release is a testament to her creative evolution.

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