Badboyhalo reads Skephalo Fanfiction | ANIMATIC COLLAB

Badboyhalo reads Skephalo Fanfiction | ANIMATIC COLLAB

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All right sad eggs fit by skip a loaf and Grill 23 baby jello and Skippy were roommates but bad pie hallo secretly had a crush on Skippy and so he was planning today way right and so he was planning today I am going to confess them Pepe was in his

Room recording a video for his YouTube channel back luckily he had five different channels so it’s actually one for every channel yes he was recording with techno blade techno bleh is actually a millionaire who owns Elon Musk what whoa wait what just telling with like no blade is actually their source of income

Oh my goodness this is improper grammar someone needs to spellcheck this their source of income because Skippy and bad don’t earn through YouTube because YouTube said they’re content creators that focus on Minecraft do not deserve money techno blade in Skippy we’re playing better war and bad boy halo got jealous

He wanted to play bed wars with Skippy – so then he made a plan he took his throwing knives and guns and went to techno blades house techno blade found him breaking in and saw wood he had and started freaking out then bad boy halo broke into his fridge and took one

Canister of milk and left bad boy halo came back and chucked the carton of milk at Skippy and said I like you Skippy said why did you throw milk at me and where did you get this bad boy halo said enough questions passion you’ll answer me now scum are you feeling mutual you

Did generate be I would never say these things Skippy was like yes then they were bf and girlfriend and they were happily iya why if he’s not a girl though in a relationship for 14 years haha okay bah-bah-bah one day Babu a halo started noticing that Skippy was acting very

Weird he kept asking Bibby what what is wrong and ski would assure him that he is fine but one day Bob Ojeda gave in and asked the man seriously what is wrong and Skippy reveled revealed I am having an affair with another man that way he Lois heartbroken wait what listen

We’re not married sorry baby hey bad boy hey Louis heartbroken he was angry he was upset and I’d not anomaly Skippy but himself who is human I demand you tell me bad-boy hallo cried Skippy replied saying it was spiffy and memories of beaver man breaking into their Sarat household just to steal one

School our egg every day flood it into his mind out of rage he locks Skippy in the wasting machine room a washing machine room and waited for spiffy to come around the seal and egg twelve others hours later the beaver mite was in the house oh my gosh this is awful

The grammar is a prep hirtius mite was ink the house trying to take an egg but bad boy halo stopped him and said why are you taking my wife bro not cool bro thought we had bro code you know bros before you know why he gotta do that to

Me man Biffy said it’s bc you can no longer please hippie your bed war skills were inadequate and i am superior bed words player what do you think he plays bed Wars with techno bleh how bad boy halo was hurt hurt Bokan he knew that his skills were

Lacking in that game it refused to get better epic game we need have killed spiffy why adds his name is verb and Skippy needs to come pay his child support because he’s locked in the crib and he’s a full-grown 20 year old man before bad could even respond spiffy spawn spawn if

He spun Oh spontaneously thought those like spawn Tunis spontaneously combusts on the spot he had too many eggs bad boy jolly knew that if Skippy found out his secret affair was dead he would be devastated so he cleans the kitchen get got rid of the evidence he returned

To the washing machine rubber Skippy was look the boy you didn’t tell me who had a child with spiffy gibi guiltily admitted that he did have a baby with scabby neem verb and that his son ended up being a simp with ice cream truck trapping kids

In vans bad boy Ella was devastated by the answer and then he heard something cracked on Skippy he saw a Coke running down Skippy’s arm and realized what was honking to happen then Skippy spontaneously combusted as well bad lost his lover that day and decided to go on a journey to find be

Verb so he can tell the child himself that he is the reason for both his father’s death the end did you like the part where they can spontaneously combust yes

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