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The library it is bedtime good night peppa good night george can i have a story please okay i’ll read you the red monkey book but do we always have that one the red monkey has a bath cleans his teeth and goes to sleep uh yes that is what happens tell me another story

The blue tiger the green spider the orange penguin oh what’s this one the wonderful world of concrete i’ve been looking for that is it your book daddy it’s a book i borrowed from the library what’s a library it’s a place you borrow books from and when you finished reading them

You take them back but daddy pig has forgotten to take this book back i have had it for rather a long time never mind you can take it back tomorrow but now it’s bedtime after daddy reads this story it’s not much of a story peppa please read it daddy okay

The wonderful world of concrete concrete is a construction material composed of sand water and chemical admixtures chapter one sand pepper george and mummy pig have fallen asleep it is morning peppa and her family have come to the library wow what a lot of books peppa you must be quiet in the library why

Because people come here to read and to be quiet next please miss rabbit is the librarian hello mummy pig are you returning these books yes miss rabbit right you are why is the computer beeping it’s checking to see that you haven’t been naughty and borrowed the book for too

Long um i may have borrowed this book for a bit too long don’t worry daddy pig it can’t be that bad gosh daddy pig you’ve had this book out for 10 years naughty daddy sorry miss rabbit that’s all right now you can borrow another book miss rabbit

Can george and i borrow a book please yes the children section is over here oh look fairies flowers pretty dresses hello peppa oh hello danny i’m borrowing a book about football hello peppa hello susie i’ve got a book about nurses george has chosen a book about dinosaurs i saw look what i found

Further adventures in the world of concrete here’s a red monkey book not the red monkey book it’s boring but this is a different story it might be more fun i bet it’s not once upon a time there was a red monkey he had a bath cleaned his teeth and went to bed no

He jumped in a space rocket and went to the moon he had a picnic with a dinosaur swam under the sea and climbed the highest mountain that was a busy day the end wow we did it again we can borrow it and read it at home peppa but i was going to

Choose this book or this one you can take three books home if you want peppa you pee but you must remember to bring them back on time yes miss rabbit and you must remember to bring your book back too daddy pig i’ll make sure daddy remembers yes peppa i’m sure you will [Laughter] Bedtime story it is nighttime daddy pig is reading peppa and george a bedtime story and so the prince the princess the budgie and the frog all lived happily ever after the end the bedtime story has sent pepper and george to sleep good night my little piggies george is awake dinosaur girl

George you naughty piggy go back to sleep george is not sleepy George night time is for sleeping not i can tell you a bedtime story Once upon a time there was a little pig his name was georgie pig and he was off to make his fortune soon he came to a forest do you like the story george inside the forest was a little house And inside the house was a bowl of porridge georgie pig was very hungry so he ate it all up yum yum yum just as he finished baby bear walked in and said oy did you eat my magic porridge georgie said yes baby bear said that was magic

Porridge it will make you go very big and then georgie pig began to grow he grew and he grew and he grew until he was taller than all of the trees in the forest the end are you sleepy george no not even a little bit no okay i’ll do a bit more story

Baby bear said there is a box of golden treasure at the end of the world but it’s too far for me to go because i’m too little georgie said i will carry you there so georgie pig walked to the end of the world he walked and he walked and he walked

Are you sleepy yet no he walked through forests across mountains across seas and are you sleepy yet no he walked all the way to the end of the world and found a big box of golden treasure oh and a big dragon yes a big green dragon with little wings and breathing fire Luckily it was a very friendly dragon and he said you can have the treasure but then georgie pig began to shrink he shrunk and he shrinked and he shrunk until he was the same little dirty pig as he was before how will we get back home now said baby bear

I can fly you home said the dragon say georgie pig and baby bear hooked on the dragon’s back and flew all the way back home to the little house in the forest and then it’s the end george is asleep peppa is asleep peppa what are you doing out of bed

Night time is for sleeping not playing night night my little piggies sweet dreams peppa and george are in their little beds fast asleep Princess peppa it is bedtime for peppa and george good night my little piggies granny and grandpa pig have come for dinner hello hello where are peppa and george they’re asleep oh but i so wanted to see them can i take a peek okay granny pig but be very quiet granny pig

Hello my little darlings you should be asleep tell us a story okay but only if you promise to go straight back to sleep we’ll go to sleep after the story all right once upon a time there was a little boy called pedro pony and he found some magic Oh yes now pedro planted that bean and it grew into an enormous beanstalk that went high into the sky that’s right pedro climbed to the top of that beanstalk and found a horrible big giant but i don’t want that i want a princess oh yes there he found a beautiful princess pepper

And sir george the brave knight and the cook who makes the most delicious food ever [Laughter] mummy pig daddy pig and grandpa pig are waiting to eat dinner i’ll go and see what’s keeping granny pig what’s next in the story naughty granny pig you woke the little ones we promised

To sleep when the story ends grandpa i’m good at ending stories granny pig you go downstairs i won’t be long there’s a boy a beanstalk a beautiful princess brave knight and a cook who makes a lovely dinner well after they ate the lovely dinner everyone fell asleep the end then they

All woke up and along came a wizard a wizard yes we’re going to do a big magic show ah but then along came a scary dragon granny pig mummy pig and daddy pig are still waiting to eat dinner that bedtime story doesn’t seem to be working i’m the

Expert at telling bedtime stories i’ll have them asleep in no time back to bed the grandpa hasn’t finished the story yet daddy i’ll finish the story i’ll be down in a minute okay there’s a boy a beanstalk a castle a beautiful princess a brave knight a cook a wizard and a scary dragon

And a very hungry king so they all had a big dinner and lived happily ever after the end then they had the party and all their friends came right i think i’d better sort this out daddy pig they’re almost asleep thank you i’ll take over now

You have to finish the story mummy all right quickly now tell me what’s happened once upon a time in olden days a long time ago mummy pig’s been up there for a long time i can hear snoring at last pepper and george are asleep and then they all lived happily ever after

The end peppa george mommy is asleep it looks like princess peppa is the best at telling bedtime stories that’s right i am

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