Bedtime With Blippi | Bedtime Stories for Children

Bedtime With Blippi | Bedtime Stories for Children

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Oh, hey! Oh, sssh! We are in a library, and you’ve got to be quiet in an library. Ah! Look at all these books! I love books! Would you like to read one with me? Yeah! Oh, look, wow! It’s the book I wrote, “Bedtime with Blippi” by Blippi.

Oh, I wrote this book! This is going to be fun. Bedtime with Blippi. It’s bedtime for Blippi. The time when he dreams. When he dreams things, sometimes the dreams aren’t what they seem. Let’s see what Blippi dreams. That’s me sleeping! Oh! It’s an airplane! Wow!

Far from the ground, up in the blue sky, Blippi flies the airpline super duper high! Wow! Geez! Look how high up in the sky he is! Wow. Deep in the water, so many kinds of creatures, Blippi in the submarine enjoys all of their features! Wow, look at all those fish!

A clown fish, a sea turtle. Ooh, even a burried treasure! Floating in outer space, heading to the moon, Blippi and the space ship will arrive there soon. Wow! Zero gravity in space! Look, that’s me! In the brown dirt, the bucket goes to dig, Blippi operates the backhoe, Geez that scoop is big!

Wow, look at that big scoop! And there I am right there. Wow. Lifting garbage into the back, Boom, smash, crunch, crash! Blippi with the garbage truck takes out all of the trash. Wow! Green garbage truck! Super loud sirens, flashing bright lights, Blippi drives the police car we’re safe all day and night.

Yeah, that’s me! Wow, look how fast I’m going! The back is full of mud and it’s time to pour, Blippi dumps the dump truck and now is ready for more! Wow. Floating on the water, with a rocking motion, Blippi on the boat in the bright blue ocean. Yeah! Look, a seagull!

And then some dolphins. Wow. Galloping quickly, in a fast paced race, Blippi rides a horse. Yay! He won first place! Yay! That’s me! Wow, I love horses. The siren is loud, the ladder extends higher, Blippi on the fire truck, sprays water on the fire! Jumping over cars, cheering from the crowd,

Blippi drives a monster truck and revs the engine loud! Wow, look how big that monster truck is that I’m driving! Wow. Early in the morning, driving past the barn, Blippi in the tractor, working on the farm! There I am, driving the tractor, past the barn right there. Wow, it’s so long!

And towing a heavy load Blippi conducts the train, rolling down the railroad. Choo-choo, here comes the train. Wow. Flying through the air it’s like magic on the go, Blippi rides a unicorn over a colorful rainbow! Look, that’s me on an unicorn! Wow. Cockadoodledoo! It’s morning. Wow. Big stretch. Big yawn.

It’s now morning time, the dreams are all gone. Look, that’s me waking up! Geez. Thank you so much for reading Bedtime with Blippi. With me, Blippi! That was really fun. If you liked this book, you can get it at Or! Alright, I hope you have some great dreams tonight. Bye!

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