Beginner Fantasy Recommendations!! (based on your fav genre)

Beginner Fantasy Recommendations!! (based on your fav genre)

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Hi guys it’s regan and welcome back to another video today’s video is a fantasy recommendation style video which is by far and away my most requested type of video in general so i’m so excited to put it together for you today’s video is really going to be oriented to like

Great places to start in fantasy basically i’m going to be giving recommendations for fantasy novels based on your favorite genre so if your go-to genre is thrillers i have a recommendation in fantasy for you romance mystery historical fiction i have a book to cover them all i’m hoping

This video was helpful and a great way to kind of introduce you to some fantasy stories if you don’t often read it but without further ado let’s go ahead and dive right in first genre i’m gonna be recommending a book for is thrillers if you love dark intense gripping twisty

Turvy story often centering some sort of diabolical serial killer i have the perfect fantasy recommendation for you and that is helm of midnight by marina last stutter in a lot of ways this is like if a thriller and a fantasy novel had a baby it’s the perfect combination

Of genres that makes it impossible to put down this story is set in a fantasy world where a lot of the magic is centered around objects particularly there are these things called masks which basically can be imbued with memories and skills of individuals they’re able to leave right before they

Die so basically a famed surgeon can put all of the skill within a mask and now anyone can put it on and kind of be able to harness that skill set but many years ago a mask was made not under the supervision of the government of a very

Legendary serial killer and this mask has been under the protection of the government ever since but at the beginning of this book a deadly heist occurs and this mask is stolen now the killing moniker of the serial killer are beginning to grace the streets once again we follow a variety of characters

Kind of in individual plot lines and story lines and one of our main characters is actually a regulator and her job is to basically investigate and prevent certain types of magical outbreaks so she is on this case of trying to locate this missing mask and also try to catch them from killing

Anyone else in the future but we also have some other povs that are kind of unclear how they’re directly connected it’s all very enticing very dark full of murder and mystery and it’s just so intense if you love thriller stories this is a fantastic fantasy book to

Check out i promise the next genre i’m gonna be recommending for is romance it’s no secret that fantasy and romance is probably one of my all-time favorite intersections or combination of genres i love a magical mythical forest and i love a charming good time of watching

Two people fall in love in an unexpected time and place so this is actually pretty hard to narrow down for me i have a whole video recommending fantasy romance which i’ll leave link down below but for this video i’ve decided to go with spinning silver by naomi novik this

Is a standalone fantasy novel that is just one of my all-time faves from the writing to the characters to the storyline like everything about it is so gripping plus it has a really intoxicating and gripping romance also very centrally at the heart of it but this is actually a retelling of

Rumpelstiltskin and it’s set in russia sometime maybe in the 14th 15th or 16th century we follow a few different girls and we kind of watch their lives intersect the first main character is miriam due to her family’s profession and the fact that they are jewish she is largely ostracized by the community at

Large and her father is not really considered a good money lender as he has a very soft heart and tends to extend people’s loans at the expense of their family at the beginning of this book miriam decides to basically take her father’s business underneath her own

Hands and kind of makes maybe one too many promises one of them being that she can turn thread into gold she makes her cross paths with this magical individual and the other main character we follow is the daughter of a relatively powerful family within russian society but given that she’s not considered traditionally

Beautiful her worth has been boiled down to being nothing and she’s very poorly treated by her family however at the beginning of this book her family has sort of cracked this plan to get her connected to the czar he and also this particular plot is much more dangerous

Than it seems on the outside again this is a story so much about these incredible female characters but there’s also a sprinkling of romance wrapped up in one of the most beautifully written books ever this is also a great historical romance fantasy options if you want a third sub genre historical

Fantasy as well so i just feel like this is a great book for if you love romance is a great book if you love fantasy it’s a wonderful book all in all the next genre i’m going to focus on is slice of life interestingly enough while i don’t

Generally read a lot of contemporary fiction i love watching slice of life content movies tv show i love media that focuses on these just slices of one’s life these moments of watching someone really intimately and if you love these types of stories or media i would really recommend the farseer trilogy by robin

Hobb obviously we know i’m basically a professional robin hobb fan girl at this point but i feel like the farseer trilogy is basically slice of life fantasy this is a story where we follow one character intimately from the beginning of their life through much of their like adolescence into early

Adulthood we see their hopes we see their dreams we see them have to confront and make hard decisions and so much of this book is just following fitz our main character as he goes about his daily life his training yes there’s some political conspiracy woven in there yes

There are some dramatic moments of life and death what is going to happen but ultimately the charm of this series and the charm in my opinion of a lot of robin hobb’s books are her characters and how well situated you are within their lives i was just as gripped

Watching fitzgo about his chores and him contemplating his feelings within that moment as i was as he went out on a quest or began to learn the tools of a trade of becoming an assassin this series is incredible it’s also just so well paced slow and methodical but so

Intimately worthwhile i love the farseer trilogy so much and to me this is a perfect option the next genre i’m gonna be recommending a book for is historical fiction which i would argue is probably my second favorite genre so i especially love when fantasy and historical fiction kind of cross paths historical fantasy

Or historical story which is a dash of fantasy is some of my favorite books out there the book i’m gonna recommend today is a more recent read that absolutely captured me from page one and that is she who became the sun by shelley parker chan this is described as like song of

Achilles meets mulan this is a queer and fantastical reimagining of the founding emperor of the ming dynasty and it is sweeping it’s full of war and politics and it’s just so expertly crafted and the historical setting and influence is integral not only to the plot but it’s

Truly my personal favorite part of this book in this story we follow our main character zoo and the book itself opens on a famine-stricken village and we follow zoo and her family as they’re struggling to survive the next day dew being the only girl in the family is

Kind of regulated to the background she watches as her brother receives a fortune telling him that he is going to have a great destiny unfortunately as war continued to spread across the land it results in the passing of everyone in zoo’s family but her so she decides to

Take upon her brother’s destiny for herself basically disguising herself as him and also claiming this fate this life that she was never even given the opportunity to have we follow her as she receives her education and also gets wrapped up in rebellion in the land it is so good just the historical ambiance

And setting this character development with zoo not to mention there’s so many compelling relationships and interesting character dynamics and conversations around identity and queerness all situated in the 14th century this book is excellent it’s so good for sure one of the best historical fantasy releases

In my opinion um and i love it so much next genre i have a recommendation for is literary fiction and this obviously is a really broad umbrella but when i think of literary fiction i usually think of tales that not only sit with me make me think but often have a very unique

Sort of point of view either from like the writing style the formatting like something about it is quote unquote literary like you want to write a paper about it and to me there’s like a quintessential fantasy series that i have read that i constantly go back to

And recommend for that i feel honestly fits into this so perfectly apologies if i talk about this series too much but i’m actually not that sorry the book i’m gonna recommend is the fifth season by n.k jemisin this is just one of the most unique and profound fantasy stories i’ve ever read

Each book won the hugo award in fantasy obviously i’m not the only one who thinks this series is excellent and incredible side of the actual plot being riveting and fascinating and just so entrancing you’re unable to put it down but the actual structure and literary like point of view of this book is

Incredibly unique the first book is primarily told in second person which i would say one usually not a big fan of the use of second person in a book and also i just really haven’t encountered that very much when picking up stories and n.k jemisin’s use of this perspective is so

Successful in my opinion that it’s just one of the coolest most unique stories i’ve ever read across any genre but this is a fantasy trilogy set in a world where calamity is constantly occurring basically the end of the world is happening civilization is ending and rebuilding itself over and over again

Due to this communities have kind of evolved to have very specific roles to ensure that at least something survives once the world ends once more there’s also magic wielders in this world who are actually able to harness the power of the earth themselves but instead of being lauded as possible heroes they’re

Looked at with a lot of scrutiny and suspicion and in fact are actually deeply controlled by the government itself in this first book we follow three different characters first a mother on the run trying to find her missing daughter a young girl who’s just discovered her powers and third a

Apprentice who’s basically kind of come into their powers and is just starting to work for the government this is just again one of the most unique books i’ve ever read from a true literary point of view from a plot point of view and just also one of the best fantasy books i’ve

Ever read and i feel like if you love literary fiction this is a great book to check out next genre on the list is horror definitely one that i’m a bit of a scaredy cat for but i do feel like it’s application in the fantasy genre can create some really fun scenarios and

Oftentimes paranormal or fantasy elements in horror stories is pretty common but my particular recommendation for this is middle game by seanan mcguire this is a really fun very gruesome very intense urban fantasy story following two siblings roger and dodger this story sort of takes place over a rather large

Swath of time but basically the opening idea is that there’s this alchemic organization the secret organization that has been plotting to take control of the world in one way or another like gain ultimate power and then we sort of flash to these two characters roger and dodger who are two

Very gifted children who are also twins but they were separated at birth dodger is incredibly skilled in mathematics where roger is incredibly skilled in language try as they might they try to keep these two children apart but they constantly sort of found each other throughout different pivotal moments of

Their life and at some point they also realize the existence of this alchemic group and they sort of have to work together to possibly prevent like the destruction of the world it’s fascinating it really plays with time also it’s often set on like university campuses and just these sort of genius

Main characters are honestly very fascinating we’re shifting through a huge variety of points of view many of them are quite devious and evil and horrifying as you would expect this book is gripping and diabolical i read it one year like near halloween and it was perfect vibe so if you’re looking for

Halloween 24 7 this is a great book to pick up and then the last genre i’m gonna recommend a fantasy book for is kind of like crime adventure sort of series like if you love political thrillers or like organized crime mob situations this is the book i would

Recommend and that is jade city by fonda lee another book that i feel like is a really great place to start in the fantasy genre if you’re newer to fantasy this is an asian inspired urban fantasy story set in the fictional land of k-con which is primarily ruled and controlled

By two major crime families and the way that they’re able to maintain this control not only on this place but also be heavyweights internationally is their use and control of the production of something called jade jade in this land and culturally able to be worn and used

By certain individuals if you’re able to harness the power of jade you’re basically faster and stronger than the guy next to you and this particular resource is highly regulated as you would imagine this particular story is multi-pov and we basically follow one of those crime families very closely and we

Follow a variety of perspectives primarily within their organization different characters ranging not only in role expectations and also feelings about the family itself there’s also some other characters that are revolving outside of the family but things really begin to heat up when the cold war that sort of existed between these two

Families begins to heat up again this is like a crime family story taking place over many many years throughout the entire trilogy obviously there is a fantastical component especially with this substance j which has kind of magical properties to it this series to me is much more like a family drama saga

A story that’s much more about politics international and local as well as organized crime if you like any of those things i highly recommend checking this book out and i also am really looking forward to the tv show adaptation that’s coming out i’m counting down the days

One of my all-time favorite series and i truly think you will love it alrighty guys that is my if you like this genre here’s a fantasy book to check out please let me know down below some recommendations you think fit really well in these genres or some other genres you perhaps want

Recommendations for as i would love to know and i will see you guys soon with another video soon goodbye

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