Beginner React.js Coding Interview (ft. Clément Mihailescu)

Beginner React.js Coding Interview (ft. Clément Mihailescu)

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Welcome clement to the been a wad incorporated interview this is going to be a react interview to test out your skills but before we begin on the coding portion i would just like to quickly ask you why you’re interested in working have been incorporated that way we just you

Know do a little vibe to see what kind of person you are so the truth is that i was bullied into doing this interview because uh this person by the name of uh benjamin a wod wanted to put a washed-up front-end developer to the test in front of millions of users on youtube

But so that’s why i am here uh i don’t know that sounded kind of like you don’t have any backbone climate we want employees here to be strong and independent but let’s hopefully your react skills make up for this but uh we’re about to find out so what

I’d like you to do first for me here is i want to start off real easy get you warmed up here could you make just a counter for me i want to see like the number zero on the right and i want a button and i can press that button

And it increments the two and then increments of three and so on sure okay and the button for as far as like css goes is it fine if i’m if i’m just like putting the stuff on the page without yep default html elements all good no styling required whatsoever

The uglier the better yeah okay the uglier the better this is my exam this interview just got like really fun all right so since they’re importing react uh like this here i’m just gonna grab use state from react like this and we’re gonna keep track of our counter in a state variable

So we’ll say const counter set counter equals use state and you said you want the counter to be initialized to what zero okay surprise me okay and then here we are gonna have i guess we want this to be really ugly right so we’ll just put this in a p tag p tag

And we’ll have our counter uh perfect you see that zero i do open it already and then we’ll put a button um there’s no autocomplete here a button which is going to say i guess like increase counter and we’ll have an on flick function and the on click will be um

Will be like i guess i’ll make it like this set counter to counter plus equal or plus one let’s see so when you when you press the counter you set the counter to whatever the current counter is plus one so if you increase it it goes up are you

Seeing by the way if i’m pressing the button are you seeing it go up right now like i’m at 17 i i think it’s we have independent webview so i can’t but i believe you because i’m pressing it and that’s working great fantastic okay you have so you’re getting much closer but i’ve

Got to make sure that you know have some real life skills here and so what i want to test out next is hitting an api what i have here is a random user api i don’t even know what data it gives back to us because i haven’t used this recently

But what i’d like you to do just so we can see what data it gives us is could you fetch this api and then maybe just display as a string and react so we can just you know see what the api gives us here so let me see yeah is this like a

Legitimate website no yeah it’s legit if you if you if you do a get request it’ll give you json back so i’ll tell you that much for sure okay i mean what the shape of that json is i didn’t bother to look slash i forgot what it is i see i just i

Just went on it and it looks like it’s a json object so i think for this the i’m going to use a library called axios can we import axios in this we can’t yes so i believe if you just you know just to import there you you

Can it’ll just prompt us to import it and by other i forgot to mention this but like feel free to google things stack overflow if you need to do anything yeah so let’s see axios yeah and if it doesn’t auto add it i believe it should auto add it do not

Auto add it but uh prompt us on the right in a second yeah so axios let’s see how we use it npm install sure so you you uh require axios and then it says you do axios.get so like i’m going to copy paste just something that i’m seeing on the npm page

So this is what they do on npm as an example um so let’s see if we could just do that uh we would have i’ll put a function at the bottom of my component but this would probably be like in a separate file right it would be like in an api file

But it’s fine if i put it here ooh bonus points for best practices okay okay i like it but you want me to actually create another file or no no stick it here stick it here that’s fine okay cool so we’ll we’ll create a function so we’ll call it like fetch random

Data and uh we’re just gonna hard code in that it’ll be like return axio so i guess let’s copy this put it at the bottom here uh should not be commented out ah let’s uncomment this okay so return axios.get and this is um we’re gonna grab

This i think we can just pass in this this uh website right i think just make the gut request like this um why are they not using es6 functions here that’s a great question uh for here i guess for now we’ll just have like um error do they have the types they don’t

Have the like function response any is it fine if i’m just typing these as any for now uh in typescript it’s leave it totally up to you whatever you prefer all right it looks like they’re they’re allowing me to do this um whoops whoa what did i just click

You’ll you my eyes were bleeding having to look at the word function there glad to see arrows are back um okay so let’s see right now we’re just console logging so this by the way would return i guess the type isn’t is inferred but it returns like promise dot any um

And here we would probably want to return was um let me just remove this type because it’s infrared okay so let’s have a button that calls this api let’s see if this actually oh what did i just type i can’t i don’t have default vs code key bindings in here

Okay so let me do another button this will be that’s random data do i have a place where i can see logs by the way in here or no yes if you it should be at the very bottom of the like uh website on the right should have console on the left side

Okay cool so let me see if i were to console.log in the counter console.log foo and then i press okay cool but you can’t see my my logs right nope okay so on click for fetch random data we’re going to call that random data let’s hope that this axios thing

Actually works thanks brandon random data data why is this not why is it squiggly saturated data was used uh okay i put this at the top this is why you would want to have this in another file um actually that was weird okay so fetch random data

Let’s uh click fetch random data and see if it actually works it did work so i’ve returned data results and it’s in zero gender female name objects so i’m getting basically a bunch of information from some random user it seems like and it’s not the same info that i was

Getting in the other website when i went on it so i’m assuming it’s generating it every time you set yeah the actual the contents the shape should be the same but the contents are random yeah and what do you want me to do with this uh could you just start by just like

Dumping it to this to the screen as like a string like i want to see the json just like spewed all over the browser on the right just like completely speed all right so we’ll have another state variable which is gonna be i suppose uh random user

Data json and by the way i am a big fan of java variable names okay like very descriptive variable names so i hope that i mean we’re in typescript so you know it’s it’s understandable i suppose exactly okay so i’ll declare this state variable as an empty string and here i suppose

That then um this will return i guess we can destruct destructure this res to the data and we’ll return like json.stringify data and i’ll comment i guess i’ll console.log the data still and um then here effects random data so fetch random data uh this is a promise ooh should i use should i

Use async await that’s a great question should you and actually do you mind if instead of instead of actually should we make it in a button or should we fetch this on page load um i’ll let you choose either we’re gonna we’re gonna do we’re gonna do one of those in a second

But yeah for for now pick whichever one you want to try out with okay let’s let’s do on-page load so i’ll add a use effect here and we will do a use effect that only gets called on the first time so this is very intuitive

If you pass in an empty array here this will mimic like component mount right um and then what’s fired shots fired man we will call fetch random data in here and um i guess yeah we’ll make this async await so const random uh data random data random

Yeah let’s just call this random data equals await that’s random data then we will set this here i’ll have to make the function async in a second um and then here we will when we don’t need this button anymore so i guess we’ll remove this button

And we’ll just have another p tag let’s put another p tag that has um in it the random user data or json i suppose this should be more of a string and so this is going to be uh cons is async does anything go here let’s see what’s going on here

Uh argument of type uh unexpected token really the token unexpected token expected colon is my weight let me see uh you know what ben my async await is feeling a little bit washed up right now so instead of doing that i’m going to do effects uh random data dot

Then and then i’m going to set to this in here and okay it works we’re not gonna catch any errors because uh we don’t do that here oh our code doesn’t have errors right yeah exactly uh by the way you’re gonna have to forgive my typings i feel like maybe we’re just

Better off like going with like a scuffed type script here um yep i love scuff type script string void so i guess yeah here we can put like or this we’re hearing like if you want if you want to be really fancy we could put like an error message that says like

No user data don’t get too fancy for us we’re in react here okay so does this does this look good yep this looks great and i’m just gonna just just make this a pre tag that way we can see the data all pretty okay maybe i’ll just say like uh null 2

Here and does that yep i don’t know if it made it that much prettier actually oh fancy if i uh it’s like it’s a little bit of an ugly json but it’s it just i don’t i think it’s because it’s trying to center it or something i think the styles thought

I think it’s the styles there let me just kill that yeah that’s what it was all right now our json’s a little bit prettier all right i just i just wanted to do that also so i could see what the json json shape actually was i will say i’m actually having like kind

Of fun doing just like normal react not like algorithms not a real product where you’re stressing about building like the best user experience you’re just like coding this is fun you’re just code react reacts fun you know this is great and you’re doing great so far we

Actually have you’ve passed 100 so far my next thing that i’d like you to do with this data is you know to actually display the results as like some ui components so nothing fancy here i just want to see like the name of the user

And then also let’s do like i believe a picture is in here yeah if you could just display like the name of the user in their picture okay so let me see so the results actually was kind of nice to put them like this that way i don’t even need to

Look at the logs um we have the results and do we have multiple users no we only have we only have one looks like right now we have one but assume for this that we may possibly have more than one user in this like results array

Okay okay and so you want me to effectively display every user name and every user image on this page okay so let me think about this i think we’re we’re going to want to store i think our our results um in a in a state variable for simplicity

I’ll have const uh i’ll put just like user infos set user infos equals use state this will be an empty array uh i guess i’ll put the type as like any for now but this would be like whatever the results type is and so then here this random data

Uh we will do set user infos to be the random data dot results right let’s see why this is squiggly probably um doesn’t oh because we’re json.stringifying so you know what you know what i’ll do instead of stringifying this data here i’ll put data um and then here

We’ll put random data based on that stringify random data and then um remove the semicolon and yeah you don’t need to display the the json anymore if you don’t want to i’m keeping it now just for a second but then i’ll remove it after okay so we’ve got our uh results and so

Or user infos rather um for now is it fine if i don’t like modularize this or do you want me to make like another component to modularize like these results now don’t worry about like a component thing and all that jazz just do it though like you find the easiest way

Okay so then under under this button here we’ll do something like um you know uh user infos dot uh map right because we’ve got an array dot map we’ll have a user info and an idx and this will return um i guess we can put yet another

P tag and here this will be something like get full user user name passing in user info i’ll have this get full username function here that takes in a user info and it returns um so we have names it returns return user info actually let’s remove this

We’ll do const um i hate that it re-renders automatically as i type because i can’t see so name then you can’t see the json yeah yeah name first last okay so we’ll do const name first last equals user info return first and last name and here by the way i’m i’m

I’m assuming that i have creative agency um to display this as i want but if you want me to display this in a different way without like the first name first or whatever we can say no that’s chill okay so get full username user info um why is this implicitly has any that’s

Fine um and then i guess we will put an image and i i’ll wrap this in these empty uh tags uh image let me remove the image for a second actually so is this actually showing up right now or no get full doesn’t look like it’s showing up

Why is it not showing up give me one second dude um let me add just a key here for semantic react um Oh because i have i have an arrow function and i don’t have a return we need another parenthesis does this look good yeah there writer cody that is an interesting name writer koti writer is a french word it means side okay so we’ve got the full usernames

Um yes i don’t care that this is any in theory in theory uh because this is an interview i should be a behave and do this well interface user info this would have uh we said what does it have it has at least a name property and here in

Theory we could do interface user name and this is going to have a first a last and a title whoops okay this is gonna be a user name and here i’ll just put this here even though this should be inferred from somewhere higher up like we should probably

Have the random data um define you know the what the random data looks like um okay so why is this complaining reid cannot read property results of undefined why is that undefined did i mess up something we’re going to tell you there’s an error here on line 44.

So for me it actually has a squiggly on line 32. yes i have also the squiggly on on okay you’re both oh this is this is username user info oh there okay so this wiggly line on line 44 was a bug on their part i think

Uh but the bug was that user info is user info not username okay so uh we’ve got this you want me to put the image tag now yes okay so the image where do you find it it’s under picture okay so then here we’ll put picture

And user info interface and at the top here um oh my god i hate how it recompiles okay picture large medium thumbnail is it fine if i go with thumbnail yeah whatever okay um so picture we’ll put you know interface user picture this is gonna be like we’ll just put thumbnail for now

String user picture and so here it’ll be image uh forgive me if i don’t know how to render an image and react i think this is how you do it we’ll do user info user info dot pixel dot thumbnail right yes it’s showing up i see excellent a picture of someone

All right i’m thinking we do one last thing so we have the results and what i’d like to do is add a button here to load more results kind of like paginate through the list of users now i actually don’t even know what the

Uh the thing for this is so i’m going to check the api and then i’ll tell you what the actual url parameters pass in is so the api if you put this url param page one page two page three it’ll give you the next page for the results so if you

Could add a new button that’s like uh load more and we can press that button and what it’ll do is it will you know grab another user and it will display them okay and do we want to display all the can like do we want to just append to

The users that we’re displaying or do we want to just display the next one okay a pen yep okay so then fetch random data will likely take in a page so it’ll take in a page number which is going to be a number and um we could probably default this to

Zero it does it start at page zero or page one um i think it starts at page one classic classic non-zero index i’m just taking a guess though but uh yeah okay so uh what i’m doing here and by the way i’m kind of you know working off the cuff here so

Maybe maybe there would be a prettier way of doing this but i’m just going to add a pagination token or number here to this method we’ll default it to one so right now our initial call is still calling the first page right but if we pass in another and it would

Pass in we can still call this with another number so we’re gonna have um our get method here that adds in the query param so this is going to be page equals um whoops what am i doing api slash page equals page number right okay so this seems to still be working

With page number one and so you want us to append stuff on this new button that is going to call the next page so that means that we need to know what the next page token i’m assuming this returns a next page token does it yeah it returns

Info page one so we can presume that the next page is page two and we can presume that there are like an infinite amount of pages yes okay so um we had user info uh user infos where it was here i guess i’ll have like another state variable whoops another state

Variable that’s going to be like next page um so const use or sorry next page token i’m so used to google apis where we always do next base token we’ll do next page number set next page number equals use state uh the next page number is going to be

One at the beginning and we can actually uh if we want to be more explicit here we can always do fetch random data with the next page number so we don’t even need to make this default to one and then set next page number so here we’ll set pit next page number to

Random data and i can’t type random data dot info dot page plus one right um that’s looking good so far but it is erroring out random data not date okay and here again i sort of defined the interface of random data somewhere but let’s just go with this for now okay so

Uh set next page number and so here we will have a button under increase counter maybe by the way let me let me comment out the json um so button under increase counter i don’t have my vs go to keybinding that’s totally fine because i am an adaptive software

Engineer who can adapt to a new id on the spot um okay so what you’re gonna do this button is gonna be uh fetch next user let’s call it that and it’ll set i’m sorry it’ll set um so let’s see here we’re going to want to clean this up a little bit so

At the very beginning we are going to have a function here um i’ll write it here which is const fetch new fetch next users okay um and what it’ll do is it’ll do what we call here in this use effect and we’ll we’ll call it in the use

Effect so here i’ll have like that’s next but instead of instead of setting the results it’ll say const new results new results equals your new user infos new user infos equals and we’ll take in the existing user infos right and then we’ll take in the random data dot results and this

Will be then set here okay so that way we can just reuse this uh function all the time let me remove this this thing for now we’ll comment this out um so fetch next user so here the very beginning we would be fetching the next user uh one or sorry we would

Fax next page number here like this right so this would be um oh we don’t even need that okay we just do this although we would maybe make it more functional like i prefer more functional but i don’t think this matters right now okay that’s next user

Um and then whoa why am i getting a bunch of users right now um i must have try it try refreshing the page if you want to start because it’s hot reloading on you oh oh it was already adding them okay yeah i’m seeing only one now vicente morales okay so then

On our button fastnext user we’re gonna do on click and we can legit just call that next user and i think it’s gonna work oh it’s beautiful it’s working it is i uh although i i did get oh i i think i hit the last page oh look we can be

Look look we can be even better we can say we can say if random data if random data equals undefined and we just return that way now i can spam this button and i never break the page so this is fantastic i have like a little bonus for you because on line 59

I don’t know if you noticed there’s a little bit of a linting question for you there how would you go about uh satisfying the linter there so it’s funny i just saw it and i was wondering i hadn’t hovered over it but i was wondering why

Is it linting because i’ve never had a lint on an empty arena use effect before react hook use effect is a missing dependency effects next user either include it or remove the dependency array that’s next user okay so if you’re if you’re asking me how i could like remove the

The lint i think you can you know i could [Laughter] that’s fun i don’t do this oh wait why is ts ignore this isn’t it oh it’s eslint um so i could do the equivalent for eslint if there is an equivalent but i’m not sure what it’s telling me

Is it that um is it that yeah what is it i’m not sure what it’s telling me so you want me to look this up or no i can’t i can give you a hint here so what it’s saying is you’re using fetchnextuser here right and that’s a variable yep

And this variable could change and so that means the reference could change you know some things could get messed up you could have problems with closures and functions and so what’s asking you to do is stick everything that you’re using here and so what will happen is every time that um

Fetch next user is changed it’s going to rerun the effect right yeah but why would i why would i want that though um well okay so why why you want that is i’d have to think like where the cases comes up but basically fetch next user is is captured basically

On mount and it’s never being updated so in this case it doesn’t really matter because you only want to run on mount right yeah yeah but basically fetch next user could change and that’s what it’s called but yeah because because like look i could that’s weird though because i could do

This like if you wanted if you want to do something fancy like if you refresh them the side thing right we could do like use effect and when the counter changes let me grab this boom and when the counter when our counter changes i still have to refresh when our counter changes

Then if we increase the counter you see how it fetches and basically we don’t even need the that’s next user button i’m still getting here the same because it’s still gonna want it yeah it’s still gonna want this because it’s inside of here so it’s react wants you to put everything that you’re

That you’re using inside of there or as a dependency but now now what’s it saying on the on the actual effects next user function it’s it’s like linting a ton of stuff so like if you add this is this is one way you can do it it’s i guess you’d say slightly jank

But you could create like a ref to the function so i could create this like use ref yep yeah and we have to import that and then here you could say dot current is equal to that and then you could you could call that here but to be honest with you maybe maybe

Someone in the comments can let us know you could probably just ignore the linter on this one because i think it i think it’s going to work fine with without that one but usually jan always tells me never ignore it the linter for that so this is

How i would get around it if i was if i wanted to like listen to the linter is i just turn into a ref and then i can do it because like i’ve never seen this length of this winter error before like we don’t i’ve never

I’ve never i’ve never done it this time in their code base they need their eslint turned on this is a standard for hooks so so you gotta do like uh if if five right return true sure that should stop you from doing that right because this hook comes after it

You have you gotten this before well you i think this we get but this isn’t is this yes length as well here or is this even just typescript telling you that you’re not called i think if it’s a react hooks rules of hook uh lint-free there um

I see yeah that’s good to add if it’s not in your guys’s code base because it’ll catch some stuff but i mean as as you saw some stuff you okay for the most part you should be you should be listening to that plant roll usually that lint rolls

I’ll have to talk to to our front-end dev who’s who watches all your videos anyway so he’ll probably be watching this and he probably for all i know i gave you like i told you something incorrect and we do have it in our code base or something like sorry my cat

Is next to i guess we’ll find out um you’re you’re not as washed up as i thought you were going to be you you you you went you went through it like very smoothly i thought we were going to have more bumps i would i would have i would have made

It harder i would have made it harder than this if uh i knew you couldn’t do this so smoothly you impressed me i passed you i passed the like for sure the like basic basic ben awad test but maybe not the like elite than a one well here’s the thing though

Like every every website you’re gonna display a list that you fed from an api and have pagination so like you showed me you’ve done that that’s like a you know that’s literally like most of web dev anyway so yeah but yeah on some websites you have to actually allow users to like type

Their code and run their code and change like programming languages next time you’re going to implement authentication for us okay oh no please please don’t make me work with like auth apis but okay ben if i can say one final word to your viewers first of all i hope that we entertained

You and if you enjoyed this video then let us know in the comments below because maybe we should do like a second version of this we can do a second version of the video that we did on my channel um that might be fun yes so if you have not already

Go check out columbus channel there’s a second half of this video where he interviews me and let’s just say i did surprisingly bad or surprisingly good on the algo test i’ll let you guys see you guys are yeah i did though you

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