Beginner Tutorial: How To Play Backgammon

Beginner Tutorial: How To Play Backgammon

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Hello and welcome to how to play backgammon presented by gather together This video will cover the basics on how to play the game backgammon the video will start with the general concepts and gameplay and then get into more of the details for the game backgammon is a two-player game with a player sitting on each side of the board the board has

Four quadrants and each quadrant has six points these points can be seen as the boards spaces giving the board a total of 24 spaces each player has 15 checkers player one has the dark colored checkers and they are set up as follows player 2 has the light colored checkers and they

Are set up to mir player ones checkers during gameplay player ones checkers will only be able to move counterclockwise and player twos checkers will only be able to move clockwise the object of the game is to be the first player to remove all his checkers off the board checkers can be

Removed only when all your checkers are within your home board each players home board are the first six points in front of them shown here for player 1 and here for player 2 the game begins with each player rolling one die the player with the higher

Number rolled gets to use both dice for the first move player 2 rolled the higher four and gets to move first the number rolled on each die equals the number of spaces the player can move a checker player 2 moves one checker two spaces for the two rolled and moves

Another checker four spaces for the four rolled play moves to player one going forward players rolled their own two dice and move accordingly player one rolls a four and A one player 1 moves one checker four spaces for the four rolled and moves the same checker one

More space for the one rolled play moves back to player two to roll players continue to take turns rolling and moving checkers a player is not allowed to move a checker to a space that is occupied by two or more of the opponent’s checkers here player one

Would not be able to move this checker six spaces for the six rolled since the landing space is blocked by player two’s checkers when a player lands on a space that is occupied by only one of the opponent’s checkers the opponent’s checker is moved to the middle bar here

Player 1 moves one space for the one rolled and lands on the single checker of player two player two’s checker is moved to the middle bar when a player has a checker on the bar the player must return it into gameplay before moving any other checker

A checker on the bar returns to the board starting with the farthest space for the player here player 2 will return the bar to checker one space for the one rolled now that the checker has been returned to the board player 2 can move any checker for the two rolled if a

Player rolls the same number on both dice is known as rolling doubles the player that rolled doubles gets to move a total of four times twice for each die here player 2 rolls double threes a total of four moves of three spaces each are taken by player two when moving the

Same checker with both dice numbers the intermediate point has to be open for example player 1 has rolled a three and a four although seven spaces away is open this move cannot be made because both three spaces away and four spaces away are block going back to the gameplay both players

Have moved all their checkers to their home board once you have all your checkers in your home board you can begin taking checkers off the board with each roll player two rolls and moves a checker six spaces for these six rolled to get a checker off the board player

Two then moves a checker three spaces for the three-year-old player one goes next and can move one checker off the board with the two rolled and moves one checker one space for the one rolled players continue to take turns rolling and moving the first player with all

Their checkers off the board wins a checker on the bar must be returned into play before other moves can be made if the checker is blocked from being returned into play the players turn is over with no moves being made if a higher number is rolled than you have

While bearing off the farthest checker can be removed that wraps up how to play backgammon if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up and get more game tutorials by subscribing to our channel gather together games thanks for watching

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