Behind the Vine with Brittany Furlan | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

Behind the Vine with Brittany Furlan | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

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Welcome once again to behind the vine where we talk with the biggest and brightest stars of vine today we’re joined in the studio by vine megastar Brittany Furlan miss Furlan has made such memorable vines series such as creeping on people the target series and series with other wonderful people you

Can follow her on vine Brittany Furlan and you can follow me in real life and you can follow her in real life I actually prefer that ah Brittany what is a creep let me just give me a good exam yes these do ladies do I this is how you creep

Yes oh I could epon you that is not comfortable at all it’s not supposed to be comfortable the creep is the creep is never about comfort wow you are the creepiest woman I know thank you yes Brittany tell me about target yeah yeah you know what I was banned from

Target but you know what no what happened please tell well because I creep them too many people that’s why I got banned Oh people don’t like when you do this you creep possibly better than any dancer I’ve ever seen do I creep better than TLC yes you know I’m talking about no

Oh my god you’re so awesome thank you do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and have to find just you still crying I can hear you oh you’re really bad at this it’s as if my thumb had been kissed by a name can I get a tissue please

Brittany you’ve done vines with Natalie nature you have won Natalie nature goes to the dog park I’d like to see that let’s see that fine shall we welcome to the doctor again living look at this dog 1100 organic I love it oh that was discard any nature mmm namaste

Namaste anything almost a word it Britney you’re welcome I loved it Oh daddy I love you Beth hi Daddy Thank You Natalie gee that is who’s Natalie agency Dudley Natalie nature we she was just she was just right here no no well you are the number one person in

Our books Britain really yes oh my god are you gonna cut that part out when you air this no you’re gonna let all the other Viners know that you interview that you think I’m number one well personally oh you like me Brittany tell me about Simone Shepard oh she’s my best friend

Oh she’s really funny yes that’s for you thank you you open Brittany you’ve done a vine called never tell Martha to holla yeah with that just King back let’s let’s take a look at that shall we hey yo Martha holla at me sometime holla okay oh that what you’re here Martha’s

Always here oh yes Martha mother I’m I’m so glad you’re here yeah I’ve been meaning to ask you a question does your face hurt by staying in that position all the time you want to know what hurts well your husband cheats on you that hurts Martha where did Britney go who’s

Brittany oh right it was Brittany ha ha ha ha who’s Brittany well uh Martha do what are you talking about Brittany you go back oh sorry is there a studio door open somewhere no thank you Brittany I’m going to ask you a few questions good you just say the first

Thing that comes to mind mm-hmm okay what is your favorite word word word word what turns you on I don’t know like sexy dudes hot chicks big bikes small oh that rhymed go in their houses throwing bricks picking up trash hitting it with sticks what is your favorite curse word

My favorite curse word yes we have a favorite curse word safe a lot o I bet they’re bleeping that out huh yes Britney you’ve done vines with a beekeeper yep you have one jokes with a beekeeper mm-hmm let’s take a look shall we yes what kind of car does a bee drive

Doesn’t drive a car to be ha ha that actually isn’t what you just told a joke I know it was hilarious oh I thought I was showing it to Brittany where’s my bear sorry we I was promised a bear when I came they said you know what you show

Up beekeeper and we will give you a beer I mean what kind of little Twinkie tied up are you anywhere with this tight bowtie have you ever had a shot of whiskey boy no no I haven’t I just messing with you bud thank you you’re welcome beekeeper have you told jokes often I

Tell jokes I used to tell jokes all the time you know because I was beekeeper and then I got fired from my job as a beekeeper said you can’t drink on the job I said well you’re drinking water vodka is pretty much water said stead of

Coming from a lake it comes from a potato I’m drinking potatoes and you’re drinking lake water what is the big deal tell you one thing Toby don’t piss me off never look at me yes don’t piss me off are you even from Earth you look

Like a goblin let me see your hands let me see definitely a woman give me that your dialogue get your name Ellen DeGeneres is this an Ellen Show can I say where’s your DJ you don’t have a DJ or some [ __ ] yes we had a DJ we had a DJ goodness gracious what

Is going on huh I saw the beekeeper ice it with these two I had my glasses oh thank you you know all those characters are me right it’s you it’s you have done oh it’s me all right that is what are the greatest things that you could ever see in cinematic

History thank you can I have an Oscar please dad well we’d like to thank Brittany Furlan for joining us today you can follow her on vine Brittany Furlan join us next time when we once again talked with the stars behind the vine ah miss Matthews I’m writing on behalf of my client

Kristen Stewart who has seen your impressions of her on the social media application vine you had me fooled I think you do a better Kristen Stewart than she does I don’t even know if that’s a compliment

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