Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Full Episodes | Nanny’s Magic Test 📝 | HD Cartoons for Kids

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Full Episodes | Nanny’s Magic Test 📝 | HD Cartoons for Kids

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Today’s adventure starts at the meadow nanny’s magic test keep up children we don’t want to be late for your magic test nanny plum why do we have to take a magic test all fairies take a magic test it’s how you get your magic license this is mine oh

Well ours look like that no this is a grown-up license you’ll be getting a children’s license who gives us the magic test the elves do but elves don’t like magic no but we do make the wands and elves do like tests good morning everyone have you come for

Your magic test yes mrs elf until the test is finished i am not mrs elf i am mrs examiner yes mrs examiner lift up these pebbles please move them forwards this is hot yes now backwoods when i clap my hands stop Excellent and finally one simple question magic must only be used for serious things or just for fun um is the answer magic must only be used for serious things correct you’ve all passed the magic test hooray and i’m mrs elf again you may now hug me well done everyone here are your

Licenses signed by me the chief examiner i knew they’d pass because i taught them that makes their success even more amazing thank you wise old elf perhaps we should have a little celebration oh yes can you have a party and what every party needs is magic jelly

Uh nanny i don’t think that’s such magic jelly lots and lots what’s a daisy used a bit too much magic there nani palum do you even have a magic license of course i do oh dear it’s expired what does that mean it means it’s worthless can’t i do magic then no

It’s against the law no grown-up fairy can do magic without a license what i’m taking away your wand you can’t do that i just did it’s an outrage the king will be very angry [Laughter] it’s no funny you’re right it’s not funny nanny does not have a license she must

Not do magic yes yes wise old elf but maybe we can overlook it just this once as its nanny it’s because it is nanny we shouldn’t overlook it she’s dangerous wise old elf i am your king and i must yes is your license up to date your

Majesty my license well i’m sure i mean i i i maybe i should take a look uh no need for that the wise old elf is right nanny plum rules are rules what so i can never do magic again of course you can uh can she she will have to go back to

Magic school first magic school yes mrs figgs magic school oh hello figgy my name is mrs figg you remember me don’t you how could i forget in all my years of teaching i never had another pupil like you thank you i was her best pupil the wise old elf

Has taken away nanny plum’s wand very sensible and he has sent her back to your magic school what yes i’m back you lucky old thing good luck nanny oh i’m the one that’ll need the luck the first thing to know about magic is magic always leads to trouble so for our

First lesson you will not have a real wand you will have this stick what does it do nothing oh why can’t i have a real wand you need to learn how to use magic sensibly but i use magic for lots of sensible things like i need the king’s

Underpants or dusting the fridge or polishing the carpet miss plum i am the teacher if you want to pass your magic test i suggest you start listening to me let’s see how you hold your wand no no no all wrong you’re making magic not stirring soup is that better

It’ll do for the moment no a few questions can’t we do a spell instead how do you stop a squirrel nesting on your roof uh turn them into a frog how do you get a mouse out of your kitchen uh turn them into a frog how do you rescue

An elf who is stuck up a tree oh i know this one turn them into a frog is that your answer to everything nani plum turn them into a frog yes oh deary me this is going to be a long day how was your lesson today nanny really

Good i got a couple of things wrong at the start but i got better and better all day that’s great i’m all ready for my test tomorrow ask me any question you like okay how do you stop a mole from digging up your lawn turn them into a

Frog uh no that’s not the answer in the book are you sure maybe you’re reading it wrong i don’t think so oh i find the answer to most things is turn them into a frog nanny don’t keep saying turn them into a frog that will never be the

Answer oh all right i’ll try and remember that morning nanny plum have you come to take your magic test yes mrs elf until the test is finished i am not mrs elf i am mrs examiner right you are mrs elf i’ll take this one yes mr chief examiner but

That’s not fair i thought i was gonna have mrs owl quiet please the test has begun here is your wand back oh nice to see you again please lift this rock up in the air but it’s really big i know can’t i use a pebble the pebbles are for

The children’s test why can’t i take the children’s test because you’re a grown-up or you’re supposed to be oh all right Mm-hmm now forwards please whose rock is that it belongs to the wise old elf just be careful okay reverse please Slowly what’s happened to my castle the wise old elf told me to do it sorry your majesty now forwards again and when i clap my hands you must stop no problemo stop stop stop stop stop oh bring the rock back here now i want you to magic this rock into

Something else a frog no i can do frogs and egg what do you want an egg for oh just do it please all right keep your hair on I said an egg not a chicken there one egg to the pass the practical test is over but you still have to answer one question how would you help a tadpole become a grown-up uh to help a tadpole become a grown-up um nanny what’s your favorite spell turn them

Into a frog correct i knew it the test is over and it’s bad news did i fail it’s worse than that you passed hooray you may now do magic again did you hear that one we’re back in business oh dear magic always leads to trouble no

It doesn’t show me one piece of sensible magic okay there’s one piece of magic i’ve been wanting to do all day what’s that turn you into a frog you can’t do that oh yes i can here’s my license oh dear frog time like i said magic always leads to trouble Today’s adventure starts at the little castle plumbing ah can someone fix this tap what’s wrong daddy i just want to have a bath and the tap is dripping cold water on my toes that tap’s been dripping for ages shall i just fix it with magic

No nanny plum the last time you fixed a tap with magic you flooded the whole kingdom oh yes so i did you need a plumber good idea ben let’s call the elf plumber hello is that the elf plumber we’ve got a dripping tap ah taps can be

Tricky i’ll be right over okay thanks he’ll be right over the elf plumber is here your majesty that was quick good day but that’s just the wise old elf i’ll have you know i’m not just the wise old elf i’m also a fully qualified plumber oh good can you fix our tap yes

This is bad who put this tap in for you you did ah very good workmanship you haven’t been turning it on and off have you a bit yes when we use the bath ah well that’s the trouble then i was going to fix it with magic

No you must never mix magic and plumbing well can you mend it yes watch a master plumber at work and that is how you fix a tap amazing oh dear can’t you just kick it again a nice idea your majesty but i didn’t take three years of plumbing school to just kick things

That pipe will have to come out the whole pipe i’m afraid so it’ll need digging out fine do whatever it takes just get it fixed um this might be a good time to get out of the bath your majesty oh righto everyone stand clear hello darling sister how are you it’s my

Sister queen marigold oh no great news we’ve just had our castle rebuilt and we want you to come and see it they want us to go and see their rebuilt castle oh no a visit to the snooty marigolds do we have to go i’ll handle this king thistle speaking i

Hear you’ve had your castle rebuilt oh it’s very modern all open planned don’t you know lots of space and air not like your stuffy own castle well someone’s doing up our castle too he’s very good They’re having the little castle done up ew we simply must go and see we’ll be right over darlings toodle pip there’s good news and bad news what’s the good news actually it’s just bad news the mata girls are coming here oh no it gets worse i told them someone was

Doing up the castle for us oh yes who’s that then you oh it’s always the same with the marigolds they’re just coming over to laugh at us oh well i’m sure the wise old elf can do something to make our castle a bit better yes i’ve got a

Few ideas already we can put in plastic windows and add a few garden gnomes no no no it needs to be super modern i can do super modern concrete glass even taps that don’t drip that’s more like it give me a yeah and i’ll turn this castle

Into a palace but the marigolds are coming today oh and they’re expecting a modern open-plan castle don’t worry queen thistle i can rebuild your castle and we can help yes darling why don’t you go out for a nice walk and leave it with us why do i have to go away well

It’s like one of those shows you see on the telly where you go away and they do your house up in a day and when you come back it’s lovely oh i see that sounds nice bye bye when you come back you won’t recognize the place right what’s the plan

It’s a big job can we get it done by tonight maybe if we budget what does budget mean it’s just a term we use in the building trade oh right this wall has got to come out for a start I suppose you know what you’re doing don’t worry i always get the building inspector to check my work who’s the building inspector me but how can you inspect your own work oh i’m very strict hmm let me see now having some work done are you ah yes

Dear oh dear who did this for you you did it’s very bad work very very bad work you see when i’m the building inspector i’m very strict yes you said your own work was rubbish which means it will all have to be redone this is going to be a

Much bigger job than i thought calling all elves i’ll be needing the elf truck the elf digger and the elf crane Hello wise old elf what’s the job we need to take all this away all what all of the castle really yes we’re going to rebuild it from scratch right or come on lads let’s get cracking goodness what a lot of noise take it away after doing your majesty ah yes um carry on

That’s everything lads off you go [Applause] daddy they’ve taken the whole castle away this is a disaster oh no it’s mommy can i take a look now uh only if you close your eyes oh this is fun just like those shows on the telly can i open my eyes now i wouldn’t tell

Me when i can ah in about a month oh where’s our home gone uh well what do you think the marigolds will say when they see this they’ll laugh and laugh and laugh [Laughter] oh no and marigolds are here Hello darling sister oh my word oh i say it isn’t quite how we expected it to be i don’t know what to say it’s um not finished yet it’s incredible amazing we went for high ceilings you went for no ceilings at all and look at the toilet yes completely open plan it’s so

Adventurous well it was all mostly my idea king fiscally old boy you’re a born architect have you considered teaching architecture oh i don’t know we must do this with our castle come on darling no time to lose sorry we can’t stay bye Well that wasn’t so bad was it only because the marigolds are completely bonkers i want my home back nanny magic the castle back please okay but it’ll have to be a very big spell thunder and lightning blow wind blow back as it works ah that’s better my home is back

It’s just how it was before it’s better than it was before how all that magic i used has also fixed the tap oh well done danny i have to say i’m impressed not one drip let’s turn it on there’s a fountain coming out of the toilet there’s a waterfall coming out of

The sink and rain coming out of the ceiling oh dear maybe i shouldn’t have done such a big spell like i said you must never mix magic and plumbing today’s adventure starts at the meadow superheroes hi everyone hi ben i’m not ben yes you

Are ben is my usual name but when i put on my superhero costume i become elfman what does elf boy do elf man he can run and jump and fly that’s not flying this is flying uh but i can fly in the elf mobile but that’s just gaston no it’s the elf mobile

The elf mobile can go on land sea or air we can be superheroes too yes i’ll be fairy girl I’ll be captain crazy I’ll be the strongest boy in the world and we can all do nice things and help people hang on we can’t all be goodies someone has to be the baddie though what you know a super villain Can i be the super villain okay strawberry do i help people too no you have to try and take over the world the whole world well maybe we should just start with the little kingdom and i’ll try and stop you okay i will be the ice queen strawberry ice queen

Strawberry ice cream ice queen not cream oh super villains always have a gang we’ll be the gang so it will be elf man and fairy girl against strawberry ice queen and her gang the goodies will win the baddies will win no the goodies will win to the elf

Mobile come on fairy go do your worst ice queen okay fairy girl bye i’m the ice queen so maybe i should make it a bit cold it’s chilly yes that’s because i’m the ice queen sorry my goodness it’s cold yes and in the middle of summer very odd very odd indeed

It’s gone all cold i bet the ice queen has something to do with that yes let’s go to the elf cave this is just gaston’s house well today it’s the elf k here’s the elf computer i invented it myself but it’s a cardboard box ah as i

Thought strawberry ice queen has made it cold on purpose but how do you know that there’s nothing on the screen it’s pretend remember holly oh yes the computer doesn’t really work that would be crazy it’s me the ice queen how are you elf boy elf man and how did you do that this

Computer is just a cardboard box i can do anything i’m the one who made it cold ha i wouldn’t say it’s that cold no we’re not even wearing gloves ha oh yes i can make it colder if you like do your worst you’ll never stop elf man and

Fairy girl we’ll see about that lunch time oh i’ve got to go i’m having pizza for lunch pizza can we all come too can we please okay you can all come for pizza there you are i was getting worried what with this mad weather mom my friends

Have come for lunch too is that okay yes of course we’re superheroes and super villains That’s nice who wants pizza yes please we can’t stop long i’ve got to take over the world and ben and i have to save the world oh good so you’ll need to keep your strengths up then hmm what’s the best way of taking over the world you

Are the ice queen you could make it snow yes maybe i will thanks fairy girl come on let’s get on with the game we’re off to our secret hideout us too bye bye okay i’m going to make it snow no snow snow snow no now as well in july oh this is

Ridiculous why is old elf white old elf there’s something you have to see eh watch that come with me i’ll show you is it much further i’m freezing we’re here look what on earth where are we the very edge of the little kingdom and the snow stops here snow no snow snow

No snow snow yes thank you mrs elf we get the idea no snow but what is causing this strange snow it’s magic magic and i’ll bet my beard that nanny palum has done it Whatever you’re doing stop it what the washing no the snow it’s not my fault oh come on nanny it’s always your fault no it’s normally my fault but not today then who on earth is doing it maybe it’s a super villain oh don’t be ridiculous daddy plum why is that ridiculous because

Super villains don’t exist what about superheroes they don’t exist either it’s a lot of nonsense then what’s that it’s a superhero symbol in the sky oh let’s find out where it’s coming from now when the people of the world need help they’ll know where to find the elf

Cave really will people really ask us for help well no it’s just a game no one is actually going to knock on the door huh hello is anyone there that’s my dad anyone home isn’t this where gaston lives maybe a superhero lives here too that’s the silliest thing i’ve heard in

All my life hello this is elf man and fairy girl we are superheroes see told you elf man who’s elf man can we come in no our secret identities have to remain uh a secret can you help us the whole of the little kingdom is covered in snow yes that’s the work of

The ice queen she is a super villain you see a super villain all right all right leave your problem with elf man and fairy girl we’ll take care of it thank you elf boy oh elf man we have to find strawberry secret hideout and tell her to stop the snow The whole of the little kingdom is freezing cold even in here yes my bottom is getting cold sitting on the ice throne couldn’t you be the sunshine queen instead it’s too late now i’m strawberry ice queen strawberry’s hideout must be around here somewhere we need to look out for a sort of place

That a super villain ice queen might live in uh like that wow a giant palace of ice this is better than the elf cave any day no it’s not it’s just showing off Not so fast strawberry ice queen what brings you here elf boy elf man i’ve come to stop you but you can’t stop me i’m the ice cream that’s cold strawberry the grown-ups are a bit cross about all the freezing snow oops are they yes are we in trouble i

Don’t think we’re in trouble as long as the game is over okay do i win no the goodies win that’s not fair you’re stuck in the ice oh okay you win i can get rid of the ice throne my bottom is freezing Oh good the sun is out the little kingdom is saved all thanks to elf man and fairy girl if only we knew their secret identities but we never will [Applause] today’s adventure starts at the meadow lucy sleepover isn’t it lovely having a picnic in the little kingdom what’s the little kingdom you know daddy where are friends the fairies and elves live now lucy we’ve talked about this fairies and elves don’t exist but they do daddy yes

Darling you’ve met them yourself oh it’s a charming idea and i’ve joined in the game before but let’s not be silly that’s like saying talking animals exist hi lucy ah a talking animal it’s me ben elf oh hello ben why are you a rabbit holly magicked me into one by accident

Oh was that a talking animal naughty dog Hello lucy oh hello holly have you seen a talking rabbit anywhere yes he was here just now here i am naughty ben when we magic you into things you shouldn’t run away can you change me back of course phew that’s better now let’s play a sensible game let’s play catch to you ben

To you violet i wish i could play in your games but i’m too big no problem i can just shrink you down Wow i’m tiny you’re one of the little people now lucy will i be like this forever no only till the morning you’ll be big again tomorrow can i make rest a little too Now you can do all the things we do oh can i go for a ride on gaston okay hold on to his feelers push forward to start whoa and then pull back to fly Don’t pull too far back you’ll lose the Loop that was really fun can i visit your houses of course would you like to see inside the great elf tree or the little castle or come to my house where is your house strawberry me and violet live in the fairy village oh i’d love to see the fairy village okay follow me Here we are the fairy village wow do you all live inside toadstools yes we used to live inside mushrooms but the big people kept picking them no one eats toadstools but there’s no door to get in yes there is it’s a magic door you have to tap three times

And spin around and say open sesame see hello everyone hello hello daddy my dad’s the fairy mayor yes and you’re here just in time for the meeting what meeting emergency meeting emergency meeting as your mayor i have called an emergency meeting because there are big people in the meadow

Two grown-ups one little girl and a dog having a picnic now as you all know the big people are dangerous i’ll say they stepped on my granddad and they ate my house so we must be very careful and if anyone sees any big people I’ve seen a big person what where who me i’m a big person ah a big person sound the alarm oh don’t they like me don’t worry lucy it’s not your fault you’re a big person you’re a little person now anyway lucy is our friend yes look at her feet

They’re far too small to step on anyone yes she does seem a bit small for a big person holly shrunk me down oh i see but lucy’s our friend whether she is big or small in that case we are forgetting our manners lucy would you like to join us

For lunch as our special guest lunch sorry i just remembered i’m having a picnic with mum and dad we’ll take you back come on bye bye bye bye it’s true darling there really are elves and fairies and talking rabbits well that’s a new one on me but obviously

There are no i can’t believe it we must have imagined it all hi mom hi dad ah lucy yes holly strung me down to be a little person today oh that’s nice isn’t it darling hmm don’t worry she won’t be little forever just until the morning i

Know you could stay for a sleepover tonight oh wow could i of course there’s lots of room in the little castle that would be brilliant can i huh i think that would be fine have a nice time great bye mom and dad see you in the morning hmm talking rabbits elves fairies shrunken

Daughter come on darling let’s get you home hmm Daddy say hello to lucy lucy who’s lucy you know lucy do i she’s normally a bit bigger oh lucy the big person hello normally a lot bigger i’d say i shrank her down lucy has come to join us for a sleepover well what will happen when she

Grows big in the morning the castle will explode don’t worry we’ll make sure lucy is out of the castle before the morning all right then and gaston and rex can sleep in the kitchen Oh all right then as long as you don’t leave any muddy footprints oh This is my bedroom we can have a midnight feast yes you have to have a midnight feast at a sleepover it’s the law Gosh i’m tired me too and me is it midnight yet no midnight is still hours away but i’m so sleepy we’ve got to stay up until midnight or it’s not a real midnight feast Oh my goodness rex what are you doing here it’s morning you could grow big again any second out out quickly you’re starting to grow just in time that could have been disastrous what’s all the noise about you woke us up holly where’s lucy shh she’s still asleep what wake her up and

Get her out of the castle quickly before she gets big oh yes we forgot lucy lucy wake up what’s happening you’re growing whoa let’s get out of here uh oh too late gosh what’s a funny way to wake up lucy are you all right i’m fine thank you

Morning all is lucy around uh yes i just wanted to say sorry big people aren’t all about smashing our houses and stepping on us ow oops sorry mr mayor i didn’t mean to step on you that’s quite all right i couldn’t have been stepped on by a nicer

Person um how am i going to get out of the castle oh a bit of magic will fix that phew thanks nanny plum lucy home time that’s my mum i’ve got to go now thanks for the great time yes it was fun next time we’ll come to your

Place oh that would be great bye bye there you are hi lucy did you have a nice time it was the best sleepover ever wasn’t it rex Today’s adventure starts at the great elf tree gaston goes to the vet ben morning dad haven’t you even started packing yet we’re going on holiday today remember we’re not leaving for ages mr elf please try and relax i’ll try mrs elf but you know i find holidays difficult hi ben hi holly

I’m taking gaston to the vet do you want to come along yes no no no you’re not going anywhere ben you’ve got to stay home and pack your holiday bag oh please let me go dad it’s ages before we have to set off on holiday and we’ll be

Really quick gaston’s just going to the vets for a checkup okay to the vets and straight back no dawdling yes dad see you later why is gaston on a lead he didn’t really want to go to the vet he’s never been before Don’t worry gaston the vet is really nice hi strawberry we’ve come to see the vet that’s my mum she’s the vet come in mom ben and holly have brought gaston for his checkup hello gaston there is nothing to worry about pop gaston up on my table please

What a good ladybird now let’s have a look in your mouth hmm nice healthy teeth oh wow you’re really good with animals well i am a vet she’s my mum let’s check your eyes his eyes look really big nearly done now we’ll just take your temperature Temperature’s fine all is good good good gaston you’re a fit and healthy ladybird here’s a sticker for a very brave boy bye gaston i shouldn’t need to see you again for quite a while well done brave boys Oh what’s taking ben so long mr elf we don’t need to leave for ages relax we’re back and not a moment too soon we’ve got really good news gaston is fit and healthy and the vet gave him a sticker for being a very brave boy lovely now ben start packing we’re going

On holiday remember uh dad i just had a very good idea yes gaston can come with us on holiday oh yes that’s a super idea no this is a family holiday gaston is family um where we’re going i don’t think they allow pets yes they do well

Gaston’s not coming and that’s final oh now for the one millionth time ben please start packing your holiday bag yes start come on ben i’ll help you pack fairies are good at packing holiday bags and i’m a fairy i’ll help too right what am i going to pack hmm

Probably simplest just to pack everything How about this ball you want to play don’t you gast on catch well done gaston’s great at catching here boy catch gaston are you all right he’s had his feeler we’ll have to take him back to the vet ben have you packed your holiday bag yes

Dad good so now there’s nothing to stop us setting off we can leave as soon as we get back from the vets back from the vets but but look after that leg and that leg and that leg and that leg and that leg and mom gaston’s hurt himself oh dear you

Better bring him straight in i didn’t expect to see you back so soon gaston it’s a bit sore isn’t it i’ll bandage it for you and i’ll sprinkle on a little fairy dust just to make it heal quickly Scratching it no gas don you mustn’t scratch it or it won’t get better i’ll just pop on this plastic collar now he can’t scratch it sorry gaston here’s another sticker for being so brave be careful now i don’t want to see you back here again oh wow

Mrs elf have you got the holiday tickets yes here they are good throw them down to me oh i’m not sure that’s such a good idea mr elf you might not catch them oh i’ll catch them okay if you’re sure you see elves are great at catching and i’m an elf oh

Why has gaston got that big collar on don’t laugh dad you’ll upset gaston sorry gaston here are the car keys shall i bring them down oh just throw them to me mrs elf if you’re sure Gaston caught the keys gaston’s great at catching even with that color on yes well done gaston give me the car keys back now he swallowed the keys the keys are in gaston’s tummy stop that mr elves but he’s swallowed the car keys we have to get them back holly have you got your

Wand with you yes mr l good use magic to turn gaston inside out what i’m not sure that’s a very good idea we’ll have to take gaston back to the vet she can get the keys out come on then quick Hello gaston i didn’t expect to see you again so soon what’s the matter he swallowed my car keys now gaston let’s have a look at you hmm i see good good i have some very good news yes gaston’s feeler is better hey i can take gaston’s color off hooray

And here’s a sticker for being a brave boy again well uh that’s all really lovely and great and everything but how do i get my car keys back oh that okay i’ll see if i can find them let’s take a look in the front end hmm nothing here

Now the back end nothing here either now for the middle i’ll use the x-ray hold still there they are they’re keys so how do we get them out we let nature take its course let nature take its course what does that mean i think she means wait for him to poo it

Out that’s right we all just have to follow him around for a bit Uh-huh looks like gaston might be about to um go how disgusting but at least we’ll be getting the keys back oh he only did a wee ah the little darling we just have to wait for him to go in his own time in his own time but

We don’t have any more time we’re going to be late for the holiday did you get the keys um we have to wait for nature to take its course what does that mean it means we have to wait for gaston to gaston’s coughing what’s wrong with him now

The keys mr elf you’re a very lucky man yes well gaston you certainly deserve another brave boy sticker soon gaston will have more stickers than sports gaston’s been through a lot he could do with somewhere warm and nice for a good rest he can come on holiday

With us that would be perfect i’m sorry but i did say gaston couldn’t come but that was before he’d been sick uh he probably needs a pet’s passport i can give him one of those it’s settled then gaston can come on holiday with us yay yay have a lovely holiday ben keep gaston

Warm have you got food for him and a cushion yes bye gaston and remember i don’t want to see you again for a long long time today’s adventure starts at the meadow the new one gaston wants to play fetch the stick okay a magic upper stick ready wandy abracadabra

Here you go gaston fetch the Oh it’s raining we’re getting wet no problem one two umbrella wow that’s great let’s go And dry umbrella to wand whoops it sounds like your wand’s got a cold awesome oh no poor wandy it’s because she got all wet i’d better call the wand doctor Hello is that the wand doctor yes we’ve got a sick wand to bed with a hot water bottle and i’ll be right over thank you goodbye the doctor says you have to put wandy to bed and he’ll be right over also oh wandy The once doctor is here hello but that’s just the wise old elf i’ll have you know i’m not just the wise old elf i’m also a fully qualified one doctor oh i see we elves make the ones remember yes why is that you hate magic we make

Ones but we don’t use them magic always leads to trouble now where is my patient here ah that’s loud tongue out please as i thought a cold i suggest plenty of rest the wand needs to stay in bed and keep nice and warm will wandy be able to

Do magic oh no no no there’ll be no waving wandy around for a while oh what will i do without a wand funny you should ask i’ve been working on a brand new wand maybe you’d like to try it out wow it’s been top secret until now i call it

The wise wand 3 000 even i didn’t know about it gosh thanks wise old elf it’s so pretty you’re my best friend and it talks i love you incredible amazing that’s not all this wand has a very special feature no other wand has what special feature oh you’ll find out soon enough

I have to say wands don’t get any better than this what did he mean by that what does he ever mean i always lose interest halfway through i can’t wait to do some magic with my wise wands 3 000. well you will have to wait till tomorrow because it’s nearly bedtime oh

Bye holly bye ben bye gaston see you tomorrow [Laughter] morning daddy morning holly you’re my best friend ah the new wand how is it it’s amazing i love you good news princess holly wandy is better the ones doctor was right she just needed a bit of rest oh that’s nice so

You can take that new wand back to the wise old elf if you like uh i think i might like to keep it for a bit i haven’t even tried doing magic with it yet oh well what should we do with this um i don’t really need it anymore can

You put it with my baby toys okay oh wow there you go holly’s got a new one now you’re my best friend hello holly hello ben hello fleur is that a new wand yes it’s called the wise wand 3000 i love you wow it talks yes it’s very very new and top secret

You’re my best friend oh let’s play a game yes what shall we play let’s play princesses knights and naughty witches yes i’ll be the princess because i am a princess and i’ll be the brave knight okay wow real armor and i’ll be the naughty witch What do we do now the brave knight has to rescue the princess from a tower what tower haha this tower Wow how am i going to rescue you from that in the stories the princess grows her hair really long and the knight climbs up it oh yes Climb up that hair ben easy elves are good at climbing up hair and i’m an elf Here i am i’ve got to rescue you thank you brave knight but now you’re both trapped Oh we can easily get down not if i put bars on the window Oh we’re stuck lunch time oh that’s my mum i’ve got to go bye okay bye fleur how are we going to get down don’t worry i’ve got my wise one three thousand you’re my best friend okay let’s get out of here i love you oh it didn’t work i love you

It’s not doing anything what happens the last time you used it nothing i haven’t done any magic with it yet i love you it’s useless i wish i had my old wand Oh it’s gaston gaston could fetch hell yes gaston go and get one day bench gaston fetch Gaston you’re in a hurry today Hey where are you going with one day the wise one 3000 is meant to be a very special wand but it doesn’t do anything maybe it’s broken it doesn’t look broken i love you does it ever say anything else no apart from you’re my best friend that it’s actually

A bit annoying yes my old ones never talked it just oh wandy My old wand here gaston wandy hooray oh wandy i’m so glad to see you now let’s get down from this tower yes indeed I think i’ll use my old wand from now on ah princess holly how are you getting on with a wise wand 3 000 it’s broken is it i love you it looks perfectly fine to me but it doesn’t do magic yes that’s the special feature i was talking about no

Magic what a ones that doesn’t do magic correct you see magic always leads to trouble and also but the one that doesn’t do magic is not a wand it’s just a stick so you’re saying that the wise one 3 000 is good for absolutely nothing yes

I know one thing it’s good for yes hey gaston fetch the stick I love you you’re my best friend and i love you one day you’re my best friend [Applause] You

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