You’re talking about evil leer it’s a word yeah that’s a weird please guys I’m not joking just play the game that’s on your computer safe my family all right you stay here one will go you ready to do this and we’re gonna say it’s family how always talking let’s try So what’s up FG teamers region lo Mart what’s up oh my goodness I just hit Mart with a crowbar that was mean why you better back up okay oh my dear yard but we’re not gonna eat you again that bendy was strange huh I don’t know what this

New bendy game is it’s crazy but uh it looks like Mart is our friend well we got some weapons here we’ve got a SMG a pulse rifle shot a crossbow yeah he’s a little devil darlin grenade in a rippy garbage I knew that crowbar gravity gun

Physics gun oh my goodness I’m gonna try never you can’t leave oh Mart’s running I think he hears the neighbor bendy and marked they’re good friends cuz they both scare people but all right listen we got to get straight into this I guess Mart is like part of my crew yeah you’re

Scared of me now Mart let’s uh let’s get out of here he said something about his family’s in trouble so I’m figure we might need like a a weapon we killed those bad guys yeah what’s this billion Inc machine what’s in this wound whoa whoa he’s he can

Attack us I don’t think he’s gonna attack us amazing frog is that you know I’m not gonna hurt you nothing oh he’s scared no no no hi dude oh my goodness we’re not gonna hurt you all right are you oh my goodness oh you wanna zoom in

All right none of those should be amazing frog yo Jase nope ha ha you can’t hurt an amazing frog whoa whoa what is that right there is that go from finesse oh that’s so weird it’s end look at this bendy postive hey let it he won’t let us do one that is by

Never come out what do you live see we can think of this weapon oh sweet yo that bet didn’t do anything where’d you hear that noise Boris oh he just hit my toe oh it’s bad boy Boris Oh hoo boom dark oh I have a flashlight can we go in there

Oh my goodness do that crazy robot try break it break it no where’s Marta dude this is crazy right here yeah this is crazy amazing front oh he’s still there dude let’s keep going we got two words Boris hit him with whoa he’s not alive that one try Steve that plays music over

There right there the record what do you hear that noise he’s shooting at us I think you got him I think he’s dead dude that Freddie’s alive good let’s do an SMG gun ready it’s it’s ricocheting that’s crazy oh wow with it look at her health oh we

Stepped in the ink and we died on me oh oh it kills us Judah we’re almost dead I wish we got held back listen listen to what some of this for good oh he get in there door – he’s like in the wall through the olive Sheikh Boris whoa whoa oh

Oh you got him well that was quick well behind us behind us let me see [ __ ] in the all the better shot us Andy so smart where are you dude I’m right here my cue you’re coming with us look we can bring he’s turning backward the neighbors

Running back bird ah he’s a scaredy cat alright let’s try a pulse rifle where’s that bindiya always active he’s in the foot happy shooting oh they have mark what’s out large I see okay she was in this Marlo oh my god what yeah marks it marks invincible showed up showed up get up

Yeah Becca Becca kiddo get him shouldn’t say showed up showed him showed Adam Oh oh my goodness Lord zoom in zoom in do that was inside of it these guys came from in here they’re dead they’re dead what is up with you know those are Bendis those are his family so wait there’s

Good Bendis in back horses that way through the wall no no no we’re supposed to protect those guys remember there’s evil or Bendis and evil Irfan season than regular Bendis his body go out there go out there I want to go back over Mart come here what figures shot

Wow guys come here there’s something over here what is it more just come here all right don’t worry let’s go so what is it what it’s so it’s mama Now what’s the matter with you I think she was a good person she was keeping mama and her baby safe oh my goodness all right smart watch out Mart how come are invincible oh my goodness Maura I’m sorry just did it oh my goodness I did you got love poopy on

Your face you need to get that guy I’m not doing that I’m scared I’m too scared just do this what is that you got him try suna-chan sheeted yo get the guns that’s our ammo do what is that up there no look at that thing Wow bendy bendy bendy bendy look good

You’ll go upstairs go upstairs Oh Marc Marc whoa whoa whoa did you see that one space that’s where you get a neighbor yeah what’s up T stare oh you got that guy get a mo those are his family guys we came here hi guys come on we’ll take out oh he’s

Gonna hurt me got it whoa toes ever dead no okay we are here to save Mandy’s family seriously you cannot do that to them yo we gotta get these guys to safety where do we bring them girls come with us guys come over here whoa we saved them what’s your whoa who’s

Shooting us who’s hurting us what was that what’s your name Oh Randy what’s your name Fendi what’s your name candy Wendy shendi oh my goodness are they’re following us follow follow us what this evil bent knee is killing them do that’s what’s happening the evil bendy is kidding no I’m not gonna hurt

You guys oh I think they don’t like the light all right follow us hey you come on come on guys they’re not following us aren’t fine you guys stay here and we’ll check out the rest of the place all right all right huh go slow go slow some

Company in hurting us no boat ha oh oh wait a sec wasn’t there a bendy there wasn’t there a bendy in the window oh it’s a disappearing bendy you shoot out the light of GTV oh no you can’t jump up there I’ll try hopping on the chair dude

Look that inc every step in let’s see oh it does hurt you are you doing god yes – what is that right there it’s five nights at Freddy’s we can’t even get in there do body weight we try to try to try to help we try to crawl under

Oh oh sweet we did it dude oh all right what else where does this lead oh that’s the room where it whoa what’s bendy always there never you have the nose look right you all right let’s keep going this is creepy sprint down here dude what is it amazing front oh that’s

That’s right you keep that whoa whoa dude look what Dawg easy give all that what is more doing here all right that’s a job he’s harder than I think check to see that other Mart is still there shoot him in his foot dude I’m starting to think these ain’t even

Really Mart’s Crobat Crobat Crobat Crobat whoa ba worried dude get out get out get out whoa Wow what does happy do do the games as kids there’s a Mart right there we tweet oh you got him yeah all right so there’s a mark there there’s a more in the other

Room Joe you’re joking me the other neighbor this is crazy there’s no I can’t believe she left a motel game yeah dude so hold on I think we almost see we got see what the other door leads to but I think we pretty much yeah yeah I think we Streisand’s his

Family oh my goodness we just died that dude just killed this bendy he’s dead came over no but he doesn’t move so did we save his family let’s go see Benny still involved man I Betty I think we saved your family even though we died I don’t think we saved your family bendy [Applause] Ooh what what what that’s a guy that’s a guy stuck some type them in their eyes you don’t want another this I would do with my face forget that I’m gonna hit you with my hands you better get back before you displace because you just eat because you just think don’t mess with

The hue makers I can think so good cuz I find a Hannah open that dog can’t be good

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