Best Board Games of All time 2023

Best Board Games of All time 2023

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There’s a million board games already right yeah I’d say definitely so which ones are the best ones so in this video we’re each gonna pick our 10 best board games of all time in our honest humble opinions objective opinions so it’s complete truth and you can’t argue well they can actually they

Can you can and please do in comment section which ones in 2023 are our favorite board games of all time let’s start our strong goal right yes let’s go water card game oh Lottery card game water card game is almost like a classic game at this point card

Collecting game and build decks with like Aragorn Legolas and all the other characters and try to defeat different scenarios it’s a Cooperative game you fight against Monsters and try to do different quests I’m still playing it after all these years and that’s why it’s deserving to start out the top 10.

I am not playing it anymore you know why because you sold it all to me yeah pretty much so yeah it’s also a money pit like all these card games living card games remain is Rune Wars that’s even older than yours and that is this Epic Fantasy game which at first

Promoted itself as fantasy Twilight Imperium the way to win you need to control rooms on the board and you’re trying to take them away from each other and then there are heroes for each or of the Nations that just walk around and do their own thing and do quests so

There’s many layers to this game it’s a huge epic game that’s one of the reasons I haven’t played it as much as I’d like to and so that’s why it’s slipping slowly out of top 10 but still holding on two One Elder chore how high was it last

Year seventh I think that’s not a big slip this is the first time this is in my top 10. well do tell us about Alger again I haven’t talked about it for a year relax mate it’s a corporative game where you fight the big monsters you can get tons

Of items upgrade and you really have to work together and plan things and move uh together sounds super exciting no no actually I’ve played elderscore way back when and I do enjoy it while it’s slipping is the down time it’s too much but anyways it’s one of the best

Cooperative games like these big massive games and one of my favorites all time for sure well mine’s Star Wars rebellion it’s a huge two to four player epic conflict game where one player plays the rebellion and their goal is to Outlast the Empire by surviving the Empire not

Finding their base and Empire generally just wants to find the base of the rebellion and destroy it it’s Star Wars in a box it covers the original trilogy there’s Death Star you can destroy planets there’s Han Solo which can be you know caught and put into carbon anyway fantastic game moving on

Three two one dwellings of Elder whale wow it’s a really feel good game a massive game that feels light it is a huge box monsters and different races yet it plays in reasonable amount of time and doesn’t have too many rules you have your workers and you send them to

Do different stuff you just try to get more resources more energy different magical powers defeat monsters but you can get points from million different things so there’s tons to do the third time in this video you’ve said something about million like million different things million expansions and we really

Would like million patreons if you would check out our patreon page first time when you say million I’m totally right behind you okay intermediate difficulty I would say because there’s a lot of pieces so you have to do a lot but it’s not too difficult or find this year for

Sure watch the review if you would like to know more everything that you do feels good Minds tune Imperium which was like the second or third last year and it has slipped quite a bit because I bought the deluxe component and haven’t played it since makes me very very sad

And guys that’s why it slipped but Dune Imperium is a deck building work replacement game in the world Dune we’re just playing different houses and trying to get the most victory points and there’s conflict and fightings and the expansion rise of it just makes it 11

Out of 10 for me 11 out of 10 but still only eighth yeah well it’s like eight of all time it’s not just eight it’s not like I play 10 games and now I’m ranking them I played 20 games and now I’m ranking them two one King’s dilemma

Here I stand was my number one game last year weirdly enough I actually played its sequel Virgin Queen this year Well 2022 and this has slipped like from first to what is this seven now ah epic historical diplomatic war game where players play one of the biggest powers

Of that time England France Spain what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to control cities or win a religious Victory because that’s of the time the Protestants when that movement becomes stronger or just appears a huge juicy historical war game if you are into historical War Games the problem for

This one is why you can’t play this often you need six players and it takes all day yeah mine is King’s dilemma it’s my favorite Story game of all time promise of it is that all of you are people voting in King’s Court different situations come up for example this

Person has stolen something and do we punish him or not and you just use your power to vote on different things you present a house that has some interests and different things happening you’re not very objective like we are with all of these games yeah exactly the best

Story game because we are the ones making that story you’re very very invested in that it is something you will probably play just once in your life I’ve never fought so much with my friends about like silly stupid things and it’s amazing I really really love this game there are some things but

There’s not a lot more than voting in this game don’t play it as a gamer for winning just let go imagine it’s just a story it’s just a narrative I haven’t laughed in a game so hard even playing party games role play your house an amazing experience yeah

Yeah three two one juniperium oh also low low low this is a fantastic work replacement game that you talked about the best work replacement deck building like combination I have played just really really good systems put together in a solid fantastic game and the interaction in this game also yeah it’s

Really really cool that’s sometimes missing from a lot of Euros or in general games mine’s uh Clank Legacy it’s a deck building game Legacy deck building game which means from game to game you will put stickers on the board you will rip cards of art you will write

On things just game changes from game to game and there’s like 10 games you play with this and then you’re done with the campaign and the plot twists and oh geez it’s amazing just playing this makes me think how much work was involved in creating all these branching story lines

And everything if you like deck building games or Legacy games or if you have never played Legacy game this is a one to try I think this is the best one I’ve ever played three two one Nemesis locked down lockdown is basically the upgrade on the basic one

But they both work similarly lockdown is a bit better in my opinion there’s some life Improvement things not for the characters they still die but for playing some improvements for sure the most thematic game I think in my top 10 just surviving horror sci-fi there’s aliens coming at you and there’s

Somebody probably around the table who want to stab you in the back secret objectives ask me how many times I’ve played them as His lockdown I don’t have to ask you it’s zero because it’s right there and I backed it actually it’s a good thing I did anyway mines feed the

Kraken feed the Kraken is a game I played for the first time in 2022 and this game has fired baluster Galactic for me is the best hit and roll experience that I’ve ever had times change times do change it’s just an amazing hidden experience game that is a

Board game and Bowser Galactic if you’re playing the bad guy you essentially just can just enjoy just chill then wait for that one turn where you can go there do this one action and you win and it always feels anticlimactic but here and feed the Kraken there is no such thing

You always need teammates you can’t do it alone you have to act your way through it it’s always a long con it’s not going to be one thing that you can do and suddenly win there’s a ship and on the ship there are pirates who want

To go one way there are crew members who want to go the other way and then there’s the cultist leader who either wants to go the Third Way or gets sacrificed to the Kraken it’s a really good mix of like Simplicity and tons of fun and also that’s one of my games that

Was in the top 20 video that we did for our patreons if you want to see not only one to turn but also 11 to 20 games of all time that extra video is available only to our supporters on patreon or YouTube membership so don’t miss out

So there’s one there’s a war then there’s that one which you recently got which I’m not gonna spoil for them and there’s two more right yeah oh yeah telephone Mars and then Aries no one of those I think Aries fell out of like way way way no way no way

Oh my God I had a revelation seriously that high no way two one terrifying Mars yeah you were right on this one my favorite Euro game of all time it’s to the test of time there was small romance with Aries Expedition I knew it it’s gone but it’s gone from my top

Definitely Mars is just more satisfying for me we talked about this in our patreon video you really like space you really like deck building you’re a little like uh War theme and other things that I don’t care about anymore and I really care about engine Building Systems having cards and each time

Getting better playing one card any action I do I just get better better better more points therefore Mars is that the winner is who’s gonna be the most efficient about it just feel good games and terraforming Mars for me is that game there’s just plenty of options

To do and you just never get bored of it and dwellings elderly already talked about it this huge Epic hybrid worker placement that feels huge epic that is actually accessible and plays in a reasonable amount of time I really want to know what that one that I can’t

Figure out is three two one spare time ah yeah how did I forget about Spirit Island yeah ah yeah I should have was in the background Spirit Island it’s a Cooperative game a heavy heavy copper two game uh it’s something that will kinda blow your mind how many choices

You have and what decisions you need to make to win the game because you are spirits of an island and intruders are coming and you have to play uh your cards and like Synergy with other players and Synergy with your character special abilities to kind of push away

Those Invaders or kill them if you do successfully do that you win the island stays yours and clean if you don’t then the Invaders come and destroy you and you lose your powers and that’s essentially it very very tough uh game I would say and challenging yeah that’s

Satisfying and I really like tough Cooperative games and this one fits the box for sure and replayability this is one of those games you could buy and play for years and you wouldn’t want any other game not the case for us because we have hundreds of games already but in

Mostly one person can play this for million years while mine’s Eclipse second Dawn well guess what it’s in space guess what it has dice rolling who knew but it’s also a hybrid game because I like those a lot which this is a euro Twilight Imperium that’s at least what

It’s described as it’s shorter than that it plays up to six players you also get your own race you develop it there’s more emphasis on Tech and like economics than in Twilight Imperium and I finally got my own so I’m gonna play the hell

Out of it in 2023 at least two times you see what our lives have have become yeah okay three two one head gents wall I thought totally different game yeah I know you did which one do you think I thought Skyrim yeah Hadrian’s Wall is a rolling right game my favorite solo game hands down that’s why it’s here I play a lot it’s solo this year I don’t remember the last time I played so many games

With one game they’re just so satisfying I recently played it again uh two days ago with the friend one of my friends and and I just remembered it’s so good in general you get a bunch of resources and it’s just two sheets of paper and a

Pen and how the hell two sheets of paper and a pen can beat out all these epic big games Nemesis and all that because it’s so simple to set up it’s actually the reason why it’s so high up is because I can pull it out of the shelf

And we can play it in like a minute and it will make you feel better than most of these games it’s just really really good mine’s Twilight Struggle Twilight Struggle is a two player card game historical about the Cold War it is Dice you do like your two-player games well I

Do like my two player games I guess yeah two-player card game about the Cold War where you’re trying to control regions essentially it’s not really a war game it’s more like an area control game it’s quite long it takes around three hours but the feel is epic and it’s just

Amazing my first GMT game I ever played GMT being the publisher and GMT games is my favorite publisher the best game of all time ever is Nemesis Wonderland War yeah essentially you already talked about Nemesis Nemesis this is horror survival space in the game where you’re trying to essentially

Survive not win but you won’t do either of those so don’t worry and if you’ve seen Aliens the movie the first or the second one uh you know what this is all about betrayal there’s a lot of interaction it’s about aliens chasing you and it’s definitely not a game for

Everybody it’s a very punishing game where you can technically die on your first turn yeah if you’re not careful yeah a record I think is 15 minutes mine is Wonderland’s War and why it is number one it is because there’s everything I like about board games there’s drafting

Which I love push your luck which is just always thrilling and exciting pulling out chips from your bag I also like a deck building pool building colorful it’s area control which means tons of interactions and emotions there’s also this upgrading system where you have your Alice in Wonderland

Character Alice herself maybe and you constantly only upgrade her and get better there’s like synergies between the actions and dies and so satisfying all around something that you have said about it is that whenever you pick the cards there’s a big table and cards around there whenever your turn comes

You just pick one card from there but all of them look so good and you don’t want to leave any of them and there’s always tons of good choices choices between one good thing another good thing it’s interesting it’s something that I show to people and they

Immediately want to play it and when they play it they immediately want to play it again yet of course there’s tons of things and somebody will think maybe it’s too messy for you yeah I was actually gonna say that the the all the different things quite fit together

Different parts but it feels natural to go from one to the second to third yeah like the Box itself looks intriguing and the game continues on this thread it’s just intriguing to all do all of these things and the theme just fits a really really good design my favorite game of

All time tell us what are your top 10 games you’re very objective thoughts about board games we like board games these are board games we like that’s all you need to know yeah leave board games that you like in the comments we’ll see you next time

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