Best Dungeon Crawler – Board Games

Best Dungeon Crawler - Board Games

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Hello guys my name is jana and welcome you back to my channel and thank you very much for watching this video especially that i don’t make them very systematically so you know i’m really appreciate that you are here and you know if you like this

Video it will be great if you leave like maybe some comments and most importantly join to my subscribers okay what i have for you today i have something special and you have to know that i’m really like recording this kind of video because this will be top list ranking

Today i’m gonna tell you about 15 my favorite dungeon crawlers so so i guess i will take you on a little trip to the dungeons underground unexplored lands fantastic wars and you know other amazing places so i invite you to watch this top list and if you feel like it

Right under this video what are your favorite dungeon progress and now let’s get started okay guys here we go but before i starting i’m sure that you will expect big boxes a lot of plastic miniatures tokens cars boards and and you know all these components and yes i

Must admit this kind of dungeon crawlers will be today in this video in fact mostly of them uh but now i starting this drunking um with a board game which is a dungeon crawler without all these attributes because the box is tiny we have inside only few

Miniatures some cards and a lot of great fun ladies and gentlemen tiny epic dungeons as you can see this is such a small dungeon crawler which however in terms of gameplay is completely interior to those large and more grandious board games this board game is not only compact but also

Pocket size and gives us much fun as the more complex dungeon crawlers in my opinion here we have module boards that that you build from cart and there are these dungeons you know within corridors and in them traps obstacles and of course enemies the smaller ones the fight with

Which is a kind of uh experience and preparation of your character for the final battle with the bosque is hiding somewhere in some chamber in this dungeons so your goal is to find it and pull it out of his lair and defeat it all this happens in the light of a hiding torch

So we have a time pressure so will you manage to develop your hero equip him with epic weapons armor or spells and this is what you can experience in this tiny dungeon crawler and i think this came out really well in this board game so today position number 15 tiny epic dungeons

Okay next place next board game and this this will be a little trip to the borderline of insanity and madness and you know in all of this their fingers or i rather say than tentacles involved normals than the great internal ones or rather the one big type that is slowly walking

On the track today on the position number 14 as you can see tulu dev may die and you know when it comes about this board game these scenarios are one of the main thing i like about this this dungeon crawler because every time when i reach another envelope and i open

It to you know to see what new scenario what new adventure awaited me it was so exciting in this game each scenario is interesting different and uh and that what i really like and appreciate about tulu dev may die it’s a pleasant feeling to to wonder what task awaits my

Richards this time what he will have to do whether he will succeed or not i like it and i like it a lot but also like how this game is made you can see here the attention to every detail and there is a quite a lot of it and

It all builds up this atmosphere in this board game very nicely and the very atmosphere of this game has quite an unusual approach to the team of coutulo we have such an ironic approach maybe it’s not a joke you know or laughing on it but you feel such a

Specific iran here here in ketulo that may die the whole fight against tulu it’s not taken so so seriously and i like the tulu that may die for that too so this dungeon crawler is one of my favorites today on position number 14 but if you are curious what

Will happen next well watch it because i’m just getting started now since i started talking about insanity and madness in board games let’s say in the same but this time it’s going to be a board game where you have to use application i don’t like it in board games but in this

Dungeon crawler application is great this is mentioned madness this is my copy so the title is a little different but trust me this is mention of madness so one of my favorite dungeon crawler and the app in the case of this board game adds even more to the atmosphere

And you can feel the heavy and dark atmosphere the mysterious the puzzles to tin line between the characters sanity and a madness i really like the music and all those sounds perfectly reflecting what is happening i like the voice over that introduce us to the adventure in this

Dungeon crawler it’s all very immersive in this board game in the mention of madness as in tool that may die we have nice atmospheric graphics although i like the ones in ketulo better but here we also have a well illustrated board game unfortunately not everything here is pretty for example

Monster bases are something terrible i can understand how this element could ruin the aesthetics of of the game so much one of the monsters it’s a some kind of combination of a tulu dragon and butt is also such a creature and and strange something and well as usual in fantasy great games

There is no molding in the box so all the miniatures have been chewing and hope nothing happens to them and i think i i can say that’s the madness Now you guys one of my favorite team the lord of the rings and less favorite board games um with the same title and the game this is my copies of the title is a little bit different and less a board game because this game is with application again

And you know it’s impossible to play without it so you have to accept that but i have to admit that in this board game the application does exactly what enabling board games should do it’s exploring the unknown to me it reveals new corners of the map as

I played and definitely i much prefer this form than lying out the entire map at the beginning of the game where i can see and know everything here in the lord of the ring i find out new things as the game progress and that is great so you know each time i

Have a surprise about where i can go what awaits me there what decisions are in front of me what monsters will appear and how my adventure will unfold so traveling around the map in this board game i can feel the team spirit when after the scenario we gather around the campfire and

Distribute the found items equipment between each other it all makes me really like coming back to this dungeon crawler and lord of the rings is one of my favorites Before i tell you about my favorite dungeon crawler from place number 10 i will be surrounded by zombies whole horde of these monsters this black plaque but it will be a green horde and and even uh space ones xenos in this case so zombie side inviter green heart and black plaque

Because in this uh in this position will be whole series of zombie sight you know regardless of which part of this zombie side i play the combat with each type of zombies is very similar one time i kill whole hordes with trebuche another time i shoot with you know lasso remote

Controlled robot or canon or traditionally with sword or or spell it all depends in which part of series i play and which word whether in space or fantastic i have to kill these zombies but every time it’s just great fun and now in this 11th place in this

Ranking i i combined all these parts black black green horde and inviter as one dungeon crawler because i always have a lot of fun playing each of them i also appreciate the the entire zombie side series for being a dungeon crawler that i can easily play even with completely casual players because the

Roles are easy to explain the game is cooperative so we can help each other and everyone has a lot of fun in this kind of adventure so first five places behind us and now time to to enter to the final top 10 my favorite dungeon crawlers and in the

Position number 10 uh now will be without the box but in a moment i will show you and tell you a little bit more about massive darkness helpscape because this is one of my best dungeon crawler and you have to know that this is a dungeon crawler that

Immediately rocked into the high 10 places in my ranking it even ranked ahead to the entire zombie side series so it made quite a surprise so massive darkness is a board game very similar to zombie sight but i like this dungeon crawler better it’s an adventure with

A lot of item and you just want to find them for your character you know open the chest find cool equipments and equip your hero with armor swords wands and other various great gear but you also want to kill more monsters to get such equipment as a reward for killing them i also

Really like the the great hero development in massive darkness each hero is asymmetrical each has its own unique abilities and each has different boards tokens decks of cards and a whole system for using those attributes i also like the large variety of enemies for smaller ones to huge monsters and the big ones

In a massive darkness are really really huge miniatures you know a little bit too big for me not only to the cover a whole whole space on the board but you know the box itself had to be huge to accommodate that amount of plastic but

For those of you who likes and can paint this is plenty to do in a case of this size the gameplay itself seems a bit too simple to me but by including some home rules the difficulty level can be easily increased so for a gigs i think it will be just okay Position number nine is another one of my favorite dungeon crawler but this will be another unusual approach of this type of game because in this game is no board at least in a traditional form because in this game we create a board like it out in the cards as you can see arkham

Core the card game but just because there is no board doesn’t mean it’s easier or you know less atmospheric i would say quite the opposite for me arkham horror is this hard game to play it’s hard to win it takes a lot of effort to get to the next scenario i

Used to play in in such a way that i didn’t start another scenario until i had achieved a result that satisfied me and and that usually means going through the same scenario you know several times but that way i didn’t spoil my surprise when i started a new adventure so on the one

Hand uh i would get angry when i went wrong that i had to start the game and it was hard and on the other hand it was very curious what would happen next so the card version of dungeon crawler really appealed to me i like card games this one is challenging

Has great illustration captures the color of lovecraft so it has to be in my list of favorite dungeon crawlers Okay now another my favorite dungeon crawler and this board game will be another example to uh to kind of uh controversy because you know a published dungeon crawler that doesn’t have a single miniature a gram of plastics it’s uh it’s a pretty risk what do you think but in this

Board game in this dungeon crawler machina arcana it works and you know it works very very well this dungeon crawler is combining atmosphere immersion and the great looking board game without miniatures for me it’s a very successful combination of dark couture and steampunk it’s the first time and you know it’s the first

Time i’ve seen such a combination in a board game and it turned out great as i said there are no miniature in this game but there are a lot of strategic and tactical decisions to to be made you are always running out of stamina points and

You want to do as much as possible you know this is not a joyful game of rolling the dice on the board and just playing fate in mahinam arcana i have to decide where i live my hero whether i fight this monster or maybe it’s better to run

Away i really like such decisions in in board games which required analystics and you know these dungeon crawlers looks great lots of very different dungeon boards very atmospheric illustration on the cards great players boards very nice standish totally enough for me to to have a great time playing this

This game you know without miniatures so if you like a dark tulu combined with a steampunk atmosphere and you don’t need a miniatures on on the dungeon crawler i think you will like it like i do a while ago i talked about deep experience in makina arcana so my proposition is

Stay in that deep because the next one of my favorite dungeon crawler is is deep madness and i have to tell you that when i play in this dungeon crawler i feel the the pressure here in this board game the action in this board game takes place in underwater base

At the bottom of the ocean but it’s not just drawing that treatments the characters who have slide here sooner or later you will encounter more and more terrifying critters in the corridors of this base in this game i like the character activation order track related to the 2d monsters it

Matters a lot where you characters stand on board how far away the creature is what type of enemy it is whether it activates before or after your character and what happens as a result all this causes you to plane your every move you know i like a lot in this in this

Dungeon crawler heavy and dark atmosphere in this game it fits this game perfectly the combination of tulu the the treat from monsters the madness you can you can get and and the base underwater with the pressure time pressure enemy pressure it worked out great together in deep

Madness so this is one of my favorite dungeon crawler as you can see now time to place number six and you know i have i have a bit problem with this board game as you can see sword and sorcery unfortunately i can play of this board

Game as often as i would like that’s because sword and sorcery is a dungeon crawler that has a lot of rules so showing this game to you know casual players is challenging and doesn’t always make sense but believe me as soon as i have a

Chance to go to this world full of magic full of intelligence enemy i take it and i definitely recommend this dungeon crawler to all those players who are not afraid to learn more rules now you know i really like the characters development in this game choosing whether i want to my character

To become more good or more evil it’s it’s loading up it’s loading up more spells whether you have to plan it out factor in factor it into your plan uh plan of action and against you your immortal soul stand more monsters directed by artificial intelligence and you can feel

That the enemies are not just some some stupid zombies walking around the board they are smart and fighting them is demanding unfortunately there is something i forget about this game too few scenarios there could be at least four more basically i feel it’s it’s lacking and okay i can fix that by

Buying the add-on but too bad it’s not included in the in the base game You know there are only five first places left to to the ranking of my favorite dungeon crawlers so now you will find out about position number five and as you can see this is this end and i will say right away that i will like

I would like that i can play this game in several ways competitive cooperative with an app or playing the campaign and additionally there are a lot of interesting scenarios waiting for me and in them there is also a lot of different enemies to defeat them what i like about descent is

That i can play that the bad guy and you know fight against the heroes this engine crawler allows me to to do that and i’m glad that i have that choose because i don’t always expect cooperation from this type of games so i enjoy playing this board game a lot because of the

Cool adventure vibe the enemies and the whole thing works well together and fits perfectly and you know in this occasion it’s worth to mention or show you a newest descent legends of the dark as you can see a big box i still play it and i like to

Discover new scenarios in this dungeon crawler it’s so interesting and inviting that whenever i have time i like to return to this board but i like the the second edition of descent enough to the number five position today in a moment the final podium but before it happens

Meet the next dungeon crawler one of my best and it will be a really big box uh as you can see a great adventure in blue haven in this board game we move into a world that that was great just for this game here we discover places creatures events

That can only take place in this board game and it’s all very good and interesting at least for me it’s you know i really like in room haven managing the the cards i play what cards i want to use how i will play them whether i will lose a card by using its

Stronger effects or maybe it’s worth to leave it for the next game this mechanic works great here and i really like it additionally i really like how the enemies behave in this game how they respond to my actions that is their whole system of managing their behavior

Roomhaven is a great extended board game for many hours of playing and doing it you want to explore more places discover new secrets complete more missions quests and you know develop your hero this colorful words is very addictive in two of these scenarios could be a bit more varied not just you

Know kill everyone kill the boss but in each there is always something to do like the fact that i can embody my character retrieve him and you know continue the rest of the adventure with someone else that’s great and it gives me almost unlimited possibilities this big box is filled to be brilliant

There’s a lot of adventure options and fun waiting for players in a absolutely fantastic world Okay the final podium i’m so exciting and you know in this case position number three will have to accommodate not only one board game this one never this but two nemesis lockdown because in this in this place i decided to combine this board games so nemesis and nemesis lockdown

Are one of my favorites dungeon crawlers and you know the messages and nemesis lockdown are two independent games but at the same time one is a continuation of the other i think i can say that 90 percent of of the time there are the same games because both of the world the

Universe some of the characters the mechanism are are the same in both of these games although both of these games are in the same position of this ranking but if i had to choose one i i would opt for nemesis lockdown but that’s but that doesn’t mean i’m going to give

Up on the messes no no no um i like both only i have a bit more fun playing them as this lockdown in part because of the ability to go out onto the surface on the planet on on one side of the board nemesis is a semi-cooperative survival horror game

Where anyone can betray anyone so it’s not just intruders that are the biggest concert for players everyone has a secret goal and wants to achieve it there may be a quest there to kill another player and you know i like games like this where you can be sure to anything

But rather have to to assume that order will when to trick betray or even kill you and the cool thing is that i also and when you put all these things together you have a really good horror story so not one or two uh the best dungeon crawlers for me

Are nemesis and nemesis lockdown Did i mention that there will be no more small boxes only the large one as you have seen so far in this top list was lots of huge large and big boxes but in this case in this position number two will be such a small exception because

Gloomhaven joseph the lion is in my opinion a very successful compression of the big version of of this game as you can see this game is smaller so it takes up less space on the bookshelf which has been important to me for some time in addition its preparations adapt this game is

Incomparably faster than in the case of the large version of gloomhaven and this among others is one of the main reasons why joseph the lion is so high in my top list in this game we still have the same interesting and colorful adventures fantastic world enemies to defeat and

Missions to complete but all in a successful compact package and you know that is in my opinion the strength of this version of gloomhaven quick setup easy to prepare great tutorial for new players a little less choose to characters it’s a it’s a pity that there

Are no additional two in a base game but the rest of the world is the same engaging adventure that offer player to less fun to to play than in the great version of this board game additionally there is a modern layout in joseph the lion this game looks so fresh

This is a ton of details on the board also preparing for the game is is pleasure i set up a workbook binder and to be honest i’m done i don’t have to search for map tails from whole stock like i do in the large edition of blue

Haven i even have places where to put the standards shown on board so players convenience has been put first here and i appreciate it very much in bloomhaven jost of the land so today position number two okay guys this is a moment has came for you to hear about my favorite dungeon crawler

Although in this case not really because this board game is not a dungeon crawler this board game is a dream crawler as you can see first place on my top least favorite dungeon crawlers in this case dream crawlers is attributes each of this dream takes me to a completely different and surprising

Place it’s so amazing in this game so unpredictable and so perfect that it’s absolutely convinced me to be honest i’m enchanted by the the fact that in every next adventure in every dream i’m surprised by something new because it’s always a completely new place situation task to be done

Something different is always happening and posing the goal different and discover what this game hides it’s totally abstract word for example from a market full of some some mannequins i moved to the dairy docks to the coast or to the parks or some tower in a strange land or a

Train station okay i don’t want to tell you too much so as no to spoil the fun of exploring it all because that’s the greatest pleasure most precious treasures of this of this board game the adventure and mystery you experience here additionally i explore this entire world with pieces

And decide with my team which gate we enter this time which word we went to visit this time at the same time i find myself following the tales about his character some treats from his past because besides the dream playing out it’s important in attributes to

To find the next pieces of this twist possible and you know put the whole story together in in a way that fits together you have to know that elderfield it’s a long game and i think that’s how this board should be approached it may be a bit tiring for um

For some of you play out naps and um you know fight repeating enemies but it’s also a very important part of the overall gameplay this is ability to to reset your character and to you know prepare for the next dream and i didn’t find it difficult i didn’t feel bad about it

So my favorite dungeon crawler is as you can see ederfield’s dream journey which i recommend it absolutely to everyone thank you guys for watching i hope you enjoy and if you like this video leave a like leave a comment and join to my subscribers see you soon next video bye We say we

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