Best Gaming Trap Mix 2017 🎮 Trap, Bass, EDM & Dubstep 🎮 Gaming Music Mix 2017 by DUBFELLAZ

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Now let’s see what happens when we mix these two elements together three two one go Let’s get to Uh [Applause] So Uh Uh So Everybody good job Me hey we must be ready for a new danger and this is very very important you’ll know when it comes with warning and without anyone the atomic bomb Nuclear energy Duck and cover The atomic bomb Nuclear energy Stuck and covered [Applause] The invisible invaders [Applause] [Applause] Up Flip it Like Uh Ready buddy See i don’t have more bones than Pakistan So The boy linked up with screen stuff c8 to the uk and stuff we got them all on the floor like the temple what’s the tempo from the same club and we ain’t gonna wait for no invitation before we get involved an invitation Oh Sound travels we’re moving at our place I need you to love me Me Uh [Applause] Huh [Applause] yes Thank you Bye Yes Hey Yes Yes Please so All i do is diamonds Oh Yeah all i do is all i do is Is All i do is All right I’m [Applause] I’ve been getting money what the [ __ ] you been [ __ ] [ __ ] i’ve been getting money Uh [Applause] [Applause] [ __ ] Uh [ __ ] Huge So She coming home with me [ __ ] noise [ __ ] i kill my favorite rappers that’s a real hit list i do it for the principal now class dismissed i just ate the class of brick we smoking class d [ __ ] oh [ __ ] i might rile out out rope 50 the club to a [ __ ] jungle and snatch a girl in your side out Now So I ain’t got time for these amateurs i’m riding in that all black challenger i’m passing all the work to my manager yeah i’m the powers i’m a whole nother caliber i ain’t got time for these amateurs Wow Check this out Check this out Oh check it out switched it up So Me so i’m hard Uh so foreign Please don’t make me click Please I took a picture They dropped it low and then i made them do a scissor that kind of got my pockets feeling let’s get it Picture me rolling my teeth are golden pockets i’m swollen my [ __ ] selfie my [ __ ] healthy picture me wealthy picture me rollin picture me rollin [ __ ] be holdin all on my dick then i drop a bomb in this [ __ ] picture me rollin and [ __ ] [ __ ] i swear to god i kept it

Real then i got richer they like my clothes the life i chose just take a picture just when i thought this [ __ ] could not get in here white [ __ ] white [ __ ] we Is Is A lot of y’all just twitter flex for this [ __ ] ain’t just a [ __ ] rap i hear one dissing i’m running up in your [ __ ] trap [Applause] chat That [ __ ] don’t sound right i hit him like Uh without one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] So you gonna do Damn time Drink [Applause] [Applause] Uh [Applause] [ __ ] Sure So Oh [ __ ] Oh Ready ready [Applause] Uh Um what the [ __ ] Um [ __ ] the [ __ ] Oh so [Applause] [ __ ] [ __ ] quack quack Bottle service backing up that’s probably acting up while they’re here we acting up security had enough bottle service packing up that’s why we acting up water here we acting up security had enough bottle service backing up 10 o’clock Feet Oh Year they said it but i said it first Hey damn son Diamonds and treasure that don’t bring me no pleasure every day i just wake up saying i could do better trying Last me forever from here on earth it’s just staying ready Bye just staying ready [Applause] Baby bring the [ __ ] Good Bring the action everybody [ __ ] Everybody Everybody you

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