Best Toy Learning Video for Baby – Teach Colors with Cookie Monster!

Best Toy Learning Video for Baby - Teach Colors with Cookie Monster!

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Big bird is yellow with the shape of a circle let’s see what’s inside oh it’s cookie monster cookie monster’s blue with the shape of a square let’s see what’s inside hey there’s oscar oscar is green with the shape of the triangle let’s see what’s inside hey it’s elmo

Elmo is red with the shape of a heart let’s see what’s inside hey that’s the last one now let’s start matching so we can get stacking one Two three and four we have a big one medium one small and smaller if we stack them wrong cookie monster will holler oh my goodness if we stack them right they’ll go taller and taller and here comes the small and smaller wow cookie monster would you like some cookies

Great you can have a purple one did someone say cookies uh oh cookie monster sorry cookie monster you knocked the tower down oh i was so excited that i made a big mess well you can have some cookies if you help us clean it up okay i can do that Oh big bird was kind of heavy good job and you can have a cookie if you tell me what’s on the other side um well i see a circle a teddy bear and letters all the letters on the alphabet from a to z that’s 26 letters

Wow good job cookie monster you can have one cookie all right take this purple cookie and give it to our friend toy cookie monster alright yay now press the magic button and you can have a cookie okay Now can you put the next piece on our stack sure i can there we go good job cookie monster can you tell me what you see okay i see a square a yummy cookie and numbers from one to ten yay good job now can you put this teal ball

Down the slide oh yeah whoa All right press the magic button for two cookies here i go can i eat them sure cookie monster here you go oh me messi now can you stack the next piece um yeah yeah cookie monster can do it yay me did it good job now what do you

See on that one let me see me see a triangle a worm and lots of shapes terrific now you can have three cookies yay now let’s put the yellow ball down the slide sure All right press the magic button for three cookies okey-dokey all right here’s your three cookies so good meatball but we still have one more to stack if you do you might get a surprise me love surprises last one yay Good job now can you tell me what you see um oh just baby david how about if i turn him around now what do you see me see big bird oh and there’s me an oscar to grouch and cookie monster’s best friend elmo how about you press elmo’s heart for a surprise okay

Oh you disappeared it’s me elmo oh give cookie a hug we gonna go play come on elmo let’s have fun oh no you guys

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