Blippi Painting Giveaway | Learn Colors With Paint

Blippi Painting Giveaway | Learn Colors With Paint

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Whoa look at all of these colors hey my name’s blippi and today you and i are gonna paint using these colors look at this see this this is a blank white canvas and see up there yeah there’s a canvas with my name on it and i think you and i should learn our

Colors and paint the canvas okay so this is spray paint you spray it and paint comes out so let’s pick one of these colors and spray paint the canvas yeah how about orange whoa before you use spray paint you need an air filter so you don’t breathe it in

So this is a safety precaution so let’s put on an air filter okay take the orange and let’s go [Applause] shake it up here we go Whoa all right that’s enough orange let’s go get another color that was awesome okay let’s see here let’s do the color let’s do the color blue all right shake it up [Applause] just like the color like my shirt okay shake it up and now we’re gonna spray it here we go That looks pretty darn good this right there and i think that’s enough spray paint yeah let’s move on to these kind of paints whoa what kind of paint is this interesting these look like this is just normal paint but in squirt bottles okay let’s start with the color pink

Let’s go squirt the canvas [Applause] shake it up here we go all right watch out That’s awesome okay all right that’s enough pink all right now how about the color green let’s go check it up real quick i didn’t mean to do that look well there’s no accidents here just silly little mistakes okay all right here we go whoa that’s awesome look at it up close

Do you see it running down yeah that’s because of gravity Ugh how about the color yellow Pop the lid here we go [Applause] yeah okay so we did pink green and yellow and now let’s do the color blue but looks like we have to put the bee back on okay it fell off All right hopefully that sticks oh the pee fell off now that’s silly okay hopefully that sticks if not i have a great idea we must go fast now cause i’m guessing all the letters are gonna fall off ready here goes the blue Okay what other colors do we have um orange let’s go oh no oh the b fell off again oh silly b stay there okay here comes the orange Yeah look at our art piece that is awesome okay let’s go put this back all right and it looks like we have some other colors like red you want to see me squirt some red watch this whoa yeah red okay and looks like we have the color white okay here’s some white ready And looks like we have purple are you ready whoa whoa Whoa our letters keep falling down so i think we should do one last thing let’s throw some glitter on it yeah glitter it’s kind of hard to use because it gets all over the place but i’m going to use it with a paintbrush ready Hey wow it’s working Look at this do you see the glitter yeah okay wow yeah so i’m throwing these little metal chunks on it Oh it makes it really shiny look at it oh it’s nice and sparkly okay one last one Okay a little bit more wait a second i was just kidding i meant a lot more look at all that glitter Here we go Oh no i’m gonna find glitter on me for days wow go check it out That was so much fun painting that with you all right now that some of the letters fell off i think we should take the other letters off okay let’s take off the letter i take off the letter p And let’s take off the last i that looks so cool well i had a lot of fun learning colors with you let’s recap the colors okay i see green pink yellow blue orange and white yeah for blippi well if you like this painting and you love my videos i’m actually going to

Give this exact painting away yeah there’s only one of them one of them on this whole entire planet earth so if you want to win this painting totally free all you have to do is go to forward slash painting giveaway and then enter your email and we’re gonna pick

One of those emails at random for this very original one-of-a-kind blippi color art painting All right see you soon bye-bye If you would like to win this one of a kind blippi art painting be sure to head on over to forward slash painting giveaway for your chance to win bye-bye

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