Blippi Visits A Chocolate Factory | Educational Videos For Kids

Blippi Visits A Chocolate Factory | Educational Videos For Kids

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Hey it’s me flippy oh and look at what i have hmm some tasty vegetables they were really healthy but i’m really full now and after you eat a nice healthy meal guess what you get to eat next yeah dessert and today we are at booms candy in issaquah washington this is

Gonna be so tasty come on look at this place yum oh i don’t even know what that is but it looks so good whoa hey some caramel some chocolate yum hey i think we should learn how to make some of these tasty treats Chocolate chocolate chocolate i sure do love chocolate hey look at it look at it come out of the spot right here do you see whoa look at what i have a plastic thing that has some letters on it do you know what letter this is yeah it’s the letter b

Do you know someone’s name that starts with the letter b Yeah my name does blippi hey i have an idea let’s fill up one of these bees with warm chocolate ready whoa look at it and just squirt a bunch of chocolate right there okay now we need to take it right over here and we need to shake it and get all the

Air bubbles out of it and use this chocolate paint brush or a chocolate brush okay turn it on All right now that all of the air bubbles are out of here let’s put it in the fridge hey do you know why we’re putting it in the fridge yeah because remember earlier i said the chocolate is really warm and we need to cool it down so then it gets nice and hard

Chocolate is hard when it’s cold see no chocolate on my fingers all right now the next step put it on this tray and we need to pop it out here we go [Applause] Yeah look a chocolate b b what other words can we think of that start with the letter b um brown yeah this chocolate is the color brown what about b whoa whoa yeah like a bumble bee okay let’s put it in this box box also starts with the letter b okay

Bye bye bee there we go hey speaking of boxing up chocolate check it out Okay oh look at what she’s doing she’s putting a lot of chocolate in all of these boxes wow good job indeed thank you sir are you having fun oh lippy i’m having a lot of fun i really am cool well this is what it’s gonna look like when she’s all done isn’t that

Beautiful it sure is okay now let’s complete the process so we need to take this box of chocolates put this pad on top and then this flyer bones chocolates put it right on top and then let’s put the top of the box on slide it inside the plastic

Push it onto the conveyor belt shut it perfect okay now we need to take this heat gun and this is called shrink wrap it tightens up the plastic makes it nice and tight there we go oh this is kind of fun whoa whoa yeah that’s looking real good okay there we go

Let’s flip it to the back and then once it’s nice and warm and tight then you put on the bow Just on the top then on the bottom and voila see got a beautiful box beautiful and box start with the letter b and booms does too now i can take it home B l i p p i flippy [Applause] This candy looks so tasty oh it’s on a really long conveyor belt I wonder how it works oh can i try sure look over here Let’s take two pieces let’s put one piece there and let’s put the second piece right there and then it goes down this really long conveyor belt oh This adds chocolate to the bottom wow that’s cool-looking and then it dries a little right here and it goes really slow do you see how slow it’s moving Another part that adds chocolate to the bottom wow That’s really fascinating to watch [Applause] now that there’s two layers on the bottom the next part is right here what are you doing i’m covering the mountaineers with a lot of chocolate so there’s no holes so they’re putting a lot of chocolate up top oh look that looks tasty meet me on the other side [Applause] what are you doing i’m adding white chocolate snow to the mountaineer check it out white chocolate snow Whoa it’s looking tastier and tastier and then right here it cools down and then meet me over here What are you doing putting these on putting these chocolates on the tray oh these chocolates that are complete now go on the tray watch Wow check it out yum look at them they’re like little triangles with some snow on top just like mount rainier wow yum oh look i have some chocolate in this plastic tube i cut the bottom off and now i can make a masterpiece ready um whoa it’s coming out

Okay let’s draw a triangle oh there we go good job now how about a rectangle That rectangle kind of looks like a chocolate bar hey here’s a chocolate bar let’s spell my name together ready b l i p p i yeah look blippi that looks tasty what else can we draw i know a bunch of squiggly lines whoa there we go when that dries it’s gonna

Be super tasty whoa Whoa look at this this is a giant bar of chocolate whoa it’s really heavy oh geez have you ever seen a bar of chocolate this big i sure haven’t okay what i’m about to do is gonna get really messy so the first thing we have to do is wear an apron perfect

Let’s tie it on the back Now that i have an apron on we can smash this bar of chocolate but hey this looks like a hammer right but this isn’t a normal hammer this hammer is only used to smash this big bar of chocolate ready yeah yeah that was awesome one more another one there we go

Now it’s in a lot smaller pieces but still really big so let’s take this over to the heater but first we need to take the cover off of the heater and then oh look they did it for me thank you check out check it out whoa that looks like some tasty chocolate this

Heats up the chocolate so then it melts all right here we go all right let’s put the tray back and then we need to take this big bowl and put it right down here because when i open this a lot of melted chocolate is going to come out ready whoa whoa

That looks so tasty it’s really heavy okay let’s take the chocolate up here and what we’re gonna do is make some rocky roads you know what rocky road is really tasty all right so since that chocolate was really warm we let this cool down just for a little bit see

Here’s some tasty chocolate that’s just slightly cooler all right so we have some chocolate and then we take some nuts looks pretty good and then we also take some marshmallows let’s put the marshmallows in first and we mix them all up together okay here we go whoa yep

You have to mix the chocolate and the marshmallows really good together so then you see no white you only see chocolate we’re almost there All right looks pretty well mixed do you see that looks like chocolate covered marshmallows all right now we need to put the nuts in there so let’s sprinkle them in stir it up okay here we go let’s stir it up Now that looks tasty alright so the next thing we have to do is take it out and put it on the table it’s gonna get really messy so the first thing we should do is put on these really big gloves look how big these gloves are

They go all the way up my arm whoa then let’s put on this other one okay whoa i have two giant gloves on one two And then let’s put another set of these small gloves on now we are ready let’s give it one last stir Okay let’s put the mixing spoon right over there and what we’re trying to make are really big logs that look like this do you see this whoa that looks tasty so let’s take this put it on the table make it into a really long mound ready It feels so mushy and it smells so tasty There we go oh this is so much fun okay there’s a little bit more Okay this is a bowl that i sure want to a little bit lick all right i think that’s all of it so put that right there and now i’m gonna shape it into a really long mountain type of shape that has a mound oh does that look good or does that look good

All right so now what we do is let it dry and then we enjoy good job Check it out now that’s what i call rocky road Oh do you see what i’m doing i am washing my hands and i’m washing them really good because what i’m about to do requires me to use my hands all right let’s dry them off real quick oh this is gonna be fun all right now my hands are really clean

So i’m gonna use my hands as thermometers do you know what thermometers are thermometers help you check the temperature and the temperature of this chocolate that i’m gonna use is really important and that’s why i’m not using any gloves so i can touch the chocolate and make sure the

Temperature is perfect do you see this chocolate right here it’s really warm so let’s take some And put it on the table Yeah just like that perfect i’ll put that right there and then you spread it around just like this and what we’re doing right here is making truffles whoa she’s really good go look Wow that’s fascinating see i’m moving my hand around the chocolate to make sure it’s the perfect temperature all right feels pretty perfect to me so then with my left hand i’m going to grab some of this peanut butter and i’m going to take some of this white stuff

Put it right there spread it around oh i have to keep moving my right hand it’s pretty tricky it’s kind of like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time okay let’s see it’s really hard and it feels so smooth okay that’s gonna be The closest i can get to it see kind of looks like a perfectly round circle ball okay let’s put it in my hand oh whoa okay and then looks like i put it on this tray just like what she’s doing do a little swirl that looks pretty good

Let’s make the next one a little bit bigger I’m not very good but practice makes perfect okay here we go all right throw it in my hand again all right here we go whoa that one has a lot of chocolate [Applause] here we go oh go watch her again All right i’ll make one last one swirl it around put it right there let’s squeeze some chocolate on top wow that looks like a tasty truffle all right now that i’m all done let’s go wash my hands again let’s go over here okay all right like i said i’m all done

And those chocolates are gonna be so tasty you know what other chocolate might be tasty yeah i’m gonna lick the chocolate off my hands because i’m all done with the production of the truffles and then i’ll wash my hands immediately after that was super tasty There you go oh thank you have a great day yum i am so excited to eat this doesn’t it look tasty whoa wasn’t that fun learning about all those tasty treats like this this chocolate dipped ice cream cone this is gonna be so good we saw the

Conveyor belt we made some truffles oh hey some friends whoa let’s try some how’s the sweet treats kids Real good well that was so much fun learning what we learned today at foam’s candy shop well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me b-l-i-p-p-i good job

All right see you soon bye-bye so much to learn about it’ll make you want to shout with me oh hey it’s me flippy and i was just dancing but it’s really hot outside i wish i could take a break well no time for breaks when you’re dancing Oh do you see that whoa it’s a popsicle cart and i love popsicles i think you and i should get a popsicle let’s go hi blippi how are you what’s your name i’m julia would you like a handmade popsicle yeah i love popsicles what flavor do you have this is cha-cha-cha

It’s mango pineapple and chia seed that sounds so yummy mango pineapple and chia seeds that is so yummy okay glad you like it do you want to see how they’re made yeah that would be so much fun let’s go let’s go welcome to my kitchen wow look at this

Place it’s so cool thanks now first thing you need to gear up oh check it out this is an apron here we go wow okay well what do we have here so these are all the ingredients we use to make our popsicles oh it looks like a bunch

Of fruit and vegetables yep you got it we actually use a lot of superfoods in our popsicles so you’ll see kale and avocado and spinach and chia seeds what’s this this is a coconut wow that’s cool a coconut cool well what flavor are we making i thought we could make popeye popeye yeah

All right that’s why i call it popeye um i don’t know why i use spinach okay so here you go called the spinach i was making a batch earlier so i thought we could just add to it okay so here’s some spinach and what do you have strawberries strawberries and to sweeten

It we use dates all right come on back oh okay so here’s the batch i was working on earlier oh look at it all right that looks yummy go ahead let’s add it in okay bye-bye spinach and then here are some strawberries and dates yum now what might be different about your

Kitchen is we have some big equipment we use here really i’m excited whoa look at that that thing is massive what does that thing do this is our immersion blender wow so you put it in whoa you hit the button Whoa there you go so that just blends it up into a liquid it sure does wow that looks so yummy well now what do we do now we’re gonna put it in our molds okay and i’m gonna get my trusty picture All right so it’s basically three ingredients all blended up to make one yummy tasting liquid so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pour it in oh and then you kind of just have to feed it through shake it around yeah may i of course okay here’s some more whoa

We got some chunky ones in there that’s okay there’s some more okay and then next what we need to do is we’ll just put in our sticks yeah like a popsicle stick have you ever eaten a popsicle and you hold on to the piece of wood yeah that’s what we just

Put in there so it makes them so handy okay and now we put it into our extra special popsicle machine whoa what does this thing do it makes it super cold it freezes a popsicle in 18 minutes wow i’m so excited i sure do love popsicles hey check it out let’s put it

Whoa so is that just really cold in there yes it’s actually made out of a special popsicle freezing liquid whoa all right i’m gonna tell you all my secrets maybe for later well now what do we do well usually when i wait for popsicles to freeze i like to dance okay let’s go Whoa does that mean it’s done All right let’s shake off that good popsicle liquid okay let it dry all right i’m gonna grab this house we don’t slip on it that’ll make a fun dance move we have to put it in the liquid okay and what does that do it kind of

Softens it up so it comes right out last one there they are those look so yummy i am so excited go ahead try one okay how about this one wow yum that is so yummy Yum that reminds me i gotta go back out and sell more popsicles okay well do you think you could watch the kitchen for me feel free to make your own flavor make our own flavor that sounds like fun see you blippi thanks for showing us around no problem but did you hear that

You and i get to make our very own flippy flavor let’s do this Did you hear that all right you and i gonna make our very own flavor and i am so excited all right let’s see what we have to work with all right you know what kind of fruit this is right yeah this is an apple okay looks like we have some grapes yum oh

What are these check these out yeah these are lemons lemons are the color yellow wow and then we have some greens over here whoa spinach it’s like hair whoa oh this is kale and kale is really yummy and it doesn’t like containers that’s silly okay let’s put these back

In here so then we can continue to see what type of fruits and vegetables we have like this whoa this is so heavy yeah this is a watermelon and watermelons are so big and yummy do you know what color is on the inside of the watermelon Yeah red and the outside is green okay just a couple more bananas and Pineapple yum okay so you can see we have this big bucket right here and we need to put a lot of the ingredients right in here can’t forget about the strawberries we’ll start with those here we go [Applause] okay that kale whoa let’s put some in there you’re doing so good oh

Apples okay we could put the whole apple in there but i think we should probably slice it have you ever had a slice of an apple they’re so yummy okay here is our red apple slicer and then put it right in the center just like that and then you push down whoa

Look at that that is awesome slice the apples so then you pull them out and then you can put them right in our big bucket wow and you keep the core you keep the core which is the center out of it because there’s a lot of seeds in there oh speaking of seeds

Watermelons have seeds okay let’s cut open the watermelon whoa i’m gonna be very careful because i’m a grown-up with this knife ready okay here we go chop it in half just like that flip it around Wow look at that that looks so yummy our popsicles are gonna be so yummy okay um i have an idea here we go all right we have some bananas open those up here we go buh-bye banana and we’ll do another banana yum here we go

Look at it is that looking tasty or does that look tasty Whoa and remember we learned what fruit this is yeah the coconut all right these are a little tricky to open but it’s worth the trouble so let’s take the coconut opener Whoa we did it look at that whoa wow look at all that liquid i just want to drink it all up okay we’ll put that in the bucket fur the popsicles oh yum okay use this little coconut device and pull out some of the coconut meat yeah right in there oh yummy

There we go All right perfect let’s bring it right over here yum all right oh spinach right here and then we have a bunch of grapes we’ll do one two three four five six seven eight nine ten [Applause] eleven grapes all right and then remember these we used these earlier these are dates here we go

Okay can’t forget about the lemons we have so many types of fruits and vegetables in here here we go wow okay let’s take these and give a little squeeze have you ever tasted a lemon before okay let’s try some whoa whoa that’s sour okay let’s wash our hands

And then last but not least we have a pineapple we cut the pineapple just like that and see that yellow that looks so yummy so now we take this pineapple tool put it right on top and then give it a little twist wow look at that and then you pull it out whoa

Check that out then take it off just like this and that’s gonna give it some nice sweetness to these yummy popsicles all right i think that’s plenty look at whoa that’s so heavy come on back here remember that next step that we do yeah she taught us that you put the bucket

Whoa right here you take the big blender whoa whoa and we blend it up here we go Whoa all right now it’s all mixed up wait a second though we need the magic tool this is a giant whisk check this out [Applause] [Applause] All righty it’s adding some color okay let’s put this right over here and then we can bring this up and grab this pitcher remember from earlier we need to scoop some out oh i am so excited pour some in Let’s grab another scoop okay here we go okay whoa all right i think that’s plenty let’s give it a shake okay yes these are gonna be so yummy and let’s take these sticks wow that’s a lot of popsicle sticks put them right in there oh perfect okay now we need to bring it

To the cooling station here we go set it down We did it all right now remember what we had to do earlier it’s gonna take a long time so we get a dance while we wait did he carry dean oh you sure did the popsicles must be ready let’s check them out all right whoa i am so

Hey we gotta excited them i can’t wait to see the ingredients you use me too Nice and loose look at them my two favorite colors yeah check them out blue and orange shall we try them yeah do you like them these are delicious flippy you know what you need to take those outside and go sell some pops awesome all right let’s go try some sell some popsicles

Popsicles popsicles who wants a popsicle i love popsicles and that was so much fun learning about how to make popsicles with you at mom and pop shop in costa mesa california well this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more

Of my videos all you have to do is search for my name will you spell my name with me ready b-l-i-p-p-i Flippy good job well see you later so much to learn about it’ll make you want to shout hey it’s me blippi and today we’re gonna learn about colors oh and look at all of these colorful candies look at these orange and blue these were extra Yum those were so tasty all right now i have this vial of really warm water with these colorful candies and watch what happens Wow that is so colorful you too can do this experiment at home all you need are these colorful candies and some warm water all right now let’s go find some more things that are really colorful Whoa whoa whoa whoa do you see what i see look really far back there it’s a box come here Whoa look at this box this box is the color green i wonder what’s inside this box let’s open it up Whoa there’s so much loot in here okay oh what’s this do A green fart cushion okay whoa oh look more green things whoa this is ribbon whoa That’s awesome yep green garbage truck picked up a lot of garbage this actually might be for recycling i don’t know oh look when wind goes right here like this uh oh whoa oh this is broken but it’s certainly really shiny though oh look oh some eggs watch this all right whoa

It’s so colorful wow okay all right one more ready whoa let’s see what else is in the box okay just a couple more things oh another green egg a green dinosaur and a giant grasshopper ready Bye-bye grasshopper and one last thing oh where are you oh hey it’s a green sticker on me all right that was cool seeing and learning about the color green let’s keep going Oh look over here whoa it’s another box this box is the color pink whoa i wonder what’s inside let’s open it up a cute stuffed animal oh so pink and cute it’s a pink bee blippi huh oh another egg whoa and another one look pink silly putty whoa that’s awesome looks like

A cute hat hello hi and oh this is so funny look ready Listen ready okay couple more things two pink erasers oh and the cute medical kit wow a stethoscope A hammer a thermometer and a knee thing oh yeah wow pink is such a beautiful color all right let’s go see what other colors we can find yeah that was so much fun learning about those two colors alright i think we should go find some more colorful boxes here we go Oh wait a second i’m not seeing any more of these boxes anywhere i think we need to cover more ground and go looting for the boxes ready Oh i see one it’s really hard to see do you see it yeah come over here [Applause] oh look it’s another box this box is the color yellow i wonder what’s inside all right we’re gonna open it see what yellow things we have in here Yellow is so bright it’s like the color of the sun Wow a rubber ducky Another rubber ducky Oh a giraffe giraffes are super tall look at how long their necks are and did you know the tongue of a giraffe is actually the color black it’s a really really really dark purple and it’s really long So then they can reach plants up top whoa no way wow a digger toy and this digger is a backhoe has a front bucket a back bucket and it’s really useful on the job site okay oh hey look another confetti egg whoa [Laughter] oh hey

A watch look at what time it is it’s happy time yeah okay what else oh hey a yellow blippi sticker so funny that’s me okay and a notebook let’s read what it says Huh it says you are very special and you are so much fun you’re very nice to your friends and you love your family wow what a good book last but not least we have a banana That’s a really tasty banana and it’s the color yellow all right let’s go find another box come on wow we’re in a baseball field oh you see yeah i think i see another box do you see it That is a box and it’s so colorful come on Look at this good job finding another box this box is the color purple wow all right let’s see what’s in here i bet there’s a bunch of purple things in here whoa there’s a lot of purple things in here like purple grapes i think we should have a grape this is a

Purple fruit and it’s nice and healthy and tasty Three purple balls very good A purple flower oh ah smells so good and they look so pretty wow okay looks like we have a purple water bottle with some nice water in it i love water hydrates me so much so i can jump really high whoa all right let’s see what else there is in here whoa

No way bubbles in a purple container are you ready The color purple was so fun to learn about let’s go find some more colors This place looks pretty empty not many colorful boxes around here but there is a perfect place for dancing Look do you see that yeah another box come on whoa good job we found another box wow this box is the color red all right let’s see what’s inside whoa we’re so strong all right i bet there’s some red things in here oh a red juice perfect i was actually pretty hungry

Twist off the cap and then Drink a little bit drink a little bit more of the red juice ah a little bit more and then spray the rest don’t do that at home kids all right looks like we have a red frisbee ready yeah and went so far oh my red confetti eggs all right ready With a red necklace wrapped around its axles oh no oh a gumball Machine me rephrase that a broken gumball machine all right last but not least Oh that was still in my mouth all right bye bye redbox well let’s find some more colorful boxes oh wait a second i see one already do you see it way over there let’s go get it it’s one of my two favorite colors [Applause] Wow another box oh yes and this is one of my two favorite colors this box is the color blue wow i am so excited for this box because blue is so cool All right let’s see what blue things we can find in here whoa we have a cute stuffed animal oh so soft oh okay no way do you see this it’s a blue dump truck you can dump a lot of stuff out the back I love dump trucks Look blue sunglasses oh hello hello hello hi whoa those are so big they fell hi okay oh and you already knew this was in here the blue confetti egg we have some blueberries i love blueberries it’s a very healthy fruit and they taste super tasty yum have you ever had a blueberry before

Whoa don’t spill them look at this hello hello how are you a blue dinosaur and a blue dinosaur okay you can [Laughter] that was funny oh oh and last but not least we have some blue silly string first you have to shake it up so then it becomes really blue ready i’m gonna spray some all right make sure you don’t point it at yourself ready Okay okay stay right there whoa whoa that was awesome well i had so much fun learning about colors with you wow well if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name let’s spell my name together ready b-l-i-p-p-i Blippi good job you know my name well see you soon bye-bye Come Make you wanna on lippy

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