Board Game Family Activities with Phil’ Up Chuck and More!!!!

Board Game Family Activities with Phil' Up Chuck and More!!!!

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He didn’t like it he was like i’m too full you guys look at this welcome to ryan toy review we’re gonna play bella there it is so basically we feed him some yummy food and if he doesn’t like it he might spit it back out so

If he doesn’t like it or he ate too much we’re gonna unbox it let’s see what it comes with here so here it is here’s the food that we’re gonna put into phil we’re gonna feed phil got some yummy chicken hot dog yeah this is his mouth

I up so funny i thought this was his whole mouth and he’s gonna go like this yeah that’s the whole way you feed the food but look at his face look look at his eyeballs look like googly eyes right yeah oh and look his hair they even gave hair wait is this

Actually real hair yeah it looks like shaggy dog oh it’s already shedding oh phil here you’re ready shedding any hair stop shedding but look at his eyebrow it goes up and down up and down up and down the eyebrow on phil goes up and down all through the down

All right let’s get started let’s get started this is how you play ryan first you gotta pick your team you want to be the blue team okay ryan will pick the blue team i will pick the purple team because that’s my favorite color basically you have four clean t-shirts think of these

Like their lives right so if you feed phil like for example if you feed phil like this and he pops up that means he didn’t like it he spit it out your clean shirt now becomes dirty which is messy so once all your shirt becomes super messy and yucky like that you are

You lost you are out that’s right so how do you know how many food you pick and feed phil you roll the number and whatever number it lands on for example this lands on number four you have to feed phil four yummy delicious food the player

With the clean shirt at the end wins you ready mm-hmm we’re gonna both roll the die to see how much food we’re gonna feed phil you ready three two one go whoa so i got a three and ryan’s gonna roll again he got a three oh so

So that means we both get a skip we have to do it again yeah so the rule says we get the same number reaction to do it again the person with the bigger number has to go first that’s right thank you ryan all right one more time

All right so i roll up three again ryan row a four four food to fill one at a time one pizza all the way pizza two food okay phil’s still feeling pretty good three okay feels fine oh four i get to feed him three foods so got a hot dog here

Here you go phil here ice cream he doesn’t love ice cream right i gave him two ice oh phil that’s too much sweet and sugar so i’m gonna feed you a chicken instead three whoa you noticed look ryan his eyebrow raised a little bit yeah you know what that means

He’s getting a little bit full whoa ryan got a three and i got a one so ryan you go first good luck ice cream and ice cream ice cream can’t touch his face i feel like you’re gonna lose he’s fine but it’s okay i only have to

Feed him one so maybe he likes hot dogs so he’s still okay all right hot dog and phil i don’t like hot dogs that much he’s still fine okay look how look how close it is getting that’s a lot of yummy food in there oh i got four

I have to fill four food let’s see one you lost right i don’t know two two okay three i think i can’t even feed it in there it’s so full oh his ears start popping no not his ears or his uh what is this called cheekbones or something oh wow he’s popping

Fourth one though let’s see okay what feels still fine ryan look at this i’m scared okay ryan’s turn whoa brian let’s roll it again three two one oh ryan got a four no no no no you got a that’s one but it’s okay because i’m confident i’m gonna win i got a three

One chicken what he’s still okay phil can eat he should join the eating contest look how much food he can eat two wow i think i might lose three i might lose because that’s one nothing ryan only last one all right last pizza you have to squish it in

There oh it’s so warm food is falling out already you have to squeak it has to go all the way in there ryan He didn’t like it he was like i’m too full you guys look at this so you know that means ryan you gotta turn a clean shirt over for messiness okay oh there it is so now messy for ryan he says messy i know so that means i’m winning and ryan

With yeah i’m losing so let’s start the game again ready [Applause] because ryan reroll for me and ryan has a one one ice cream look at that plenty of space a hot dog plenty of space a chicken who doesn’t like chicken am i right plum chips yeah and pizza my favorite plenty of space yep your turn ryan feed your one chicken oh

That’s good eyebrows got wait why is one of his eyebrows already look at this he’s like ooh too much on there already bro oh i got two ryan beat that okay three are you gonna feed him ice cream ice cream that’s a lot of sweet another ice cream whoa another ice cream whoa

His cheek is already starting to get a little pumpkin look at this look hey mommy why do i do this Hot dog for phil two two no you got four no i didn’t i got two that’s why i went second phil whoa he is fine Wait where’s the dye we can’t go and i’ll see where the dice went mine is right here go go oh ryan got a two okay let’s see what i got I got a one okay ryan easy oh so this is he’s gonna be fine hey mommy what it just popped open oh no okay so i lost phil did not like the pizza a little bit too much for phil so i gotta turn my clean purple shirt over to gross I got a messy shirt and mommy got a messy shirt now we’re gonna do sudden death so whoever loses this one round loses three shirts at the same time so all three shirts becomes messy yucky and ew okay are you ready all right let’s roll the dice

Ryan got a two and then mommy got a one i got a one okay ryan so you go first ice cream too much phil you’re gonna be diabetic put too much sugar should we count this you guys no no okay we shouldn’t count it because we barely just started i really want to

Play right keep on messing it up so we decided another idea instead we’re going to play paper rock scissors whoever wins paper rock scissors only have to put in one food and never lose have to put in four at a time if phil spits it out on

Your turn then you lose okay all right rock paper scissors shoe oh no okay so i lost i wanna start feeding phil for a piece of food one delicious chicken one two delicious chicken one delicious chicken ice cream and one delicious pizza and ryan loves beating phil ice cream

Mommy’s turn with four food again one fast because i’m confident phil will be okay two three four oh phil is okay ryan your turn wait i need to calculate something in my head i’m done we’re running out of food one chicken one slice of pizza i’m loving my food i

Love my food pizza he’s fine your turn ryan He’s fine wow so there’s five food left you know what means four of these is for mommy and then the last one for ryan are you guys ready one hot dog two slice oh no number three ice cream Ice cream oh my so big it’s so huge this last one here comes the hot dog all right let’s see i can’t believe i lost i won turn your messy shirt over i lost that means i gotta turn my messy shirt over look at me you just turn your shirt over too thank

You so much for joining us on this fun fill game here so i lost this time but maybe i could have won if we didn’t have to redo let us know let us know if you enjoyed the game okay let’s about to leave bye bye guys

Hey kids today we have a new pie face it’s called pie face cannon kind of looks similar to what we play at the toy fair right yeah so you see that there’s a cannon there shooting pie if it blocks then you’re good if it doesn’t block then you’re bad

All right let’s open it whoa i guess we just have to build it up ryan so this is the canon put the camera all right canon’s good ah you got me it’s all put together now i’m gonna pipe face you ryan i wanna get dirty so i’m gonna use jack jack oh so

It’s yo when it’s your turn you’re going to just use jack jack like this all right i actually finished it i don’t want to get pipies help me please help me so i’m being in here so i explained you guys how to play okay all you do is spin the spinner like so

And whatever number it lands on for example it lands on number three you have to move the cannon to number three so if you land on number two you put a pin on number two and if you land on number one you get to move it super

Close to number one whatever color you land on you get to angle the cannon like so so for example i’m spinning it it lands on color blue yeah so blue is over here the moment gets together you’re gonna blow the whipped cream in here put it up and then peel it

Give us a starter yeah come on so once you press the button if it hits the person in the face you get a point are you ready and if you miss the other person gets a point and if it completely blocks then they get two points yeah if you don’t want if you

Want to block you can press these buttons to move this hand hi and the winner gets a surprise egg are you ready all right good luck all right i’ll go first with jack jack i’m going to load that up okay i spin the uh this wheel let’s see which number i get

One that’s good why so if i get one i go all the way to the front it’s green too so i get a straight shot yeah all right three two one all right since i partially pie jack jack i get one point and you get two since you didn’t get full pie face

It’s my turn now go easy on me right huh okay let’s load up the whipped cream what right what are you doing you’re not holding up to you i ask you to load it up here I got two three oh no i’m scared did i get it did i get pie in my face yeah i thought i went in my nose two points for ryan all right ryan you got me pie face completely so you get two points ryan had one point before so he got

Three points now i have only one point so you’re winning if you get five points you win all right jack jack it’s our turn again i won’t go easy on you this time nice and easy jack jack just stay there okay spin the wheel oh i got three and ready daddy it’s broken

Wow three and red so that means i have to go this this way should i go up high or low three two one go just kidding did you block it oh yeah it’s halfway it’s halfway oh it’s harder if it’s farther away good job ryan jack jack so you block halfway so you

You get one point yeah you get one point i get one point two i need one more point so ryan’s score right now is four points mine’s two points this time i’m just block it you can’t buy my face no all right let’s do it now it’s my turn

Oh what do you get what do you get really good two two oh that’s pretty close and then what color green oh no that’s front face okay three two one [Applause] is it completely my face yeah it looks a little bit hot ah a little bit on your nose which one

Of my face is on my nose because i can’t breathe through my dog you have six points ah i lost since you’re the winner you get a prize ryan what surprise egg all right actually i have two since you’re the winner you get a bigger surprise egg i get a small one hey

What is it i guess you can show yours first got red titan black and then i think this is um the play-doh i think let me see oh it’s mystery slime mystery slime i wonder what’s inside let’s open this blind bag i wonder which figurine you

Have about look it the ultra rare one is combo i wonder if you get combo there you go i’m gonna get combo Which one you get let’s see whoa whoa roman ryan that’s cool blue’s in the dark whoa wait and this one ryan look the rubber one i don’t see that color in here maybe it must be super rare because the rubber lining here is just uh one color

It is yeah that’s pretty cool one on our chart it has this one yeah nice let’s open it oh nice he has like little gears okay he can hold this it’s like an ipad no he’s reflective you can see the camera person all right now let’s open my surprise egg

What’s inside open it for me ryan please smack it thank you what is it oh it’s red tiny figurine who else is this oh yeah it’s his nemesis it’s dark titan oh yeah that’s evil one you can have the evil one no oh you want me to be the evil one wait

Why do they both have a weight yeah i wonder why both of them exercising okay i gotta train to beat red titan all right i’m gonna use this to attack you hey hey yeah yeah yeah i lost oh and we also have mo guys right here also there’s a mystery

Party let’s open this one it’s like you lost so you get the baby eggs it’s a purple one ryan oh it’s purple just like dark titan oh no this feels different compared to slime it’s a little bit more like a play-doh it’s not slimy at all How can you do it to mine yeah there you go see dark time can shoot out this energy ball yeah that time to shoot it too no so daddy went to go get napkins so i’m gonna open the slime one Don’t eat the slime mo did somebody say slime yeah so this is the mystery slime and these are all the colors you can get thank you for watching guys i hope you guys like this video and if you do don’t forget to click like button below

And tell us what you like us to play next time bye bye hopefully not under the pie face because i don’t i don’t like pipes i always live on pie face Hi ryan and daddy hi mommy what are we going to play today watermelon smash whoa don’t smash on my hand that looks exactly like a watermelon now we’re opening it Let’s put the handles that’s the holding part so we have water and watermelon juice is red so we’re gonna make it red oh it does look like a watermelon juice yeah now let’s just put that watermelon juice into the watermelon these are the watermelon seeds and we’re to put it inside the watermelon

Why are you making money though every time it’s like a bakery this is not a piggy bank right or maybe you can use this All we do is spin the spinner and it tells you what to do so if it says one you crack it on your head one time and then if it says three you crack it on your head three times yeah oh there’s a special one here it says crack on one another

Whoa so you get to pick the other person to crack it on hey so the team is daddy versus ryan and mommy are you ready oh you got the team yes we are mister i’m for myself since you’re by yourself i’ll let you spin first okay that’s fair i guess

Daddy’s turn please don’t go pull it’s already cracking a little bit but still okay yeah okay two three four oh all right ryan yeah what do we get oh it’s cracking three times crack it three times Whoa two Oh no no i don’t want to do it anymore i’m scared i’m scared ryan three times three it’s already opened up so much hey look at right okay mommy all right daddy it’s your turn all right come on one [Applause] daddy hey daddy it’s your turn all right

I’m gonna get cracking onto the two let’s watch what did you get pass all right good okay ryan spin for us five three times three times on mommy ryan [Applause] All right i’m gonna clean up and get ready for round numero ghost we reset it the watermelon put some fun watermelon juice and seed inside are you ready okay for the first couple times i’m going to be stealing ryan’s team but i get to crack it on his head this time

So mommy rides spins and we get cracking on another oh mommy we’re on the same team this is working on daddy go easy on me ryan two times daddy one two oh nice oh they even moved yet Crack it one time one time [Laughter] that was a big crack were you scared no good job all right daddy your turn oh no oh no yeah i’m scared let’s see what he gets ten ten two okay there’s no tan ryan all right two times one [Applause]

What do we get we get one good good [Laughter] You’re okay daddy you’re gonna be [Laughter] he got fine much bigger oh ryan’s spinning for mommy and ryan let’s see three three three two two times one two that’s not good dad no no no three times Oh Yeah crack it on another what are we getting your turn daddy don’t get me three three One two there’s two seats on your head although since we each won technically okay so ryan you get to pick a toy which one do you want to pick we got an egg for or we got a minecraft blind box i go for the mystery because what if it’s roasted

And then daddy what do you pick i’ll pick minecraft okay so then i will pick this little cute one it’s a really good surprise it cracked on his head we got a spiderman blind bag here gonna be a good character a bad character good character let’s see which one do

You want i want to spy them in spiderman spiderman do whatever spiderman what is it what Who do you want steve yeah of course steve he’s the main character evil creeper when you start minecraft you have steve oh there’s like a beginning character who’s this it’s a cute little skeleton oh [Applause] i want a unicorn i think unicorns are so cute we always get common so hopefully

We get something that’s not common this time go smell it what is smell like what you guys ready for the surprise yeah let’s see thinking what it smells like oh what is it ah what is this is it an elephant oh yeah it’s an elephant oh that’s cute

So we found him there it is mr snapple he is a common and there he is he smells like raspberry bye thank you for watching thank you for watching our fun watermelon smash challenge next time i’m gonna smash yeah so you know what they say don’t let the bed bugs bite all best

Okay so let’s open it up and see what’s inside a bed of course let’s see what else here oh you know what this is a bed post so i guess you put it here of course and a front part of course go cute little bed

So what are we missing for this bed bug game oh so here on the bed bugs we’re gonna just spread them all around hey i’m not ryan i am not a bug so there it is oh all these cute little bugs here no you’re an arm buggy buddy and daddy’s

Sleeping there yeah that’s his daddy daddy’s sleeping with a whole bunch of bed bugs maybe you should probably clean your sheets i’m with claymore daddy don’t worry daddy he’s awake right yeah he’s just upset with his bedbugs so many bed bugs why can’t he just get out

They’re huge look look how huge the bed bugs are compared to him he’s scared he doesn’t want to get out i’ll just run out right yeah okay ryan what color do you want to be i want to be great okay so ryan’s going to be green

I’m going to be yellow so what we do is we just turn it on like that yeah you want to like buckle yes there’s a button here i’m going to press and the bugs would go wild ready wow you see how the bugs go wild

There you go oh no okay so what we do is we each just dry fast as we can to take our color bugs for example i am yellow so i’m gonna just hurry up and try to take all the yellow bugs and ryan will try to take out the green butts so

Whoever takes out their color bugs first wins are you ready of your color not the other person color okay let’s catch some bugs [Applause] [Applause] I got one i got one mommy got one i don’t like brian’s getting tj right oh [Applause] [Applause] wow I got another one [Applause] [Applause] okay all right six okay whoa we got seven oh no okay hey ryan’s blocking me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it wasn’t even moving i know so i have some yellows one left there’s no more green left that means ryan is the winner okay so now since ryan won let’s see if

He can beat daddy oh it’s me and you ryan it’s all it’s all like donkey kong i’m gonna be blue now i’m gonna be yellow it’s gonna be real bad [Applause] yours [Applause] three four oh wow that is fast five wow three six seven four five [Applause] [Applause] i’m just okay now i’m gonna go all right yeah [Applause] good job daddy and so i beat mommy i get surprise and get daddy so daddy yeah it’s a kitten it’s snack and i had a toy inside perfect combination and it also has a daddy inside where you can eat no don’t eat me whoa look at this

It’s a lot of stuff daddy i got that before before it’s like a laptop so ryan knows how to build it already Hey it’s easier right there it is they’re awesome looking robot that’s pretty cool i bet he can fly [Applause] okay Yeah oh it’s different oh i got this one before this is a tiger one where you can fling the tiger oh you can find the tire that’s how you do it it’s really hard though there’s the cheetah and there’s some points i guess you could fling him all right here we go

Oh he barely moved the cheese oh there it is cute and now ryan’s eating his chocolate If it works [Applause] thank you for watching our bedbugs video bye bye bye don’t forget to subscribe and join the rice squad please click on one of these videos for ryan joy remorse

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