Bow-Toons Adventures for 30 Minutes! | Compilation Part 3 | Minnie’s Bow-Toons | Disney Junior

Bow-Toons Adventures for 30 Minutes! | Compilation Part 3 | Minnie's Bow-Toons | Disney Junior

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Play your favorite disney junior games and watch the newest episodes in disney now it’s disney junior now welcome to my new boutique playroom They’re getting away don’t worry we’ll catch them okay get ready minnie Rivet balls can be tricky but they’re so much fun mr hubbard and his frog ball team just love them i’d better tape this up before we send it out good idea hiya minnie oh hello joey it looks like you’ve got a new toy there it’s the

Zippity flyer my nana gave it to me for my birthday yesterday did somebody say the zippery flyer joey that is way cool i knew you would like it maybe we could take it to the park for a little spin yeah can it really fly it does more than just fly it

Soars through the sky in the blink of an eye prepare for takeoff After i deliver this guy what was that joey zippedy flyer what Oh my plane oh i should have waited until we got to the park don’t you worry we’ll fix it sticky wicky goo glue to the rescue all right now let’s see there you go joey you fixed it Now it’s really broken my nana gave it to me and now it we’ll never fly again there there joey there’s got to be something we can do thanks for trying to help minnie oh that’s it joey i think i know how to fix your plane you do

Sure there’s more than one way to make it fly with one special bow it’ll soar to the sky try it whoa You did it minnie you’re the best oh thank you you’re so welcome joey come on kid let’s get your bye bye everybody thanks again minnie see ya minnie it’s like you always say there’s no business Come inside and take a You’re always So why are we making bows out of rubber the walrus ballerinas need bows for their new underwater ballet why is rubber so rubbery oh here let me help you daisy loop the ribbon turn your wrist make a bow with a great big twist loop the ribbon turn oh sorry cuckoo loca well

Fixed your pipes minnie good as new uh don’t the pipes go inside the wall what was that oh uh great idea clarabel why those pipes will be much easier to fix next time they break she’s kidding right looks like my work here is done if anything else comes up just give me up

Hmm the door’s stuck i better go get my bigger hammer No minnie i’ll never get the hang of this Don’t worry daisy all we have to do is open the door let’s look tear it stuck stop abandoning women in google clock birds first row row row your bow that’s it daisy quick grab the rubber ribbon this is no time to be making bows sure it is especially when they can do this

Go on daisy you can do it look the ribbon bend your wrist make a bow with the right thick twist oh goody goody i did it now keep going We did it we fixed the lakes and festival the pipes look fabulous oh minnie i’m back with my watch Did you get wet cuckoo loca just a little but i better towel off before i rust come on minnie we’ve got rubber balls to make that’s the spirit it’s like i always say there’s no business like rubber bowl business I you’re always welcome Hi minnie oh good good morning daisy oh here let me help you thank you you know minnie i was thinking oh The key oh no oh oh there it is now how do we get inside oh dear cuckoo let us in please oh i guess she can’t hear us oh minnie look Figaro fix the key yes good kitty I think we got it this time minnie Okay a little to the left up more i think you got it reeler in huh well too big throw it back oh if only cuckoo loca could hear us Partner oh keep going it’s working almost here almost here sweet little ladybug shoot oh now what we’ve tried everything oh only a miracle can help us now hello ladies oh minnie are my piggyback bows ready huh oh guess i didn’t lock the door last night oh daisy oopsie You’re always welcome That construction is driving me loca i’m sure they’ll be done soon oh now what minnie look oh an egg who could it belong to poor thing let’s bring it inside daisy we have to find the mama bird right let’s start at the park don’t you

Worry mama local will take care of it be right back all right time to relax Wow There that’s much better hey Tight and sleep well and soon you’ll be dreaming safe and sound in your shell i’ll be right back Any luck no mama bird anywhere how’s the egg safe and sounds Oh why is everything no wonder we couldn’t find the mama bird Oh a toy prize and look it’s a girl [Laughter] welcome You’re always welcome Oh minnie what a great idea there’s nothing dogs love more than a walk in the park whoa hot dogs well they feel okay to me not them them i am getting hungry me too We’ll take three please Daisy help me catch them oh what a mess here daisy you hold the dogs while cuckoo loca and i clean up okay sounds good Oh come on I’m ready for a park in the walk now oh are you okay i’m fine Oh this is not very good at all i guess we better round them up ah it’s too hot to keep chasing these dogs too hot dogs hot dogs oh that’s it ready ready ready Now we can enjoy our walk in the park there’s nothing dogs love more except maybe chasing me Oh how exciting our first mexican fiesta let’s put our souvenirs away so we can dance whoa something’s jumping now i can sit in with the band These jumping things i bought sure are jumpy Caballeros ladies and gentlemen get ready to tap your feet to the mariachi beat it it’s time for the hot dance contest our judges lost the three chickens will decide tonight’s winner and award a top secret prize now let the contest begin the hat dance contest come on clarabel

Time to dance with these two left hooves i better sit this one out oh but you have to try first you stand in front of the hat like this Oh you stand in front of the hat is this part of the dance not seems fine now Hello wow you’re a pretty good dancer oh hey nice daisy oopsie now just feel the rhythm and dance She’s got it [Applause] i had no idea you were such a natural dancer i guess i got some hidden talents or hidden jumping beans oh no wonder this fiesta has been so jumpy and the winner of the hot dance contest is clottable cow me why gracias thank you

You have won our secret prize yes the free callers jumping Shake it beans You’re always welcome What’s all that for this is what’s going to help put the pixel on on the map with fancy camera equipment how by making minnie’s pet salon calendar a pet calendar why that’s a wonderful idea what do you all think Perfect are you sure you know what you’re doing sure i’m sure just point and click how hard can it be huh Oh minnie all those shots were a disaster what are we gonna do now well we still have the group shot so let’s make it count i’ll get the pets ready all right everyone’s in their positions Special delivery it must be the calendar oh boy i can’t look here daisy hey look at that oh trixie’s so cute oh how adorable these turned out pretty good cool oh daisy the calendar looks terrific see do animals love my work or what animals love it all right You’re always welcome The queen is going to love her fancy bow hat well the garden party starts soon so let’s not keep her majesty waiting oh hello there uh we’re invited to the queen’s garden party and i made a special hat for the um uh hello i’ll get their attention hello

Oh tough crowd uh-huh it says here that the palace guards are trained to never speak then how will we get the hat to the queen we’ll cook something up [Applause] do you think this will work it’ll be a piece of cake we’re getting close yes Hear that the guards are about to switch places so get ready too much And we’ll go this way left oh Well let’s just get some fish and chips or something before this wind blows us away oh wait that’s it huh here daisy one two three Look it’s the queen hello your majesty minnie daisy and cuckoo loca you made it after all yes and we made a little something especially for you oh it’s lovely thank you did you have any trouble getting into the party oh nah it was a breeze You’re always welcome Hey where’s daisy coming oh let me get back oh our first goggle arrived oh and after that a spaghetti dinner i’m a ready spaghetti I think we forgot something daisy how are we going to steer our gondola without our gondolier hmm watch this this will be easy watch where you’re paddling oh here let me help you i got it All under control oh oh dear now now there’s absolutely nothing to worry about [Applause] [Applause] We made it look minnie there’s our restaurant if we could just get over to that docking post or let’s just go where the wind blows way to go daisy it’s working But the service needs work Excuse me now how do we get back to our hotel we’ll just find an oar and paddle back in the gondola oh dear did everyone win a swim show oh

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