Breaking Into Game Master’s House of Chubby Hackers!!! Top Secret Laptop Found!

Breaking Into Game Master's House of Chubby Hackers!!! Top Secret Laptop Found!

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What’s up guys journey and beyond back here so we have tracked the game master to this neighborhood well you know that he’s somewhere here but we don’t know where so we hear some crazy noises we don’t know if that’s the game master or attackers but what it is but we’re

Looking for his house we know that it’s been disguised to look like a cutesy little house nobody thinks that it’s gonna be the hackers so let’s get walk and see if we can’t find this hackers house okay let’s go all right yes so for you guys we’re not seen anything out of

That ordinary looks just like a normal neighborhood but we know that he’s somewhere close like that doesn’t look cutesy at all just normal house all these house is just a big normal houses they all look the same every single house looks the exact same guys you think we may have done the

Hackers house so right up here right on the corner there’s a house it’s got flowers or something all over the door okay I’m gonna turn this off real quick we’re gonna get closer we’re very back or I guess we’re right here by the house we’re hearing that noise pop up again

But check out the story yeah you cannot tell me that this is not cute well I guess they’re definitely trying to disguise this house go see if we can get in okay Madison you ready something’s going on guys we’ve gotta get into this house and see if we can

Stop game masters computer and see if we can stop him from doing all this trouble okay guys here we are yeah bright color peacock here any duck wearing clothes and then we all these flowers change some flip-flop shoes Arif what I think they made a reef of those well nobody

Would do that unless they’re trying to hide something so [Applause] yes there’s more than one you got there’s more than one hacker hold on these don’t look like you go after them hold on let’s get closer one that one one two three that’s that’s him that’s him right there

That’s him okay we’ve got to get that laptop get a little closer see if I can see what they’re doing oh my gosh you guys they are hacking into see what you doing oh my gosh mom you I swear you make noise every time I know but true we got

To get the laptop but we’ve got to get them out of here somehow what are we gonna do ah you know just rap shit’ is you’re gonna be okay okay wait okay I don’t want to be the bait okay me and Trey are gonna be the bait

It means we are gonna go downstairs see if we can lure all the hackers downstairs so that mom can get to the main hacker the game masters black laptop the computer and steal it we’ve got to get that computer or hack into it figure out what’s going on all right

Turn you ready yes okay mom ready yeah I want mom okay okay ready turn okay damn stairs a big one okay Madison good luck stickler [Applause] oh yeah okay all right so dad and Shirin are gonna go downstairs and distract them and hopefully they follow them downstairs and then me mess and I’m

Gonna sneak sneak and get the computer turn out they’re so loud out there so wait all right guys we’re downstairs so we basically have to make a distraction I’m trying let’s go in this room here but we got to find something to throw down there so they go that way okay

Because we don’t want to find us okay find like something that we can throw wait a minute hold on so do you see that one of their walk-in They hope getting trained can distract them right here here’s a shoe can’t burn and throw the shoe damn Hakeem let’s go okay get this door already shut this door so they can’t see is when you can do okay yes I think it’s working they’re moving it’s working I think they’re comin No

Do you see this oh they just all go in the other I found something something is going on downstairs let’s try and get the computer and take it outside okay look that is similar did you see that I can’t we check into the computer do you see

What it says I don’t know what 12 says access denied let’s take this computer outside like this means we can’t get into it listen it’s ringing it let’s ring – okay guys we’re gonna grab the computer I’m gonna take it outside got the computer now we’re gonna wait for dad and cysts

Medicine hopefully we can get into the computer he had lots of people with him who were all of those those people his friends I have no idea okay Shh right let’s go are you guys it’s already been how long miss him a while we still haven’t seen dad or says yeah have we

Yeah so hopefully they didn’t get caught because they had they made a distraction and all foreign like the game masters friend friends they all went downstairs and then we mezzanine didn’t we seek a master follow them down downstairs so he went downstairs too so all five of them

Went downstairs and dances were down there and they were supposed to distract him so that me Masson can go get the computer which we got we brought it out here but now we’re wavered and says so hopefully they didn’t get caught now it’s just a waiting game okay good good good good

So right over here was where his so I’m guessing what are they doing right so it looks like mom got the computer from the game master so we got to get outside and get her okay right before they give us but what was wrong with the computer

Lesson I don’t know what did I see I could I’d Ori number said access to – what that means you can’t get Ana guess we have to take this thing home see if we can figure out how to hack in to the game masters computer and put a stop to

All this guide this was crazy we gotta hit this home access denied yeah but thanks for watching our channel give me a thumbs up click that subscribe button change allocations later bye

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