Britney Spears Exposes Justin Timberlake After 20 Years | Behind The Tabloids

Britney Spears Exposes Justin Timberlake After 20 Years | Behind The Tabloids

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After 20 years britney spears is finally exposing justin timberlake’s real role in their breakup i honestly don’t think anyone would believe me she’s standing up for herself we thought justin was telling the truth but was he just playing the victim that would be the end of justin timberlake as we know it she

Kept quiet about the breakup but justin spoke out almost immediately i promised to her that i wouldn’t say specifically why we broke up why is he gone on his show he’s talking he’s left the impression that you betrayed the relationship bragged about taking britney’s virginity did you britney spears okay i did it

I was devastated we discovered that britney’s very public spiral all started with justin he took control of the narrative painted this image that he was the high school quarterback and she was the school [ __ ] honored as man of the year and she’s being shamed every single day hundreds of photographers tracking

Britney’s every move i would like for them to leave what’s going on is she having a nervous breakdown i don’t know i i got nothing for you it’s cruel but now that britney’s free from the control of her conservatorship what is she going to reveal he is now desperate to talk privately with

Brittany it is more than a decade too late this is the real life story behind the tabloids you’ve had a rough year a breakup this spasm of publicity about what happened oh yeah it was a weird time ew it’s hard to watch that and to know what

Was coming next for brittany the whole world was shocked by what she went through in her conservatorship and everybody wants to know what happened and where it started some people have traced it back to her dad but we found that it went back even farther than that to her breakup with

Her first love justin timberlake i remember watching it everywhere this big thing a love that was captured by the media britney and justin’s relationship and breakup defined an era they were the prince and princess of 2000’s pop and the whole world had been watching them fall in love since they

Were kids justin was your first kiss yes he was my first kiss i was pretty infatuated with her he uh said i love you to you when you understand i know i saw that i’d like you to work very hard to make it work so when they unexpectedly broke up after

Three years britney was heartbroken she kept quiet about the breakup but justin spoke out almost immediately the impression is that brittany did something very bad that hurt you when we decided that we were going to go our separate ways i said to her if there’s

Ever a moment where you ever need me you can rest assured that i will be there because i love you i promised to her that i wouldn’t say specifically why we broke up but later that month justin dropped the video for crimea river it was a pure male revenge fantasy that song is

Definitely about brittany right he hired a look-alike to play his ex i watched it i was just like i was kind of in denial he has pretty much said you broke his heart you did something that caused him so much pain so much suffering he’s left the impression that that you weren’t

Faithful you betrayed the relationship why did they break up matter so much for years the media had been obsessed with brittany’s sexuality do you have a boyfriend no sir how about me how do you feel about all the constant speculation about your virginity everyone’s talking about it your breasts

So when britney was accused of cheating the tabloids acted like they caught her in a lie and justin played right into it britney has always said good morals mean waiting to have sex until after you’ve been married did you and she live up to this sure

Sure did you britney spears oh man come on man okay i did it that’s unsettling but while britney was being punished for having sex details magazine put justin on the cover what happened to britney and justin after the breakup justin started dating cameron diaz and he was breaking out as a solo

Star but the tabloids were turning on britney she married kevin federline and they had a baby and it seemed like she was searching for something a little bit more normal but her mental health was clearly suffering and i still have helicopters that come twice a day just

Trying to get a picture of you brittany was photographed driving with her baby in her lap and they put the captions on their magazines baby in danger but i wouldn’t be in danger if i didn’t have like this impactful thing around me all the time the energy from the people it’s

Kind of scary what do you think it’ll take to get the paparazzi to leave you alone um i don’t know i don’t know Is that one of your biggest wishes yeah i would like for them to leave me alone but they didn’t only five days after justin was being celebrated at the grammys britney was caught shaving her head and photographed attacking a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella you could tell she’s not in a good place

At all and even though it was obvious that britney was in pain the media still wouldn’t back off a leaked memo from the associated press revealed that they were already planning her obituary there wasn’t anybody in those rooms that said hold on like what are we doing here

There was an entire industry being built on chasing britain i was filming britney spears’s every move and this is when brookie spears was going crazy guys shaving her head beating everyone up it was the meltdown of britney spears thank you britney spears being bad is good for my business

It’s cruel there are people that are willing to like cross that line it’s not even a normal human behavior the whole world was watching as her absent dad suddenly reappeared in her life he filed for what was supposed to be a temporary conservatorship after she was placed on

An involuntary psychiatric hold and what hurt brittany the most was that he started using her kids against her if i didn’t do any of my work which is 10 hours a day seven days a week no days off i wouldn’t be able to see my kids a

Lot of people look at the head shaving and the conservatorship as the height of the spiral but we discovered that even brittany admitted it started way earlier than that britney says her own breakup with first love justin timberlake was the beginning of the end of not only

Their love affair but the press’s love affair with her do you think perhaps the breakup with justin was when you started to sense the tide turning a little bit in your life i do think there was a little shift there definitely but it was way more than a little shift the story

That justin told us about brittany was one thing but when the media turned on her they diminished her credibility and it paved the way for her dad to take control of her life i honestly didn’t think anyone would believe me i thought people would make fun of me or laugh at

Me and say she’s lying she’s got everything she’s britney spears and then people are painting her as unstable and untrustworthy and her dad is using that leverage to control her more and more in the conservatorship to the point of even controlling her body i’m not able to get married or have a

Baby i have a id inside of myself right now so i don’t get pregnant i wanted to take the id out but this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor because they they don’t want me to have any more children is it possible that they were trying to

Protect her i mean she did drive with her baby on her lap you’re right she did make mistakes but nobody was giving her the chance to do things differently i just want the most normal life possible for him that’s all is that possible i won’t manage i will create that when

Her dad put her back to work britney’s career took off again but she felt more unheard than ever it seemed like the people who were supposed to be protecting brittany weren’t even listening to her until the free brittany movement started asking questions and after 14 years brittany finally faced

Her dad in court and spoke out for herself emotional testimony from britney spears as she pleads with a judge to end her father’s control over her life where was justin when all of this was happening was she interested in how she was doing at all as more and more people

Started speaking out supporting brittany justin added his support and he apologized on social media to brittany and just a few months before justin had to post another apology on social media after he was caught cheating on his wife we’ve seen how britney was silent during the breakup and how she was silenced

During the conservatorship but after she spoke out for herself everything changed britney spears is free a federal judge today finally ordering an end to an almost 14-year long conservatorship have you heard the good news britney spears is engaged it feels like a truly new chapter in her

Life a lot of celebrities that go through 10 of what she went through they don’t make it she still managed to find her voice find her freedom there is power in telling your own story and owning your own narrative that’s how you win you

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