But ended up having a family! [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.20]

But ended up having a family! [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.20]

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Good morning daddy. – What did he say? / – “Good morning daddy”? Do you want coffee? (First childcare service abroad?) Did they go abroad? Hello I am Jambor Zoltan Paul I am a father of five kids. Are they visiting a foreigner’s house?

I am currently an English professor. (A professor at Korea University Language Institute) Why aren’t there any subtitles? Come on. Which country are you from? I’m from Canada. (The father is from Canada,) – Gosh, he has long hair. / – Is that him?

(a country famous for aurora and maple leaves.) At first, I wanted to visit Asia. That’s why I came to Korea in 2001. I wanted to live here for a year. Just one year. But I loved it here in Korea. That’s why the years kept adding up.

– That’s why / – He acquired Korean citizenship. – I wanted to be Korean. / – We’re the same age. I got married in 2008. We met through social media. We were friends at first, but started dating later on and eventually got married.

We now have five kids. Five? (Proud) Hello. I am the mom of the five Jambor kids, Lee Eunmi. I am Jimin from class two in the third grade. I am in class one of the third grade.

– I am Number 12, Jiwon. / – He’s handsome! He is handsome. They’re twins. – My name is Jambor Jiwoo Catherine, / – How pretty! – and I am eight. / – Catherine. Five-year-old Jambor Jihoon Spencer, and three-year-old Jambor Jihan William. They’re all so cute.

(The 5 adorable Jambor kids!) I never imagined it. I always wanted one boy and one girl. We had twins. To be honest… A daughter I wanted a daughter. – That’s why we had Jiwoo. / – He wanted a girl. That’s why Jiwoo was born.

But Jiwoo was the only girl. That’s why we wanted another girl. – They wanted another girl for Jiwoo. / – But… We had Jihoon. (They wanted a girl as their fourth, but it was a boy.) (Well…) But our thoughts remained the same.

We wanted another girl. That’s why Jihan was born. The fifth one is also a boy. The fifth one is also a boy. Oh, gosh. – How cute! / – Gosh! But we can’t have another baby because of our age. I’m a bit sad. Gorgeous.

– Gorgeous? / – He’s calling their daughter “Gorgeous”. Isn’t Jiwoo so pretty today, honey? She’s very pretty. He wanted another daughter so they had more and ended up with five kids. (The Jambor family’s mornings are special.) (Most families sleep with their kids.)

(However, at the Jambor house,) (they each wake up in their rooms.) (They wake up on their own without alarm clocks.) They wake up without alarm clocks? – Do they wake up on their own? / – Is that possible? They wake up on their own.

It’s a western style. I completely it opposed at first. Mothers need to hold their babies. We need to give them love when we can. But my husband said they may be comforted if their mothers hold them, but the mothers won’t be able to get good sleep

And end up being tired throughout the day. So we started making them sleep on their own, and my life was completely different. My sleep, too. But… The kids sleep on their own. Is it possible? I’m also wondering if I should do that

Because we use a family bed. – The big one? / – Do you all sleep together? The five of us sleep together. We sleep like Tetris blocks. We don’t sleep in line. – Kids spin around while they sleep, too. / – Yes.

When I come back after doing some chores, – I have to find an empty spot. / – That’s right. Kids wake up in the middle of the night – to look for their moms. / – That’s right. If they’re used to sleeping without their mom,

Kids get a good night’s sleep as well. So I do think it’s necessary. When do I start sleeping separately from my husband? What? – Your husband? / – Many people use separate rooms even if they get along – Yes. / – and use separate beds.

Who? – Who? / – I agree with that, though. Our sleeping habits are different. In my case, I like to sleep horizontally or diagonally. So my husband always ends up in the corner. He can’t relieve his fatigue throughout the night, so I feel bad sometimes.

It might be better to sleep separately. (That could be true.) But you’re not even trying to fix your habit. (I’ll try to fix it.) (Another special fact about the Jambors!) (They had to wake the other kids up.) They woke them up and fed them as well.

– That’s right. / – All the kids needed that. (The Jambor kids make their beds,) (get dressed,) (and prepare for school on their own.) I don’t think they need a helper. Goodness! They do everything on their own. (The Jambor kids can do everything on their own.)

(Even 3-year-old Jihan feeds himself) (and gets his diapers.) (This is nothing.) They start going to daycare when they are two, and that’s when we naturally separate ourselves. They sleep separately as well. That’s when they don’t have to sleep with me anymore.

We see them as individuals. (The Jambor family’s special educational method!) (They study at home instead of academies!) Did you get any done? (The mom makes them study.) Did you not work on science at all? You need to do math and Korean today.

Can’t I do Korean and social studies? It doesn’t matter what! Just do two subjects. I don’t like the education in Korea because of the academies. If it weren’t for academies, I would’ve loved everything. He’d love the education if it weren’t for the academies.

I just want the kids to be happy. Kids need to be happy. They say kids have the right to have fun. It will be sad for the kids. I don’t want to see sad kids. Kids should be kids. They aren’t adults. That’s why it doesn’t matter

Even if they don’t study well yet. (Sighing) At least average. It would be nice if they do well, of course, but I can’t let them fall behind. You know how it is. It keeps adding up, and I’m afraid they might give up.

But my husband says it will be okay if the children find what they want to do. I think that’s the most difficult part. The mom and dad have different views on education. This is when couples fight a lot. – That’s right. / – Because of education.

(Different views on education) If you get some personal time, what would you like to do? – Me? / – Yes. Exercise. I used to teach English, and I was also a dance instructor. A dancer? She was a belly dance instructor. How cool.

Since I have five kids now, I can’t even imagine going out to work anymore. I just started knitting during my free time or crafting things to sell them at flea markets. Don’t you have some personal time in the morning? I do,

– but I have to clean / – That’s right. – and do the laundry. / – That’s right. It’s the same. I have a lot of chores I have to do every day. If I don’t do it, it just builds up.

So I just keep tidying up all day.

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