CAN HACKERS BE FRIENDS WITH SPY NINJAS? We Played Funny Trust Building Challenges for 24 Hours!

CAN HACKERS BE FRIENDS WITH SPY NINJAS? We Played Funny Trust Building Challenges for 24 Hours!

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What to do spy ninjas i can’t believe i’m saying this but today we’re teaming up with the hackers oh hey incoming daniel hey man cut it out if we’re gonna be on the same team and defeat the cloaker we gotta do

Things together as a team you gotta prove to us that you’re a good teammate i’m the best teammate bro the key to success is working together right v no best teammate let’s do it first challenge devster i want you to throw that football right

Towards my face and scaredy cat hacker you’re gonna catch it before it hits me okay i am i trust you oh okay okay i’ll try my best if we can do this then we can do anything like defeat the cloaker incoming bro i’m gonna put some mustard

On this one it’s gonna smash his face this is gonna be funny here comes danny boy okay oh you ran away hey what the heck man you were supposed to catch it he threw it right at me it was scary we’re not gonna be able to do this

Mission if we can’t trust each other i don’t trust you right now man maybe forget it daniel’s a bad idea we can’t trust these hackers to help us defeat the cloaker exactly you know who i would trust though

409 that’s who i would trust no thanks i’m the one that doesn’t trust you guys i’ll show you how much you can trust me i’ll catch that football before it hits you you better trust me 409 sure just catch it i’ll test you it doesn’t give me a lot

Of confidence okay whatever this one i’m gonna put a little hot sauce on i hope you’re ready bro i’m sending a home dinger in there oh she chickened out oh my gosh i was so scared i can’t believe you

Didn’t trust me how do you feel poof i trust you oh that’s sweet nine your hands are so small they’re very small there’s nothing even into these gloves make fun of my hands hold up your hands again hold the other one you got two left-handed gloves on don’t like him this team-building

Challenge is not going to work we’re just having fun you can’t spell fun without foom right let’s go dumpster baby please i don’t want to ruin my beautiful oh gosh good job you didn’t blow it i wasn’t very confident myself

Hey deb sir let me see the ball i want to throw it i’m going gonna throw this at you whatever d-dog you probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn okay dumpster chad is gonna catch the ball at the last

Second but i got a little trick up my sleeve a goal instead of throwing a football i’m gonna throw ready devster here comes the football three two one most of it exploded on the dumpster here it was a prank for the debster you

Weren’t supposed to catch it oh pranked you now you don’t tell me that it’s all over my hand now i hope you’re not expecting me to clean it up we’re outside it’s fine see ya teammates joke around with each other and play pranks right yeah what fun

That was a dumb prank good thing chat caught it that egg was heading for the no zone i don’t think it got anywhere near his nose devster you’re gonna catch for me yeah yeah yeah get over there i’ll catch for you okay

Little d-dog daniel tried to pull a fast one on me so i’m gonna put a fast one on him 409 why don’t you throw two eggs at him i’m just gonna stand there and watch him hit him and his little stupid face

My pleasure here we go it’s time for the spy ninjas to do some laundry team project circle for me okay daddy five all right what are you doing oh oh what the heck guys are cheating just because daniel played a little prank but you guys threw a ton of eggs

At him that was just a bunch of tomfoolery right there we’re not gonna be able to work together and defeat the cloaker you guys are a bunch of nitwits that’s what you get dania you know what this exercise isn’t working i got a better idea

Follow me next challenge we’ve all done some horrible things to each other right spy ninjas versus project zorgo so boom you go first and apologize for something you’ve done to me and then after that we’ll do a trust fall so we know we can trust each other

Daniel i’m here i’m sorry i say you have really bad bone structure it’s not my fault you have bad bone structure hey he tried to apologize he’s just really bad at it i don’t think that was an apology no it was right

That totally counts sister assistant come on let’s do it honey hey i’ll hold the camera daniel oh boy so now foof i’m gonna hold on to you and you have to trust me i’m not gonna make you fall what i don’t trust you why do i get the boniest one

This is never gonna work you’re totally gonna fall he’s a great spy ninja and he’s very strong strong as you say it after this spoon you’re gonna have a whole new respect for me do i lean back lean back i will gently put you to the ground 409 is cheating

He fell on his own i lowered him to safety you dropped me i didn’t you fell thanks 409 yes sister i knew we shouldn’t have trusted him he dropped him right on the ground oh he gently put him down come on fool i didn’t let go at all it’s not enough

To pull him up 409 now it’s your turn you apologize to one of our spy ninjas okay apologize for a bad thing okay i apologize for slapping you one time okay thanks there’s more okay b yes i’m sorry for being so much more fabulous than you

Yeah sister that’s not true yeah that’s definitely not true i’m way more effective i’m more fabulous than 409 and you what so do you trust me uh i guess i kind of have to because we have to work together right okay do it yeah whoa

You want to know what i’m really sorry for sorry for what for this you wanna battle royale we’re supposed to trust each other and work together you can’t be doing this whoa whoa whoa whoa wait guys guys stop this is the exact opposite of what we should be doing

Yeah well you cheated guys we’re supposed to trust one another all right you know what chad and the scaredy-cat hacker you guys can be trustworthy to each other right here ow geez hey why don’t you apologize for something you’ve done to chad well chad i’m sorry for that one time when i

Did the double back flip kick to your face and you got all uh bruises all over and i beat you up so bad i’m really sorry and i wish we could be best friends like we used to be uh did you have a strange dream or something i don’t remember any of that

Happening in real life well i just have a lot of feelings and i’m pretty sure it happened okay okay fine yeah sure it happened just the same way as daniel regina went to prom together yeah just like that it really happened the what did she say boom all right 409 hand it over

Okay cd here we go scaredy cat i totally trust you totally i’m pretty heavy you might need a couple hackers for me here oh my gosh daddy am i that heavy now oh boy oh shoot! oh all four of them can’t hold i’m glad to see i could

Pull all four of you and by myself i don’t know chad i think you might need to lose some poundage bro dude i’m the skinny spy ninja these washboard abs great cheese you know in the spirit of

All this trust and stuff i feel like i need to air some beef between me and daniel i’m gonna step in the harness yeah we’re not gonna need this bro what you’ll see look i apologize for being so cool and making you look so dumb all the time daniel

Oh oh that’s nice of you i guess it’s kind of nice sort of because the truth is you’re actually one of the boys sometimes hey that’s actually the nicest apology we’ve had all night yeah good job come on where oh where are you going we going we need to do the harness

Thing now uh debster come on the table whoa you’re gonna stand right here and lean over the edge and i’m gonna hold on to you oh wow dangerous daniel devster the d boys we gotta stick together okay yeah the d boys all right i’m really gonna trust you now devster okay

Good whoa geez you’re just gonna stand on the edge there and lean over and i’ll hold you so you don’t fall oh there’s concrete down there duster yeah don’t worry about it bro we’re up higher than everybody else that’s okay you sure you’re not gonna

Drop me dumpster you can trust me bro i’ll never let you go okay here i go oh i feel like i’m flying i’m king of the world wow you could trust the devster i can trust you dumpster yeah go down what was that downstairs

I don’t know about that 409 here i feel like dropping on purpose yeah everybody did some bad things tonight all of you huggers my ninja team up let’s go finish the obstacle course whoever fastest hacker and spy ninja tool we know great

Me and daniel go we’re getting on the same scooter let’s go don’t knock down the code grab on food we’re going in three two one go oh no here we go oh he hit one only one that’s a five second penalty

We fell off i only knocked down one here’s your time only one dish on two let’s go question two 409 and v why i don’t trust her fabulous mobile oh i like that fabulous mobile you gotta trust each other ready three two one go i don’t know how to do that

I don’t even want to hit the throttle wow you’re cruising pretty good that was really fast you did hit a single cone here is your time right there wow that was really good low and steady when’s the beauty contest flip next challenge not my arms challenge we work together

As team you’re my mouth i’m your arms oh stop tickle it tickles stop i kind of did this with chad the other day yeah we did wow why’d hello everybody my name is daniel today as you see in front of me right here

Is the ingredients to make a pizza wow so today let me just itch my hair and uh my cheeks is this a pizza lunchable yeah exactly dubster i love these bro all right first you take the tortilla like so look at that tortilla well look at that

It smells so delicious here v smell it no no i’m gonna put the tortilla on the table and now we’re gonna open up this sauce packet wait a minute that’s not sauce let’s put it on the pizza let’s put it on the pizza now i said pizza oh

Jeez okay we’re gonna put it right there it didn’t work that kind of looks like doo-doo let’s get some cheese now now i do not want oh whoops butter fingers why’d you do that daniel i’m sorry i’m sorry let’s add the m m’s to pizza yeah i mean

That there’s a reason why they’re here right hey beautiful look at that pizza that is quite a pizza you got going there daniel don’t forget the tomato sauce yes scaredy cat hacker of course let’s open the pizza sauce

And let’s open this bad boy okay let’s put it on the pizza oh you spilt it let’s put it on the pizza hold on put it on the pizza oh no put it on the pizza oh my pants the pizza is right there you’re missing the pizza not over there

There you go look at that the most delicious i’m gonna just go rub the table for a sec hey now it is time to enjoy the meal that pizza looks like you bought it at a yard sale okay i guess i won’t eat it now here this is good that’s disgusting bro i

Can’t believe you put that in your mouth ah it tasted horrible i think a bird pooped on this table before oh look what you’re ditching my face you missed the pizza that ain’t right bro it ain’t right bro did it look realistic at all definitely it was actually my hands yeah

Who’s gonna clean this mess all right well this was our time looks like we failed we’re not a good team foom no it’s not gonna work you don’t smell like sauerkraut anymore whoa you smell like egg pizza now you ruined

My blue hoodie yeah too bad you got egg and pizza all over man too bad the hackers are not trustworthy he’s doing a challenge i do not want to sit at this table or get my hands ridiculously dirty with nitrates but do you want to get beautiful be even

More beautiful than you are right now yes all the time sister makeover oh my arms are so sharp you got tyrannosaurus arms i got it i’m gonna open it up now okay i’m about to look oh so fabulous here we go just slowly apply to my lips no it’s not really your

Lip there you gotta go a little more to your left a little more to your left okay up up up down down down down right there yeah i feel so beautiful don’t you broke the lipstick and then that’s it i’m ready to go out thanks for watching my beauty tutorial wow

All right here take a look at yourself in the mirror you ready look at that oh hey where are you going hey i have to get like a whole another mask that was good teamwork right there you look right oh okay why couldn’t i put makeup on me because i don’t trust you

All right yeah if we can complete this next challenge we can definitely take down the cloaker right yes let’s go okay as you can see hey as you can see here we have ten thousand dollars whoa we all have a card the card says

Green and red i’m gonna count down from three if we all choose green we all split the money everybody’s a winner if somebody chooses red they get the money all to themselves and everybody else gets nothing that’s not very fair that’s definitely not teamwork we gotta pick green

Don’t be selfish and greedy and choose red anybody okay it’s a trust exercise we all trust each other right yes so okay no one’s gonna pick red and steal the money all right well we’ll see ready guys pick your answer three

Two one i’ll reveal my card first come on daniel please tell me you chose green green yes yes now if everybody chooses green we all get just win the money when we split it it’s still more than a thousand dollars green yeah

Now if i choose red i can take all the money for myself did i do it did i do it i chose green i’m a team player yay of course chad if i get all the money i can buy a safety harness and

Uh some arm floaties so i don’t fall in the pool but i picked yeah so what did i pick i picked dexter you’re the last one left if you picked queen we all win the money if you picked red that means

Devster steals the money from all of us i hope he’s a team player so excited to get this money guys i know man i’m pretty excited too because i boy chose now none of us gets it besides you

Dude we trusted you i can’t believe you picked red me and the color red don’t get along you know why below this video right now the subscribe button i bet it’s red on some of your screens and i don’t like that that means

You’re not subscribed so make sure you click that subscribe button don’t make it this color make it great then you’re subscribed i got this cheddar right here let’s go down to the arcade no guys come back we need all you guys to help us defeat the cloaker the leader

Wants you to do that did you forget ten thousand dollars would make you forget about everything sometimes oh no no we need more people to defeat him i tell you what i’m willing to change from a red to a greed yeah great thank you thank

You that’s good you want me to split this monies you gotta show me the safe house safe house no hackers at the safe house no way okay i guess we’re doing it what do we do guys the safe house called safe for a reason it won’t be safe

Anymore once hackers are there they could just trash the place destroy it break everything burn it down we already saw what they did to our california house wait a second spy ninja plan 183 okay guys we finally came to a decision it’s something that has never been done

Before we never wanted to do this but for the first time in spy ninja history we agreed to bring all of you hackers to the safe house

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