CCT College Graduate – Stuart Larner – Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics for Business

CCT College Graduate - Stuart Larner - Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics for Business

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Hi my name is stuart lerner and i studied the higher diploma in science in data analytics for business at cct The best thing about the higher diploma in science and data analytics for business at cct was the variety of skills that we had the chance to develop in such a short space of time within the first six weeks you go from an introduction in concepts like statistics and programming to applying machine

Learning algorithms to real life scenarios the rapid movement from theory to real life application really motivates you to keep up with the pace from day one the cct lecturers and staff were great they always took the time to help me no matter how stupid the question was

In my industry at the moment we are seeing a huge movement where companies are looking to technology and data science to help them seize opportunities and solve their problems i’m really fortunate that pwc my employer have invested heavily in helping employees like me continuously upskill themselves part of my role

Involves creating process improvements and data visualizations for internal use in my department and the other part involves doing the same for clients after upskilling in programming and developing a deeper understanding of the various applications of machine learning during the course i’ve been able to utilize these skills

To the benefit of our team and the benefit of our clients since finishing the course i won’t lie it’s been great to not have to worry about assignments anymore and i’ve been able to apply what i learned on the course into my own personal projects as well as my

Professional projects i’ve used the approaches we learned in our strategic thinking module to tackle the problems our clients are facing i think the lessons i learned here are invaluable in my professional life other skills i’ve obtained include programming data science techniques industry standards for data analytics statistics teamwork machine learning

Research and project management just to name a few examples personally the course has opened my eyes that bit more to the art of the possible i was already working in technology but since completing the data science course i’ve broadened my learning further again and i’m now looking at web application

Development using python i’ve always loved learning i’m a big nerd i think what motivates me is just learning more and usually thankfully success comes with that but if i had one piece of advice for someone considering this course or a similar course at cct it would be don’t wait to take on the

Challenge the worst thing that happens is you learn that something isn’t for you the best you find a new passion in your life you could build a new career one that you’ve always wanted so just go for it you

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