Cleaning an ABANDONED Repo Car Bought at Auction! | The Detail Geek

Cleaning an ABANDONED Repo Car Bought at Auction!  | The Detail Geek

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Hey what’s going on guys and welcome to the video,  now the vehicle I’ve got sitting behind me today   is a 2012 Chrysler 200 that was left abandoned  outside for nearly a year with all the windows   down and like you guys just saw, the word disaster  doesn’t even come close to describing this car.

Ok well starting with the exterior of this car  and it’s no surprise that it’s pretty grungy   looking and the paint is almost guaranteed  to be full of embedded dirt and contaminants   and back in the trunk jamb it’s full of dirt and  leaves and as I mentioned the car was found with  

The windows open so obviously everything that  fell on the car made its way inside as well.   Looking around and it’s just an absolute  horrendous mess and is without question   one of the dirtiest vehicles I’ve ever seen. The  more you look around the more mess you find, from  

The thick layer of caked on dirt to piles of dirt,  leaves and broken glass every single inch of this   interior needs some intensive deep cleaning, but  just before you guys watch the transformation of a   lifetime, take a quick second and make sure you’re  subscribed to the channel, I post a new video like  

This every week and if you’ve got the bell on  you’ll get notified the moment they go live. Alright guys well it look like I’m in for one  heck of a challenge with this car but I can’t  

Wait to see how good I can get it looking  so as always sit back relax and enjoy. Ok well as I get started with the pressure  washer on the pre-wash rinse the fact that   this car was abandoned and sat outside  for nearly a year means that every inch  

Of it is going to need attention. I know the  crevices are likely full of dirt and debris   and the paint will be filthy and embedded  with contaminants like tree sap so I’ll   really be taking my time today because my goal  for this car is to make it look brand new again,  

And you guys will want to stick around until  the end of the video to see that as when   the new owner picked it up he was absolutely  thrilled and it’s definitely worth the wait. Now as I continue to spray the back off I’ll  make sure to spend some time on the crevices  

As they’re full of dirt and debris, but  to give you some background on the car,   the owner recently picked it up through an auction  pretty cheap obviously and the story on this car   is that it came from one province over in Alberta  and like I said before sat outside for nearly a  

Year with all the windows open, though I do  think one of them was broken because there’s   quite a bit of glass inside the car, but how that  comes to happen is still a bit of a mystery…the   owner thought it may have been a repo vehicle the  previous owners abandoned somewhere but either way  

It’s quite the story and with the vehicle only  having 80,000 km or about 50,000 miles on it,   there’s a lot of life left in  this car for the new owner. Moving up to the front bumper and while there  isn’t much for debris hiding in the crevices here,  

There is a bit of a film on the  paint here that isn’t budging   with the pressure washer so the wash stage  should take care of that in a little bit. Now to take care of the trunk jamb I’m going to  first remove the couple of items that were left  

In the trunk, which apparently were left from  the previous owner and then I’ll remove both   of the carpet liners from in here so that way if  any water ends up inside when I pressure wash it  

Can simply we wiped up and after getting rid of  the bulk of the leaves, I’ll blast the rest out. Ok with the car covered with super  thick detail geek mega foam, I’ll   take the opportunity to use my boars hair  detail brush around the entire vehicle,  

Getting any remaining dirt or debris lifted  out of all the crevices like the door handles,   behind the gas door and of course  around all the exterior badging. Now one step that can’t be overlooked in this  detail is the decontamination of the paint  

So that process starts with my detail geek  iron remover which is going to dissolve any   iron particles that are embedded in the paint,  turning purple while it does, so I’ll get that   sprayed on every panel and wheel, let it sit for  about 3-5 minutes and then simply rinse it off.

Ok it’s time to move onto the floor mats now so  I’ll quickly brush the loose dirt and debris off   the 3 mats and will then get a liberal amount  of my carpet solution sprayed onto the mat   and then of course given how dirty  these are I’m using my medium green  

Drill brush today to agitate and  then I’ll simply blast them clean. Alright well it’s finally time to dive into  the bulk of the work on this detail and that’s   the interior so after disconnecting the battery  and the electrical connections under the seats  

I’ll get them removed and here’s a look at what  was hiding underneath them…basically just move   of the same…dirt, leaves, garbage and even a pile  of some random dried up white stuff. Then the next   step is to quickly get the back seat removed and  see what was underneath it…looks like a fair bit  

Of broken glass and more leaves. Then because  there’s no good way to clean this inside of the   car, I’ll also get the Center console removed  as well as a number of components on the dash. Working my way around with the vacuum  and you might already be able to tell or  

Even know from previous Chrysler vehicles  I’ve done but the quality of carpet in here   is actually pretty good which makes the vacuuming  so much easier as nothing is really getting stuck   to it and with the interior sitting open  to the elements for as long as it did,  

The dirt has made its way  deep down into the fibers,   but the good quality carpet is allowing me to  get all that sucked out without too much trouble   so it’s pretty amazing to see just how big  of a difference vacuuming makes on this car.

Moving up to the drivers footwell and I wanted to  quickly remind you guys about the second channel,   The Detail Geek 2. I recently posted a video  with a whole bunch of bonus footage from the   last several details including a few quick  garage clean ups so if that sounds enjoyable  

To you then be sure to check it out. There’s  also lots of other kinds of videos over there,   including the Studio Build videos which  I’m really enjoying making for you guys. Now here’s a tool I don’t use very often when  detailing and that’s my needle nose pliers  

Which I’ll use to pull this random staple out…not  sure why that would be there but to add to the   mystery there were also a bunch more staples all  along the rubber weather stripping on the top of  

The door that I pulled out off camera…the only  thing I can think of is that perhaps someone   had tried to cover the broken window at some  point but either way it’s still kind of funny. Starting on the back seat now and as you can  see the back seat didn’t fare too well being  

Open to the elements but thankfully it wasn’t  any worse than this. When I heard the vehicle   had been abandoned for as long as it was I  was worried there would be moisture issues   and potentially mold growing in the car but after  dismantling a good chunk of the interior earlier  

I didn’t see any signs or evidence of that,  somehow the mess was limited to just dirt   and leaves that blew in though if it was  parked under a tree that would make sense. Now as I start extracting the back seat  cushion you’ll notice I’m using my medium  

Green drill brush today and that’s simply  because I know there’s still dirt embedded   in the fabric even after vacuuming and given  the circumstances with the car it just made   sense to go a little bit more aggressive  today off the hop. But the nice thing  

About my green drill brushes is that while  they are stiffer than the soft white ones,   I made sure they weren’t as stiff as other brands  out there which can actually damage vehicle carpet   and upholstery if used too aggressively, so my  detail geek ones are safer to use on your vehicle.

Moving to the carpets now and once again because  the carpet is good quality I’m expecting it to   clean up pretty easy today but it also helps  to have the right tools for the job and that’s  

The combo here of lightning fast, my green drill  brush and then the Bissell and as you can see by   the colour of water coming through it, the carpet  was pretty dirty here but is going to look brand  

New when I’m done, if any of you are curious  as to where you can get any of the products or   tools I use on my videos, well I’ve got all the  links listed down in the description for you. Here’s the bucket of nasty water  pulled from the Chrysler today,  

Along with a nice layer of  sludge at the bottom.  Gross!! Working my way around the interior and since  the dirt was really caked on I’m opting to use   some of my detail geek all purpose cleaner  diluted 4:1 here which is heavy strength,  

And as you’ve seen before the combo of the APC  and the steamer is able to quickly cut through the   dirt, and once I’ve gone over the entire door I’ll  blast out all the crevices and then wipe the door  

Down with a slightly damp microfiber towel, then  I’ll grab a separate dry towel and wipe it clean. Moving to the substantial number of interior trim  pieces I removed earlier now and the process for   getting them clean is the exact same, hit it with  APC and the steamer and even if the piece looks  

Horrendous like some of these do, it only takes  a few seconds of work and they’ll look brand new   again. The steamer is a tool I couldn’t detail  without and something I’d highly recommend buying   if you enjoy detailing your own vehicle, the  McCulloch one I use is very reasonably priced and  

Really high quality too, the link to it is down  in the description for you if you’re interested. Starting on the console now and  I’ll once again use 4:1 APC here   but to answer a question that I’m sure some of  you have and I know I’ve seen people ask before  

No, I’ve never lost any screws or  pieces when I dismantle an interior.   I have a shelf where I set everything and am  extremely careful with all the little screws   and do keep them pretty organized, but I can say  there’s been a few times where I’ve forgotten the  

Order in which things need to be put back in,  but that usually sorts itself out pretty quick. Ok moving outside now and it’s time to turn  our attention to the paint and finish the   decontamination process so I’ll spray on some  detail geek quick Detailer to act as lubricant  

And will then use some pinnacle ultra poly  clay to ensure that all the surface bonded   contaminants like tar, tree sap, or other road  grime are removed from the paint. Once this is   done the paint will be perfectly clean  and ready for a sealant, but the other  

Thing the quick Detailer is really good at is  for in between waxing or sealing your vehicle   as it can easily and safely remove light dust  or fingerprints and is the perfect thing to use   to keep your vehicle looking it’s best after  every wash. You can find it on my website at or perhaps you need a last  minute gift idea like a gift card to the store,   those are always available and you  don’t have to wait for shipping. Second last step here is to clean the glass and  I  always make sure to roll down the windows a bit to  

Get the top edge of the glass which is an area  that if you miss, it’s guaranteed the customer   will see it when they roll thru the drive  through for their coffee the next morning.

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