Client Educates Cops | They Don’t Listen | He Wins in Court

Client Educates Cops | They Don't Listen | He Wins in Court

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Okay well what is going on now is they are going  to have you trespass for cussing their employees   so I’m waiting for them to bring forth so I  need your ID I’m gonna give them my idea you  

Can trust pass me as we leave I’ll leave the  store well I have to happen absolutely this is   not stopping ID State yes if you are under an  investigation under investigation you currently   are that’s why I’m here they have to ask me to  leave the store constructing right now which is  

A jailable offense well do what you got to do all  right well go ahead and put your hands back good there’s a dispute between a store and a customer  the store calls the police reporting something   that’s not a crime the police show up to  investigate the said non-crime they demand  

ID now like many states West Virginia does  not actually have a stop and ID law however   if the police officer has reasonable suspicion  that some crime was committed and that this   particular individual committed that crime they  can perform an investigative Detention of that  

Person which can involve forcibly obtaining an  ID from that suspect so what is the crime can the   alleged crime of trespassing be used to detain  an ID forcibly a shopper who has not been asked  

To leave the store and who has not been given the  opportunity or even allowed to leave the store by   the responding police officer on January 10 2021  my client John went to a Walmart of course during   all this Insanity that shall not be discussed  with those key words he was not committing  

Any crime time he felt like he was being treated  unfairly he was just trying to buy some products   at Walmart and was in the process of attempting to  check out but manager Karen at Walmart of course  

Called the cops on him reporting that he was  refusing to wear a thing that she wanted him to   wear and using some bad words a police officer  responded and this is her body cam footage so lucky cool

He’s what he’s at work right now does he have any  health issues he never stated that he just refused   because if they say that  he leaves online but he was   cussing him and recording him and everything okay is he checking out yeah

So what do you want me to do because if they’re  checking out and getting ready to leave you   on me just kind of yeah because he was her  favorite part he has a video with him okay okay more allegations from the Walmart manager  of non-crimes having been committed check guy’s  

About to leave the store check why don’t  we just go ahead and escalate the situation   for no reason by the way if you want to see  the footage that manager Karen is referring   to let’s go ahead and take a look at that  then we’ll get back to this body cam footage

At his best I’m not harassing you sure are why  don’t you asked anybody else walking through   here to put their mask up above their nose huh  huh discrimination when I walk to the door y’all   called out everything I had on three people  walking that I stood there and watched three  

People walked in after me without a mask it’s not  a word who said I’m not putting the phone away   this is for my defense no I will not  put a mask on I’ve seen 30 employees   around here walking around with their  masks down and you want me to put one on

Hey can you give me a trespass form  can you give me a trespass form that’s business that’s about to get fun yeah can I talk to you I need to speak with him what happened what happened what happened  is I walked through the door and the lady  

At the thing just announces on the  thing everything I’m wearing okay   and three other people come in right  behind me not wearing a mask not a word set   that’s discrimination okay do you have any  health issues sweetheart yeah I do I’m I  

Got uh I’m diabetic and I mean like any lung  issues I asked my bronchitis anything like   that I can’t hardly breathe a half down okay  all right that’s beside the point there’s well the issue isn’t so much that you you  didn’t have a mask on because if you identify  

That you have a health issue asthma bronchitis  I don’t have to identify that well if they ask   you it is but it is it is absolutely they  can ask if you have one they can ask and I  

Could not answer you can deny but they can  also deny access to the store because they   didn’t do that okay well what is going on  now is they are going to have you trespass   requesting their employees so I’m waiting  for them to bring forth so I need your ID  

So I’m gonna give them my ID you can trust  Fastpass and leave I’ll leave the store as of right now you’re under arrest that’s fine   let’s go I’m not violating your right yes ma’am  you are this is not a stopping out east day yes  

It is you just cannot do passengers absolutely I’m  not driving thank you very much as I said before   West Virginia is not a stop and ID State there  is no statute that authorizes police officers to   arrest people for not giving them ID they have  to already have reasonable suspicion that that  

Particular individual had committed some other  crime and this officer conflates that with all   right well I can’t forcibly ID a passenger in a  vehicle during a traffic stop but I can forcibly   ID some guy in Walmart trying to check out I’m  gonna show you the rest of the footage and then  

I’ll tell you how this actually went down in  court I can still stop and ask you free ideas absolutely you are violating  my rights I absolutely am not   you are nope yep you’ll see when we go to  court that’s fine that’s absolutely fine

I have not been trespassed I’ve  not been asked to leave   the minute when I ask you for your identification  yes you do nothing wrong yes you do what’s your Reasonable Suspicion of a crime I got  called what is your recent submission of a crime  

For having me in handcuffs if you would speak  if you would like commit a crime for you to ID   me if I am conducting an investigation I don’t  care if you’re investigating anything it don’t   matter West Virginia code I’m not arguing with  you I know what West Virginia code section says  

And I can talk if I want to nope I don’t care well  that was an interesting conversation I’m not going   to make any uh references to the Bravo network  because that upset some Karen last time in the  

Comments somewhere so I’ll just let that fall  where it may they get to the police station for   processing and the doubling down continues  perhaps tripling down hey how’s it going oh good violation rights I get called  to Walmart over this mask thing  

They want him trespassed because he’s  cussing employees being irate thank you   very much where’s your evidence and proof  thank you get a call for an IRA customer   stating he’s costing employees so why  not they want him trespassed so I’ll  

Walk up all right I got video film of that  okay well I’m telling you what I was told   so I um walk up to him ask him for his ID so that  way they can trust passengers I do not no big deal

I mean it’s violation of my rights to have these  handcuffs on me right now for what I’ve done   nothing he’s under arrest for obstruction  right now I didn’t obstruct nothing what’s   your violation of Rights well number one I’m  handcuffed and I’ve done nothing wrong she  

Asked me for an ID that’s why I’m handcuffed  because I wouldn’t prevent her an ID when I’ve   done broke no laws okay um I’m gonna explain  to you one time okay because maybe you still   understand it and that’s fine if you go into  a private business like Walmart they ask you  

To do something they didn’t ask me to do  nothing they called and said you wouldn’t   put a mask on they didn’t ask me to put a  mask it says on the doors all that stuff no  

I walked I’ll tell you what can I tell you what  happened can I actually finish it I understand I   know what you’re going to say do you yeah okay I  absolutely do know exactly what you’re gonna say  

What do you mean what am I gonna say you’re gonna  say when they tell me to do that and I do not do   that they can ask me to leave the store correct  which they never asked me to leave the store  

They never asked me to put them at school when we  investigate across so we all want to call someone   calls us to investigate something so we go okay so  now you are part of a criminal investigation okay   listen to me I’m listening okay you’ll never  understand if you keep talking I’m listening  

Then if we ask you to provide your identification  you are expected to provide identification you   are supposed to provide identity not have  to yes you have to yes you do yes you have   to yes that’s co-obstructing a criminal  investigation wait and I’ve done nothing  

Wrong when you won’t provide that came inside  this is what I’m dealing with it’s awesome this is what happened I get a call for an irate  customer at Walmart because he refused to put   on a mask listen to whatever I’m telling you  from my point of view okay I understand so I  

Get a call crosscom stating that there’s an IRA  customer cussing management so I get a call for   an irate customer saying he’s cussing he’s costing  employees refusing to put on a mess so they tell  

Me he’s that registry all right I’ll get up I said  hey can I talk to you he says yeah I said hey did   they ask you about a mask and they said well I  walked in they put my clothing description out  

You know whatever he said three people behind  me walked in without a mask I said okay well   do you have any health issues she’s like asthma he  said I’m disabled I said you have any bronchitis  

And he said yeah I said that’s all you have  to say he said they don’t have the right to   ask me that they don’t I said all right property  it’s hip belongs that’s not how HIPAA Works they  

Cannot ask you anything medically that’s not how  HIPAA Works actually let me let me use it and so   I asked him for his ID so I asked him for his ID  so they can write it on the trust platform because  

They want them trespassed for cussing for cussing  the employees he refuses to give me his ID so   he doesn’t have to so I rest him for obstruction  yeah well she was really confident throughout this  

Whole process that there was a stop and ID statue  in West Virginia and when she brought in all of   her buddies all of her guy cop friends they all  seemed really confident and they came in and sort  

Of white knighted here and they had to educate  the guy with the hillbilly law degree about   constitutional rights that he just didn’t quite  understand well when it goes to court and there   were several threats in there somewhere about  well you’ll you’ll see when when you go to court  

But when he went to court initially as you can  see the prosecutor didn’t quite even understand   the law either and was probably told that there  was a stop and ID States uh statute somewhere in   West Virginia law which was not and then they  come back to court and apparently after doing  

The research the the resulting conclusion was is  that the state I.E the prosecutor had to move the   court to dismiss the charges against John so the  criminal charges were dismissed haha turns out he   was right they were wrong as always thanks for  watching and this is a common thing that I see  

Where police officers mistakenly believe that they  get to solicit these trespasses and when they’re   called on a trespass complaint that they get to  use that as the basis for potential obstruction   charge for not providing ID at least in West  Virginia the state law does not support that as  

Indicated by the results here and other cases that  I’ve been involved with so as always thanks for   watching and make sure to give me your comments  what do you think here did you see something in   the footage that I missed or that causes you  to disagree with my analysis make sure you  

Subscribe for updates in this matter I I think  you might receive some additional information   here soon so make sure to subscribe I’ll see you  next time remember freedom is scary deal with it

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