Coding is Not Difficult – Bill Gates

Coding is Not Difficult - Bill Gates

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Foreign people make decisions every day for example before you go outside you kind of have an if statement that says if it’s raining then I need to get my jacket and computers are amazing once you decide those kinds of statements that they can reliably execute those things at

Unbelievable speed and so a computer program really is a little bit of math and some if statements where the decision gets made so in in this puzzle the if block helps the zombie make a decision it checks something for example let’s use the block that says if there’s a path to the left

And put a turn left command inside it so we’re telling the zombie to check its surrounding see if there’s that path on the left and if so make that turn and then we use the move forward block inside this repeat to get it to keep moving forward as long as it just wants

To go straight then when there’s the turn the if block will tell it to make this turn to the left and you can see if we do that if we’re taking the turn to the left and otherwise moving forward we’ll achieve our goals so it’s an example of using an if

Statement which is really a fundamental Concept in computer programming one of the first things I learned was uh how to write a program to play Tic-tac-toe and you know so I had if statements to say okay if the other person is about to win go ahead and and block that spot so have

Fun learning how to use if statements it’s a key concept thank you understanding coding is a weapon it’s like a superpower it’s better than a superpower hi I’m Carly I work in fashion but I also consider myself a student I’m fascinated by understanding how things work

I wanted to learn how the world of technology is built so I started to learn how to code in my spare time because it wasn’t offered to me as a class when I was in school I grew up in a house with three sisters and all four of us were never encouraged

To learn how to code and that’s the one thing that I wish someone would have said just take one class I always thought I would be following My Father’s Footsteps and go into medicine my dad’s a doctor and I love math I ended up having a career in fashion you know there’s not

Much math that I use in my day-to-day life for my work but I am fascinated by by Computer Sciences by understanding programming by understanding how things are built I happen to be a closeted super nerd so I personally have begun learning how to program on my own because programming

Is the language of the future and of now I wish I would have started learning at 13 but it doesn’t matter how old you are you can always start learning jump into it learn just try and take one class give it one hour it’s amazing what you

Can learn in one hour it’s important to break that stigma of thinking that it’s not cool to be smart if you can understand much less speak code you can build anything by the way the games are so much fun I spend so much time like playing with the different games that are probably

Targeted to like 12 year olds now there’s this funny story where um so I like going for walks around I mean it’s it’s California right so it’s it’s beautiful and um there’s this one Loop that that I used to go on when I was at our last office where there are these few

Kids who they’d ride their bikes and every day when I when I’d walk by this one um this one guy he’d ask me let me just like yell questions and he’s like hey um Mr Zuckerberg liked it Mr Zuckerberg what um I want to learn how to program what

Should what should I do should I try to um like what what system should I learn how to program like well what what do you have a Windows computer or a Mac or a phone or what do you want he’s like well I was like I want to build an

IPhone app like all right great so um Go go download the the developer kit for iPhone so then you know I’d come back a couple days later and he’d just say yeah my life and he’s like okay so I went to go download the developer kit and my mom says

Um you know it’s 99 should I get it I’m like yeah tell your mom you should get it so he’s like okay I’ll go do that and then a few days later I’d come back and be like all right I got the developer kit and my mom says I I can get it

Um so now what’s the what’s the first thing that I should get started doing so I’m like all right well first try to learn this and then like this would just go on for weeks and I I can’t say I didn’t teach him how to program but uh

But it was really gratifying to know that um in some small way maybe I could help out teaching the next generation of folks who are going to become engineers when I first got rolling it was kind of easier back then in some ways and harder in other ways the actual code was easier

Back then at the same time today you have much better resources you have you have search results for pretty much any Tech question you would ever want to ask you have school courses you you might even have teachers today that know how to code understand how the

Internet works and can teach you that’s a pretty incredible resource that I didn’t have around me growing up probably the first website I ever built which is copying the HTML code from and just editing it until it was David’s website and you know the more you do that the more you actually

Start to learn the language yourself and you’re able to start to build the stuff from scratch or putting your putting your work out there early even before it’s perfect even before you really have found your voice yet and know what you’re trying to say is a an amazing feeling and an

Amazing learning experience and a chance to start to connect with people who will kind of take you the rest of the way there but if you have any aspirations of putting your idea putting your work out there into the world start now

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