Comic Books For Beginners

Comic Books For Beginners

#Comic #Books #Beginners

Well hey nurse you caught me in the middle already one of my favorite comics our girl today I thought I would share with you my knowledge on how to get into reading comic books I’ve been obsessed with comic books for as long as I can remember starting with Archie it tells from the

Crypt right until the Indies and superhero comics so I thought it was about time that I show you guys how you enter the comic book world because that’s the most requested thing I get I love the way your comment on videos cares but I know nothing about comics

Where to buy them how much they cost or anything about what you’re talking about so today’s the day my notary knows so join me as we learn about comics visit my work more psy comics and have some fun while doing so let’s get started yes ah now the main misconception about

Comic books is that there’s only one type superhero comics and while they dominate the comic book stores in the industry it’s not for everyone in fact I only started reading superhero comics maybe in the past what five years this is why my all-time favorites Power Girl and I’m loved Power Girl because

She had big boobs for someone like me that’s very self conscious this was awesome a chick that wasn’t afraid to have them out fights evil and is just really good-looking it always made me happy to read but like I said Dean always thanked superhero comics just like everything there’s different genres

And you’ve got to find what suits you one of the other favorite colors that if this is a bit more time favorite is Lenore now when I was a little teen Gogh this was might be all and all fun fact that’s what my sleeve was originally

Going to be all the narcotics it’s about a cute little dead girl and I had a super big crush on the creative Roman dude my main obsession with comics started with independent colleagues when I first met the guys at impact comics that taught me all about it

From Harvey Pekar to Lucy Knisley to my all-time favorite comic book unlikely by jeffrey Brown I even have this cover tattooed on my leg and the Creator tattooed on my leg that’s my commitment to this little comic book it’s all about a guy and how he lost his virginity

Really awkward to read but really eye-opening as well there’s other types of comics for adults as well like this sex criminals which tells the story of two people that can control time when they’re about to orgasm awkward whenever I try to sell this at work people give

Me weird looks but it’s really really good there’s also really independent comics that you can buy directly from the authors and creators themselves like Sarah Greeley oh I thought the girl crush on her she’s so awesome and this is called our super adventure it’s all about her and her partner and their cats

And just everyday life which is one of my favorite subjects and comic books now if you’re a little kid you don’t just have to read superheroes there’s ones like super dinosaur about a guy or a little dude and his robotic dinosaur there’s ones like princeless which is

About a little girl who’s sick waiting for a prince to come save her so she goes on our own adventures on a dragon and then there’s this Takeo which is about two sisters have superhero abilities there’s not so much a superhero comic a more about two little sisters having a great time

There’s also really violent comics and film noir comics like Sin City now this is about to be made what has been made into a film and dame to kill for and it’s all about hmm I must say women can be evil I’ll leave that up to interpretation but really cool art if

You’ve ever seen Frank Miller’s are you will just die and fall in line now some of you don’t even know the first thing about comics you would know where to start perhaps you like TV series like arrow or Smallville or perhaps you like nice 80s called classics like Big Trouble in

Little China with Kurt Russell looking really sexy yo yo there’s comical versions of you ever film and TV as well and also corrupt you guys are into the spooky side of things extremely violent comics a new one that’s come out is called nail-biter and it’s all about really

Creepy serial killer town really creepy don’t like reading this I don’t mind anyway so the most important thing before we start anything is how to think about what you enjoy reading do you like superheroes no that’s fine do you like autobiographical comics do you like girls and pretty dresses do you

Like travel comics have a think what you want to read and then head to your local comic book store so now you’ve thought about what it is you want to read but how do you go about actually reading those stories so let’s talk about the different types of comic

Books that are available to read the first and most common is called a single issue these come out fortnightly or monthly or sometimes like a comic-con scarlet they don’t come out often enough at all now six sometimes five of these are then collected and turned into something called a trade paperback so to

Be exact these exact five the issues of Chu well then turn it into this trade paperback now trade paperbacks and single issues are two forms of the same type of story each one has a similar arc and is told over the five to six issue run a totally

Different type of comic is called a graphic novel and it never gets released in single issues it only comes out in one book form this is seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley it’s brand new and by the writer that wrote Scott Pilgrim which some of you may know from the film so

These are the three main types of comics that we’re going to be covering in the video so let’s talk about some frozen cons of different reading formats we’ll talk about single issues then trade paperbacks and we’ll leave graphic novels talking it so let’s talk about the pros and cons of reading single

Issue comics let’s talk about pros first it’s really cool to be up-to-date in with these guys from fortnightly we we monthly you’re going to know what’s going on in every single universe which is really exciting and really fun another cool thing about single issues

Is the cover art when they’re in a book you don’t really see the picture that clearly you just flip past it but with these guys you see them sitting on the shelf and they look so pretty another cool thing is long boxes or short boxes which is a way to store your

Comic books they make really good cat perches and they also make good scratchy posts for cats as well now let’s talk about cons on boxes yeah they’re cool but they’re also really frustrating they’re super heavy and then really awkward they don’t look that nice in your house to be honest that’s why users

Cat scratching post you see when you go to someone’s house and they collect spoons they’re in a nice cabinet China through a nice cabinet comic books simple issue collectors in an ugly ugly box another con is that you’re going to have to look after these guys because they’re flimsy little magazines what I

Keep mine in are called bags and balls so you’re going to have to buy a bag and board for every single one of these which leads to my next point it can be expensive let’s get to my last point these are all of advertisements it’s so frustrating you’ll be the belle look

Like a really important scene and she hopes looking hot and looking all good and then BOOM advertisement phones kick up a bomb advertisement okay like I’m gone so they’re really exciting all of that punches in born advertisement okay wasting about single issues is their advertisements so let’s talk about the

Pros and cons of trade paperbacks first Pro is that it’s a bit more affordable I find you don’t have to buy bags and boards and you can buy one big chunk at a time that’s pretty cool they also look really nice they look nice in a book they’re good for resale

They’re good to lend your friends cuz they’re not flimsy and they look good on my shelf as you guys know they make a baked great baked wrap great background for filming one of the cons about these is that you’re going to be really behind in

Your comic books we have to wait for six five six single issues to come out before they even going to release this six months to a year behind on comics also means that you’re not going to be able to be as social you can walk into a

Comic book store and you’re going to have to go because you don’t want to hear what’s happening in the comic book plan because you’re six months behind so that will be my main con what I read is a mixture of single issues and trades I would single issues of my favorite

Comics that are coming out she-hulk lumberjanes things that I really want the covers for that look pretty and I read trades of older comics or comments are not as excited about for some comics like chew I have both the single issues and the tray because I’m keen and

Sometimes I like the lending people my collar box so it’s up to you guys in superhero land this is how you’re going to find your comics similar issues and trades now let’s talk about the last type of kind the graphic novel so the term can be used loosely some people

Call all these comics and the trade paperbacks graphic novels but I use the term for self-contained stories the term originally started with the Dark Knight Returns Mouse and the watchman where the stories may have come out in single issues that may have come out in trades in one book but they tell a

Self-contained story so there’s only prose for what I call graphic novels they come out of one go sometimes singles but you get one big chunky book at the end and it smells like awesome so now talked about the different types of comics it’s time to spend all our

Money on comics okay this is the best bit but how do we get said comics well guys there’s lots of different ways perhaps you’re a young lady and you live on a cattle farm and do you do you like put other machines cows you like day I wish I could read

Comics well you can but maybe you’re like god you’re like busy and Nan and pause and they don’t drive anymore the only thing they have to read is Reader’s Digest noona can read comics let’s hop on line let’s have a line and have a look if you go on eBay in god

You could go on lots of different sites perhaps you just type in buying kind box and your state ball you’re gonna find a way to get your comic books now if you have the luxury like me and you live in a city and perhaps you have in a 1-1 in

Comic book store perhaps you work at said comic book store hey you can head down to your local color book store and meet other people that buy and read and sell comic books anyway is fine to buy comic books it’s just how it works for you so I’m

Going to take you to my favorite way to buy comic books my work all-star comics in Melbourne Australia so follow me to come over plan let’s just pretend that the scene was cut okay use your imagination welcome to All Star Comics my place of employment and happiest place on earth Oh who’s that

Over there whoa hi Cass well hi there Cass nice shirt thanks Cass you’ve got great taste so let’s talk about some common misconceptions about comic book stores so the first question are all comic book stores the same no they’re not it’s really important to find one that suits

You and your needs I started shopping or star comics because they are really knowledgeable friendly and it was just a great atmosphere so to find a comic store that suits you and your needs the next question do girl shop in comic book stores and are they welcome I do

Hello have you met me comic book stores are very welcoming to girls and it’s the biggest rising demographic in comics today so find a store again that makes you feel comfortable as a girl which they all should now cuz it’s pretty dang normal to be a girl on

A comic book store and the final question will the staff and customers mock me for not knowing anything about comics no way are you kidding there is nothing more exciting to us comic book peeps that fresh meat you’re gonna come in the saw and you ever say can’t I

Don’t know these are colleagues tell me about clothes what’s your bye and I’ll turn about she-hulk rat Queens lumberjanes Geoffrey ban Lewis in is Lee Harvey Pekar pretty much all my favorite cars in the whole wide world so let’s take a look about your basic comic book

Store would look like right here is the trades and graphic novels that we talked about earlier let’s take a closer look at the trades so the trades are all listed under their company names which we’ll go into in the next video there then by title of comic and then by

Number of comic one two three four five if you can’t see the number then look in the front cover and it will tell you what issues are inside so these are the single issues we talked about like I said they come out bi-weekly monthly sometimes randomly so it’s hard to come

In every week to pick them up what you can also get is called a standing order which means that people the comic book store will put aside your comics and you can pick them up when it suits you so this is the magical land of back issues the comics that no longer

On the shelves and are already bagged and boarded for your convenience whoa I hope you guys enjoyed a look at my favorite global bookstore my favorite place in the whole wide world or star comics and I hope you enjoyed this first video now tell me what is it that you

Guys want to know about comics what recommendations do you want to know about what fantasy comics to read what are some of my favorite comic books let me know in the comments down below don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to find out more about reading comics and

Say hello at WWE – burger comm thank you so much for watching I hope you guys learn a little bit and be sure to ask me any questions anything you want to know about reading comics thanks for watching bye

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