Complete Data Analyst Roadmap | How to become a Data Analyst | Data Analytics Career Job and Course

Complete Data Analyst Roadmap | How to become a Data Analyst | Data Analytics Career Job and Course

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Lrt’s consider one scenario on last year’s Diwali Urban Company noticed that they have high demand in the beauty category, but they are short of partners because of which they are unable to fulfill the demands because of which the business is suffering loss so they didn’t want to repeat the same mistake this Diwali

So they want to onboard many partners but how many should they partner with? they want to make some technical features but what features should they create? which technical features will improve the metrics in the direction they want which business decisions to take

To figure all this out, they have to analyze the data of the previous year and there comes in the data analyst the job of a data analyst is to basically to convert a raw data into something meaningful, so that the business person who can be managers or CFOs up to the higher positions

They can make a decision they can make out that ok, these things are required in the company so that product managers can work on it or whichever the category manager is or the operation manager they are able to work with that data, so that

So that the quota/ result of this year or this quarter can be fruitful so the job of the data analyst is to basically help nowadays all the companies has a lot of data so with the help of the data how you can beat the competition how you can draw meaningful insight from it

How you can convert or interpret it in terms that people who don’t know what is data can also easily understand it who do not understand data at all to explain to them as well is the job of a data analyst ok so we understood what is the job of a data analyst

Today we will understand about the road map of a data analyst it is a very important field it is a very demanding field nowadays almost all companies require a data analyst how can you become a data analyst what are the pre requisites, what are the requirements what skills are needed

How you have to make your resume which companies are providing jobs and how you can ace the interview this video is around that and the actual reality the reality in India around data analyst we will talk about it there will be some harsh reality as well in this video so don’t mind that

We will be talking authentically about what is the current scenario in India around data analyst apart from that the future scope we will be talking of that as well so the entire road map of data analyst which was in demand since few days let’s talk about responsibilities

That what do data analysts do? so I already told you that basically their job is to analyze the data to analyze the data they are doing multiple things they have to classify the data that which data we have to pick up because data comes from multiple resources to the companies nowadays

To assemble them in one place they have to clean the data means to remove the redundancy to remove irrelevant data from it all that work then they have to interpret it to analyze it to interpret means to change it in such a form so that managers can understand it

Basically create a graph around it to draw estimations from it to predict the future this is the job of a data analyst ok it is a highly demanding field let’s talk of pre requisites if you want to be a data analyst so what will be the requirements

So you should know aboout mathematics & statistics this is must you should have good knowledge of mathematics & statistics you should have a bachelor’s degree it is recommended that if you have bachelor’s degree in mathematics or cs then you would be preferred but it doesn’t matter I have seen many people who

Are in marketing even people from arts if their knowledge of maths & statistics then they can also become data analyst in a company so what matters the most is your skills in mathematics & statistics in some companies, colleges also matter a lot so I have seen this alot around data analyst

That there is a lot of bias here there is alot of discrimination in the field of data analyst the more reputated college you are from that much easier it would be for you to get a job then what can be the job profiles? so data analyst is obviously a job profile

But in the same umbrella we have multiple things as well one is marketing analyst business analyst research analyst risk analyst operation analyst so with this skill set you can apply for any of this job profiles before moving forward, there is a small request for you

If you are still watching this video till here then do like the video also subscribe to the channel if you haven’t lets continue now let’s talk about skills which skills you should have? first is excel and not just basic excel, you should know advanced level of excel basically the thing is

That in data analyst are you qualified or over qualified? over qualified has an edge here because competition is very high this is the harsh reality of becoming a data analyst in India in Excel, you must know advanced excel you must know functions, VLOOKUP, macros, charts you must know all this then SQL

You must know structured query language properly not just basic or intermediate but you should know advanced level of SQL which are like ofcourse basic things like aggregate functions, joints, etc views you should know generalized views, but apart from that how you can optimize the query, that also you must know triggers and transactions

All these things are in advanced SQL how can you learn all this? so I will give the link in the description there are some courses if you will follow them, then you can easily learn this in a few months if you want you can learn both the things parallely in a month

You can easily learn advanced level of Excel & SQL then we will talk about the programming language so programming language is not much require from a data analyst but considering the competition nowadays the more knowledge you have, the more are your chances of getting hired so in programming language,

We have python, R and SAS if you know python well there are also some libraries in python data manipulation libraries are present like pandas, num pi if you know these things then you will have an edge then if you know R then basically it depends on the companies

There are some companies that work in python, some work in R mostly banking companies like city bank uses SAS so these are your programming languages basically which you can learn here you don’t have to know advanced stuff here you don’t have to learn proper oops or learn proper algorithm like machine learning algorithms

It is not much required from a data analyst but if you know more things, then it will be beneficial for you from which you will make projects which you can highlist in your resume that also we will be discussing later so this will be your programming language

If you know any one language, then it is good enough I would prefer python because if you know python, it will be helpful if you want to be data scientist then visualisation tools so basically there are data visualisation tools power bi is in microsoft tableau is from sales force

So these are your tools with which you can visualize data you can gather data from multiple sources and you can condense it in one and you can perform all these things using these tools so you should know how to use the tools, how to visualize with it

Then soft skills also plays a big role in your interview selection also in your salary negotiation soft skills play a big role it also depends on the company whether they are preferring technical skills or soft skills management & analytics companies will prefer soft skills soft skills like your communication skills

Your time management skills your problem solving skills and analytic skills these things will matter in such companies but start ups & fast moving companies there your technical skills are considered they think that if you know the technical skills then business skills they can teach you so that is the thing here

They dont expect you to know how to run the business but your common sense like some regular questions in analytics quantitative questions & aptitude related questions if these are strong then you will definitely learn business after joining the company there are some rounds in the interviews like logical round

Technical round & HR round so in technical round mostly you are asked about SQL so we should know advanced level of SQL if we are serious to get a job in that company because mostly technical interview means SQL mostly I have seen they ask SQL in technical interviews so that we covered

Then they will ask basic questions in programming they might ask about terminal commands but they would be asking just basic surface level questions and it won’t matter much in your selection what matters is SQL, then they can ask multiple questions of Excel which I told you, you should know the advanced concepts

Like macros other than that, in logical interviews you have that regular aptitude round in aptitude round they can ask that suppose how many footballs can fit into this room? questions like this, or rapid fire questions they judge how good is your critical thinking the stronger your communication skills will be

The more edge you will have because what is the meaning of a data analytics? what is the job of a data analyst basically their job is to help others to help the managers & other staff so how can they help? when they will be presenting properly when they can communicate properly

Like visual communication means how well you make the documentation how well you present the data that matters and how well you are conveying your point that matters a lot then in the HR round, it could be a mix of the two

Sometimes you are asked questions to compare your values with the company’s if you are a good fit for the company or not and generally the salary negotiation is also done in this round the better your technical interview went the more knowledge you have the better your experience

And so you will get an edge and on that basis you can negotiate better in the HR round about your offer now let’s talk about the resume how you have to make your resume plus this is a very important part your resume represents you in multiple companies

If your resume is not good enough, then all these things does not matter so please make a good resume it is a very crucual part so lets see how to make a resume so we have to make a resume with the help of JD & keywords JD means job description

So if you apply for multiple companies, then they have mentioned what are their requirements you should know these skills so mostly you should definitely know Excel & SQL these two are required in all the companies then in visualisation tools, you should know one of these two ok both are similar

Apart from that, they add programming language it depends from company to company some company may emphasise more on programming language some want more technical skills some do not emphasise at all so this is flexible it is not like you must know all of these skills to become a data analyst

It is not so, every company has different requirements then second point comes that that you have to modify your resume based on the company’s requirements whenever you are applying in a company if you are serious about going into that company then you have to modify your resume accordingly

You have to add the your skills that matches the requirements of the job description so that way you have to make your resume you can’t send one resume to all the companies then you have to add your projects in it now what projects can we make? so basically if you know some python

Then you can gather some data set & make a project you can make a recommender system you can do machine learning as well you might think, machine learning is not required for a data analyst so basically the thing is that there is cut throat competition so if you are not over qualified

If you are not an over achiever then it will be tough for you ok many people apply in such companies there are many applicants then how can you set yourself apart that matters the most so how many papers you have published that is important where have you done your internships is also considered

So basically you have to set yourself apart you can make multiple projects then certifications are also very important which certificates do you have do add the certifications available on Linkedin Linkedin certifications has one more benefit when Linkedin shows the candidates to the recruiters

So they show those candidates higher, who have passed the assesment of linkedin ok so you should complete the assesments related to python & data analyst on Linkedin there are only 10-15 questions that if you answered correctly then you will be ranked higher there are also free certifications on Google

You should get those certificates, so that your skills will also improve and you also have certificates on your resume then your work experience matters the most but assuming if you are a fresher, you won’t have much experience which is okay but there if you set yourself apart then it’s very good

Then you have some chance what are the ways to set yourself apart? so make amazing projects add those things that are required by the company you should have those key words your resume should be ats friendly because they have a lot of resumes so we have to make an ats friendly resume

How to make a resume I have already made a separate video on that there is also a technique of making ats friendly resume you can check out that video as well now let’s talk about jobs & salary first let’s talk about how & from where you can apply

Later on we will talk about salary so if you want to get a job then, then we have some websites to apply like where there are jobs for data analyst also with zero experience so if you dont have experience so there are many jobs on this platform so you can apply there

Then we have where we have all type of jobs multiple companies posts job opportunities there there are also some hacks on Linkedin if you want to improve your chances so you can do certain things like first obviously you will apply for the job but apart from that you can

Directly mail your resume to the recruiter you should try to get the email id of the recruiter also you can ask for referral to the employes already working in the company you can give the job id & your resume and you can ask them to refer you

Because the employes also have benefit in this if the employes successfully refers someone, and they are recruited, then they also get some amount of money so if your resume is strong, then they will definetly refer you if you can request them properly next I have written down some companies

Mc kinsey, Bain, BCG, Delloitte & there are multiple others the arrow describes the preference of the candidates for the companies so Mc Kinsey is preffered the most in terms of salary and the level of work they get to do and the growth in their career

So based on that there is the arrow there are some companies that I did not mention here like Gartner,KPMG, Smart cube, Tiger Analytics, EXL, Accenture there are other several companies that are hiring data analyst and there are multiple package band in the companies

As you can see, you can get 3L to 12L per anum salary band if you are a fresher and you can see it is a broad range so I have noticed that in this field there is high descrimination regarding salary salary depends on how well your resume is,

Your background, your performance in the interview and how well you could negotiate all this matters a lot I have seen like if there are two people from the same team one is earning 4L per anum, other one is earning 11L per anum both are doing the same work, but

There is some difference in background, negotiation skills there is difference in their skills & how well they proved themselves in the interview if you prove yourself in the interview in technical as well as logical interviews so they give feedback to the HR that we want this candidate

So you can offer such package to hire them ok so the more over achiever you are in this field the more easier it will be for you because again, I will repeat there is huge cut throat competition. in this field

Getting a job as a data analyst for a fresher is not an easy task it is very tough, you have to apply at multiple places daily you have to apply at 20-30 companies and also apply through multiple sources I already told you, there are many other sources like and other multiple websites

From where you can apply get referrals from wherever you can so that you can get a job you must know all these skills and if you know some programming & have made some projects on that, then it will be a plus point for you if you have published some papers,

That will be a plus point basically you have to make sure that your resume stands out so the better you will be able to do so, the more are your chances of getting selected & and the more salary you can get this was the data analyst road map

I will add all the links of the resources in the description I will add multiple links & you can check them out if you have watched until now means you love the video, then definitely like the video also subscribe to the channel see you in the next video

There will be more such videos until then, Bye Bye.

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