Correct Rowing Technique

Correct Rowing Technique

#Correct #Rowing #Technique

Rowing is a full body exercise that develops aerobic power and strength endurance it is impact-free in an effective way to burn calories the stroke can be divided into two parts the drive and the recovery the drive is the work portion of the stroke the recovery is the rest portion that

Prepares you for the next drive the body movements of the recovery are essentially the reverse of the drive it’s easy to roll well once you’re comfortable with the correct sequence of movements we will introduce you to the rowing motion by breaking it into parts let’s start at the end of the drive

At this point in the stroke the legs are extended and the indoor roller handle is drawn to the body and held lightly the body leans slightly back to the 11 o’clock position neck and shoulders are relaxed head is in a neutral position and elbows are drawn past the body with flat wrists

This position is called the finish begin taking small strokes with just the arms keep the body stable and the legs extended extend the arms fully then draw the handle back in a straight line until the hands lightly brush the lower ribs this motion is called arms only rowing

Now we’re ready to introduce the body once the arms straighten allow the body to gently hinge forward at the hips imagine moving your body from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock in a clock face remember the body hinges forward only after the arms have straightened once you arrive at one o’clock change

Directions by moving back with the body and then pull with the arms this motion is called body and arms rowing now we’re ready to introduce the legs with arms extended and the body at the one o’clock position let the knees bend so the seat moves a few inches along the track

Then push the legs lean the body and draw the hands back to the lower ribs in a straight line now you are ready for rowing with a full slide shins are vertical at the catch and the body is stable at the one o’clock position there is no need to

Slide any further forward than this this position is called the catch begin the drive by pressing with the legs then lean the body from one o’clock back to 11 o’clock and finish the drive by pulling the handle into the body reverse the order of these movements for the recovery extend the arms

Lean the body forward and let the knees bend blend these movements into a smooth continuum now you’re rowing two or three minutes spent practicing the correct sequence at the beginning of each session is a great way to warm up and develop good rowing technique remember the rowing stroke consists of two phases

The drive and the recovery the work of the drive begins at the catch here arms are straight neck and shoulders are relaxed head is in a neutral position legs are compressed with vertical shins to start the drive push the legs first then lean the body back

And finish by pulling the handle to the lower ribs in a straight line this position is called the finish at the finish legs are extended and straight the body is slightly reclined neck and shoulders are relaxed head is in a neutral position the handle is held lightly with flat wrists

The recovery sequence is extend the arms lean the body forward from the hips and slide up to the catch the complete stroke is smooth and fluid now you can begin to develop rhythm in your rowing be strong and quick in the drive smooth and relaxed on the recovery

As you learn the rowing motion keep a steady cadence 22 to 26 strokes per minute is ideal with practice you will improve and can experiment with various intensities whatever your intensity or stroke rate the technique remains the same indoor rowing is the complete exercise

It is a great way to lose weight and is an excellent route to a lifetime of health and fitness you

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