Court sent bailiffs to Luton airport for airline refund denial.


Passenger Rights When Flights Are Cancelled: How Wizz Air Fails Its Customers

Air travel can be a convenient and efficient means of transportation, but passengers often experience delays and cancellations. In such cases, airlines are legally obligated to compensate passengers, yet many carriers fail to do so. In this article, we will examine the case of Wizz Air, a European low-cost airline, which has come under scrutiny for its handling of flight cancellations.

The Case of Russell Quirk

In 2020, Russell Quirk booked a flight with Wizz Air from London Luton Airport to Portugal. However, three hours before the scheduled departure, he received notification that the flight was cancelled. Wizz Air advised him to book a new flight, assuring him that it would refund the cost of the cancelled ticket. Mr. Quirk followed the instructions and purchased replacement tickets for his family, costing them a total of £2,500.

Despite Wizz Air’s promise, the airline did not refund Mr. Quirk until he took legal action. After successfully lodging a court claim, bailiffs visited Luton Airport to recover the money owed to Mr. Quirk. Seven months after the original cancellation, he finally received compensation of £4,500. This case is not an isolated incident, as thousands of passengers have struggled to get their money back from Wizz Air.

Claims Against Wizz Air

According to data gathered by consumer group Which?, airline passengers in the UK have filed court claims worth £4.5m against airlines for flight delays and unpaid refunds. Wizz Air was the airline with the most claims against it, despite carrying fewer passengers than its competitors. Almost half of the claims were made against Wizz Air, with 1,600 customers claiming a total of £2.2m.

Easyjet had the second highest number of claims, with 884 complaints worth £611,400, and Ryanair had 840 claims worth over £500,000. These figures demonstrate that airlines’ dispute resolution mechanisms are not fulfilling their intended purpose, and they are failing to protect passengers’ rights.

Wizz Air Response

When questioned about the claims against it, Wizz Air admitted that it had fallen short of expectations for some of its customers. The company said that it had settled more than 400 county court judgments since December but acknowledged that there were still outstanding cases that it was working to resolve.

Wizz Air also cited the “unprecedented level of disruption due to the pandemic” as a contributing factor to the delays and cancellations. However, consumer groups maintain that passengers are entitled to compensation regardless of the reason for the disruption.

Passenger Rights

The European Union has established regulations to protect passengers in the event of flight cancellations and delays. Under these regulations, airlines must offer compensation to passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled, depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.

Passengers are entitled to assistance, such as food and accommodation, while waiting for their flight. They also have the right to be rerouted to their destination, or to receive a refund if they choose not to travel. In cases of long delays, passengers may be entitled to additional compensation.

To claim compensation, passengers can contact the airline directly, or file a claim with a regulator or court. It is important to keep all documents related to the flight, including tickets and boarding passes.


Wizz Air’s handling of flight cancellations has caused frustration and financial hardship for many passengers. Despite being legally obligated to compensate customers, the airline has faced numerous court claims for delays and unpaid refunds. Passengers have the right to receive compensation and assistance in the event of flight disruptions, and airlines should fulfill their responsibilities under EU regulations. As consumers, we must demand that airlines prioritize passenger rights and provide timely and fair compensation for any disruptions.#airline #denied #refund #court #bailiffs #Luton #airport

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