We’re gonna combine pickle rig with every godzilla starting with this one to make all of the godzilla pickles but if we combine him with this baby godzilla it doesn’t work so let’s make him a little bit bigger with a growth hormone go whoa wait what is this scanner help me

Out we’re gonna make all of the godzilla pickles with a godzilla short guys i know how to do this and i know what happens when you make all of them it’s crazy let’s see whoa if we can combine these two look at that what is this called it’s a

Godzilla head essence that means we can use it to create a godzilla head look this is the one that’s standing outside now let’s grab pickle rick and make the first godzilla pickle go whoa yes that’s it whoa look at this no way so now we’re gonna

Put this right over here look at that we got the first what whoa wait what is that guys that’s not a godzilla is it we’re gonna make that hat and combine it with the pickle you know for the second godzilla pickle oh guys this is great now leave a like

On the video and i’m gonna use my favorite item in the entire world it’s the plumbus and if we get 50 000 likes on this video we’re going to make more pickles cause you can never have too many pickles wow no way it’s three heads look at that wow what

Is this one called we’re gonna scan it it’s king ghidorah hidora wow that what that is a weird one i think i have seen this one before now let’s see if we can combine it with pickle rick to make come on what that doesn’t work that means we

Need a different pickle let’s combine pickle rick with an eyeball is that possible whoa it is possible whoa he’s an alien alien pickle rig yeah let’s go let’s put this away and then grab the head again maybe now this can make a pickle godzilla oh look at that oh

That is so cool all right let’s go ahead and ah don’t drop it oh let’s go ahead and put it right in here beautiful and that should also mean we get um another godzilla what is that is that a skeleton godzilla oh but i think i know how to

Make that actually hold on we got a skull right over here oh yes guys that’s gonna be perfect i can also already tell we’re gonna make such a mess all right let’s put this on the platform clearly we’re gonna have to make it a little bit more evil right that’s right

Let’s make it nice and evil there you go oh beautiful and now let’s combine that with this essence the base of every godzilla does it work whoa oh i think it does work but if we combine this with the regular pickle rig i don’t think we’re gonna get the

Godzilla pickle is that right and no see that’s right we’re gonna turn this pickle into a skeleton as well so let’s see do we do use this oh yes oh look at that and now if we combine that with this thing i mean that’s gonna have to make a skeleton godzilla pickle right

Oh guys look at that absolutely beautiful this is one of the best recipes i have ever seen let’s put it in there hey and there’s the third one but we gonna make let’s see one two three four five six seven more and i know guys something crazy is gonna happen right oh

What kind of godzilla is that he looks almost ancient and in this box i’ve got ancient souls so we gotta be very careful with this thing right i can’t break it so nice and carefully it’s going on to the platform and of course we’re gonna combine it with this essence

Again there you go to make whoa whoa that’s a hairy looking godzilla we’re gonna scan this one to see what it is actually called it is ancient godzilla head i mean you do look really old so i guess that does make sense now we need a pickle for him what

Kind of pickle are we gonna make oh i know we need an element some kind of metal element right a metal object yes like this all right that’s gonna be good then we just gotta grab the pickle and let’s see if that makes oh wait no that’s a bomb pickle oh that’s

Never gonna work right well we’re gonna find out all right let’s see we get this old school dude in this bomb pickle oh boy three to one whoa it didn’t work oh look at that color whoa oh this one is awesome all right let’s add him to our pickle collection oh this

Is so cool very nice indeed let’s see oh that’s a big godzilla oh that’s the earth godzilla wait wait i know exactly what to make oh that’s so cool check this one out guys first we’re gonna clean up and then we gotta go to the bathroom there is something here that is

Really kind of bubbly and earthy oh yes it’s this thing oh it’s made from minerals that come from the earth so let’s put that on the platform with the essence just like this and that’s gonna make yes look look at the color right it’s gotta make the earth godzilla all right

Let’s see if i’m right and earth elemental godzilla head wow that’s so big it doesn’t even fit all the skin whoops let’s get rid of this thing now we’re gonna combine it with a pickle huh you know what he looks kind of flat as if he’s been hit

By a hammer hey wait a minute i got a hammer right over here let’s see if that works whoa uh i don’t think that worked wow look at this pickle rig wait what um guys should we combine this with the godzilla and no way that this works right

Not it doesn’t work at all bad oh no we need another hammer can we combine this ah nope that doesn’t work at all maybe we gotta combine two hammers and then combine that with the pickle wait where did the hammers go oh try to be here and does

That work that’s pickle on the stick man that doesn’t work at all maybe we gotta put everything on the platform is that how this works it go yes ah we got it that was weird though this thing is really weird let’s put you in there though and oh wait a minute did

We not get a big oh he was hiding hey there buddy good job man oh no why guys what kind of godzilla is that whoa he’s a giant i mean they’re all big but that one looks like a fire godzilla or something wait a minute i have an idea that looks

Like a nuclear godzilla so we can make a nuclear battery right yes we can i just take this thing with this thing nice and carefully to make oh a radioactive slash nuclear battery actually what is it called radioactive battery all right i’ll take it so what we do now is we take this

Essence again and then we combine that to make oh yes oh no i i to make this head but i don’t know his name so let’s scan it thermonuclear godzilla head wow that is something so now do we also make a radioactive pickle i mean that makes sense right where’s pickle rick

Though come over here bigger egg don’t you dare hide from me now we’re gonna make a radio hello a radioactive pickle all right that doesn’t quite work hey what about the crown it’s just kind of sitting over here right can we make a crown pickle is that possible

Yes that’s possible or i remember this one oh it’s so nice and gold oh so a fancy all right that was a weird thing to say but anyway we’re gonna combine it with this dude and because it’s kind of golden stuff maybe it works come on oh yes oh

Yes look at this pickle whoa that’s beautiful all right you’re going in and that means we only have four more pickles to make guys we are on fire whoa oh did you give me a heart attack what is that ew are you a godzilla yo what is that that actually gave me a

Heart attack oh my goodness all right you know what let’s let’s see how we can make that wait i’ve got an idea he kind of looks burnt or something right kind of like this thermonuclear dude but maybe it’s a little too much so where is the radioactive battery here it is what

If i make another one so for that i will need a battery and this thing again of course oh yes just like that ah oh no i broke the box right anyway now we combine these two to make a radioactive barrel yo this is way more

Force than just one of these things and if we combine that with this dude oh no are we gonna get something really scary let’s check this out no way yo look at this thing what are you we’re gonna have to scan this thing what is that shin godzilla

Wow all right then let’s put this down nice and carefully this is weird now we’re gonna have to find a pickle for a new friend over here oh and i’ve got an idea if a radioactive barrel explodes there’s a lot of light so maybe we need

A light bulb i just have to fix it though because it’s kind of broken let’s see we need something made out of glass and then combine it with this thing to make a nice little light bulb yoink yoink then we combine that with pickle rig over here to make the brightest

Pickle in the world look at this thing man it’s a light bulb pickle yeah that’s right don’t you laugh at me my man because we’re gonna combine you to make yes another godzilla pickle here his mouth is so big no way all right let’s see um oh right we got to put you

Right over here this is looking like the most beautiful pickle collection three more to go with the next one it’s mecca godzilla no way oh i am ready i know how to make it guys i’m super ready get this right mecca godzilla is obviously a giant robot and robots have

Got bolts and nuts and stuff like that for which you’re gonna need a wrench so we’re gonna make these super awesome double wrench it doesn’t look so awesome but believe me you can make some crazy things with it i guess if you subscribe to my channel with the notification song you already Know about it that was really strange we’re just gonna ignore that guys post a comment if you saw that post a comment saying wrench godzilla and i know you’re watching that you’re awesome whoa like this whoa mega godzilla is so shiny oh you know why this is awesome all right

So now we’re gonna need some kind of robot pickle to combine him with hey wait a minute we got some kind of robot machine right over here it’s called the troy machine of course all right that’s a great point we’re gonna pick up this helmet nice and

Carefully don’t put it on your head just like that and of course we’re gonna combine that with our buddy pickle rate that’s right pick a regular whoop ow yeah and now all we gotta do is combine these two to make mecha pickle godzilla thing i was gonna say pickle

Rick i mean it’s it’s kind of pickle rick oh let’s put you on this thing there you go and now we’ve got two more to go oh this is so cool hey wait a minute we got mecca godzilla now we get another wait is that well let’s clear you is that also wait

What oh and after that we can make the last one oh guys this is so cool all right let’s think here that godzilla looks a little poopy so maybe we gotta make a poop i mean it’s clearly not as awesome as the other mecha godzilla that we made huh today’s lunch this bill

Because then we can get this thing oh guys this is going to be a good pickle this has got to be a fan favorite not really but i think that’s kind of cool it’s a poopico get it poop pickle poopicle yeah very nice oh but wait we

Also have to combine the head of course the essence to make um this thing wait what is this that’s not what we’re looking for wait is this for the last one hold on we’re gonna put this one over here and just chill for a second uh along with the poopaco i think i’m

Making the wrong thing here guys of course he’s a robot we gotta get to the satellite and i shouldn’t forget to bring a charged battery of course so let’s quickly do that huh and there we go guys i can’t believe it we’re gonna make whoa some kind of secret godzilla pickle

That’s gonna be so awesome all right first we’re gonna make that mecha dude so let’s grab the battery and the fuse oh yes let’s actually grab both of them and combine that with the godzilla essence right over here oh yeah whoa and that’s gonna be gear you right now

For this pickle do we just use the fuses as well i don’t think so so do we just combine this with the regular pickle rig um did that whoa work wait what is this it’s a computer pickle rick wait hold on i was gonna put

That in and then also this one oh what do you know we do get it but hold on there’s one more godzilla pickle but no more godzilla that has to mean we use this weird one right well let’s put it on the platform and see if we can

Combine it with this poopy over here the pupical oh yes does it work though whoa it does guys what is this and do we get to see this monster outside well it is over here so we got all of the pickles but oh wait i think i do see it i think

I do see it outside no way whoa it’s massive what is that though what in the world is that creature sure guys that’s crazy and you know what we did it check out this video’s ice cream and thank you guys for watching you

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